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SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 12 -- Spurs in 4. Spurs in 5. Spurs in 6. Spurs in 7.

You'll hear just about everything in San Antonio, except that is for Pistons in anything.

Well, not so fast. The city may be Spurs-crazy, but there are some committed
A few Pistons fans are showing their colors in San Antonio.
Detroit fans whom we've sighted here at the arena, braving it out behind enemy lines.

One Pistons fan at the game on Thursday had made the trip from Los Angeles to San Antonio with tickets for both Game 1 and Game 2.

Any worries about rooting for his team?

"No worries at all," he said.

As if the Pistons throwback jersey and the Ben Wallace wig hadn't said that already.

And at Game 2 in San Antonio, the Pistons fans were back -- the few, the proud.

Mary Squires has faith that her team will pull it out.
"The Pistons are the best," said Michigan resident Mary Squires. " They are working class and when it all comes down to it they'll get it done. Everyone tells me GO Spurs! GO Spurs! and I say bring it on..."

Ron Markoe and his son R.J. made the trip from Detroit to San Antonio Saturday night, as a graduation present for R.J., who graduated from high school on Friday.

They've been to a few games at The Palace, and certainly never miss one on T.V., but this will be something special, thanks to a friend who has season tickets with the Spurs.

"We may come to games 6 and 7, but for now we're just glad to be here for Game 2," said the senior Markoe.

A trip to The Finals? Not a bad graduation present.
And the pair had no fear in showing their team colors, as Ron sported a Pistons warm-up and R.J. wore a Ben Wallace jersey.

"We were on the River Walk and we wore our T-shirts and gear last night and caught a lot of abuse, but it was good-natured. We enjoyed it," said Markoe. "I was disappointed that we ran into other Detroit fans that we're not as courageous enough to wear their colors, so they weren't catching it like we were. People were saying 'You guys sure are brave, you sure are brave,' but I just don't think it's good to come this distance and not represent your team."

And they'll continue to represent their team throughout the game.

"We’re going to cheer," said Markoe. "If they win, we might have to get an armed guard to get out of here." And for R.J., this is certainly a present to remember.
Dennis and Crystal Brown were none too happy about the Pistons' fate in Game 2.

"One of the best presents I've ever received," he said. "Definitely."

Brother and sister Pistons fans Dennis and Crystal Brown claim both Texas and Michigan as home, as their father was in the military and moved when they were younger.

Both Browns now live in Texas, with Dennis in the Army and Crystal in the Air Force, and Game 2 marked the second Spurs game for each, but their first time seeing the Pistons.

Dennis got his Pistons jerseys about a year ago, and his friends have been giving him a hard time throughout the playoffs.

"They're picking the Spurs, and last series they were picking Miami," said Brown. "Nobody believes in my guys, it's always been like that."

And no doubt there will be Spurs fans returning the favor as the series heads to the Motor City.

One such fan is Roger Garza, who will be making the trip to Detroit for Game 5 with his wife and two of their friends, leaving town on a 7:30 a.m. flight on Sunday morning and connecting through Nashville.

After Thursday's Game 1 win, any fear of a sweep that would knock out the road trip?

"I picked Game 5," Garza said. "If they lose one, I get to go to a game. They win four in a row, I get to go next year."