When it comes to the test of one's will to win, the NBA Finals are the sternest test. And at the NBA Finals, the greatest players make the greatest plays. NBA.com has compiled the 10 Greatest Shots of the Finals. We leave it up to you to choose the one that is the greatest of them all.

A Boston bounce
Is it MJ's switch-hander? Dr. J's up, up and under? Mr. Clutch's amazing heave?
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1969 NBA Finals:
Nelson's bounce boosts Boston
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West launches
1970 NBA Finals:
Now you know why they call him "Mr. Clutch"
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Hobbling Reed
1970 NBA Finals:
Reed enters the Garden, then shoots down the Lakers
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Kareem hooks the Celtics
1974 NBA Finals:
Kareem KOs the Celtics with a right sky-hook
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Heard it was good
1976 NBA Finals:
Gar's shot Heard 'round the world
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1980 NBA Finals:
The Doctor operates
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Baseline switch
1981 NBA Finals:
Bird flies and switches hands
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Baby hook
1987 NBA Finals:
Magic's baby hook sinks the Celtics
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The Switch
1991 NBA Finals:
Mike leaves the Lakers gasping for Air
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Mike's Finals memory
1998 NBA Finals:
Jordan hits the jumper for No. 6
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