(224664) Moderator: Welcome to Game 5 of the 2003 NBA Finals. We are live from New Jersey! The score is tied 2-2. Who do you think will break the tie? And do you think they will go on to win in 6 games? Let us know where you are watching and what your thoughts are. Only English will get posted. Enjoy the game.

(224665) Denis, Rijeka: Here in Croatia we are all watching NBA finals, and we are especially proud at the shirt on top of the hall with no.3 Drazen Petrovic

(224666) rt(boston): hope duncan, parker, robinson, manu and malik play with the same intensity

(224667) G Vázquez (Spain): Hi, world. A torrid night in Spain. I hope that one day our Pau Gasol will be here, in the NBA Finals. One day... sure.


(224669) christine (fremont): woohoo! go nets! hate the spurs... they beat my fav teams... the lakers so that they couldn't go to playoffs... the mavs so that they couldn't go to the finals... so the nets had better win! woohoo!


(224671) Denis, Rijeka Croatia: It is ten years without our captain Drazen Petrovic...we are proud on him! #3 NETS Dragon

(224672) Amin ( Tunisia): hi it's 1:35am i'm from Tunisia and i'm staying up to see spurs winning . go T.P go duncan goooooooooooooooooo spurs

(224673) Andrew, Kobe: Its 9:30 here in Japan and we are getting ready to watch Tim Duncan and the Spurs crush the Nets. Go Spurs!! We love this game!! -Andrew, Simon, and Duncan (Japan)

(224674) Miguel from Portugal: NETS forever!! The New Jersey Nets will crash Spurs tonight!! And Kidd will make the triple-double!! Go Nets, GO!!


(224676) Belfera (Sopron, Hungary): I work all night, so I can't watch the game live, but as I got home I will watch it from video, and I got to bed just after it. Go Spurs, go Manu!

(224677) Jesus Carreon, Manila Philippines: So much exitement that NBA finals bring to me that I can't sleep at night praying that the NETS will win game 5. Good Luck Jason KIdd your my M-V-P.Mabuhay!

(224678) GaoQing(Tianjin): it is early moring in china.i jump out from my bed to watch this nba final game!because i love nets, i love jason kidd,i love this game!

(224679) Anthony (Antwerp, Belgium): I study at the University of Antwerp and I'm in my exams now, but I haven't missed one game of The Finals. I really love Kenyon Martin! It's 2:30 AM here in Belgium. Go Nets Go!

(224680) Armenia / Yerevan: Armenia here. Local time 5:30 AM. WE LOVE THIS GAME. GO NETS! GO!

(224681) Michael: It's morning in china,and there are thunder rain in Shenzhen,we have no signal for TV programme,Help me!

(224682) Denis, Rijeka(Cro): here in croatia we are enjoying in finals and we are proudly looking at the top of the hall and shirt with no.3 of out legendary captain Drazen Petrovic#4

(224683) Houston: sup

(224684) Los Angeles: Hi

(224685) Houston: whats up?

(224686) Daniël (Herk de Stad-Belgium): Hello, greeting from Belgium, for the 5th time getting no sleep to wathc the greatest comp in the world the NBA- Finals. GO KIDD!

(224687) GaoQing(Tianjin): the chinese loves bateer! and we are sure even he can not play this game,we still hope spurs can win!go,spurs!go bateer!go tim duncan!

(224688) Ory,Israel: Once again the people in Israel are not sleeping,we all hope the Spurs win!

(224689) Rustu (Bergamo): Italian asleepy night for the love of the game. Thank you NBA for giving us this fantastic show!! Go Manu: Italy is with you

(224690) Daniël (Belgium): 2:30 AM for the 5th time! GO NETS, GO NETS!

(224691) BuenosAires, Argentina: I am so glad that an argentine player is doing such an incredible job in this amazing finals. Keep it up Ginobilli, a whole nation is watching you.

(224692) bryant , las vegas: let me see. the spurs don't deserve to win the champshipion because they don't have no heart. look how they the suns, laker, and dallas back n the series. NETS ALL THE WAY!

(224693) wenshuo china : Hi! im bong i cher nets cos my idol is jayson kidd. go nets go go go....

(224694) Divar (Taiwan; Taipei): Kidd, Are you going to lead NETS toward the NBA championship? My friends and I are sincerely ready to cerebrate this. Anyway Go NETS !!

(224695) DJ (Herk de Stad): 2:30 AM in Belgium now, let's have FUN! Go NETS go KIDD!

(224696) Predrag73,Jesi(Italy): Another long night with NBA finals & i hope that Manu will won title like hi has won everithing with Virtus(Bologna)GOOOO SPURS

(224697) Seckin Ozbekoglu (Turkey): its late night in turkey and we are all watching the playoffs and supporting spurs!!!thank you espn

(224698) zds beijing: I hope that Nets'players are better than Game 4,beat Spurs,beat West! Nets will win in home!come on

(224699) Seckin Ozbekoglu (Turkey): its time to watch nba playoffs 2003!!!its time to say good-bye "The Kid(d)" and his all playmates!!!

(224700) Jessica (Hong Kong): i just wake up, but i just turn on the TV immediately. 'Cos i won't miss the NBA Finals! i love this game! Go Spurs Go! Spurs will win Game 5

(224701) Seckin Ozbekoglu (Turkey): *knock knock* whos there? The Spurs!!! i bet spurs win

(224702) Thomas(China): I'm 16-year-old boy from China from JInan Foreign Language School.I love Spurs.I'm proud of you.Go Spurs go Parker go Duncan.

(224703) Adil H, Casablanca (Morocco): am not sleeping! But watching those guys doing the show...it?s really a pleasant dream!

(224704) creig99,pensacola: who's gonna win this thang tonite???????????

(224705) Uygar - ISTANBUL: I wish the games were played at 3 am local time, so that we Europeans wouldn't be sleepless thru whole season. Just KIDDing... Go Nets!

(224706) Hoorn The Netherlands: 2.40 A.M Here and i can't wait for the rush that game five will bring. Thumbs up for Jason Kid and the Nets Richard.

(224707) Mecit&Atil (ANKARA): it's 3:40 here. Some of us are spurs' fans, some are nets' fans but tonight we all want to see scores with 3 digits.

(224708) Seckin Ozbekoglu (Turkey): *cuckoo cuckoo* what time is it? Spurs time!

(224709) Predrag73,Jesi(Italy): Another long long nighit hire in europ with NBA finals go Manu go Spurs right to victory

(224710) TnO,France: Go Spurs , Go!!!!!! It's 2.30 a.m in france! Go Tony Parker Go!!!!!!!!!

(224711) Predrag73,Jesi(Italy): GO MANU YOU CAN STOPED jason

(224712) smilemx: Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!1

(224713) Detroit: Why this match is at NJ ? I thought it was at San Antonio.


(224715) Yakup (Istanbul / Turkey): I didnt miss a game since the conference semi-finals, what a great game this is !! i simply love it, and good luck to Nets, we are counting on you Kidd.

(224716) BiancoNero(Belfort,France): Tonight, France cannot sleep.We hope TP will set the game on on Fire. Go Spurs Go!!!

(224717) Rob (Georgia USA): Go Spurs!! Win another title for the Admiral of the Seas, David Robinson, and the "old school". Go Duncan, TP, and Manu!!

(224718) Akýn(istanbul): hello it's 4 here in istanbul and we're waiting for the victory of san antonio

(224719) Anthony,France: I listen the game 5 on the net! Go Spurs Go!Go Tony Parker! Win !!! and good luck vs Kidd!

(224720) ersan (izmir,turkey): it's 4 am in turkey now. we are awake to watch this exciting match.Because we love this game...

(224721) BiancoNero(Belfort,France): Tonight, France cannot sleep.We hope TP will set the game on on Fire. Go Spurs Go!!!

(224722) Jo (Germany): After an awful game four I promised myself to stay in bed (2:30-5:00) during game five. Well, here I am again, convinced of the Spurs winning this game on their way to a 4-2 series success.

(224723) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: It is Saturday 8:50 am here in Taiwan. I don't even have time for breakfast because of this exciting game!! Kidd GO GET THE CHAMP!! I love this game!

(224724) Darel Paris: Tony you are our man Allez Tony!!!!!

(224725) Stefan Nellemoes (Odense, Denmark): Who's that tall dude with #21? Go Nets..

(224726) Clinclin, Guadeloupe: Guadeloupe fan support TP. You're the best.... I love "your" game...

(224727) J.Garcia (France): Hey everybody!! come on? Parker, Duncan, Robinson, Bowen...what do you think?? Spurs're gonna be champions this year! It's 3am here and i'm on fire with the spurs!! Go T.P, Go

(224728) Moderator: For the Finals the NBA is a 2-3-2 series. We will be back in San Antonio for game 6 on Sunday.

(224729) Peter, Belgium: Go Nets !!

(224730) Belfera (Sopron, Hungary): My favourite hungarian team Körmend already won the championship, and I wish the Spurs do the same. Go Spurs!

(224731) adana/TURKEY: I m ready to win this game.we all support tony-tim team.kiddand kenyon will understand this night that they are nothing!

(224732) Anthony,france: France doesn't sleep tonight! Tony you can't lose tonight. We are with you.

(224733) Seb ( France): it's 2:50 am here, i wake up at 7 am to go to work but no problem, i prefer enjoy this show than sleeping ! go TP, the france is proud of you !! go spurs !!

(224734) Naomi Bx, NYC: If u don't know the outcome of this game..i do! it's the Nets all the way son!! Go Nets...Jason Kidd heck yeah!

(224735) Martin (Buenos Aires): Go Manu!!! All Argentinian people are with you!!! GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!

(224736) Seb (France ) : Here it's about 3:40 am and we support Tony and the Spurs!!! Go Tony, you'll be the MVP of the final! Go Spurs!

(224737) Sven, Belgium: Spurs will have a walk over the Nets today. Sunday it's all over...

(224738) Hong Kong: go go NeTs I believe NETS shall overcome every challenges.

(224739) Yakup (Istanbul / Turkey): I didnt miss a game since the conference semi-finals, what a great game this is !! i simply love it, and good luck to Nets, we are counting on you Kidd.

(224740) nik,canada: we all know the lakers are gonna win next year cuz kobe bryant is the best player to ever lace em' up!!!!

(224741) hanni (berlin): its 3 am in germany, but no sleep tonight! spurs will take this game from new jersey! go duncan!

(224742) Fabian, Villejuif (France): Here in France, we believe in Tony and we wan't to see the first french NBA Champion on 8 october for the preseason !!!

(224743) GreatKong/China: Spurs,I wish you get the chaimpains.

(224744) Tiago Silva (Lisbon): I hope East win this championship. Here in Portugal all the games are broadcast very late. But all Portuguese love the NBA and are in front of the TV. Go Nets! Go Barroca!

(224745) Seb (France ) : It's not necessary to go out his home this night , the show is on the TV !!! NBA is great !

(224746) Brendon (Rio de Janeiro): I'm sitting here in Rio watching the Nets with three other die-hard fans. GO NETS!!!

(224747) Paris: Go Nets Go! this Final is my Dream and i hope my dream come true!!! Let's go Kidd and New Jersey!!!!!!!

(224748) Matan(Hodhasharon): it's 3:48am here in israel, and i'm tired, but theres a game to watch! go spurs!

(224749) Bananita (Buenos Aires): Nba rules! Im fan of this beautiful sport and i wish a good game for both teams. Give us Magic!

(224750) Norby (Kisvarda,Hungary): It's 2.45am here in Hungary, and I can't sleep, I want the Nets to win the championship! I hope they will play good defense as they did in the last game! GO NETS!

(224751) TnO,Caen(France): Goooooooooooooooooooooo T.P !!!!! Wake Up !!!!

(224752) Paris: Common TP, all the frenchies cheers u up. U gonna make it cause u are the best

(224753) Stesha from Belgrade: I am sure that Spurs will take the second title.David Robinson is the greatest player in NBA for all time!!!

(224754) Lich, (Argentina): We are five friends thousand of miles away from Jersey cheering for the Spurs and for Manu G.! Go Spurs Go!

(224755) Itay From Israel: Pini Gershon YOU ARE THE MAN!!! its 4am here in Israel and i'm awake just for the NETS!!! go NJ!!!

(224756) Tony VDB, Belgium: Parker was born in Belgium, so what else do you need to win these Finals? GO SPURS GO!!

(224757) adana/Turkey: I m awake all for spurs ! we will win

(224758) Oosteeklo (Belgium): This is Belgium. Hoping to go all the way to GAME 7. And the NETS WIN IT ALL. Martin (Belgium)

(224759) Vahan (Yerevan, Armenia): go Spyrs! Let's make Dunk to any Dids over here! we will win in 6 games!:)

(224760) Dave (Madrid, Spain): I'm here in Spain, it's 3am and like 90º, and I'm hoping for a Nets win (and for Gasol to be in the finals someday!!)

(224761) Beer sheva, Israel: David and Shai want the Spurs to know they have fans here in Israel. Go Spurs!

(224762) Biju.(Bangalore) India: NBA finals is overshadowing the national game of the country for once. It is 6.30am in India and all are glued to the TV sets

(224763) Ricardo, Portugal: 2am in Portugal,nothing better than seeing a Nets win!Go Kidd!!

(224764) djferro (italy): It's almost 03.00 am here in bari, italy...i'm watching all the nba finals every year since 1990...what a show!!! I L-O-V-E this game !!!!

(224765) Oleg Atamjanov(Moscow Russia): In my country 5 o'clock a.m. We don't sleep,we love this GAME!!!Russia with SPURS forever!!!!

(224766) Bobby(Changsha China): What a wonderful game!Ilove Nets!I love Kidd!Go Nets!Run to the champion

(224767) Metz (France): Go, go TP! French Fans are with you! we are all watching you winning this game! Do it TP!

(224768) Belfera (Sopron, Hungary): Dunkin' Duncan is not Kidding, and will win the title for the Spurs! Timmy for MVP!

(224769) Ofri, Haifa, Israel: It's 4 am here in Israel, We came back from our friday night out to see the game and hope for a NJ win. Go nets go!

(224770) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: Rush!!!!! I love NETS RUSH!!!1 You better watch out for that, SPURS.

(224771) Julien (France): Hey what do you think? Parker, Duncan, Robinson, Bowen...Come on!! Spurs are gonna be 2003's nba champs! Go Spurs GO! It's 3am here and we want Spurs champs!

(224772) kimjunghan/korea: best team nets i love nets

(224773) Paris: Here in France behind the Spurs. Win this game to put the presure on NJ. Go SPURS Go !! :-) Scab

(224774) João Esteves (Lisbon - Portugal): Cheers from Portugal to all the NBA fans around the world... NBA's basketball is simply faaaaaantastic!!

(224775) GENEVA SWITZERLAND: Breathtaking suspense, Nets are keeping me up at 3am but the Spurs will end up winning. GO TP. Roger

(224776) tel aviv: its 4:00 am in israel i love kidd go nets go...zohar peleg

(224777) Ayelén, Buenos Aires: Go Spurs Go! Ginobili is one of the best player on the team. Go Spurs Go!

(224778) LiuXiaotong China baoding: I'm a senior middle school student from China baoding.It's 8:50 here now. I support NETS and JASON! KIDD is the MVP!!I believe NETS will win the match,go go NETS!The last winner must be NETS!

(224779) Brendon (Rio de Janeiro): N-E-T-S NETS! NETS! NETS! I love this game!!!

(224780) Tony(France): T.P is going to stop T.P tonight ! France is behind you Tony!

(224781) luis (corrientes argentina): hi nba fans im from argentina and i´m with 10 friends wathing the game. GO SPURS GO MANU

(224782) Sole (Tuzla): Hello from Bosnia! Knicks are not in the Finals so I support "our" neighbours NJ Nets. Respect 4 my friend Old School who is watching!

(224783) Buenos Aires, Argentina: Hi! It's 10:00 p.m. here. I love this game! Go Spurs! Go Manu!

(224784) Baldy (Budapest): Here in Hungary it is 3 a.m. and I watch every playoff final game, cause I'm a big Nets fan! And They're gonna win! I'm sure about it!

(224785) Armel (France): 2.53 a.m in Travnique. We wish that Tony plays like the first three matches and that the spurs win.

(224786) Kidd(PUERTO RICO): Lets GO nets!!!! Were gonna win this one!!!!

(224787) Elif-Melike: Be yourselves and win this match. Now Spurs's time

(224788) Lisbon, Portugal: We hope that this series can be decided in 7 games. With all the troubles around the World, we kind of deserve it...

(224789) Jon(PUERTO RICO): Lets go Nets!! were gonna win this one!!!

(224790) Detroit: Kidd is on fire

(224791) Han Wenkai(Beijing): It`s AM 9:00 here,I woke up early in the morning just for this game¡­¡­The SPURS don`t stop here! Go SPURS!

(224792) Dave from Madrid (Spain): 3am here, and I'm sitting here in the heat hoping for a Nets win. Go Kidd. ...Hopefully Gasol will be there soon!

(224793) Endika (Blbao, Basque Country): Here it's 3:00 but i'm this finals are not very good. GO SPURS!

(224794) J.Garcia (France): 3am here!! we can't sleep if the Spurs're playing!! Go Spurs Go!!

(224795) luis (corrientes argentina): hi nba fans, i´m from argentina and i´m watching the game with 10 friends. GO MANU GO SPURS!!

(224796) Peter, Belgium: Even when Parker is from Belgium, I still believe the Nets are gonna win it.

(224798) Soufiane B. (MOROCCO KENITRA): it's almost 01:00am can't have a good night sleep without watching Nets rockin' on the floor....GO NETS!!!!!!!!!!

(224799) Marucha - Bahia Blanca: It is 21.30 here in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. We are sure that Spurs will reach the title. Aguante Manu y Tim!!! Vamos Spurs a ganar!!!

(224800) Vedad (Jablanica): It's 3pm. in Bosnia. Go Spurs Go!!!

(224801) TidunC(France): This night,France doesn't sleep! We are all behind our TV to see Parker win Game 5 ! Go Spurs Go !

(224802) Nadim from Glazov ( Russia): IT is 6. 40 pm and i am watching the best basketball in the world!Kidd - give me a preasent for my birthday ! please...

(224803) alejandro (Caracas): congratulations....nba its tha best sport league in the world.....from venezuela....great work....nets have to win........

(224804) robert (Antibes, FRANCE): Anther sleepless night, here in France......greatest show in world!!!!!!!

(224805) Kurt (Hong Kong): Dah Bo!!! As they say in Cantonese, Play Ball! Spurs in 6!

(224806) Igor ( Skopje): It's almost 3:00 am here in Macedonia, but i hope the Nets will win and Kidd will get to tripple-double! Kidd 4 MVP!

(224807) Amin ( Tunisia): hi it's 1:56 am here in Tunisia and i'm staying up just to see spurs winning . go go T.P go Duncan goooooooooo spurs we love you here .

(224808) Martin & Kenny Belgium: Hello from Belgium Middle of the night overhere,but where watching hoping to go all the way to Game 7. And the Nets win it all. GO NETS!!!!!!

(224809) Maher: It's 2 am here in Tunisia but I can't sleep because "I love this game"! Jason Kidd is simply the best!

(224810) Ory,Israel: once again from Israel...Go Spurs Go!!

(224811) Mike J. (St.Quentin): it's 3:00 in the morning here in France and we won't sleep until Tony and the Spurs put the Nets to sleep. Go Spurs!!!!

(224812) Bill(Peking): NBA finals can never let me down since i began watching Jordan's performance in 1991

(224813) Sam Stephens, New Zealand: I am missing my Moms funeral for the game, I love this action!

(224814) Oleg Atamjanov(Moscow Russia): Kidd have a good HAND tooday!!!But Spurs have MVP!!!!

(224815) Olivier (France): It's near 3.oo A.M. in France, but we are not sleeping !! We enjoy this final ; let's go TP !!! We love this game

(224816) Salta - Argentina: Im from Argentina,i just wanna say that the Spurs are the best team nd they are already champions. pd:feliz dia del padre

(224817) Elif-Melike /Ýstanbul-Turkey: Be yourselves and win this game.Now Spurs's time

(224818) ahmed riyadh saudi arabia: i had to call sick tonight so i can watch the game its 4 in the morning her in riyadh

(224819) Anyang China: A wonderful morning on weekend for the wonderful NBA playoff! I love Kidd, Nets Go!

(224820) Fabian (Villejuif, France): Here in Paris, it's 3a.m. and we all support Tony in order to see NBA Champions in Paris on October !!! Go TP Go !

(224821) Stesha from Belgrade: I am sure that Spurs will take the second title.David Robinson is the greatest NBA player for all time!!!

(224822) Hanni (Paris): It's early morning here in france but we love to watch Tony Parker and the Spurs! Parker for World Champion!

(224823) ITALY(RA): It's 3 am here in ITALY,we are four,two for Spurs and two for NJ..it's gonna be a long long night!!


(224825) Tomislav (Split/Croatia): Its 2:55 am, GO NETS GO, GO for Drazen. Croatia loving the Nets. Special greetings to our TV Reporters Bruno Kovacevic and Vlado Valjak!

(224826) Waltonia, WI: Go Spurs!

(224827) Armel (Bosnia): I hope the Spurs get their second ring 3.00 a.m here in Bosnia but Spurs keep us awake

(224828) Waltonia, WI: It is 8 pm here in Wisonsin and the Spurs are rockin'!

(224829) Kel&Kyle Melbourne Australia: I am sitting here with my 16mth old bub Kyle watching the greatjason kidd GO NETS

(224830) Han Wenkai(Beijing): Go spurs!Duncan for MVP!Mengke Bateer for the ring!

(224831) Igor and Dani (Sarajevo): Go Nets go Spurs we just want to see good game in 3 am we'll stay up all night long to see nets beat spurs

(224832) Mário Bamba (South Africa): NBA is fantastic! I will not sleep 'till this series is over! Come on Spurs, we´re the champions! Go Spurs!!!

(224833) Anthony(France): Tony , you can't lose this night ! You will be the first french Champion Nba ! You will win game 6 too.Go!!!

(224834) alejandro ( caracas): go nets.......kidd and his team mates great jod.......

(224835) jerusalem - HIZMI: It's only the begining of the game.... it's not end 'till it's end !!!! GO SPURS !!!!! love you all !!!!!

(224836) Scab (Paris): i m waiting u (spurs) in paris in october with the cup. Win this game and win the next in SA. France behind U...

(224837) Bitola-Macedonia: I'am from Macedonia.My name is Martin Pinza.Go Nets.Kenyon Martin is the one of the best player in the world.Nets is the best.

(224838) Snezhinsk Russia : I like this game!!! Kidd the greast player!!! I like New Jersey. Go Nets, Go.

(224839) RITCH , french guyana: We're all behind Tony Parker...the first french NBA final winner...I love this game !

(224840) Sheldon Heata, New Zealand: I am missing my last university exam for game 5, I LOVE THIS GAME!

(224841) Gabriel (Concepción, Chile): Go SPURS!!!, go Duncan, Go Manu, let's finish it on six games!! Spurs!!!come to Chile!!!

(224842) Cindy/France: I'm an American (a Hoosier) living in France. Basketball is in my blood! Go, TP! Go, Spurs!

(224843) Alex(Moscow Russia): I love this game. Go NETS. Duncan dead man!!!

(224844) Branimir (Donja Stubica,Croatia): One more night without sleep here in Croatia...Proud of Drazen Petrovic`s #3 shirt under the Continental Airlines Arena roof,we support N.J. GO NETS!

(224845) Tokyo: All over the world we love the NBA!

(224846) ÝZMÝR: Hi from Turkey(.04.00A.M.)JASON V.S.Duncan again.NET'S Go KIDD!

(224847) Sebastien (Liege): 4:00 AM in Belgium and I'm awake to support Nets' young stars Richard and Kenyon. LET'S-GO-NETS!

(224848) HongKong: Who is the best? ...KIDD Who is the champion ? NET GO GO NET FROM JACK

(224849) GlorixJIM: Here the Nertherlands, I thin that the spurs can't handle the presure of being favorite, the nets are playing relaxed, they are having fun. They realised that they can beat the spurs

(224850) Bill(Peking): I can not bear this web

(224851) Benjamin ( Paris ): It is 3 o'clock in the morning and I am still watching TV for these fabulous finals. The spurs have to win this game to finish the serie at home. Go SPURS! GO TONY! The France is with you!

(224852) K.K.TURBINA: It's very interesting,but SPURS are going to win the playoffs!!!!

(224853) Soyombo Olu (Lagos, NIgeria): Its 1:30AM and we are all awake supporting New Jersey Nets. I Love this Game!

(224854) Igor (Skopje, Macedonia): Go NETS go! Kidd for MVP! NEW JERSEY NETS CHAMPIONS!

(224855) perrat: Hi,ersan. I am in China,and it's 9am which will win game5?

(224856) J.Garcia (France): Great night to watch the spurs win this game!!! 3am here! GO SPURS GO!! T.P, you've got some work to do!!

(224857) Pedro Brás (Torres Vedras, Portugal): Lets pray for a 7-game finals. The NBA fans around the world deserve this previelge...

(224858) Oleg Atamjanov(Moscow Russia): MANU good...Robinson better....DUNKAN the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(224859) Taiwan: The NBA is my God! I worship the NBA! I wish to make love to David Stern!

(224860) Ana (Croatia): Drazen Petrovic played for Nets, they are the greatest! Croatia is with you tonight!

(224861) Shanghai, China: NBA is still the best basketball game in the world even without Michael Jordan. KIDD is the best! Go NETS, Go KIDD!

(224862) Belgium: Overhere we are supporting the Nets, because they show the world that the East is not dead. GO NETS GO!!!!!!! Martin (Belgium)

(224863) avner from isreal: go tim duncen you can do it you are the mvp!!!!

(224864) Barcelona: It's 3am in Barcelona (catalunya) and today i've sleeped only about 1 hour and a half, but i cant go sleep now, it's NBA time! I love this game

(224865) jinan,china: today will be a wonderful game.millions fans from china are watching the final game.in my opion,i look forword to see a new final championship of nba.that is nets.kidd will be the mvp of final.

(224866) Mirjana (SARAJEVO, BiH): I love this game, and that is why Im not sleeping... Go SPURS!!!

(224867) Wu Qingyi from Hangzhou of China: It's 9:00am.My friends and I are watching the NBA finall.we all love this game.I think Kidd is great,he is MVP,he will win!NET,GO,GO,GO!

(224868) kenan izmir: Im from turkey I love you duncan Ilove you SPURS go spurs go

(224869) istanbul : I love Kidd. we'll win

(224870) Nabel,Tunisia: 2 am and we are watching two of the best players ever.. go Jason! go Tim! we just want 7 great games

(224871) eser---izmir: this game will be KIDD's game. go NETS though byron scot!mutombo will be also scared dream for Spurs "twin towers"

(224872) Katmandu: Hi it's mike. I am watching the finals on a TV that my brother made for me. I can barely see something. Go Lakers

(224873) Han Wenkai(Beijing): Go SPURS!For the NBA Championship!

(224874) Buli, Skopje: Its 3.00 here. I'm watching Nets and i hope there win.

(224875) Hintham Holland: Go NETS u can do it, fight 4 every ball GO

(224876) pan liang(China): I hope the spurs can win the championship. Because Chinese player in this term.goooooooooooooooooooo spurs

(224877) chenfeng(china): you know,now we are enjoying the summer holiday,but i think the best gift you give us is nba,thank all the players ,especial kidd and duncan

(224878) Martin (Bitola): It's almost 3:00 am here in Macedonia.I hope the Nets will win.GO NETS GO! I'm with you - Martin.

(224879) alejandro (Caracas, Venezuela): nba.com best website.......in cyberspace.....i'm nets fan....please....show the message .....say hi to my friends,,,,around the world...

(224880) tony(Paris,France): we are still awake at 3 a.m. supporting our french player TP in the defeat like in the victory! allez les spurs!

(224881) Oleg Atamjanov(Moscow Russia): Francis the BEST!!!

(224882) Lluís Suñol(barcelona): It's 3am in barcelona (catalunya) and today i've sleeped only about 1 hour and a half, but now i can't go sleep, it's NBA time! I love this game

(224883) timf shijiazhuang china: I watch the game again becauese yaoming.I hope we will watch him in 5 years. It is good time to watch finals on thursday.

(224884) Tony (Buenos Aires): Tony Parker is our best player,Greg, keep him on the field all game long!!!! (Jason Kidd)

(224885) Desmond, Virgin Islands: As a basketball player from the Virgin Islands, Tim Duncan is an inspiration to me. GO SPURS!

(224886) Ricardo,Portugal: It's day of "San Antonio" in Portugal,hope not in USA.Let's Go Nets!!!

(224887) Ayelén, Buenos Aires: Spurs will win this match cause it has 37 million of argentinians cheering up for Ginobili. Go Spurs Go!

(224888) Guy (Tel - Aviv , Israel): it's about 4 am here in israel. go nets!!! pini and yaron the broadcasters in israel you are doing a great job!

(224889) Inbal hizmi (jerusalem): It's just the begining of the game... it's not the end 'till the end.... go spurs go !! love u all !!

(224890) Rabat - Morocco: Hope this gets better soon - Staying up late for "ugly" games is no fun - It may be competitive, but beauty is what we want - GO NETS - The Mekmyster

(224891) kenan/TURKEY: It ýs 04 03 PM go spurs go I lowe you parker

(224892) melek(tunisia): It's 2a.m. and i'm watching this fantastic game5 .Go Tony. Go Spurs

(224893) Shanghai,China: Go, go Nets!! Kidd is something.I support Nets.Good luck Nets...:)

(224894) Armando De moya , rep dom la vega: hi i am dominican and i love this game , in special i love Dallas mavs but , they go for the next season lets go NETS .

(224895) Feng shengbao(China): I am the NBA fan from Shanghai,China,maybe it has a little bit disappointment that I can not see my favorite players in the finals,but this is exactly the charm of NBA.I wish I could see Houston and YaoMing in the NBA finals quickly.

(224896) pan China: go spurs

(224897) hunter(peking): Only today'game is a real NBA final.

(224898) Han Wenkai(Beijing): Duncan and Parker will be the best Pick-and-roller after Stockton and Malone¡­¡­there`s no chance for Nets¡­¡­

(224899) KT(China): It's a war of defence! The 2003 champion will emerge in Game 7.Spurs Go Go Go!

(224900) Tango Mar, Costa Rica: The real MVP (KIDD) WIll bring the championship back to New Jersey!! Lets go KIDD-o

(224901) Adrian Medina (Manila, Philippines): It's 9:10am here in the philippines and we are enjoying to watch the game 5 of the nba finals. We are hoping that the New Jersey Nets will win it tonight.. Go Nets!!!

(224902) thierry TRAORE Burkina Faso: I am looking for the final between the spurs and the nets. And I want the spurs win.

(224903) Gabriel (Concepción): GO SPURS!!!! GO PARKER, GO MANU, GO DUNCAN, GO ROBINSON! Let's finish it in 6 games....and come to Chile!!!

(224904) David Weirum, Denmark: Greetings from Denmark! Once again we're a couple of guys, staying up all night to watch this amazing matchup in the finals.

(224905) Han (Anyang China): Love Yao Ming, I Love Kidd, Love NBA

(224906) Kupal (Manila, Philippines): go spurs! tim duncan looks like a COW!

(224907) Baki (SPLIT): I am a lucky man, I work but I watch the game.I love this game. Go Spurs, Go Duncan!! Hi from CROATIA.

(224908) Alex Russia: Go Nets!!! Go, go,go!!! I like this game.Kidd this is realy show men. Jeferson slam dunk man.

(224909) Wu Qingyi from Hangzhou of China: It's 9:00am.My friends and I are watching the NBA finall.we all love this game.I think Kidd is great,he is MVP,he will win!NET,GO,GO,GO!

(224910) baris: We wanted to see hido and memo in the finals...But now we 'll watch duncan... Go spurs go!!...

(224911) pablopoko(buenos aires): who is jason kidd??who is tim duncan?? they dont play as good as manu ginobili, his the best player that nba has ever had, go manu!!! (if my english is bad,sorry, i only study english in the school,but treat to understand it)

(224912) HONG KONG: Go Spurs! It's Saturday morning here. We are hoping to see Spurs win! Go Spurs Go!

(224913) pan liang(China): goooooooooooooooooooooooo supers

(224914) Paris: French pibble love the NBA, which is the thing that love with them the ball! Go you Jersey Nets! You are the light by which the world has entre to basketball of light!!!

(224915) Brendon (Rio de Janeiro): Looking at Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker inspires me to work on basketball, because it gives foreigners hope of making the NBA.

(224916) ah man: I support the Nets because I hate Spurs very much. Although they eliminate the Lakers, they will never be a real champion!!!

(224917) Hamme, Belgium: Tony (VDB) for president!


(224919) Edinburgh: I'm mexican and a real fan of NBA. Come on Spurs, show them how to play!!! Regards to my family and friends in Mexico and to all the latin community worldwide.

(224920) Marlin(Chengdu,China): Expecting the NBA Finals Game5,I couldn't fall asleep last night. Who can win the game,who can be the MVP? The answer will come out... And here in China we can say that YAO's gonna be better in the next season!!!

(224921) Tony (Buenos Aires): Tony Parker is our best player, Greg, keep him on the field all game long!!! (Jason Kidd)

(224922) Hernan (Argentina): I think SA Spurs it is a good team and it is going to win the serie, but the have to improve the FG

(224923) khriz go (Philippines): I really love the Spurs most especially Tony Parker. I always look forward to every game they play. I just hope they win in the Finals. I would be so delighted if they do. It would bring all the Spurs fans so much joy! Good luck guys!

(224924) Mariana (Buenos Aires): Vamos Manu!!! I have classes tomorrow but I'm staying up to watch the Spurs beat the Nets. Cheers from the city that never sleeps.

(224925) Ma Peiheng(xi'an, China): In Chinese, the spurs means the nail on the riding boot.How can the net cover it......


(224927) Moscow(russia): Martin the best go NETS be CHAMPIONs good luck!!!!!!!!

(224928) Wang Weiwei Baotou: I'm in China now.It's 9:00 am here.My family are all watching the game. We support Nets! Go Nets! Go!

(224929) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: I want to see you slant dunk in front of Duncan, can you do that for me? Thank you.

(224930) Jaime M. (Cancun, Mx): Regards from Cancun, I´m enjoing the NBA Finals whit a grat Piña Colada. Cheers NETS.

(224931) feng(shanghai): i love net ,kidd love you

(224932) pan liang(China): come on spurs, come on Duncan

(224933) Han Wenkai(Beijing): Oh¡­¡­Richard Jefferson with a technical foul¡­¡­Got it,man!

(224934) Anthony,France: All my friends see you Tony!!! It's 3.15 a.m here!And we will watch you until the end!!!!Go Spurs,Go!

(224935) Vedad.Jablanica: We in Bosnia are watchin nba playoffs for the first thime.It's 3.pm,and I can't sleep.I am watching SPURS. Spurs are going to win!!

(224936) Hungary: I'm Going to ASU we all crossed fingers for the ex-Suns Kidd,Rogers and Jefferson They must wint this game! Gabor, Budapest

(224937) Miguel Llovera(España): When the night arrive,I´m not study,I´m not work,Í´m not go out.......I only know that this night is the night of the NBA.Go Nets GO!!!!!!!!!!

(224938) Ran (Jerusalem): I'm Now in my home after the injury of the bomb on the bus in jerusalem, and i see the game now from the bad, i like very much tony parker, this by is great!!!

(224939) yann (France): we love this game !! we love spurs !! we love TP and we Love USA ! salut George Eddy et Bruno Poulain !

(224940) France, badia: hi, all team of basket ball to fleury-merogis watch this fabulous game... go Nets!

(224941) Max, FRANCE: it's tp time, go SPURS it's 3am and i don't miss any game even if i sleep at 6 am

(224942) Niamké (paris): Paris don't sleep anymore. We are all supporting our amazing french kid.let's go tony!

(224943) Hanan - Jerusalem: Here, in the Holy City, we love the Spurs and hope they will vin the game and be the Champion.

(224944) Minja&Stane, Sarajevo: We're two best friends from Sarajevo, and one is for the nets(Minja) and the other for the spurs(Stane).No matter who's gonna win somebody will be happy

(224945) Kokos (Cyprus): Most people thought Spurs in 4 or in 5. But noooo this is exciting. Who would of thought ?

(224946) ChongQing,China: I love you Kidd,You are the best of world.GO Kidd,GO NETS!You must win!

(224947) tony(Paris,France): In the fourth quarter we will see the TP time!

(224948) JA (Split, Croatia): I love SPURS because they eliminate the LAKERS. They havet to be a CHAMPION.

(224949) Scab (Paris): Go TP all frenchies with u. Wake up and kill NJ and Kidd with many points! GO SPURS GO

(224950) Anthony(France): You can't lose TP!!!! We are 60 millions of frenches behind you!!!Go, you will the first french champion NBA!!! Do it for us !

(224951) Marlin(Chengdu,China): What a life! What a ball! Check the ball,then you'll love the game... NBA,I love this game!!!

(224952) Hernan (Buenos Aires): The Spurs are going to win the championship, but they have to improve the FG, though.

(224953) Lipetsk, Russia: Hi, my name is Nikolay. I watch NBA in Russia. Here it is 5 a.m. I want that Spurs wins! Go, Spurs, Go!!!

(224954) Vasko Macedonia: New Jersey Macedonia is with you. GO NETS GO. JaSON is The BesT

(224955) Malta Europe: I'm Andy it's 3:20am here, Great game tonight , GO NETS & GO KIDD ( I LOVE THIS GAME )

(224956) Eugenio (Bs.As): Manu is the best player I have ever seen.Parker and Manu are the future of the Spurs.Please Popovich put them toguether.Go!Spurs Go!

(224957) Bradley (Phitsanulok, Thailand): I like Rick's analysis, love the blocking & rebounding & defense, enjoy watching players rising & falling from one game to the next, & hope it goes 7 (without Crawford).

(224958) Drewn(SPb,Russia): Kittles, Kidd, Mutombo will win this game. I believe. Duncan, GO HOME! I love this game!

(224959) Jeshua (Manila, Philippines): it's game time! go K-Mart! kick duncan's ass!

(224960) Joy/Philippines: I love to watch the Nets when they are at their high-flying best. Here's to the Nets fans all over the world who like their basketball wild and exciting. Go team New Jersey!

(224961) Bob, Art and Marcus- Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia: We don't know Spanish, but we're learning it thanks to the NBA Finals on ESPN Latin America. Viva los Spurs!

(224962) Jerry China : I am a student from china,though I have an exame this afternoon,I still support Spurs !Because I believe that team work is the largest power than anything!Go ,Go ,Go,Spurs!

(224963) Tracy,Beijng: The best thing in the world is watching NBA games,NBA is the other part of my life, I love JK,so I hope Nets will win.Rush!Nets!Rush!

(224964) rober(madrid): it's 3 a.m. here in madrid and we are watching this "unusual" final.

(224965) Bobi, Skopje-Macedonia: It's 3 am on the other side of the world, but no sleep untill the Nets win the finals!!!

(224966) Glenn and Bob: Watching the game live in Taumarunui, New Zealand...Go Spurs Go !!!

(224967) Tilson Kephas - Federated States of Micronesia: Thanks to ESPN and all the Global Network for bringing the live NBA finals to these islands. My two sons and I are currently watching and punching each other right here in Pohnpei -Federated States of Micronesia

(224968) Derek in Kingston: It is 9:15 in Jamaica and the Spurs are the team we want to win! I want to kiss Jason Kidd's wife!

(224969) Guy (Tel - Aviv , Israel): it's about 4 am here in israel. go nets!!! pini and yaron the broadcasters in israel you are doing a great job!

(224970) Lass(Morocco): I am a fan of Kobe & Shaq even if they have been eliminated,but this night we want more show because we love this game

(224971) Thijs Berends (the Hague): From Holland, Go SA!! Give Robinson good farewell present... A second ring!

(224972) Dalian, China: It's 9:00am in China and the Pape Family says "GO SPURS!"

(224973) Han Wenkai(Beijing): Wow¡­¡­Manu with a great layup¡­¡­got it ,man!

(224974) Pass / Hong Kong: We support SA, Parker wake up and the game is waiting you.

(224975) Alec(Shanghai,China): Hey,Spurs! I love all you guys! Well done! You are the best.I am preparing for my final exams and I hope that we all do a good job in our work! Keep moving on!

(224976) Kirill (Saratov): Now in Russia 5am. We are 10 schoolmates that are fond of basketball and NBA. But our preferences a separate - most of us hope that Spurs win. Go Spurs! Go Duncan!

(224977) zagreb croatia: i am a huge nets fan..one player played in new yersey,his nam is drazen petrovic,do you remember?

(224978) Ken (China): This year's playoff games is very exciting, all the teams have equalize level. I want Nets to win. I likes Martin with Jason kidd 's fast run. But i also like the rookie, Ginobili.

(224979) PHEY PALMA (HONGKONG): It's my wife's birthday today and shes all dressed up waiting for me and i'm Still here watching the game!i aint going until this finishes! GO NETS GO!

(224980) Mike Van Den Broeck (Antwerp): One thing is sure the lakers won't win the title but the Nets will do that. kenyon Martin is the man. Greeetz to the belgian commentators! Mike VdBroeck

(224981) art, bob and marcus- santa cruz de la sierra, bolivia: We have just managed to get 50 Bolivians to scream for Steve Kerr. Put him in Pops!

(224982) Oli from Croatia: It's 3 in the morning here, but who cares?! The match is all that matters! Go Spurs!

(224983) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: Rogers...Concentrate...please

(224984) Nahum( México): the game es amazing, but the Spurs winner el championship of de NBA, go Spurs Go!!

(224985) Songjing(Xi'an,China): So exciting game! Even I can't stop sreaming! All of my classmates are watching it now! Go Kidd! Go Nets!!

(224986) Sa3oud, Beirut: I think Jason Kidd is the best basketball player GOD has ever created so i just have to say GO NETS!!!

(224987) Antonio(Osijek): What's up?! I wanna dedicated this message to Drazen Petrovic and just tell a something. Petrovic is on Continental Airlines Arena tonight for sure. With him Nets will beat Spurs! Keep it up Nets! Go to Go! Antonio Grubisic from Osijek(Croatia

(224988) PHEY PALMA (HONGKONG): IT's My Wife's birthday today and need to go buy her a gift b4 she comes back.but i'm still on the couch watchin the game i cant miss! GO NETS GO!

(224989) Bambam Garilao,Manila Philippines: Kenyon must play hard to win this game,despite of his flu.

(224990) J.Garcia (France): 3.30am here! me and my buddy , we're skipping our sleep for this game! GO SPURS GOOOOOOOO!! T.P and Ginobili, the world is in the Nba!

(224991) Besomi (Wilde): go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets

(224992) Ariel Besomi ARGENTINA: go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets

(224993) New Zealand: Hi my name is "Goat" im from new zealand and i never miss a playoff game, "I LOVE THIS GAME" go nets go, KIDD WITH THE 3 BEYOND THE ARC" GOOOD".nets baby!

(224994) Jeshua (Manila, Philippines): go NETS! kenyon martin really outplays tim ducan! i hope you would be able to bring home the crown. good luck to you guys!

(224995) xukan/China: nets should reduces the turnovers and gets more rebounds

(224996) Assaf (Jerusalem): it's 4:16AM and I'm hearing Pini Gershon talking about the game (go to Maccabi) GO NETS!!!

(224997) johnny(u.s.a): it dosent matter who wins the pistons are not in the playoffs so who cares who wins

(224998) ahmed riyadh: its 4:30 am her in riyadh

(224999) Boston: I am a New Jersey fan, since my Boston Celtics didn't make it. I've been a fan since John Williamson, because I am from New Haven, Ct. orginally, now residing in Bean Town, Boston, MA. Go - Nets, Kick Ass!

(225000) Viareggio Italy: Go Manu!!!! You will be the first!!! Win for us!!!! J love this game!!!!!!!!!!

(225001) Hong Kong: New Jersey Nets made everyone mad will the champion NETS CAN DO THAT !!

(225002) Jeshua (Manila, Philippines): go NETS! kenyon martin really outplays tim ducan! i hope you would be able to bring home the crown. good luck to you guys!

(225003) missouri city texas: I really love nets, although I'm from Texas. Neither team is playing as well as they can. Hope it gets better in games six and seven.

(225004) emrah(turkey/ankara): Hii everyone!Now 4 20 a.m.I played bet to SPURS.i need money.I love iceman(DUNCAN).GO SPURS GO!!

(225005) Fat Girl, Hong Kong: I LOVE THIS GAME! GO, SPURS, GO! I support Tim Duncan and hope David Robinson can get this last championship. Also, I support Bateer.

(225006) Dennis(Taiwan): It's 9:20am here in Taiwan. I am watching with some of my fellow coworkers. Go! Spurs! You will make it! My prediction has always been right! Wake up! Tony Parker. Spurs can't win when you are sleeping.

(225007) ARIEL (WILDE): go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets. GO MANU

(225008) Milan,Italy: It's 3.00 am in Italy and i'm watching the nba final only because i'm sure that tonight is Manu's night!!! Go Spurs!

(225009) Jerusalem - Shachar: It's 4:30 am...i cam from my friend's house just to see how NJ win. go nets go!!! go kidd

(225010) Nenad(Belgrade): 106:92 for NETS!!!!!!!

(225011) huixiangyang BAOTOU CHINA: i'm a fan of NBA.I hope Nets will win the final.and i like to see the show of Nets.especially Martin.

(225012) Frikki and Petur (Iceland): we are 2 friends from Iceland, watching the game at 1:30, with the first european player in the NBA, Petur Gudmundson. GO NETS!!

(225013) Frikki and Petur (Iceland): we are 2 friends from Iceland, watching the game at 1:30, with the first european player in the NBA, Petur Gudmundson. GO NETS!!

(225014) hakan tunc istanbul: Hi. I'm in Turkey and time is 4:30 am. Everything is sleeping now except for me. I'm not sleeping. Because I LOVE THIS GAME.

(225015) Anthony,France: Good evening the world !!!Go Spurs, Go TP! The Parker Time is soon ! Hi to our reporters Eddy and Poulain!NBA power!

(225016) NoE Hong Kong: i am a Hong Kong-er. But i would like to spurs to win this game~ Tim duncan is my god~~~GOGOGOGO beat them~~

(225017) Jybo FRANCE: Tony, France is proud of you. Thank you to you, Tim DUNCAN, NBA and Georges EDDY of Canal plus for these great moments. Go SPURS!

(225018) Belden, HKG: C'mon KIDD, you've got to make your shots! GO KIDD, GO NETS!!!

(225019) Gabor, Hungary: We all love this game!My girlfriend is watching with me, tonight for the first time!We crossed fingers for Kidd and the Nets!Go Nets For 4:2

(225020) Costa Rica: From Costa Rica to the World, Go Spurs Go..... Juan Ro

(225021) cenk (turkey): it's 4 am in turkey.Go NETS Go KIDD sleepless for you!!

(225022) jack lee (FuJian,china): MY names is jack lee, Ibelieve the net are going to win the championship! Go kidd,Go nets! (I LOVE THIS GAME)

(225023) justo mar del plata: manu is a very good player and is the best of the team . I admire very much . is the birthday of my mother and this is the present

(225024) ahmed riyadh: its 4:30 hear in riyadh i just love watching game

(225025) ariel besomi- arg,wilde: go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets GO MANU YOU ARE THE BEST ARIEL BESOMI ARGENTINA

(225026) Anthony(France): The world is watching this game!!! So , Show us a crazy Game!!! Gooo Spurs!!!!

(225027) Kenneth (Walang-Wala,Philippines): Go! New Jersey Nets! Same as the champion the New Jersey Devils! i think NETS! is the champion 2003-2004!!!

(225028) G Vázquez (Spain): Congratulations, NBA, for this Retro Net wear, a beautiful remember of your great sister, the ABA. Thanks for the memories.

(225029) Darel ( Paris ): Go Tony !! Show to your french friends that you are the new best guard in the world.... Allez Tony!!!

(225030) Mike VdBroeck ( Antwerp): I hope the nets will win the finals because they are a good team but the Suprs have the bets player of the league Mister Duncan. His best friend is the backboard! Greetz to the Belgian commentators! Mike

(225031) enano: I am in Argentina, voting for the Spurs, and for Manu: best player of the spurs with Tim Duncan. GO SPURS, GO

(225032) Bunmi Adams: Hi there, i'm studying at Auckland University of Technology and play basketball everyday here to imitate my heroes, Go K Mart, go kidd, go the nets

(225033) Don Keno (SARAJEVO): Duncan can not be beaten, because the whole world is with him and spurs. MWP Baby.This thing should be over next game.

(225034) Jude-Abra,Philippines: Duncan is the best! He can do shots from outside and inside. Nets will be like a smashed potato. Go Spurs!

(225035) Han Wenkai(Beijing): Net`s FG% is only 25%¡­¡­believe it or not,SPURS gonna win the game!

(225036) JKatewa (Luanda-Angola): It`s 2.30 a.m. in Luanda, but I can`t sleep because I can`t lose it. Go Spurs, go Ducan, you`re the best and I`m with you.

(225037) Ajdin (Bosnia): It`s 3:30 a.m.Martin is the best player,and I hope that they will win the championship with New Jersy Nets!!!GO NETS GO!!!

(225038) Sandra (Bahía Blanca): We are in Bahía Blanca city wishing SA wins because Manu is our pride.

(225039) Fred ( Auckland): damn, jason kidd hit 2 three pointers and then misses his next 4 3 point attempts, and now no body can stop Tim Duncan

(225040) ariel besomi- arg,wilde: go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets GO MANU YOU ARE THE BEST ARIEL BESOMI ARGENTINA

(225041) Oleg Atamjanov(Moscow Russia): Admiral Robison must win this battle!

(225042) Bunmi Adams (Auckland New Zealand): I'm studying at the Auckland Univeristy of Technology, I study Physical Therapy, i hope the nets win and one day I maybe a trainer for them. Go Kidd, Go Nets

(225043) Adrien : We are in france ! its 3 am and we supportied us french TP, Final game at 21 years old it's Wanderful !!

(225044) Markus (Indonesia): I'm from Indonesia. I love this game. GO SPURS, GO Duncan.

(225045) Boza Belgrade: sanja is sleeping but jm stillwwatching this great game

(225046) rebalans BEOGRAD: vujanic will play make like you don't know!!!! grobari !!!!! sacramento champions!!!!!

(225047) Hong Kong ( Shatin ): Right now it is 09:27 in Hong Kong.I am see the game & support New Jersey Net and hope that they can win the final champion,go aheard! - Kobe Li

(225048) Jowell-Boston: So interesting to see how many people are chatting from across the Globe, and the different time frames. It is 9:30pm here in Boston, Ma. reading the different times across the seas is intersting, but I am still wishing the NET'S win...Hello all from Boston!

(225049) Ivan Zeljkovic, Belgrade, Serbia: Hello I'm the host of the "Who wants to be a milionaire" in Serbia. I have watched Nets live this year in Cont. Air. Arena! I would like to tell my friends that I have watched champs! GO NETS!

(225050) Natalia (Lanus, bs as): I just want to say that i love basketball (cause I play it) and San Antonio is the best team! Manu u are the best!! We want u back!! You are going to win, i know it. Go Spurs Go!!

(225051) Anthony(France): Please , i want to see my mail to French Tv!!!This Final is exciting and I hope TP will win!!!Go TP,Go Spurs,Go NBA!!!

(225052) Jeshua (Manila, Philippines): go NETS! kenyon martin really outplays tim ducan! i hope you would be able to bring home the crown. good luck to you guys!

(225053) nanjing china: why my messages can not be displayed

(225054) nadim, beirut: its 4.40 in the morning and im skipping my final in the morning to watch the nets win ......... goo nets

(225055) bluematt jinan,china: after air jordan of bulls, OK of Lakers, seemingly no heroes ahead of us. we all wish duncan&kidd could come together with spurs, a dynasty of spurs will come. san antonio welcomes kidd

(225056) Keenan Sarajevo: Duncan will DUNK all the litle nets.

(225057) Pearl(Hong Kong): It's raining outside but it doesn't matter. Time for watching this wonderful game. Go Spurs!

(225058) Laurent marseille: Let's go Tony Parker our french player in this final!it's 3.30 am and i'm happy to watch this game !I love this game.

(225059) shanghai,china: spurs,you are the best team;Tim, you are the most valuable players,so don't let nets steal the champion from you

(225060) Anthony(France): Good evening the world !!!Go Spurs, Go TP! The Parker Time is soon ! Hi to our reporters Eddy and Poulain!NBA power!


(225062) jack lee (FuJian,china): I BELIEVE nets are going to win the championship! jason is the best! Go NETs Go!!!!!!

(225063) jackie Xian: I am a super Spurs fan from China,Although many basketball fields are not access to us because of SARS,we still love basketball,I love this game!

(225064) xukan/China: i think the final will 4:3,nets win the game .go nets ,go kidd

(225065) Ghazi, Beirut: I just woke up to see the Spurs/Nets game, it's almost 4:30 am, Go Nets, and please Kidd try not to miss anymore shots!

(225066) Jeshua (Manila, Philippines): go NETS! kenyon martin really outplays tim ducan! i hope you would be able to bring home the crown. good luck to you guys!

(225067) Energizer-Bunny (Auckland): cant believe that duncan got 2 mvp in a row , last year i thought jason kidd will get it becuz of his help to the new jersey franchise, damn. i wish new jersey can win this

(225068) Fernando, Argentina: Thanks Manu for all your magic, we are fascinated watching you. Go spurs Go Vamos MANU

(225069) J.Garcia (France): Me and my friend here, we're skipping our sleep for this game!! Duncan, T.P, Robinson, Ginobili, Claxton...GoSpursGo!!

(225070) manuel ,mar del plata: i love spurs because manu is in the team.manu is the best player in the team with duncan.i have ever seen. GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!

(225071) guadeloupe fwi: i am proud to see a french in the final go tp go spurs jose

(225072) Abdul from Kuwait: It's 4:32 am here in Kuwait but I LOVE IT LIVE BABY. GO NETS!!!

(225073) Hong Kong ( Shatin ): Hello, Right now it is 09:30 in H.K.I am see the game & support N.J Nets.I hope that they can win the final champion,go aheard! Kind Regards, Kobe Li

(225074) Alec(Shanghai): Break the storms and keep going on. Whoever becomes the champion,I love all you guys and I love this game!

(225075) Lane (Hangzhou,China: wonderfuly GAME

(225076) Patrick (Hong Kong): New Jersey Nets, NEVER GIVE UP!!! We support you!!!!

(225077) ivan croatia: Drazen Petrovic died 10 years ago,he was a great player..dedicate nets wictory to him.go nets.

(225078) D.F. , Mexico: Hi im here in tampico and I want to say that the Nets have to win!! Go go Nets :D I Love this Game

(225079) Bass(Burkina Faso): It's 1:25 am here in Ouagadougou.NBA show is the best & we congratulate the 2 teams for this great spectacle they purpose us.

(225080) Panagis (Greece): Its not just an american sport. Its aworldwide celebration as i can see... GO NETS

(225081) Andy (Malta): Great Game Tonight, GO NETS & GO KIDD it's 3:30am here I LOVE THIS GAME

(225082) Wade (Sydney, Australia): Aussie here, hoping that David Robinson retires a winner. Go Admiral!

(225083) Angeles-Philippines: Me and my new born baby is watching this amazing game, we support the Nets, go Jason, get game 5 to advance. Jerome and Iris Michelee from the Phil.

(225084) Arni Gretar (ICELAND): We are 4 boys from Iceland watching the game at 1 am. We all have to work tomorrow but who cares when the NBA finals are on tv! We support the Nets, like Bruce Willis, and we hope that Martin will show us some cool dunks. Go Nets!

(225085) Shmek,Ramat Gan: Did you see that dunk?! that was Manu-Matrix! Go Spurs Go!!

(225086) China,Beijing: Iam a chinese girl,I always watch the splendid game,I support parker.come on!Spurs!U can!and I love this game.

(225087) São Paulo - Brazil: The finals is the best basketball view of the world. Brazil is fully connected to this amazing show!!!Congratulations Nets, Spurs and ESPN. Regards everyone. Adilson

(225088) Italy: It's 3:19 of Saturday morning. The best player of the world is Manuel Ginobili. W Spurs. Roberto

(225089) Yohance(Houston): We are back here in Texas waiting on the Spurs to come back home so they can win and we can celebrate.

(225090) nanjing china: i am a college student in china .there are many nba fans in china,i think they are watching nba final game.thank you ,nba.

(225091) vince(CHINA): I'm a 15-year-old boy in China.I like Nets very much and I am sure they will win the champion at last.I love you, Nets!!!Go!!

(225092) Thiago (Sao Paulo/Brazil): I hope the finals go to game 7 so that we can all enjoy more amazing plays like the ones we saw on the series. By the way, I'm a Mavs fan so... GO NETS!

(225093) Clan from China: My friends and I are staring the TV screen and watching the Spurs win the game.Tim is the best!

(225094) doc miles,tarlac philippines: i am a doctor from the philippines.even when i am at the hospital, i never miss the nba finals.GO NETS! GO SOLAR SPORTS!

(225095) Aaron and Mark, Papua: We are two highschool students that LOVE basketball. We were able to find one of the few satellite dishes where we could watch the game in the middle of the rainforest. Go Nets!!

(225096) Drewn(Russia): Why do only Western teams should win? East & NJ, go!!!!!

(225097) Thijs Berends (the Hague): From Holland, Go SA!! Give Robinson good farewell present... A second ring!

(225098) tremelo: GO NETS GO!!!!Greetings to tony vd bosh best basketballcoach in belgium go tony

(225099) ariel besomi- arg,wilde: go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets GO MANU YOU ARE THE BEST

(225100) Mike: I watching game 5 from Anyang-City, South Korea. I hope 'The Admiral' will finish his great career with the NBA championship. Let's go spurs! I love this Game

(225101) Energizer-Bunny(Auckland): Lebron is entering the NBA, everyone must be excited about this, and Carmelo, Darko,Dwayne wade, Dahntay jones, heaps of young energetic people

(225102) Justin(Hong Kong): It's a rainly day here, but I'm sure the Nets have the victory day today.

(225103) Carlos Lemos, Portugal: NBA Fans in Portugal forget the sleep and watch NBA at 3am. We love this game!

(225104) Reykjavík, Iceland: What up. We are cheering for the NETS here in our street struggle in Iceland. K-Mart and the Kidd are playing like Pétur Guðmundsson back in the old days with the Lakers. Go NETS!!!

(225105) Mike VdBroeck ( Antwerp): It's 3.30 am and I have to learn tommorrow morning, mt mother said that but I can't miss the fantastic finals!!!!! NBA is wordl greatest league! Greetzzz to the Belgian commentators

(225106) SHANGHAI,CHINA: I wake up early in the morning and just hope the nets will got a victory all the way home!

(225107) Jowell-Boston: Waiting to hear from Bryant, what happen when he got married? Is all better? I understand that kind of pain, my family did me the same way when I decided to keep my one and only child, yet still-Go NET'S!

(225108) Beijing: As a high school student ,we will go to school next Monday beacuse SARS has been controled.Thanks the NBA stars who helped chinese win the SARS.Go ANTONIO!Go Bater!Go NBA!

(225109) daimiel, cicuta, andres (Spain): 3.30 am, The Finals gives us the power to continuing waching this amazin game, Kid Vs Duncan, what else you can ask for?, thanks god, thanks nba

(225110) Sean W. USA: I think the Nets are going to win, because they are the greatest.

(225111) jiangxi,china: we love it live.we love this game .non't stop ,never stop.come on !

(225112) Ronald(Hong Kong): I love New Jersey Nets! Go Ahead!Win the Game 5!!!

(225113) Thiago (Sao Paulo/Brazil): In Brazil we also love basketball. The finals are just what I was expecting, so I hope we get to game 7! By the way, I'm a Mavs fan so... GO NETS!!!

(225114) ganie&miles burce, philippines: congrats to the phil coverage team of qhenson & ctrinidad for doing a good job of bringing the excitement of the nba 2003 finals to pinoy nba basketball fans! if nets wins game 5, will be the champion. mabuhay (long live) to nba!

(225115) kingyiping China: I am a super Spurs fan from China,Although many basketball fields are not access to us because of SARS,we still love basketball,I love this game!Go Spurs,Go Gino!

(225116) Russia (Saratov): I love this game. I love Spurs. Go Spurs!!!

(225117) cainta,philippines: I THINK NETS WILL WIN THE NBA FINALS. GO NETS!

(225118) Quarry Bay, Hong Kong: I always look forward to NBA, each morning - HK time, I am just addicted to it. Chat Tiquia-Delgado (HK)

(225119) lolo13(france): let's go SPURS and TP the best ! i love NBA,it's 3.40am in france gooooooo

(225120) Zhu Wei-Jun from Shanghai: It's lovely Sat morning and I'm crossing my fingers for the Nets. Jason Kidd is my favourite, coz he plays as well as I do. Go Nets!

(225121) Julien (Paris): Thank you to TP, for all the fun he makes me at this time (3:30 am).

(225122) Akranes/Iceland: We are 2 guys watching the game and our man is Steve Kerr... go Spurs... Háni and Svan

(225123) Fabian, France: Thanks to French Tv's commentators for their enthusiasm and their humor !!!

(225124) Fatih (Ankara): It's 4.40 am here and and I lost my sleep. I think Duncan and Ginobili are the best palyers in the team, Duncan will be MVP. GO SPURS GO!!!

(225125) TURKEY / Izmir: Great Game Tonight, COME ON NETS & GO KIDD it's 5:00am here I LOVE THIS GAME EREM DORA from Izmir /Turkey

(225126) Jordi SPAIN: Hello from Spain! I love this game! I will like to watch Gasol playing the finals!

(225127) Sarajevo: NETS ARE THE BEST!!!!!! MIRZA AND MIRSAD

(225128) Panama: Who said Latinamerica was all about soccer? We haven't missed a game! GO SPURS.I LOVE THIS GAME. stephanie

(225129) edward: siting here in holland wachting the game and i hope that the nets will win the series go nets go!!!!!!!!!

(225130) ahmed riyadh: tim duncan pic and roule the game

(225131) SHIELA PALMA (HONGKONG): Its my Birhday today and i aint going out not watching this game! i'm all nets! Go NETS GO! BEWARE OF THE REF FOR THE TECHINICALS!

(225132) ICE-MAN IN CHENGDU OF CHINA: PARKER--GO.I am sure you will be more greater than kidd in the future!!! by the way ,DUNCAN is my favorite!!

(225133) martin: the nets are going to beat spurs tonight because kidd is the best player of the finals if you dont believe me watch the lead scorers

(225134) Howard (Hong Kong): It's Friday the 13th there in New Jersey but I'm sure they'll pull out a victory! GO NETS! GO JASON KIDD! GO KENYON MARTIN! YOU CAN DO IT!

(225135) ray: i am one of the fans of nets in China. Go nets!billions of chinese fans are looking at you !

(225136) Oleg Atamjanov(Moscow Russia): Nets versus Spurs !!! We got a good game

(225137) winner china: nets is a good team,especially kidd,martin,i believe you must win. go nets, go kidd!

(225138) Horacio (Guanajuato,Mexico): "the basketball game is fabulous, i an fan of the Spurs and winner the game, Go Duncan, Go Manu, Go Parker, Go Spurs Go!!!!"

(225139) Sarajevo: here is 3.30 am and we hope that Nets will win....go NETS go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(225141) Stelios, Cyprus, Europe: It is 4:45 a.m. and I sit here watching the finals. Why? Because I really love this game. Go Kidd!! Go Nets!!

(225142) istanbul: ýts 4.00 am in istanbul now but no one sleeps.we are waiting for kidd to play the game GO NETS..

(225143) tremelo: GO NETS GO!!!!Greetings from the land where tony parker was born.greetins from belgium.greetings to tony vd bosh

(225144) Arunas ,Lithuania: It's 4:40am here in Lithuania (Blazers-A.Sabonis country)and i'm watching the nba final only because i'm sure that tonight is NETS night!!! Go NETS!

(225145) City Bell (Argentina): Spurs, me and my family are fond of you. we visited San antonio three years ago and fell in love with the city and you. Go spurs go!!!

(225146) Xiamen: I think the game today is quite bored now.For the two teams don't play well now!

(225147) Mariano BsAs: C'mon Manu!! you are much more than a basketball player, you are the dream of all argentinians GO SPURS!!!!

(225148) Razi, Beirut, Lebanon: 4:39 am in Beirut, but no school tomorrow...hoping to welcome the dawn of another Nets' victory!

(225149) Sergio Tacchini (Argentina): You are on every NBA clip! Go Manu Go!

(225150) Sunyang(China): That's 14th morning in China,I love Kidd,I love NBA,I enjoy it!

(225151) Oncativo, CBA, Argentina: I am Alejandro Viano, Here is 22:40, I play basketball but i have now an injury, but I am seeing MANU in ESPN, I have his autograph and he is "EL POLLO NUESTRO" Go Spurs! Vamos los Spurs que salimos CAMPEONES!

(225152) Ivan Iegami (Brazil-SP): Although Nets has a very competitive team..i guess Spurs is gonna win! GO GO GO SPURS!! DUNCAN MVP

(225153) Sergio (Brazil): In a global world, the best basketball team around the world, SPURS, has players from Virgin Islands, Argentina, Belgium and USA. Go, SPURS, go.

(225154) CottonXu(Hangzhou,China): I've been watching NBA Final for almost 7 years and I just love it.NBA has lots of fans here in China since we all love to play basketball.

(225155) Cenk (izmir): 4.45 am in Turkey. Sleepless for nets Go KIDD it's your game, I LOVE THIS GAME!!

(225156) Juan Carlos (Argentina): We're 10 friends joined at home to watch the game. Manu IS the rookie of the year. Spurs Champions. Go Manu Go.

(225157) Armenia / Yerevan: Small country Armenia peoples LOVE this big game.

(225158) Filipe & Pedro, Brazil: Here in Brazil we like very much the NBA, and in the future we will go to there to show to you the best of the brazilian´s players... you´ll see...

(225159) LiuXiaotong Baoding China: I'm a senior middle school student from China baoding.I support NETS and JASON! KIDD is the MVP!! I believe NETS will win the match,go go NETS! The last winner must be NETS!

(225160) Anthony(France): See a young french player to nba final,that's wonderful!!!GO Tony,I think you will win this match and the game 6 to S.A.

(225161) wangyulong (shanghai china): I'm the most craze fan of NBA. Though without chinese player,I think NBA is world's NBA.

(225162) aziz & big boudha from tunisia: it's 2:30 in tunisia( africa), and we wan't to see grand canyon show! go nets go!

(225163) Pablo, Eugenio/ Bahia Blanca: It's 10:40 pm in Argentina.We like Ginobili very much.Go spurs!!!!!!!

(225164) Naser (Kuwait): At 4.38 am, all I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA & GO NETS!!!!

(225165) china,beijing: we watch every game.it's fantastic!go spurs!go parker!

(225166) Changsha,China: I'm a basketball ameteur in Central South University,I love NBA very much.The game is what I like,though there are not Yao and O'neal.

(225167) Franco ARGENTINA!!: GO MANU GO- Duncan and Ginobili ohhhhh god poor NETS ...

(225168) Anthony,France: Yeah! The Stadium is very hot!Thanks to New Jersey but i think TP will beat you and win the NBA championship.Yeah TONY!

(225169) Haikou: It's 9:45 a.m.in China.It's so wonderful that I have to stay before the TV to watch the game. I love Nets.Go!Kidd!Go!Nets!

(225170) ARIEL (WILDE): go SPURS. demonstrate that they are the best ones and than they can annihilate to nets GO MANU YOU ARE THE BEST

(225171) Fatih (istanbul): great game! it's 4:00am here and we can't go to sleep. Go Kidd!

(225172) Guilhem (Marseille, France): Here it's 3.42 am but we are watching the NBA final. This game is a defensive one, but the NBA is wonderful, let's go Spurs and T.P. We will never sleep for you!!!

(225173) Carmen (Hong Kong): Me and my mom are watching this game together! I'll never get up so early on a Sat morning but only for NBA!! Go Spurs!!!

(225174) Seuer,Nanjing: I am studying in Southeast Univ. in China,it's exam time these days. I love this game and am expecting YAO in the future NBA finals.

(225175) Rolly Faller (Manila, Philippines): The tandem of Kidd and Martin is unbeatable. Spurs have no match for them. Nets will win! San Antonio fans, please do not pop out the champagne in Game 6 or 7. You will surely be frustrated.

(225176) Shukhrat (Tashkent): I haven't missed finals playoffs. I hope Duncan will do the game.

(225177) Emily: If you like NETS,you like Kidd,let's wait for NETS will win the nba final

(225178) art, bob and marcus- santa cruz de la sierra, bolivia: 8:45 p.m., we're so proud of the 100 plus Bolivians who are learning to love the game of basketball and dreaming of being the first Bolivian to lace up the Con All-Stars and hit the parquet at the Boston Garden

(225179) Daisy Mozartiana(Beijing,China): It's great enjoyment to watch their wonderful play.AND COME ON,DUNCAN,PARKER...ALL THE SPURS FANS IN CHINA SUPPORT YOU GUYS. I LOVE YOU. AND I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Net is also very cool,too.

(225180) Arnar Frikki Aron: Hello NBA.com we are three amigos in Iceland and it is 2.00 Am, we are suporting Kidd and the Nets Iceland,Bíldudalur

(225181) Australia: Hi to Steve Urwin who is at the game from Sydney Australia.

(225182) terra,shanghai,china: come on,duncan,you are the real MVP i strongly trust in you and spurs can poke nets

(225183) Paris (France): It's 3.48 am!!!We love this game and our spurs GO TP TD DR& Co... JP & ARNO

(225184) Horacio (Guanajuato, Mexico): "I love this game, but Iam fan of the Spurs and winner is game, Go Manu, Go Duncan, Go SPURS Go number one!!"

(225185) Jd and Nadim (Dubai,UAE): It's 5:50 am in Dubai ,we're tired but the NBA Finals are worth staying up all night! We love this game!

(225186) AG Bariloche-argentina: Manu is a hero for all our country. You´re big!!!! Go Spurs!!!!!

(225187) wangshz: i am nba fan from china ,i like this game ,i like kido and martin.i hope nets will win in the finals games.nets go,kido go.

(225188) Liso & Dante (Argentina): We think that Spurs has a great chance to win the NBA finals because it has a great team.

(225189) Shanghai: It's 9:45 a.m.in China.It's so wonderful that I have to stay before the TV to watch the game. I love Nets.Go!Kidd!Go!Nets!

(225190) Chengdu from china: In Chinese proverb£ºThe last Laughing is the best Laughing. Kidd is my favorite player ,I wish he could laugh at the end of the game,NETS could win the final.Please don¡¯t let me down,I am your eternal backer.

(225191) chengdu china: TY--GO.I am sure you will be more greater than kidd in the future!!! by the way ,DUNCAN is my favorite!!

(225192) DIDIER GRENOBLE: a very good final . Thanks nba thanks canal+ and georges eddy and Go Go Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!

(225193) Marco(Belgrade): I know theese players are great but i mise M.J

(225194) china(guangzhou): hi,this is a crazy weekend aggain,I love nba,so

(225195) Quarry bay, HONG KONG: The QuarryBay Dragons, love this game

(225196) nanchang (china): Now a lot of classmates are in my chamber,we are watching the finals.We love this game ,we love spurs,we love Manu.

(225197) Daniel (Hong Kong): Manu,Duncan,Robinson is the best player in SPURS.I am sure that SPURS will win two match more and get the championship by 4:2 !!!

(225198) Michael Harvey (Auckland): It is midday Saturday in New Zealand, a brilliant time for watching basketball and my beloved Nets. I am cheering for you K Mart, I love this game

(225199) Sean (USA): I am in New York, and right about now the Nets are Winning by a couple of points but since they are my favorite team they are going to wipp the Spurs.

(225200) Marios,Nicosia: Its 5 AM and i still awake watching this magnificent game!!I LOVE this game!!Go Nets!

(225201) José (Sao Paulo): Even far from home, I 'm not missing this final. Go Tony, go Spurs and let the show go on.

(225202) Thomas(Fuzhou China): Look forward next half.SPURS will win this game!

(225203) helmond holland : its a great game and hope that the nets will win

(225204) J.H. Kim(South Corea): I wake up early in the morning to see a game today~!! NBA give me a power of life. I hope all players not hurt. Go Spurs!

(225205) JP & Arno (Paris): We watch every game of the Finals & we really enjoy it!! Go TP & Co!!!! WE LOVE THIS GAME!

(225206) Mike Van Den Broeck (Antwerp): Tim Duncn is one of the better players in the NBA but the NEw jersey nets are a young team and if jason kidd stays in new jersey the will play many championchip finals. In the last games Tim duncan is becoming a point guard when they run a fast break. Greeeetz to the Belgian commentators

(225207) Gilles (Paris): It is 4 am here but we keep our eyes wide open for this so intense NBA Finals! Go TP, and the Spurs will accept no outcome but victory!!!

(225208) christophe, bordeaux : let's go tony all the france is with you, go spurs go

(225209) jiajia(china): NBA finals is global's feast for basketball fans. we all love this game! go warriors!

(225210) CHAO XIE: It a crazy weekend,I love NBA,I love this GAME.It's all fanistic GAME.GO NETS!GO JK!GO MARTIN!

(225211) mehmet yasin(izmir): I'm from Ege Unýversity. Now it's 05:00 nobody is sleeping. Go Manu, go Duncan, beat Nets! This is the last chance...

(225212) Wang Wei Beijing China: It's a wonderful game!Thanks to NBA brings atractive games for fans all over the world every year.I love this game!Go Spurs!!

(225213) Karim (Cairo, Egypt): It's 5am here in Egypt and I'm watching Tim Duncan and David Robinson on their way to their second championship. (Hopefully)

(225214) Hjalli (Iceland): Excellent finals, even got my girlfriend watching! Nets will win in 7 games.

(225215) xavier (paris): we all know it is gonna be very difficult,but we all believe in our "TP" the frenchie and the Spurs. xavier

(225216) Shanghai,China : I like the style of Nets,Jason kid is the most excellent one in nets.without kid,Nets is only a common team in nba.But i think spurs will win at last.

(225217) SuHang Beijing : I have had to stay at home since two month ago because of SARS,but I get the to watch every game of NBA playoff and NBA final.Go Nets!Go Spurs!You are all the best! I love this game as you !

(225218) Scott Austin, Macau(CHN): The deffensive of game 5 is so intensive, eventhough Spurs is more powerful, but all Nets player are also not bad, i hope Jason Kidd play better and get title. GO! NETS!

(225219) bordeaux, france: It's 4am but I can't sleep, the show is so beautiful, let's go tony, go spurs go.

(225220) Ray , Hong Kong: It's rainy Saturday morning and I woke up early to watch NETS win the games. Go NETS! We are supporting you. Kidd, go and beat the spurs, we believe you can win the games!

(225221) james,shin, Seoul, Korea: we are broadcasting the NBA finals on MBC-ESPN in Korea. Go! Spurs and Nets! We hope that this finals goes to game 7. we are commentators.....

(225222) andrei punzalan(philippines): definitely spurs will win this game!they dont want the nets grab the title..duncan and parker will be the heroes of the game..gud luck to quinito henson and chino trinidad of solar sports.GO SPURS!

(225223) Mehmet Yasin(izmir): I'm from Ege Unýversity. Now it's 05:00 nobody is sleeping. Go Manu, go Duncan, beat Nets! This is the last chance...

(225224) Gilles (Paris): It is 4 am here but our eyes are wide open for this so intense NBA Finals. Go TP, and the Spurs will accept nothing else than victory!!!

(225225) moca: kidd is better than tim duncan i know that

(225226) Scott Austin, MacauChina: The deffensive of game 5 is so intensive, eventhough Spurs is more powerful, but all Nets player are also not bad, i hope Jason Kidd play better and get title. GO! NETS!

(225227) xiamen,china: I will be daddy 45 days later!I love NBA.I love duncan.I will name my baby duncan!!

(225228) Marcelo, Argentina: I have spent over a lot of mony just to fly to US and watch an excellent player in the history of basketball, Manu Ginóbili. Go Spurs go. Greetings to everyone watching this game around the world.

(225229) Danny, Beijing China: Jason Kidd is a legend..... Go Nets!!!!!

(225230) Goof, Paraná: Manu, show the world that you are the best!... Go Spurs!!! You are the Champion!!!...

(225231) archie, philippines: Go Spurs. You can defeat the Nets especially you Tim Duncan `coz your the Best Of The Rest.

(225232) Pablo (Uruguay): The spurs are gonna win the finals and to D. Robinson will be a dream come true. Go Spurs, do it for Dave!!

(225233) FuJian,China: Today,Nets's turnovers are too much and deadly in first half time.It led to Nets 8 pts less than Spurs.I hope Nets can turn the inferior position.

(225234) David Dai(Shanghai): Nothing will stop Spurs from Achieving the champion although Kidd is so great.

(225235) ICE-MAN (CHENGDU OF CHINA): Today,there is not a chinese in the finals, but we know and we believe YaoMing that is pride of China will be king of the sports!!!!!!

(225236) Milos(Slovenia): Nets make my dreams come true, and show the world who knows how the game is played! Greetings to the Croatian comentators.

(225237) gan ner , israel: its 5:00 a.m here and we are enjoying the fight. parker, wake up and go spurs go!!!!

(225238) Philippe de Crécy (Geneva, Switzerland): It's 4AM here! The whole emergency service is watching the game on our small TV! Even the patients want to know the score! It's crazy! We love this game... Go Nets, Go!!!


(225240) kwok kwong(Hong Kong): It is morning here. I skipped breakfast to watch the first half. Think I will make a ham sandwich or grab something from the frig. at halftime. Hello to all of you in NJ. I have visited your city many years ago, when I was still a student in the U.S.

(225241) Ricardo, Brazil: I love this game I am a Laker's fan but now I want spurs to lose. GO NETS!!!!!!! GO KIDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(225242) GUANGZHOU: I am from China. I'v been supporting Kidd and NJ ever since last year when playoff begun. No matter Nj finally win or lose, it's a team with best teamspirit and Kidd is the best leader of NBA

(225243) Veljko,Jagodina,Serbia: It's 4 a.m. here in Serbia and me and all my friends are watching even though Sacramento Serbs aren't in finals.We just love basketball and this is the best basketball.

(225244) Damir (Zagreb): As I can see most of the international viewers are cheering Spurs to win. Well, everybody in Croatia support Nets, last club Drazen Petrovic played for. 4am here! Go Nets!!!

(225245) ICE-MAN IN CHENGDU OF CHINA: Today,there is not a chinese in the finals, but we know and we believe YaoMing that is pride of China will be king of the sports!!!!!!

(225246) Marcos (A Coruña, Spain): Here, I'm working in a lighthouse, but I watch the match. I love NBA and Jason Kidd. Nunca máis!

(225247) Mehmet Yasin(izmir/TURKEY): I'm from Ege Unýversity. Now it's 05:00 nobody is sleeping. Go Manu, go Duncan, beat Nets! This is the last chance...

(225248) Echo(Fuzhou China): Although I am on my preparing for the 2004 Chinese Graduated Entrence Test,I will not miss even one game of the finals.Go Nets.Go Mutombo.

(225249) jose lopes portugal: i love this game. Tim duncun its the best, spurs go to wins the finals.

(225250) Ivanca & Javi (Bs. As.): "Nets, you don't have any chances to win the final! Manu is the spirit of the spurs and the Spurs will be the new champions. Go Spurs GO! Go Manu GO!!

(225251) Erik Maracaibo Venezuela: Even if the Spurs team consited of players all from Venezuela, i would still cheer for the Nets because i care about the team and team effort, not the nationality of the players.

(225252) Steve, Scandiano, Italy: the sun is about to rise in northern italy as it sets on the spurs in northern NJ... lets go nets!

(225253) Kirill (Russia): It's cold rainy morning here, but I cann't sleep. I think today's winner will win series.

(225254) huixiangyang BAOTOU CHINA: i love this game.tomorrow will be father's day and at here i wanna say blessing all of the fathers in the world .happy father's day.

(225255) Geneva: It's 4AM here! The whole emergency service of the hospital in Geneva is watching the game on our small TV. Even the patients want to know the score! It's crazy!!! We love this game! Go Nets!


(225257) Nicolas Buenos Aires: Manu ginobili is as good as this beautyful NBA play we are watching from Argentina,Buenos Aires.

(225258) PP (sinagpore): Morning here in singapore! Go Spurs Go! You can can so it duncan! ;)

(225259) Alex Lai ( Hong Kong): Go Kidd, You can do it!!! Go Nets!! Only 2 more games!!

(225260) Sydney: Its midday here in Australia. We skipped our football game for game 5....GO NETS!

(225261) Santiago del Estero , Argentina: My sister live in San Antonio. Manu Ginobili is the best player of the world. Go Spurs! Go Ginobili! Go Argentina! Maria Marta

(225262) Yueyang China: l am the fans of nets! The match is wanderful ! go nets! go kidd!

(225263) beijing: I am a teacher because NBA my life is very happy

(225264) cenk (izmir): sleepless in Turkey again. Whiteman can't jump? Watch Ginobili...

(225265) ningbo,china: I believe NETS will win finally,KIDD is my favorite.go NETS!I love the game!!

(225266) hongkong: we all watching the final,and we fully supported the nets and kidd,go nets all the way

(225267) Casimir (France): I hope TP will wake up in the 2nd half time, Let's go SPURS and hello George!!(canal+)

(225268) Mie, Phils.: Go Spurs Go!You are the the CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!I love this Game.

(225269) Jose y Rei (Maracay, Venezuela): We are two nba fans, I support Spurs and Rei likes the nets. We are enjoying on ESPN, GO ON MANU!! (jose), GO ON KIDD (rei)

(225270) Beijing: If YAO was in the Nets,it means together with Kidd!Nets must own the most fans and championships!Another Nets-time begin!--A dream of high school student.

(225271) Alban - Britanny - FRANCE: Despite all what's been said, France is definitely fond of U.S stuff... WE LOVE THIS GAME. Go Spurs go !!

(225272) Jonas (Philippines): We are watching the Finals right now on television. I want to wish the Nets and Spurs their best in the Finals. LOVE IT LIVE!

(225273) jOWELLbOSTON: Did anybody hear Koby at half time, and how his family disowned him when he got married? I felt his pain, and glad they are now, once again a family. Now maybe next year the Lakers will win again!

(225274) Mehmet Yasin(izmir/TURKEY): I'm from Ege Unýversity. Now it's 05:00 nobody is sleeping. Go Manu, go Duncan, beat Nets! This is the last chance...

(225275) Pan (Hong Kong): NETS Go.Go..Go... Kidd Go.Go..Go...

(225276) Ashley (Hongkong): Go! Nets Go! Go! All Nets' player Go! Today, you can win Spurs!

(225277) chris,China: I am a senior student in China.And I am the fan of Tim Duncan.He is the guy who can dominate the game.Moreover the whole team spurs show us the teamwork,amazing defence.Go Spurs!I am sure they will win!I love this game!

(225278) Istanbul: It is 5:00 am here in Istanbul Turkey I have a sociology exam tomorrow but I just can't get enough of the spurs. way to go Manu!!! Faruk & Mehmet

(225279) looman (chengdu, china): The american boys in china are still loyal to the NBA. We're rooting on the Nets to take it for the East! Watch Kidd take over in the second half!

(225280) Erik Maracaibo Venezuela: The spurs are the highly favored team just because you have a French and an Argentinian on the team. Screw that, the Nets play great ball and there is always a tear in my eye when Jefferson dunks it. It's just so beautiful :)

(225281) metin kaya (Turkey alanya): hi from Turkey 2 everybody i give the road map to new jersey for how win in second half and hey people watch new jersey coming second half

(225282) Ivan (Spain): I´m eating pizza and watching the match on TV at 4am... I´m fool for this game!!! Go Ginobili!

(225283) Goce,Macedonia: it's 4:20 am here,but i'm with Jason and Kenyon.Go Nets,Macedonia want you tu win the Finals.

(225284) Bariloche: I want to congratulate Manu because he is becoming one of the most importants players of the Spurs!!!! Go Manu Go Federico

(225285) Gijon, Spain: What a game!!!!! C'mon, Nets!! Go ahead!!!

(225286) KT(guangzhou of China): It's a war of defence! The 2003 champion will emerge in Game 7.Spurs Go Go Go!

(225287) del gioco: i don't care who will win the final ,i just hope it's a great match

(225288) Dimitar from Macedonia: Im tired from watching WEST domination.GO NETS.Macedonia is with you!!!

(225289) jiajia(china): NBA FINALS, it's only i care this time.how can you attract me so much.i only want to say :i love this game!

(225290) beijing,dragon: I'm here in beijing at my home.watching NBA finals is my favorite thing ! spurs is fantastic,go spurs for Robinson and Bateer!

(225291) Matt (Santa Cruz): Hey I'm here in Bolivia watching the game hoping that the Spurs will win. It's 10 o'clock but I'll stay up unitl the end. Go TP! You ROCK

(225292) xxj93 shantou China: I'm a student of Shantou University.It's wonderful to enjoy the finals in the dorm.just enjoy it.I love this game.

(225293) Jun Casaclang, Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia: Early to bed, early to rise. Watchinng NBA full of surprise! Go Spurs! Al-Khobar, 4:00 am

(225294) Texas28, ( Paris FRANCE): 4:15AM and I thank the NBA for letting us watch the entire series. Great fan of TP, my former neighbour in Paris, I'm longing to admire the Spurs here on October 8th ! Go Spurs Go !

(225295) Kate, Skopje, Macedonia: It's 4 a.m. here and I got back earlier from a party just to watch the BEST SHOW ON THE EARTH!Go Nets!

(225296) Shahar (Modiin): These finals r the worst i've seen in the last 10 years!!! Hope the nets will take it after all. (Pini, come back...)

(225297) Mexico City, Mexico: San Antonio, we are with you here at MexCity Mission Sport Center, you rock!

(225298) Rubens(Barcelona): We are enjoying all the finals!!!Now 4:15 but doesn't exists dreams for NBA...Regards from Spain!!We love this game too!!

(225299) Robin(New Zealand): As a basketball player like Tim Duncan. Doing the best in the court will make the team going for the best!! Go Duncan!

(225300) Jerel Singapore: I am a great fan of Nets as well as Jason Kidd. My wish is that Nets would be able to win the NBA final. GO Nets GO!!!!!

(225301) PJ Toby/ Manila, Philippines: Missed my classes just to watch the finals game. GO NETS!!! Beat the spurs!!! GO J. KIDD!!!!!!

(225302) Hong Kong: Spurs is good. But Kidd,you will be the ultimate MVP. Go Nets! Thomas

(225303) AGUS, Sata Argentina: Manu your are amazing go spurs, do it for your country we need you manuu!!!!!!!!!!! go spurs

(225304) masahiko, Hong Kong SAR: I really wish that it was a Sunday - so that I could sit in front of the TV at home, see how Spurs can lead again and win for the champion!

(225305) Zübeyir,Trabzon,Turkey: it's 05:15 am in here.tahat is,very late in here.but,i like this game.i like jk and nets.i think nets is going to win series.go new champion.

(225306) Nestor: Here in Argentina we are all crazy with the Spurs and specially with Manu!

(225307) Robin(New Zealand): Only the best basketball game broadcast in ESPN! You don't like NBA, you dont like basketball!

(225308) Ross (philippines): The NETS will definitely win! nobody could stop JASON and K-MART, NETS is world CHAMP!

(225309) del gioco(china chengdu): del gioco: i don't care who will win the final ,i just hope it's a great match

(225310) herzalia-israel: it's 5:00 am here...i am so tired...but i cant close my eyes couse game 5 is on tv...go spurs go...(and pini)

(225311) Jeremy (Hong Kong): Oh Kidds, show them yr power !! U're the best point guard in the world !!

(225312) Zhengzhi(Beijing China): Bulls-time have been over,Jordan has gone.But,now,Ducan and Kidd are coming,Yao is growing...what a wondful future!

(225313) Damir (Croatia): As I can see most of the international viewers are cheering Spurs to win. Well, everybody in Croatia support Nets, last club Drazen Petrovic played for. 4am here! Go Nets!!!

(225314) Hong Kong: I am Joey. I am watching NBA Final with my girlfriend. It is very exciting!!! Hope SPURS win this game and the next one! SO, David Robinsion can Retire happily!!! GO SPURS!!!

(225315) Russell (Singapore): Go Nets! Dunk it home Jefferson!!!

(225316) duncan: i hope spurs win as chinese people win SARS!

(225317) Marc (brussels, Belgium): Parker sits where he deserves: on the bench. Come on Nets!

(225318) Steve Brazil: It's almost 11:30 pm here and I am watching this great game, this a great finals series,Go DUNCAN MVP!

(225319) tiwa(nigeria): wow this game can make one so tensed up that you just sit tight and keep staring,hoping.....i'm for the spurs

(225320) Kevin (Wilhelmshaven): F***ing chat. We are supposed to watch the game, not the computer. 4.17 am and still drinking liver-damaging fluids.

(225321) Uruguay: Come on Spurs, Come on San Antonio, Came on Manu. We`re from Uruguay; We love this game. Gerardo y Enrique

(225322) holon: hay its 5:30 here in the morning i hope the nets beets spurs and give me a reason to be happy liran from holon israel

(225323) Homer (Hong Kong): Yo! Spurs is gonna win. Robinson and Duncan are the best players. Spurs will win two straight games to get the title.

(225324) star (Phils.): I'm looking forward to the win of Spurs and most especially to Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

(225325) indonesia: I am Debbi from indonesia :I hope nets will Win this Game !


(225327) Mahmoud , Morocco: Hi all nba fans in the world. it's 2h30 here but we are still awake to see the real game of nba. so go nets and go suprs . show us the real nba .

(225328) Leo Venado tuerto argentina: It's a lovely night to watch the game and Manu Ginobili playing! Come on Spurs!!

(225329) Carmen, Philippines: I promise to go home to my parents after the Nets win this Game 5. Hail, Jason! It's about time...

(225330) Ivan(Bs As): Go Spurs, go Manu. Manu, you are terrible for the Net's Defense!!! Duncan, you are the best. Go Spurs.I love this game!!

(225331) Ron < Seattle : Ginobli , hasn't scored much , but is having a great series so far !! spurs need his "D" his quickness , & his abilitie to hit the open man !!!

(225332) pepe, argentina: manu is the future of the nba, is smart, intelligent and fast.Tim duncan and manu are goin to win the championship

(225333) Abel,Spain: It´s time for the NETS to get their first Championship. J.KIDD DUZ IT!!!!!!

(225334) Hong Kong: Net is my Champion,kidd is my MVP I wish kidd get 40 points or more in this game.work hard

(225335) Kevin&Dirk (WHV): What are we doing here? We are supposed to watch the game, not the computer! 4.24 am and still drinking liver-damaging fluids

(225336) KT(China): I hope the players on the court pay more attention during the game. The less turnover there are, the more thrilling the match is!

(225337) Nathan (Taipei): American in Taipei watching the game and listening to an English radio broadcast. Good combo and good game! Go Spurs!

(225338) Singapore: Go Nets! Spurs are nothing but a bunch of imbeciles...Jason Kidd rox~.!

(225339) Butuan City, Philippines: I go for the Spurs. I love Duncan/ go go go spurs

(225340) Psyloz (Paris): i love this game! it's 4:23 am and all french are TP's fan! Go Spurs make the dream come thrue !

(225341) Cyn(BsAs Argentina): Go Spurs GO!! All Argentina is with you Manu Ginobilli aguante!! and NBA finals rules!

(225342) Rommel C (Hong Kong): Game 5 is another thrilling experience to over a billion people all over this planet...this surely is the best loved game ever! Hi Ley WHOOAAAH!!!

(225343) holon: hay its liran ans i hope the nets beets the spurs kidd you are my number one player i didnt missed any game in this series liran from holon

(225344) Omar-Tounsi (Rabat): it's 02:25 here in Morocco and we are seeing the NBA on TV. Go San Antonio! Go Spurs!

(225345) guangzhou: today is saturday,I hope this day coning,today is nba fans festival in china.I hope spurs became championship,because our pride--bater in this team.go super spurs.jisl guangzhou

(225346) Mexico City, Mexico: There are twenty of us crammed in our livingroom here at MexCity Mission sports cente...go Spurs!

(225347) The chino (Buenos Aires) : I'm from Argentina. Go Manu, go Spurs. Duncan, you are the best... I love the NBA, I love this game. Manu, you are terrible for the Net's defense. El chino (iván)

(225348) Kelly Owens(BsAs Argentina)/USA: I'm all the way for the Spurs!! Go Claxton and Ginobili

(225349) Carmen, Philippines: It's 10:18 am here and I'm supposed to go home to my parents today. I'm hanging around my apartment for a while until the end of the game. I hope the Nets win. It's been a long time coming. Kudos to Byron Scott for giving Aaron Williams more playing time.

(225350) Assaf (Jerusalem): It's 5:15AM here in Israel. Pini Gershon is talking on t.v. (go to Maccabi) Clemens did his 300 Win and 4,000 K... AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: GO NETS!!!!!!!

(225351) Maximus Sirdziu vagis, Lituhania: I love this game! I am a Laker's fan but now I want spurs to lose. GO NETS! GO KIDD!GO MARTIN!

(225352) Wonderer: GO! NETS!

(225353) Debby ( Indonesia): GO NETS , WIN THE GAME !!!!

(225354) Dominique Raval Berwick, Australia : The 3K'S of New Jersey(Kidd,Kittles and Kenyon)will finally end the Spurs 2nd half dominance of this series.

(225355) Anthony(France): Tony!!!It's time to wake up. Go Tony.Wake Up!We are all behind you.Go Spurs and Tp.

(225356) Sam Pyo, South, Korea: It would be great to see the admiral retire on top with another championship ring, but man, it would also be great to see someone from the EASTERN CONFERENCE to win for once!

(225357) Shijiazhuang,China: the two teams are not my favorite,but they still bring me the wonderful perfomence.saying truth i prefer nets can make it!GO NETS , GO KIDD!

(225358) Dudu - Brazil: What's up?! I'ts 11:20 p.m. and I'm working and watching the NETS win! Cause WE LOVE IT LIVE!

(225359) Nestor: Here in Argentina we are all crazy with the Spurs and specially with Manu!

(225360) Tvrtko (ZG,Croatia): It's been 10 years since a great player lost his life. Go Nets! Do it for Drazen Petrovic, your no.3 forever!

(225361) BOGOTA: GINOBILI, kills with a glove or with the sword. GO SPURS!! JUAN LINARES- BOGOTA-COLOMBIA

(225362) Granada (spain): its 4:2o ,but ijust can´t sleep, i got to see KIDD doing his thing to lead his NETS to the victory. VAMOS NETS!!!!!!!! Greetings from Spain!!!

(225363) Anne and Krista (Taipei): Sitting here watching the game and trying to understand the Chinese and basketball itself. Nice uniforms!

(225364) Boston-Jowell: What is up with Martin and the tech foul? Nets need to get a grip! Not react, and get back and handle his business. No words, while Dunkin is at the foul line. Come on Nets, let's do this! For John Williamson!

(225365) baoding china: i love this game.i hope spurs can win the final game.because ba te er is a player of the team,but i like kidd so much.so which team i can support??

(225366) Halbert (Venezuela: Since Jordan is no more, now I kill for Nets, Kenyon Martin is my new idol, and Jason K. is amazing

(225367) Eric Zhou (Nanjing): I am a sports news or in a local newspaper. Watching the Finals are both my interest and work. Go! Kidd and Duncan, make the game more beautiful!

(225368) Yangtuo(China): I'm in Beijing watching the final game. It's such a pity that Yao Ming is no longer there.

(225369) Tvrtko (ZG,Croatia): It's been 10 years since a great player lost his life. Go Nets! Do it for Drazen Petrovic, your no.3 forever!

(225370) Jordan: i am chinese boy and here it is 10:30amnobody with me ,but i know i have many friends in every conner of the world !hope supers win and do ahead!

(225371) Tounssi Omar (RABAT): it's 02:30 here in Morocco and I am seeing the real game of Spurs.Go San Antonio!

(225372) Al (Cebu Philippines): the nets are very awesome as the series go by, there's nothing more i can say but GO NETS!!! GO J-KIDD!!! GO RJ!!! GO K-MART!!! u guys are the best

(225373) ahmad kuwait: its 5.3am in kuwait and i will not go to the school this morning becose i want to see the nets games.GO NETS GOD WITH YOU

(225374) Dom Raval, Berwick,Australia: The 3K'S of New Jersey(Kidd,Kenyon and Kittles) will finally end the Spurs second hlf dominance of this series.

(225375) HK: It is from HK.I support Spurs. Spurs sure win!!!^-^

(225376) xi`an China: Spurs is the best team.Tim is my hero. Spurs will win the game. Hu Jianghui

(225377) Jiabo Fan(China,Ningbo): I'm a girl from China. Now my family are all here watching NBA finals. We are all fans of Nets. Go! Nets!!!

(225378) patrick(manila): Win New Jersey. We know that youre gonna win this championship. holla to my family , friends and my baby jeng. thanks to Solar we could watch the NBA Finals live. We Love it Live!

(225379) Will,Chile: Go Nets! Cmon you can beat the Spurs! Everyone in Chile are cheering for you!

(225380) Sebba@s Le Havre, France: I love this game and those finals. I hope the better team will win...

(225381) yangtuo,Ceijing: I'm in Beijing watching the final game.It's such a pity that Yao Ming is no longer there.

(225382) Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina: Hello, my name is Guillermo, i´m from Argentina and i watching the ?Ginobili´s Show?. Go Spurs go. Come on Spurs, you can do it.

(225383) Hong Kong: It's Hong Kong 10:25am, Nets will play totally different in the 2nd half and they will play a win a glorious victory finally!! Go Go Nets!!! Go Go Kidd!!! Matthew Cheng

(225384) Zhu Si yang Beijing: I hope Spurs can win this game.I also hope this game will be wonderful and exciting.

(225385) Snir (israel): It's early in the morning here in israel , but i don't care , i LOVE the NBA FINALS ! yaron and pini are great !

(225386) yuanhao guangzhou china: Althoug I will be exam tomorro.But I must watch live.because i love this game .go kidd! go NETS!!

(225387) Steph (FRANCE ): Thanks to french TV. I know the result of a shoot before his attempt. Wake up T.P.

(225388) Chat, Pampanga Philippines: Go Spurs I know you can do it.. We are watching here in the Philippines waiting for Manu and SlamDUNCAN to explode.. Go go go and beat the NETS!!

(225389) Alex, Dresden / Germany: sun is coming out ... 4:30 am over here ... but thats nothing for a real nets fan ... hopefully the nets will win the game and the series :)

(225390) Silvi Del Viso Argentina: Go Spurs next champppiios To Erik from Maracaibo Venezuela I DOUBT IT dont lie out of jealousy !!

(225391) rose tam (PHILIPPINES): I usually wake up at 1p.m, but for the Finals and to watch TP I'm already awake.Go TP! Go Spurs!TP WILL U MARRY MEEEE! PLEASE SAY YES!

(225392) RYAN, PHILIPPINES: i'm not KIDDing, its gonna nets time... go nets!

(225393) jiajia(china): go, nets!,go !you will creat wonder! you must win the game!

(225394) Taiwan: Take the lead! NETS

(225395) Debby ( Indonesia ): GO NETS WIN THE GAME !!! GO ... GO ...

(225396) guillaume: Hi,i'm from guadeloupe where i'm watching all this final and i'm sure that dream tim and TP will be the best so,GO SPURS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(225397) xi`an China: Spurs is best.Tim is my hero.Spurs will win the game. Hu Jianghui

(225398) Michael Fang, Taipei, Taiwan: It's 10:25 am in Taipei. This is the Admiral's farewell show in New Jersey. Wish him the best. Twin Tower dominates!! Go Spur go!!!

(225399) Federico, patagonia Argentina: It's 11:20 here and we are specting the spurs to win. Go Manu ¡you can doit!!! The argentina is with you

(225400) Franco. Bahia Blanca.: It's 11:15pm in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. I think that SA win in 6.. GO MANU. GO SPURS.

(225401) MARIANA, BELEN, LILI & MARCE, Salta, Argentina: Manu Ginobilli: Your Career is a life example for all Argentina. We hope you win !!!

(225402) Veljko,Jagodina,Serbia: Richard please jam it once over Duncan.Go Nets!Serbia loves you!

(225403) John and Carol (Uruguay): We are supposed to be working but we hide a TV in the frezzer to watch the game.Duncan you are the MVP.Go Spurs!!

(225404) Boston-Jowell: Lowest points in all NBA history, what is up? This games is boring, and Kidd is handling his business, but you can't play a man for the entire game, and expect him to be the best he can be, he needs to rest, and the other players need to step up to the plate. Hello!

(225405) Anthony,Tatooine(France): The Force is with you Tony! Go Spurs go!

(225406) German (Spain): We're dancing at every Ginobili's double... What a player... HE IS the best argentinien NBA's player never seen

(225407) Pat Ninal, Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines: It's beautiful Saturday morning here and we're cheering for Jason Kidd & the Nets. Go Nets, go!

(225408) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: NETS RUSH all the awy to the CHAMPION!!

(225409) Mexico City, Mexico: We're all watching & enjoying the game here at MexCity Sports Center, Go Ginobili & Duncan & the Spurs!!!

(225410) Gijon, Spain: here is an incredible atmosphere in the local cybercafe to watch Game 5.May the Force be with Ginobili.Please don't forget: best rebounds are not always for the tallest players.Hasta Luego...

(225411) Sophia Beijing: God bless Nets! Go Nets! I believe Kidd will win in the end! It's fantastic play! Cool!

(225412) Cynthia Hui (Hong Kong): I am far far away to support Nets.... Hope you all 'keep the final energy going!!'

(225413) Fiorella - Argentina: Spurs´ll win the finals.Go, Manu, go all in Argentina are very proud of you!!!!!

(225414) Stephanie(Hong Kong): I watched NBA since the Playoffs were started.I was attracted by this fantastic game.My first and last Favourute is Nets......I LOVE THIS GAME!!!GO NETS!!!GO KIDD!!!

(225415) Valerie (San Antonio, TX): All talk about Kidd being MVP needs to stop, so he is blossiming a little in this game, but where was he the rest of the series? Parker, Speedy? Who cares as long as the job gets done! The titles coming home to SA baby!! D-Rob is retiring with two rings and that's for sure!!

(225416) Giovanni(Martinique): Go Spurs !They are the best! T P tu es le meilleur They will WIN!

(225418) jxqiu: I wish the NBA is stronger and stronger

(225419) Ron , USA : spurs in 6 !!!!

(225420) Anthony(France): Oh, I'm sad for T.P. !!!!! Wake Up Tony!!! Go!!Run!!Go!!! GOOOOOOOOO SPURS!!!!


(225422) Polly(Beijing): I am watching the NBA Finals.I hope Nets can win this game.I hope Kid can win this game.I also hope this game will be exciting.

(225423) Boer Charel (Belgium): I think New Jersey is allmighty in the East, but the Spurs are such a powerhouse, Tim will take the championship.

(225424) peter(china): go spure l hope spure win

(225425) Richard (Azor, Israel): It might not be pretty...but in terms of pure grit, it doesn't get much better than this!

(225426) shi lei (tian jin ,china): all basketball fans receive a great gift as the final 2003,the new empire will start , i believe is the spurs . go ,champion ,the spurs

(225427) dan_mendoza (Philippines): i love NBA! This NBA Finals is really exciting and electrifying! The Spurs should win because Robinson will be retired but the Nets should win also because of their hardwork. Go NBA!!!

(225428) PM Sampson (Germany): What´s Up, I am American, live 15 years in Germany. Great Finals, I hope the Nets pull-it out, although the Spurs are stronger with Duncan & Robinson. Love this Game.

(225429) Clancy, Melbourne Australia: I have followed Jason Kidd since his first College game when I visited the USA and it's great to see him playng for the NBA Championship. Go Nets.

(225430) Jurica (Zagreb): Here in Zagreb its 4:30, we came from a party and the first thing we did after was turn on the TV & watch the game!!! Go Nets go!! Supporters from Croatia!!

(225431) Al (Cebu,Philippines: Go Dikembe Get some block shots!! Go Nets!!

(225432) Rob - New Zealand: Go Spurs! Go Spurs! Spurs can handle any kind of pressure! WIn this game Spurs! Go! Go! Go!

(225433) Cheng: The refs have to be fair! It's 10:40 AM here in Taiwan and we all believe the Nets will prevailed. Chao, Yang, Glen, Hsia.

(225434) Kev T (Wellington): Go Jason Kidd! Show us what you've got and take the lead today! While i'm listening to the game online! Defence Hard & Attack HARD!!! Yeah!

(225435) Joel Cabognason(Philippines): I want New Jersey to win in the series at the Spurs homecourt. I want the tandem of Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin. Go! go! Nets! beat the Spurs!

(225436) Ole ( Germany, Kiel ): It`s a thriller Duncan vs. Kidd "I LOVE THIS GAME"

(225437) Dom Raval, Berwick, Australia: The 3K'S of New Jersey(Kidd,Kenyon and Kittles) will finally end the Spurs second hlf dominance of this series.

(225438) ROSE TAM (PHILIPPINES): I love Tony Parker. We all love him.Even our cat loves him, she goes berzerk everytime we watch the finals.gO TP, YOU CAN DO IT.

(225439) Norafandi Mokhtar (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia): It's 10:30 am here! What a wonderful game....Yeah Bulls time is over..Go SPURS..I am a believer....

(225440) Marisela (Costa Rica): I'm watching the game while feeding my baby... We both are Spurs fans! Go SPURS!

(225441) Al (Cebu,Philippines: Hi 2 all my friends!!! Go Nets! Show 2 them what we've got!!

(225442) Beto(PN MEXICO): I just want to say !!!!Nets RULES!!!! go J.Kidd

(225443) xxj93 shantou China: David will leave NBA with a championship.go go go!!!Spur `~~

(225444) fuzhou: kidd mvp!!!

(225445) baoding (china): go spurs go.you will win

(225446) sebb@s Le Havre, France: i love this game and those finals...i hope the better team will win...

(225447) Veljko,Jagodina,Serbia: It's 4a.m. but nothing will stop me to watch the whole game even though I worked whole day and I'm tired.This game is one of the things in life that you can't miss.

(225448) Tvrdi (Croatia): It's been 10 years since a great player lost his life. Go Nets! Do it for Drazen Petrovic, your No.3 forever!

(225449) Juan Guggeri (Uruguay): Spurs is gonna win.Duncan is the best player.Spurs will win three straight games to get the title.

(225450) yuyaohuan SuZhou: I am a china student Now it is 10:30 I am a NBA fans. I think nets will win this game. Because they are strong and they have Kidd

(225451) Penis Breath, New Zealand: It is Saturday in New Zealand and we already know who wins! Sorry Spurs you will have to wait another year!


(225453) Anthony(France): Yeah, a real final after two years of Lakers Victories!!!Yeah Go!Go!Go!That's Hot!!!Go Spurs Go!TP Wake up !

(225454) tony (Paris, France): the spurs are going to win this game5 we are sure about that in France.

(225455) laurie(shijiazhuang,China): it`s 10;25am,i`m just off my class and fly before my TV to support NETS, support kidd.I LOVE THIS GAME!

(225456) Jessica (montpelier, VA): Go Nets!!!! Gotta love Jefferson!! Dunk it like u did in game 4!!!! RJ!

(225457) fayyy(china): It's 10:40 in our state,my father is now watching the game with me.we think Nets is the best of all!!!

(225458) HongKong: Spurs go !! go !!go!!! To achieve the goal!

(225459) Eric(Hong Kong): Go!!!!!!kidd,go and get more points in this game,at least 40,work hard

(225460) Lionel Richemond (Argentina: I like the Spurs because Ginobili, is the best, Go Go Spurs destroy Nets.

(225461) plat(Poland): Jason won't get his ring this season. Maybe next year with SPURS...

(225462) Swak, Legazpi City: SPURS!!! Go spurs! You are the next Chicago Bulls!

(225463) Anthony,caen(France): TP wakes up !!!! He is Back!!!Go Spurs !!! Go TP and Duncan!!Go NBA!!!

(225464) Genoa, Italy: It's 5am in Italy, Jason and Dikembe has to make it...

(225465) SAM (Manila, Philippines): Here in the Phils. we love the underdog teams, so I'm on the side of the NEW JERSEY NETS. GO NETS GO!!!

(225466) Chan (philippines): I know Tim Duncan will lead his team to grab the trophy.. Go SPURS!! Filipinos are praying for you! Mabuhay!

(225467) Deuce Gibalo: I'm watching from Australia and all I have to say is GO SPURS! Timmy and Manu will close out this game!

(225468) Singapore: Spurs can't make any good shots ..... look at Nets ..... what they made is all world class shots ...

(225469) Giovanni(Martinique): With SPeed and Unity they Rise up as the Sun Go SPURS !!!

(225470) Matias,Rojas: GO SPURS GO!!! You are the best and you must be the champions.

(225471) James(Dongying): I'm from China.Thanks NBA give me interesting and others

(225472) minus1weak, Auckland,NZ: All the way live from New Zealand....yes the other country from down under - GO SPURS!!! Ginobli - you're awesome!!! chur

(225473) Cheng: The monkey will finally be lifted in the "weak east". GO NETS!!! Chao, Yang, Glen, Hsia from Taiwan.

(225474) Jackie.J(China): Go,Nets!! It's a nice game! Love you forever! Kidd,you are the best! Nets,you arethe best! Go,Nets!Yuo'll be the winner!!

(225475) Ron , USA : pm , what brought u to Germany ?

(225476) xi`an China: It is 10:35am here in xi`an China.I am very glad to watch the game of NBA Finals 2003.Tim is my hero.Spurs will win the game.Go Spurs.Go...!!!!!

(225477) xxj meizhou(hakka): go spur!go tom!go parker.......



(225480) justin, maine USA: jason kidd is the best player in the league. he deserves the nba championship for not winning the mvp this year or last year. kudos to KMART too, he's coming into his own.

(225481) Anze: could someone tell me where you can write message which is seen on TV

(225482) illarra(montevideo): manu ginobili is the best player i ever seen and with parker they are great.i hope spurs win. Go Duncan.Go Spurs

(225483) Anthony(France): The Tp Time is coming soon! It arrives in the 4th ! Prepare you Nets ! Go Spurs !

(225484) Wyatt (Singapore): Nets are 10 times better than the Spurs! The Spurs suck, whoever likes them are gay. GO nets! Go kidd!!!

(225485) Mexico City, Mexico: It sounds like a full sports bar here at MexCity Mission sports center, but really it's only 20 or so of us avid Spurs fans cheering our team on in our livingroom...Go San Antonio!

(225486) Jowell-Boston: Why was France so Rude to the Williams sisters in Tennis. I see a lot of People in here from France, and just wondering? This is a sports thing, while the lead is by 7. Go NETS

(225487) Juan Guggeri (Uruguay): I think Spurs will win in 6 because the are the best.Yeah!!!!


(225489) Stephanie(Hong Kong): I watched NBA since the Playoffs were started.I was attracted by this fantastic game.My first and last Favourute is Nets......I LOVE THIS GAME!!!GO NETS!!!GO KIDD!!!

(225490) Giovanni(Martinique): BasketBall is the best Game ever created by men, The Spurs are the best team ever seen and Tony are the best player

(225491) rafael salamat bulacan philippines: i love nba! the best! i want new jersey to win this series! Go! Go! NETS! hello to my family nica celynn rj and to my wife julie!

(225492) Ron , USA : K-MART in foul trouble again ,sup w/that ?

(225493) HANIF - AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND: Its 2:00pm in Auckland New Zealand and me and my son are watching the nba finals. i only started watching the playoffs with my son and now im addicted to it. im goin for the Spurs and he is for the Nets. So go Duncan and the Spurs!

(225494) Mariana, Belén, Lili & Marce, (SALTA - ARGENTINA): MANU GINOBILLI: You are a Life Example for all Argentina. We hope you win !!!

(225495) Genoa, Italy: It's 4.42am here in Italy, Kidd has to make it...Puccio Scugni Giuly

(225496) Juan Guggeri (Uruguay): I am crazy about Duncan , he is the one. Go Spurs go!!

(225497) guillaume(france): bonjour, i'm watching this final from guadeloupe i'm sure that when TP wake-up spurs will win, go TP ,go spurs France is behind you!!!!!!

(225498) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: 7 points behind is no big deal. NETS are invincible!

(225499) Joplan R. Gopilan (Manila City, Philippines): Lucky break for the Nets at Game 4 due to the foul trouble of the Spurs earlier in the 1st half. Nets regained their momentum all the way. The KIDD can play. I believe the zone defence of the Spurs has not yet been broken. Spurs will win the series at home. :-)

(225500) Matthew Cheng(Hong Kong): IT's gonna be the show time of KIDD and NETS in the 4th quarter!! Crush the Spurs!!!! GO GO KIDD......!!!! GO NETS!!!

(225501) Nathan (Taipei): Stuck in Taiwan watching the game with 3 girls. I can't marry one of them and the others don't want to marry me.


(225503) china: kidd is mvp!Nets will win championship in 6 game.Xie Xia

(225504) Neuquen argentina: Go Spurs!!!! Manu is the best Player in The word. Argentina is with you

(225505) China,Shaanxi: Go,Go,Nets,Kidd&Martin are best players in NBA.Nets will win!!!!

(225506) Christian, Philippines, Solar Sports: Mabuhay!! it is 9:45am here in the philippines and i am watching this exciting game.. I prayed to God last night to let the San Antonio Spurs win this championship.. Go Tim Duncan! Defend your MVP position! All the Filipinos are praying for your team.

(225507) PHEY PALMA (HONGKONG): MY wife is still waiting for me .we're supposed to go out coz its her BIRThDAY today! but i aint going till i see NETS WIN THIS GAME! GO NETS!!!!

(225508) Christian (philippines,solar sports): Go Spurs! i an praying for you all night.. MAbuhay!


(225510) karma, Kingdom of Bhutan: I love spurs and my wife Namgey loves Tim Dunchan. perhaps another championship for Spurs. Go Spurs Go! Prayers from the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Mighty Himalayas.

(225511) illarra(uruguay): i love this game and manu too.he is a very important player and with MVP spurs win in #6

(225512) Jim (Denver,Colorado): I'm a Bucks fan first-originally from Milwaukee. Then I'm a Nuggets fan second. But tonight it's all Nets Nets Nets!!! Go Kidd, you're the New Kidd on the block and you got skills with the rock!

(225513) Canal+, Belgium: Canal+ wishes to thank all it's viewers in Belgium for watching another amazing season of NBA on Canal+!

(225514) arnel/manila, philppines: i escape to my work just to watch this exciting game. go SPURS!!!

(225515) J.Garcia (France): 4th quarter!! now it's T.P's time!! let's go Spurs!! it's almost 5am here and i love this game!

(225516) jem,imus,cavite: East will be the next NBA Champion. Jason Kidd will lead the NETS to the NBA Title. Keep up the good work, Solar Sports, Philippines!!!

(225517) SAM (PHILIPPINES): Duncan is the chosen MVP but the REAL MVP is JASON KIDD because he makes the NEW JERSY NETS awesome in TEAM basketball.


(225519) HANIF - AUCKLAND: Its 2:00pm in Auckland New Zealand and me and my son are watching the nba finals. I only started watching the playoffs beacuse of my son and now i'm addicted to it. Im going for the Spurs and him the Nets. So go Duncan and the Spurs!!

(225521) ahmad (kuwait): its 5.45am in kuwait and i wish to the nets to win this year.GO KIDD GO MARTIN


(225523) xxj meizhou(hakka): wanderful weeken with finals

(225524) R.O.B(Auckland): I m a die hard fan of Spurs! Go Spurs! Make every shot drop!! GO Spurs!

(225525) Kara_B (Indonesia): CMON NETS!!! U can do this!

(225526) marlond,frewill,philippines: hi to all fans nets....go nets beat the spurs..i love this game...larry ,jao,frewill boys


(225528) Onyx(Naga City, Philippines: This is a once in a lifetime NBA finals...They have great match up... Good Success to Nets and Spurs...What a game!!!!!


(225530) brou brothers france: Tony Parker is our "MVTP"

(225531) Hohhot Inner Mongolia China: It is my wholelife dream to see the NBA on the spot.But now I am still cheering for the players' wonderful display here in far western China.

(225532) KT(China): Tim Duncan, you are a leader of the team, and the key man of the match. My friend Chris likes you very very much. Burst out, valcano! You can't depress her!

(225533) JoP (Parañaque City, PHIL.): I LUV THIS GAME!!! Just listenin in the Web Media Player to Sir Chino & Sir Quinito! No Solar in our cable & no broadcast in IBC. Its all worthy though listenin online

(225534) Giovanni(Martinique): It's 10:48 pm here ih Martinique but I'm still watch the SPURS winning with TP GO SPURS!!!

(225535) Tal (Israel): We are 31 people sitting in my living room, it is almost 6 am and we all support the nets! go nets!

(225536) EdW (Buenos Aires, Argentina): Ginobili / Duncan: Who needs anymore ? Go Spurs Go !!

(225537) gemmy(shanghai): i love nets ,i like all nets player...gogogo...man

(225538) BAIN SHANGHAI CHINA: Westen Conference is not only the champion of the NBA.Easten Conference is getting up.The champion of the 2002-2003 must belongs to New Jersey Nets!KIDD,another Jordan,will come ture his dream!The fans all over the world believe it.GoGoGo!

(225539) kwok kwong(Hong Kong): Tim Duncan is a great player. You can only stop him by playing rough. Then you get into foul trouble. Hello to ice-man in Cheng-Du. You shouldn't have any more ice and snow at this time of the year, even though you are so far up north. I wonder why such a name.

(225540) Samuel (Philippines): Duncan is the chosen MVP of the league but the REAL MVP shuold be JASON KIDD because he makes the NETS awesome in basketball for the second straight year

(225541) illarra(uruguay): spurs will win

(225542) Guatemala: Spurs dont have a great team, they're semi-good.... but with Tim Duncan, HE's the only one there who makes the diference

(225543) chanel from Beijing China: let see what will happen on nj net! go net! and i wanna say sorry to my boyfriend snow!#@$%#$%$#^$%^ will u forgive me?

(225544) Tony VDB, Belgium: Great finals and great refs! Go SPURS Go!!

(225545) Giddy Rosh-HaAyn: Timm rules . Spurs will win like they won against LA

(225546) Cannibal / Taipei Taiwan: Now Eat The Spurs!!!!NETS

(225547) Maria (Guayaquil): It´s 9:50pm in Ecuador, my Swiss friend Eric taught me about this game and now I love it! Spurs are the best. Go Ginobili!! Go Duncan!!!

(225548) Nathan (Taipei): Too many girls here. Talking about Jellybeans. Help me!

(225549) illarra(uruguay: if somebody from uruguay is there tell me


(225551) JAG(Uruguay): I`m about to loose a fly to Montevideo(Uruguay) but I don`t care cause I´m watching the Spurs.YEAH!!Go Spurs!!

(225552) sl tianjn china: every game in nba is fantastic esp the final 2003 is start point of new empie. we love this game .


(225554) Joplan R. Gopilan (Manila City,Philippines): Lucky Break for the Nets. I believe the zone defence of the Spurs has not yet been broken. Spurs will win the series at home. :)

(225555) sunny crane(TianJin CHN): Shut up,every OLD JERSEY NETS(breaken)! If U think U can win the Champion in SA,U must be fool! Although I love LAKERS much more,but U are the better team. Then get it!

(225556) guatemala: Heeey!!! Spurs will win because they have Duncan. Unless Joe Crawford has something to do with it, he's a little off these days....

(225557) gemmy(shanghai): we are fans of nets. and nets is the best team in the NBA. we are always beside of u guys .nets gonna win the final game...go...guys

(225558) medellin: manu represents latin america like no one has done .go spurs

(225559) Ganenkov Oleg: I watch all finals games. And I fansy Spurs Lets go Spurs!!!! In my town now 6.40 morning (Moscow, Russia). This game the best of the world!!!!

(225560) andres illarramendi(uruguay): spurs will win in 6

(225561) rafael salamat bulacan philippines: what a great game! i've been watching the nba games since childhood. i skip my sked just to watch nba games! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

(225562) Jackie.J( Shenzhen China): It's 10:35 here,I'm watching a great game! Kidd,Go!!

(225563) tony(Paris, France): now,we are going to see the mental of the two teams


(225565) EdW, Buenos Aires: G-nobili / Duncan: More G-force required. Go, Spurs, Go!

(225566) Daimiel, Cicuta, Montes, (Spain): 4.40 a.m. in Spain, this game depends, on how inspirate are Duncan and Kidd, thanks NBA for this two great players,WE LOVE THIS GAME.

(225567) xian yang: Kidd is mvp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(225568) Benj, Bicol Philippines: In times like this, you need juicy tim duncan.

(225569) Adolfo, PERU: Hi, I'm from Arequipa, Peru, I just want to say: GO NETS!!!!, KM, and JK are the best, GO NETS!!!


(225571) Nikodems (Paris): Yo now Tony Parker's special quarter ! thanks NBA to welcome T.P... France Love This Game ! Go spurs Go

(225572) Giovanni(Martinique): Basketball is the best game I love it Go SPURS!!!!

(225573) kin ( China): Tim Duncan has great market value. It's better directly give Spurs the championship.

(225574) Glenda: To my honey Warren in Kentuky, Go Nets Go. love always, Glenda.

(225575) Genoa, Italy: 5am in Italy, we are all hoping Jason and the Nets will make it...Puccio Scugni Giuly

(225576) Keon (Singapore): i support both teams. They all play very well, good defense. Whichever wins, they deserve it.

(225577) Jeremy (Tokyo, Japan): I want to give a shout out to my boys in New Jersy. Go NETS and to my hometown EAST WINDSOR.

(225578) hansom(china): never stop---spurs,'cause neither can stop you,beat them thoroughly,Duncan Youcan!

(225579) China: I love Yao Ming@Jason Kidd.Go Nets.

(225580) KT(China): Jefferson has a great progress in this season.But he seems not enough selfconfident in the finals.

(225581) SAM (Manila, Philippines): Here in the Phils. we love the underdog teams, so I'm on the side of the NEW JERSEY NETS. GO NETS GO!!!

(225582) Arun(New York): Go spurs Tony Parker is awesome

(225583) Anthony(Caen,France): Now,we are going to see the reaction of Nets ! It will be difficult!Go Spurs!Go TP !

(225584) Yetkin/Turkey: i'm lying on the bed with my naked girlfriend, i'm waiting for nets to win while she's asleep.

(225585) iluvu_78/philippines: I Love Nets!!! I Love this GAME!!! Go go Go Nets!!!

(225586) bostjan: go NETS !!! fan from slovenia

(225587) Thames: I work at a radio station in NZ and I am watching the game live on TV while I am on air. Go the Nets!

(225588) Keisha Cabognason: I'm only 3 years old and i love watching NBA games. I'm an avid fan of the New Jersey Nets. Jason Kidd is like DAVID and Tim Duncan is like GOLIATH, go DAVID kill the giant GOLIATH!!

(225589) Karen (Hong Kong): My dad and I are watching the game right now. GO SPURS! Ginobilli! Claxton! Kerr!!

(225590) Taipei, Taiwan: Sitting here quarantined because of SARS with 3 women watching the game. Thank goodness for basketball!

(225591) Tammy, Legazpi PH: It's a no-work weekend today, but this morning everybody are hooked up to the game. Kidd is the only threat for the SPURS.

(225592) joeking(China): Hey!!Come on!Nets!! Beat spurs!! Win the game!!!

(225593) Naga, Philippines: I've just finished my class today and I go directly to the cyber cafe.. Go Kid Go. Lead the NETS to the Championship! I Love This Game! Mabuhay Solar Sports. moshe ryan

(225594) Arun (New York): Tony Parker is awesome

(225595) Mexico City, Mexico: It sounds like a New Year's party in there, but it's really just MexCity Mission Sports Center cheering for the San Antonio SPURS....GO Spurs..we belive in you!

(225596) JAG (URUGUAY): Ginobili- work hard! In a nearly future you`ll become the MVP.Go Spurs Go!!!.Let´s do it!!!

(225597) Mike Van Den Broeck (Antwerp): No thank you canal + Belgium but i will sent you an e-amil for giving you more tips for a better tv season ok?

(225598) GenDol/Philippines: I know Tony Parker and Tim Dumcan can make it the Game. Go Spurs fight for it.

(225599) l'ours mathurin french guyana: I am happy to see T.P. AT THIS NIVEL. I'm sure we'll see many more frenchies next year. go spurs and win quickly!!!!!!

(225601) shenzhimin China: I am in tianjin universitivity China.I love this game!Both nets and spurs are wonderful!Go kidd !Go Duncan!

(225602) caib(guangzhou): I am a nba fans from guangzhou,china.it's 11 amnow.i love this game and i like spurs.Go San Antonio! And win the final champion.



(225605) Arun(New York): Go spurs Popovich should keep Steve Kerr in the Game He can put 3 pointers


(225607) KAMRON: Go nets you own all K-Mart and Kidd rule and Jefferson can jump out of the arena go nets GO.

(225608) Francisco Bustamente (Philippine): Philippine. I will dedicate the Nets victory to my daughter who passed away exactly a year ago.

(225609) Spring Wen Beijing, China: We are in Beijing, China. Although we¡¯ve been sealed on campus due to SARS, we can still get so much fun from this wonderful game. I dream that Yao Ming can someday appear in the NBA Finals and play as excellently as Tim Duncan.

(225610) Mike Van Den Broeck (Antwerp): 4.50 a.m. This is a fantastic game. Jason kidd is playing very well and i hope the Nets will win this game! greetz to the belgian commentators

(225611) Mike Van Den Broeck (Antwerp): 4.50 a.m. This is a fantastic game. Jason kidd is playing very well and i hope the Nets will win this game! greetz to the belgian commentators

(225612) caib(guangzhou): I am a nba fans from guangzhou,china.it's 11 amnow.i love this game and i like spurs.Go San Antonio! And win the final champion.

(225613) Anthony(France): Tony Parker is back ladies and gentleman ! Good morning all , the sun gets up in france ! Go Spurs ! Go TP ! You can do it !

(225614) Efren Reyes (Philippines): although we pinoys think billiards is the best darn sports in the world thanks to our one dimensional mind. but root for the Nets for once!

(225615) Manila, Philippines: Hello! I'm an avid fan of NBA most esp SPURs, it's 10:35 here in the Phils and i'm monitoring the score of NBA Game 5 at the internet. Hello to Spurs team keep it the good play. - Gennie Doldolea/Philippines

(225616) baoding (china): i think kidd is a perfect player.but tim duncan will win.spurs is too powerful

(225617) Spring Wen Beijing, China: We are in Beijing, China. Although we¡¯ve been sealed on campus due to SARS, we can still get so much fun from this wonderful game. I dream that Yao Ming can someday appear in the NBA Finals and play as excellently as Tim Duncan.

(225618) Bob&Ginger(Hohhot Inner Mongolia China): It is my wholelife dream to see the NBA on the spot.But now I am still cheering for the players' wonderful display here in far western China.

(225619) marlond,frewill,philippines: hi to all fans nets....go nets beat the spurs..i love this game...larry ,jao,frewill boys

(225620) plat(Poland): Jason isn't able to score really huge numbers. He isn't that good shooter. And without any support - this game is lost...


(225622) Mexico City, Mexico: We're all on the edge of our seats cheering for the San Antonio Spurs here at MexCity Mission Sports Center...

(225623) shenzhimin China: It's a lovely day but an exam tomorrow. I ,acollege stutent in china,am so excited in watching such a wonderful match.Go Spurs! I love you ,Tim!

(225624) Denise (Fiji Islands): Spurs to win in 6 games with Tim Duncan, David & Tony Parker leading.

(225625) rafael salamat: i love watching nba games. Kidd, Martin beat the spurs.

(225626) Jerel Singapore: I have not got any rest for the last 15 hours just to see the Nest win. GO NETS GO!!! Show us your power.

(225627) Chip - Thames: I work at a radio station in New Zealand and I am watching the game live on TV while I am Live on air. Go the Nets!

(225628) leigh (Australia): G'Day Mate. Its 1pm Just havin a barbie with my mates, watching the Finals. Crikey!! ,I love this game!!

(225630) Singapore: Although I am routing for the jets, i feel that spurs going to take the championship

(225631) Jason Lopez, Manila: Hey, I'm a BIG BIG FAN of "defense" and in this series.. its really a big factor on who will stop the other teams offense.. and as the sayin goes.. "Offense can win games, but defense can win Championships"! Thats All! GO DUNCAN!

(225632) Tel Aviv: hay its liran from israel its 6 in the morning here and i've been watching the game since 3:30 i hope the nets win and will be the campions in couple of days liran fron israel

(225633) Juan y Caro (Uruguay): Hi ILARRA.We`re in Salto-Uruguay watching the game

(225634) Shanghai: Although our Chinese player Bater cannot show up in final matchs ,but we still love Spurs.

(225635) Jason_Lopez (Manila, Phillipines): I do believe that the best defensive team would win the series and the series is very exciting cause both teams are playing hard to overcome each challenge given to them. The saying goes... (Offense can win games, but defense can win you Championships)

(225636) LUOYANG CHINA: Ten fridends are watching nba finals in my single room!!we love nba and i hope NETS win the world champinon!! Kidd is the best player in nba! Kidd should be MVP!!!!! BAIBINbo

(225637) Reggie Andaya(philippines): GO NETS!!! Hi to my Wife Sally & Dana, especially to my Parents.

(225638) San Pablo City, Laguna: Jason Kidd!!! Simply you are the best for us... You are the real MVP for us here in San pablo City, Laguna... We love you, Mannnnn!

(225639) baoding (china): go spurs go! i bileve you will win duncan go!

(225640) Peejay (Philippines): Go JKidd!! Nice uniforms! Go K-Mart! Give them a huge dunk RJ!

(225641) Paulsen Bennett Ong (Manila, Philippines): Mabuhay!! We all cheer for San Antonio Spurs! Go for it Dunk'in Duncan! Go Spurs!!!!

(225642) Argentina: We are 32 millon persons watching Spurs. Vamos Manu CARAJO. Peace and love for all people arround the world. FRP

(225643) JAG(Uruguay): `m about to loose a fly to Montevideo(Uruguay) but I don`t care cause I´m watching the Spurs.YEAH!!Go Spurs!!

(225644) iluvu_78/philippines: HI to all NETS Fans.. my heart is pounding in excitement... NETS dont let us DOWN..

(225645) pinghui_lu(Guangzhou): Go nets!

(225646) Giovanni(Martinique): When I heard SPURS I heard a word : VICTORY Go SPURS !!!

(225647) Robert (BAires): Ginobilli forever and ever. My next son will be named Manu, and the next one Manu II "the return of the king".

(225648) jett banauag, binan, PHIL: Me and my cousin are arguing who's girlfriend is much prettier. but now were fighting who's team will bring home the trophy. GO NETS! May the force be with you all!!!

(225649) Mexico City, Mexico: We can sure get roudy while Cheering for the San Antonio Spurs & we sure do have a great time doing it!!

(225650) shenyang China: everybody here is watching the final game in the office, others support Nets i prefer Duncan

(225651) lele (Hong Kong): i give all my support to Spurs!!! Go Spurs i love you guyz... ;)

(225652) Raymond Sagum Philippines: good bye new jersey!!! see you at texas for the crowning of Spurs! it's done on game 6!

(225653) pinghui_lu: Go nets!

(225654) peter(china): spure win

(225655) Manoj(Detrot): Duncan is too good

(225656) Beausoleil: its 5am here in France and im watchin the game, supporting the Spurs...Go Tim and Tony...You can do it!!!! françoise, France

(225657) Guilin China: Matin is a little dizzy today,but kidd will make the game, the final winner is Nets!!!

(225658) JAG (Uruguay): Ginobili- work hard! In a nearly future you`ll become the MVP.Go Spurs Go!!!.You can do it!!!

(225659) Jason Lopez (Philippines): I really think that the best defensive team in this series will won the championship.. This series ain't boring, Its a piece of art where the real game starts.. the saying goes.. "Offense can games, but defense can win Championship"

(225660) onyx(naga): BRING BACK MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN IN THE NBA!!!!!I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

(225661) amanda from sao paulo in Brazil: Tim is not only a valuable player, he's a valuable person ! mighty Tim will wear the ring !!! amanda from Brazil

(225662) Robert&Fernando Buenos Aires: Ginobilli rulez!!!!!!!! gotta work but we'r watchin'the tv. Anyone want some pizza (?)

(225663) iluvu_78/philippines: NETS!! Keep up the Game going!!! I Love NETS!!

(225664) guillermo (CHUBUT): Come on Spursssssssssssssssss. The Nets doesn´t exist.

(225665) Guangzhou: I'am from Guangzhou China,I think Nets will be the champion.

(225666) Arun: Tony Parker and the Mvp are the leaders of the spurs

(225667) EdW, Buenos Aires: G-nobili / Duncan: More G-force required. Go Spurs Go!

(225668) Jim (Denver, Colorado): GO GO Mutombo!!!! It is time for Dikembe to get his ring!!!! WOW it is cool to see all of these International people on this chat board. Peace to you all from Jim of the USA!!!!

(225669) Quentin (Singapore): Tim duncan is far to hot. Spurs going to win

(225670) Anthony: What means awesome?

(225671) FOO (chengdu, china): We are 56 people, 8 dogs, and 4 cats watching nets/spurs from small room. go nets!

(225672) Rozel/Philippines: I am with with my officemates here in our office at our tactical operations center and at the same watching the NBA Finals. GO NETS GO!


(225674) Peejay (Philippines): I'm here at school right now but i found time to send this message. I know the Nets are down right now but i'll still cheer for them. Go Nets!!! Take over the game Kidd!!!

(225675) Mabalasek: It's 11:08 here in Philippine. I am alone but rooting for the Nets whole heartly!! Come on and make a run in the final minutes! Mabalasek.

(225676) marlond,frewill,philippines: hi to all fans nets....go nets beat the spurs..i love this game...larry ,jao,frewill boys

(225677) Mexico City,Mexico: We're here in Mexico geting the party started on friday night go spurs ...........We Love You

(225678) COCO (S.Borja PERU): No matter who wins; I wish two more games

(225679) w.Tabique: i love this game!!!! Go Nets!!! your no.1.hi to my sweet tinkerbelle

(225680) jetpogi (manila): NEW JERSEY WILL WIN THE NBA FINALS AT GAME SIX.

(225681) Paulo (Buenos Aires): Go Manu, 37 million people in Argentina are wuth you. SPURS ROCK!!!

(225682) Peejay (Philippines): hi to everybody back home! Jojo, its me!!! Go nets!!!

(225684) Anthony (France): Now , it stays 3 minutes the most important of the final !!!! Go Kerr ! Go Duncan ! Go Tp ! Go Ginobilli ! Go Spurs ! Yeah Kerr .

(225685) Giovanni(Martinique): GO SPURS !!! U will Win thanks Gino Go Tony

(225686) mosh_09 (Philippines): We just love the KIDD-MARTIN connection!

(225687) Xiaofan(Shanghai): Go Bateer

(225688) Astrid (Hong Kong): Go Spurs Go, you can win game 5 & 6 and win for the championship.

(225689) Jim (Denver, Colorado): Oh yeah! I agree. I like seeing all the DEFENSE in this Finals!!! I don't think you need tons of points for it to be exciteing. Also, Debbie Black is the Queen of the WNBA!!! Go Debbie!!!

(225690) Anshan CHINA: We are whole family pay attention to this final game in China. I support to nets .Go nets!!! TO the champion of the world. chenguanqi ,Anshan ,China.

(225691) las pinas , PHIL: GO nets!! kidd, teach tony parker some lessons!! -peng peng

(225692) Mac(JAPAN): Go Nets! Go KIDD! and Hello to my friends in NJ! Wearing Kidd's jersey u gave me and rooting for Nets here from Osaka!

(225693) Teresa (Lima-Peru): I love New York, I love Michael Jordan, that's why I say: NEW JERSEY.... GO

(225694) Hong Kong: The final minutes are the game between Duncan and Kidd. Who makes less mistake will win.

(225695) NIKEMAN (Chubut): Hi Spurs, come on Popovich, send to Manu to the victory

(225696) Reggie Andaya(philippines): Don't mess with KIDD!!! Hi to my Dad Rene, Sally & daugther Dana.

(225697) Guangzhou,China: Nets ,you are the champions!!!!

(225698) Darel ( Paris ): And the spurs win!!!!!!

(225699) Yakup (Istanbul / Turkey): My mommy is awaken because of my cheerin to Nets !! Come on Nets sshh the Spurs ..

(225700) Canal+ Belgium: We're waiting for it Mike, nba@canaplus.be

(225701) marlond,frewill,philippines: hi to all fans nets....go nets beat the spurs..i love this game...larry ,jao,frewill boys

(225702) huixiang yang: come on NETS,i'm ur fan

(225703) Matt (Hong Kong): Kidd will lead Nets to the road of Champion despite the effort of Spurs!Don't forget Jefferson coz he'll on fire soon

(225704) Efren Reyes (Philippines): the best pool player in the world and I'm from philippine. Anybody want my autograph for 1 dollar?

(225705) Xiaofan(Shanghai): People here support Spurs and love this Plyoff Finals.We have watched every game.Go,Spurs!Go Butter!

(225706) Giovanni(Martinique): I believe TP Can Fly as the eagle soars the sky Go SPURS!!!

(225707) shenyang china : KIDD and Martin ,they are a lilltle bit tired i think but they will will the final

(225708) EdW, Argentina: Ginobili: Don´t cry for me NJ. Go Spurs Go!!

(225709) LUOYANG CHINA: nets is lovely! kidd is the best! i love basketball! i love nba! go!nets!you must win the game!

(225710) Beijing: You gotta win, Nets!Show us your fast breaks!

(225711) Alvin (Philippines): Mutombo & K-Mart's interior defense + J-Kidd's leadership on offense + Bench scoring support = NET's victory

(225712) Alaska: It is very cold but we're heating it up by the spurs game and celebrateing already me and my wife Go Spurs.

(225713) xxxBarbie1125(JAPAN): Hello. I am a Japanese girl.It is 1:00 p.m. now. I LOVE SPURS!! I LOVE Robinson!! GO GO GO SPURS!! I desire a victory of SPURS!!

(225714) Philly (Illinois): The Spurs will win fo sho!

(225715) frost.fox(jiangxi China): THE SA BEAT NJ !THE SA WIN!

(225716) Mie, Philippines: Duncan isthe MVP, but Kerr is our HERO!Go Spurs-you are the Champion of the world.

(225717) COCO (PERU): 7 points and 45 seconds, Mmmm!!!

(225718) Frannie, France: To Anthony...awesome...formidable, fantastique, merveilleux....

(225719) Darel ( Paris ): Steeve Kerr is the new MVP !!!

(225720) Giovanni(Martinique): They will Rock'em Go SPURS !!!

(225721) Walt China: i love this game.go mardin go nets!!!

(225722) guillermo (CHUBUT): Vamos MANU, come on, you can do it, the finals are your.


(225724) Frannie, France: 5:10 am here..the Spurs are on fire!!!!so Steve kerr is!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOO SPURS GOOOOOOOOOOO....you can't lose this game...

(225725) jeffhe(xi'an China): I wish Nets to win! I like Kidd.

(225726) Cheers (Hong Kong): My whole family has been supporting Spurs except myself. Go nets!!!

(225727) mosh_09 (Philippines): Hey KIDD, lead The NETS to the chapionship.. Show them what you've got! We know you can Do it! MABUHAY NBA! MABUHAY SOLAR!

(225728) kwok kwong(Hong Kong): MVP for 2004 is not Duncan, is not Kidd. It is Yao Ming.

(225729) Lefteris,Greece: I'll die I can't stand watching.Go SPUUUURRRRRS!!!!!!!

(225730) jingc-cho (china): It is 11am here and me ands i are voting for the nets! pass me another beer! cheers!

(225731) Jegs Philippines: MEGANS SOCIETY said GO NETS GO!!!!!!!!!

(225732) jett from Philippines: jackson, is the most showy player i ever seen in nba! so nets, teach jackson a lesson! jackson sucksss!

(225733) Hong Kong: Here is morning already. I have skipped working and see the final today. Don't worry, Nets. We still support you even you lose this game. Although you won't lose it. we still have faith in the next games.

(225734) Jason Cheung (Hong kong): I miss you!!My dear Michael Jordan! You are the GOD of basketball!You are the GOD in the NBA!

(225735) Ah Xiong (Singapore): kenyon Martin Please get out of the game, you of the game you are dragging the net down...


(225737) Frannie, France: Go Spurs!!! Go Tony...you were the MVP of the last 3 games...you can do it...wake up Tony wake up!!..

(225738) Anthony: Merci beaucoup Franny :)

(225739) MikaImpotent: I'll drop my cue for once and scream for the Nets! MikaImpotent.


(225741) Tim (Australia): I love watching the NBA finals. I think it will be close, but i hope the nets win. GO NETS!!!

(225742) Jason Cheung (Hong kong): Jason kidd!MVP!Jason kidd!MVP! Jason kidd!MVP!Jason kidd!MVP!

(225743) Shenyang, PR China: I have wateched all finals of this season. Tim Duncan did such a good job and is really MVP. Go spurs, go!

(225744) Jim (Denver, Colorado): Arrrggguuuhhhh!!!! This is making me nervous.... Come on Jersey, show 'em the Eastern Conference can PLAY!!!!

(225745) Astrid (Hong Kong): Kerr is the best, Spurs is the best. All of the spurs are the best.

(225746) Philly (Illinois): I wish Tracy McGrady was still in the finals!

(225747) Moshe Ryan (Philippines): Twin Tower of Spurs? You'll surely brought down by the ChampLiner of K. Martin and J. Kidd.

(225748) Bibby10(JAPAN): Hello. I am a Japanese girl. I LOVE SPURS!!GO GO GO SPURS!!

(225749) jett from Philippines: kidd is the NBA's Greatest pointguard! go kidd!! parker go to school & study hard!

(225750) Giovanni(Martinique): Go SPURS ! It's 11:16 pm and MARTINIQUE hope U WILL WIN

(225751) Jayson_JhM(Philippines): The dynasty starts here. Nets will win NBA Finals on Game 6. Nets will rule because of the future Hall of Famer - Jason Kidd... Thank U Solar Sports!!!

(225752) nas403(Denver): Does the NBA Championship trophy have a name?

(225753) iluvu_78/philippines: KIDD is my MAN!!

(225754) Kong Peng (Beijing): We still have Game 6, Nets. Don't cry.We gonna celebrate our championship in SA.

(225755) Maracaibo, Venezuela: Go NETS!!!!...here we are, the 10 biggest fans of the NETS in Venezuela!!! 10 hearts are gonna come OUT! praying for them and hoping they lead this serie...

(225756) Kaiyuan, China: I have wateched all finals of this season. Tim Duncan did such a good job and is really MVP. Go spurs, go!

(225757) Moderator : The NBA Championship Trophy is called the Larry O'Brian Trophy.

(225758) Mexico City,Mexico: Nice Game ...Spurs rule we knew you would win.

(225759) Alfred (Singapore): Go Ginobili!!! go and attempt more goals on game 6!!!

(225760) Moderator : Thanks for joining us on game 5 for the world wide block party. We will be back with our fan forum from San Antonio on Sunday. Talk to you soon.