Dallas vs. Miami Game 6 Preview

By Charles Klask, Advance Scout, Orlando Magic

Game 5 Analysis

What Else Can You Do? The Dallas Mavericks did just about everything possible to slow Dwyane Wade. They took away his airspace on jumpers, they swarmed to his drives and they denied him easy catches. Look for them to apply even more pressure when he has the ball and for them to extend their face-guarding when he doesnít have the ball. They might use more zone defenses or box & one. The Mavs must continue to attack Wade on defense. Harris played a great game but will need to improve his 2-for-12 shooting.

Klask says the Mavs must continue to attack Wade on defense.
Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images
The KVH Experiment: Even during the regular season the Mavs liked to use a small lineup vs. Shaq to expose him on the defensive end. The only way this works is if Keith Van Horn can cause a matchup problem by driving or shooting. The Mavs are willing to give up easy post-ups and hack-a-Shaq when they need to, but in game 5 this experiment backfired. The Heat went on a quick run and gained momentum. I donít think they will revisit this strategy but, if they do, look for quicker, earlier fouls on Mt. Shaq.

Dirk: Another solid outing for Dirk in that he was able to utilize all facets of his game. Hitting tough shots is nothing new for Nowitzki but he did a great job of managing his touches -- both inside and out. He adjusted to Miamiís double teams by becoming a decoy to distribute to other players. The only area that he isnít producing is on the offensive glass. Look for them to use Dirk as a play maker more in Game 6 to counter Miamiís trapping.

The Playground: Prior to game 5, Avery talked about getting the game back to the playground mentality, where nobody bails you out and complaints are useless. The Mavs played great in what was the best game of the series. They will take their single-minded playground mentality to Game 6.

Players on the Spot:

Non-Wade Players: With the next two games in Dallas, the pressure is still on Miami. Wade can not be expected to put up galactic-type numbers in every game, so guys like Antoine Walker, James Posey, Jason Williams and Gary Payton will be called upon to contribute.

Devin Harris: His defensive duties are enough alone but he must tire out Wade by scoring on the other end. Dallas will also need a strong night from Jerry Stackhouse.

Charles Klask is an advance scout for the Orlando Magic, holding the position the last three seasons after spending the previous three as a video scout. Prior to joining the Magic, Klask spent one season with the WNBA's Detroit Shock in the role of video coordinator.