NEW YORK, June 2 -- The NBA Finals 2003 -- which tip off on June 4th (8 p.m. ET, ABC) -- will reach more than 3.1 billion people around the world through NBA Entertainment's television, Internet, film and digital technologies.

Following is a look at NBAE’s activities in San Antonio and New Jersey, by the numbers:


  • 400,000 feet of video tape will be shot by NBAE camera crews
  • 100,000 feet in film will be shot by NBAE camera crews
  • 24 hour round-the-clock coverage of the NBA Finals 2003 will air on NBA TV
  • 31 broadcast cameras per telecast will be used by ABC
  • 12 NBAE video crews will cover each game
  • 10 camera crews will gather elements for “NBA Inside Stuff,” “NBA Jam,” “NBA Matchup,” “NBA Action,” NBA TV, NBA Finals promos, international specials, the NBA Store and programming.
  • Nine NBA Entertainment produced shows on site:
  • NBA Inside Stuff (ABC -Saturdays)
  • NBA Matchup (ESPN - Sundays)
  • NBA TV live coverage (the league's 24-hour television network)
  • NBA Action (Fox Sports Net and international distribution)
  • NBA Jam (Distributed around the world)
  • NBA TV Insiders
  • NBA TV Real Playoffs 2003
  • Digital video elements gathered for
  • NBA TV World Feed
  • 25 HDTV (High-Definition Television) special cameras will be used by ABC for each telecast
  • Two 16-mm film crews will cover each game
  • Two NBAE HDTV cameras will cover each game


  • 205 countries will receive complete live television coverage
  • 96 telecasters will broadcast the NBA Finals 2003
  • The Finals will be broadcast in 36 languages, including Creole, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic and Mandarin
  • 37 international television networks will be on site
  • Nine international NBA television shows will be on site: Eddy Time (France), NBA Magazine (Japan), NBA Jam (China), NBA Total (Spain), La Magia de la NBA (Latin America), NBA Jam (Philippines), NBA Jam (Taiwan), NBA Max (U.S-Telemundo) and Rafaga (Mexico)


  • 25 million visitors are expected to log on to during the NBA Finals
  • Fans will account for more than 16 million views to's extensive photo galleries encompassing images from on, and off, the court throughout the NBA Finals.
  • 42% of traffic to during the NBA Finals will come from international destinations with the highest concentration of visitors coming from China, Taiwan, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, Philippines, France and Japan.
  • Nine different live audio broadcasts on will allow fans around the world to hear Finals games in Chinese, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Tagalog, Serbian, French, Hebrew and English.


  • 10,000 new photographic images will be generated each game
  • 3,000 print and Internet media outlets will receive real-time digital photos from NBA Photos. NBAE Photos will also provide live digital coverage posting of several hundred digital photos to the NBAE Photos Forum for use by the International media, teams and business partners of the NBA.
  • 300 rolls of film per game will be used by NBAE photographers
  • 40 conventional and digital still cameras will be used in the arena every game day. Digital images give fans an opportunity to purchase via the on-line NBA Photo Store action photos (8x10 and 16x20) from each of the games which will be available immediately following the game.
  • 15 NBAE still photographers will cover each game

    Additionally, the Official NBA Finals 2003 DVD, capturing the greatest shots and moments of the NBA Finals will hit stores on July 11.