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• Stats Review: Mavs | Heat
By Charles Klask, Advance Scout, Orlando Magic

Playbook Edge: Dallas

Miami: Steady. Built for tough and rugged interior play for Shaq and isolation attempts for Boy Wonder, Dwayne Wade.

Dallas: Extensive sets to utilize their flexibility. Good starters and finishers. Great when plays break-down. They cause all five players to defend.

Offensive Edge: Dallas

Miami: Designed around two individuals. Basic sets to maximize touches for All-NBA caliber stars.

Dallas: Better blend of shooting, driving, posting and passing. Can focus on individuals or team play.

Defensive Edge: Dallas

Miami: Great team defense. Good strategies and adjustments. Inconsistent individual defenders that struggle with speed and athleticism.
Dallas: Versatility and flexibility allow them to play many different styles and still be successful. Sleekness and agility which allows them to avoid screens and defend without fouling.

Special Teams Edge: Dallas

Miami: Experience and closers. Wade’s status of finishing close games in approaching legendary.

Dallas: Great plays coming out of huddles. 9-for-12 in game two of the regular season in converting on plays after timeouts. Also great in end of game situations.

Role Players Edge: Dallas

Miami: This series isn’t going to be like last series for Miami’s three through eight players. While they gave the Heat the boost they needed, things will not come as easy. They are playing against a more athletic and hungrier team. I do not see those 10-10 nights for Williams or those 15+ nights for Walker. The game will be decided by players three through eight.

Dallas: 15 Deep. They have the best depth in the league. Dallas has the luxury of implanting a specialist at any possession. Whether it is a shooting big in Van Horn, a energy source in Darrell Armstrong, a play-maker in Daniels, a scorer in Stackhouse, a post presence in Dampier or a PG in Harris, Dallas has it all. Their flexibility is one of their most valuable assets.

Shooting Edge: Dallas

Miami: If this was field-goal percentage you could argue Miami because they were No. 1 in field-goal percentage inside the arc in 05-06. In regards to outside shooting they only have one deadly outside shooter in Walker and occasional threats in Posey, Williams and Payton. Their other shooters probably will not play.

Dallas: With Nowitzki on the floor, Dallas wins every time but do not underestimate Stackhouse, Harris, Terry, Van Horn and Howard. Note: Miami and Dallas ranked Nos. 1 and 2 respectively for points per field-goal attempt in 2005-06.

Penetration Edge: Miami

Miami: Wade is among the elite when it comes to attacking the basket. His tiger-like ability to change planes and pace is Discovery-channel worthy. Any player that causes five defenders to guard him is dangerous.

Dallas: They have a few solid attackers but no one in the same hemisphere as Wade.

Post Presence Edge: Miami

Miami: Dominating forces inside that can intimidate on both ends. Alonzo Mourning and O’Neal, two future hall-of-famers, vs. Diop and Dampier.

Dallas: With minimal touches for Dampier and Diop inside they do not feature true low post threats. They do post their wings and Dirk but most take place outside the paint.

Rebounding Edge: Even

Miami: Miami is a great rebounding team and will swarm the glass quite effectively.

Dallas: Great rebounding team one through five. They gang rebound on defense and have long/athletic wing players when crashing the offensive glass. When they go small, they struggle to contain the caroms.

Hustle/Effort Edge: Even

Miami: The playoffs have really been amazing to watch because of the amount of energy being exerted on every possession. It is inspirational and educational which is another reason why getting there is so vital to a teams growth.

Dallas: Both teams are willing to do whatever it takes. I’ve seen Shaq dive for loose balls, Harris close-line fans for one extra possession. People are attracted to those with passion which is why the playoffs are great to study.

Composition / Chemistry Edge: Dallas

Miami: Intended for half-court Eastern Conference basketball. Build with veterans that have been there before. How can you not like Shaq-a-claus?

Dallas: Overall length, athleticism and versatility. Several players that can transform to play any role needed. A more international or West Coast style of play. Character players who are willing to sacrifice.

Experience Edge: Miami

Miami: Riley and Shaq with plenty of jewelry. Wade with rings on lay-away. Veteran players that have playoff experience. The Heat definitely have a swagger to them.

Dallas: Is experience overrated? Dallas has instilled a play-off mentality all year so they have been gaining valuable experience while other teams were coasting.

Staff Edge: Even

Miami: Riley’s experience balances out his mid-term takeover.

Dallas: Educational environment mixed with Avery’s enthusiastic personality forms a champion’s culture.

Charles Klask is an advance scout for the Orlando Magic, holding the position the last three seasons after spending the previous three as a video scout. Prior to joining the Magic, Klask spent one season with the WNBA's Detroit Shock in the role of video coordinator.