SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 9 -- Just because they're no longer playing doesn't mean they still aren't around the game. caught sight of three NBA legends shortly before tip off of Game 1 of the 2005 NBA Finals. Here's what they told us about tonight's big event:

Clyde Drexler, 10-time NBA All-Star, One-time NBA champion (1995)

Q: What's it like to play in The Finals?

Drexler: What's it like to play in The Finals? Are you kidding me? For any player who's ever put on a jersey, to play in The Finals is truly an experience of a lifetime.

One, you're at the pinnacle of your sport. Two, you're playing for a team that's good enough to get there. Three, you have a chance to win a world championship that's something that will go in the record books for many, many years and no one can ever take from you.

Q: How does it feel if you win?

Drexler: Oh, it feels wonderful if you're the last team standing. It's a tremendous accomplishment because there's so many good teams year after year.

Q: What's your take on the series?

Drexler: My take is the best team will probably win. But, the Pistons and Spurs are the best two teams in the NBA, by far.

Artis Gilmore, Six-time NBA All-Star, One-time ABA champion (1975).

Q: How does it feel to see your former team, the San Antonio Spurs, in The Finals?

Gilmore: Well, I was speaking to one of my associates, (ex-Spur) George Gervin, and we talking about an anology about how many years the San Antonio Spurs have been on top. A number of teams have gone through a transition and just go straight to the bottom, but the Spurs have had just a couple of down years. Right now, they have been consistently a competitive team year in and year out.

Here they are once again, challenging for the trophy.

Q: Why do you think the franchise has been so consistent?

Gilmore: Well, I think that's what it's all about. Having an organization and the people that observe being able to make some good, positive decisions. That's what this organization has been able to do.

Q: What's your take on the series?

Gilmore: I think it's going to be a great series. Right now, the way the series are set up, playing 2-3-2 (home-away-home format) sometimes can be a disadvantage. But it's important for the Spurs, after being off for eight days, to be able to come out and play with the kind of intensity they need to establish a rhythm.

George Gervin, Nine-time NBA All-Star

Q: Are you proud for your former franchise, the Spurs, reaching the NBA Finals?

Gervin: Oh, I'm proud of them. They deserved it. This is where winners are -- they are at The Finals. The way San Antonio has played, they deserve it.

Q: How do you think these two teams matchup?

Gervin: We (San Antonio) match up well and I think Detroit matches up well with us. I think it's going to be an exciting game. Both of them can stop teams (defensively) and that's what really makes basketball. I think San Antonio can push the ball up the floor and score and I think Detroit can also do the same thing.

It should be an exciting series.