(220294) Moderator: Welcome to the 2003 NBA FINALS! LIVE FROM SAN ANTONIO. Write in and tell us what you think and where you are!

(220295) X£­man£¨WenZhou China£©: Spurs will win the match

(220296) Moderator: Does everyone agree with China? Do you think the Spurs will win? How many games do you think it will take?

(220297) bax: nets dont have a chance

(220298) Moderator: Nets are off to a great start. Let me know where you are watching there game! Just remember English only.

(220299) Moderator: Nets are off to a great start. Let me know where you are watching there game! Just remember English only.

(220300) lonlon: no, i dont agree with chinaman. the nets will win this game one

(220301) Lyon,France: Hello Geotges and Bruno!!! I'm a french nba's fan,here in France we are all for Tony.Go spurs!For Robinson! Gregoire,Lyon,France.

(220302) china : how is this game about?

(220304) Brandao Portugal: here in portugal it's late but we can't miss the best show in the world. THE NBA WE LOVE THIS GAME

(220305) Jaunius (Vilnius): It's time for New Jersey Nets to end Western dominance.

(220306) festa/peja: GO GO NETS WE MUST WIN

(220307) ParadigmShift: i want NJ to win the Finals cause i dont like Spurs

(220308) brandao portugal: the spurs will win in 5 games

(220309) Istanbul: 3 AM Sleepless nights are coming for Turkey! Go Nets!!We trust Kidd! Fatih Atik

(220310) Agrinio: hi


(220312) Portugal: A great final like this one can only be commented by great guys like the ones we have! Thanks prof Barroca and prof Avelas! Go Nets! Go Spurs! PORTUGAL!!!

(220314) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: Jason Kidd, the best guard ever,spurs no way

(220315) festa/peja: Kidd ur fantastic

(220316) Padova Italy: Hello my name is Alberto. Here it's 3 on the morning Go Jason take the magical ring !!!!

(220317) Docinou (Paris ): Thanks Canal+ and go T.P. GO !

(220318) KorneL: Go Kidd go

(220319) TuRkOvEr: hi from Turkey, everyone watch this show in Turkey We LOVE Basketball

(220320) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: hi to all Filipinos watching, nba finals,

(220321) elmer philippines: at 6 spurs will be the new world champions

(220322) Tyrone (Philippines): I think nets will win the series with the way Jason Kidd play!!!

(220323) dreni peja: kosovo is whatching u NETS WIN FOR US

(220324) KorneL ( Poland ): Go Nets go !!!

(220325) Den Bosch: Kidd will shake the Spurs!!!!

(220326) : We have one vote for the Spurs in 6 Games. What do you think? Write and and give your predictions!

(220327) Rui Guimaraes: A great final like this one can only be commented by great guys like the ones we have! Thanks prof Barroca and prof Avelas! Go Nets! Go Spurs! PORTUGAL!!!

(220328) KorneL(Poland): I can`t see the match :(

(220329) Dennis from Den Bosch: Great Finals My two favoute players are in it!!! Jason Kidd and David Robinson Great game guys!!!!

(220330) KorneL(Poland): I love the NBA

(220331) Seb/Greg/David from Paris: We love this game and we want to say good luke to Spurs and Tony Parker the Frenchie !!!

(220332) Ory,Israel: It's 4 am in Israel.We are all cheering for the Spurs in Israel! Go Spurs Go!

(220333) Izmir-Turkey: GO NETS!!!!!!!

(220334) Mitrovicalia(IGUANA): 3:03 AM here at us on Mitrovica City Well we can not miss the great NBA SHOW GO-GO KIDD AND NETS

(220335) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: i agree with den bosch,

(220336) Hani, Kuwait: it's 4 am in kuwait and we are having fun with NBA final

(220338) merlino (Bologna): go manu!! we love you!!

(220339) Emre, Malatya: Love Basketball so Love Kidd go new Jersey This night Jersey Night

(220340) KorneL(Poland): Weelcone all NBA fans

(220341) Moderator: Coming up on the end of the first quarter Nets are a head. Do you think they can stay ahead all game?

(220342) Moderator: remember all entries that are posted are written fully in English!

(220343) beijing,china: i thought the spurs will beat nets

(220344) Hani, Kuwait: All the way nets

(220345) Hong Kong: Having a GREAT game is our GREAT gain! from Anthony Small in HK.

(220347) Emre Gulel Malatya: it's am in Turkey and we are having fun with NBA final

(220348) BELI-B.: Go-go Nets the victory we'll wait from MITROVICA CITY TO NEW JERSY we'll celebrate

(220349) Houston: Nobody can stop Duncan. Spurs in sevent

(220350) Milos (Gent, Belgium): C'mon Canal+, give us the US team to listen. Those Belgians know nothing about basketball.

(220351) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: its 9 am here in the phils, all people here stopped working just to watch nba finals, GO NETS

(220352) Emre Gulel, Malatya: Big hello from Turkey,,, this time sleep time but I can't sleep Love Basketball Love Kidd Goodlocuk.....

(220353) lior (israel): gp spurs go!!! go duncan go!!!

(220354) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: I think Kid will be the MVP of the Finals

(220355) modi'in, israel: great start to the game! go spurs! go pini gershon!

(220356) merlino (Bologna): i think ginobili could be the for the spurs. he has to go in the paint, if the nets don't double duncan. but he can do it.

(220358) shanghai/china: spurs will dominate the whole game though so far the nets ahead of them, i love tim duncan

(220359) wheec (Belgium): I don't have a favorit, I just like the Lakergirls the most

(220360) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: Are we going to have any player pt coach to chat with?

(220363) Moderator: All the players/coaches will be on the Cybercast - NBA.com

(220364) San Antonio: Go Spurs. get second NBA title!

(220365) Gergo (Budapest): Go Nets! I'll have to take an exam in 8 hrs but I'm still awake...so I want you to win! Hungary can't sleep!

(220366) Luis Herrera: Venezuela we love this Finals!!!! Fans from Maracaibo - Venezuela

(220368) eli, israel: go spurs! go pini gershon!

(220370) fancy(beijing,chian): come on Spur,come on Ducun! i believe Spur will win in Game 5

(220372) KorneL(Poland): 1 quater for Nets not bad

(220373) elmer m (philippines): hi to gersy & boy modesto, let's go SPURS men...

(220375) san antonio: the spurs r gonna sweep the nets....no doubt about it...you'll see. GO SPURS GO!

(220376) richie(qinhuangdao): nets will win if things go on like this

(220377) Can Gocer Istanbul: Duncan is Gold

(220382) Anders Denmark: K-Mart is the greatest player go nets go kidd it's 3.30 am in Denmark

(220383) timlastik (istanbul/turkey): san antonio is a big response,but jason kidd is bigger.

(220384) Efren Pasig City: Still L.A. Lakers is the BEST!!! Go go go ShaQ AnD KobE!!!

(220385) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: me too, i have an exam after 12 hours but i can't study for it

(220386) margie m (philippines): i will stake my fortune with SPURS..(4-0)

(220388) xiao 8 (Zhenjiang): go spurs!!!

(220390) Gabor, Budapest: The Spur(s) must be sharp enough to cut thrugh the rope of the Net(s)!


(220392) shirly, ori, omri israel: its 4 in the morning another night with no sleep at all, tests are coming but we are watching the little screen GO SPURS

(220393) BELI-B.: Now basketball is my favorite sport I like the way that Mr.KIDD dribble up and down the court C'mon Nets You are the Best Mitrovica Rocks

(220394) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: Heeeeey dikemby is there watch him out spurs

(220396) tolga-istanbul: Go Nets!! 4 ever Mutombo!! Block some shots big men!! U are the best

(220398) DrZsolt(Pecs): Hi!it's now in hungary 3 a.m.,but we see the final!i hope NJ win it.MVP Jason Kidd!

(220399) Kiriat Bialik: Go Spurs Go! Go Manu Go! Damian

(220400) Loc Rick (Paris): Go T.P., France is with you ! 17...

(220401) orleans: hi nba fans all around the world we are 3 basketball fans watching the admiral .good luck spurs

(220402) Houston, TX: Hi every one around the world, who's watching NBA final. Enjoy the game:-)

(220405) shay dezaldety (israel): hellow world!!!! all of israel cheers for the best team in the funals... the spurs!!!! go spurs we belive in you!!!!

(220410) Lars (Germany): Sleepless in Germany, too. Now that the Spurs eliminated Dirk and the Mavs I'm rooting for Jason and the Nets. The title's finally going back to the East!

(220411) Can Gocer,Istanbul: Loves from Nba fans from Turkey

(220412) china-peking: NBA belongs to the world!

(220413) margie m (philippines): i will stake my fortune with SPURS...(4-0) go SPURS go!!!!

(220414) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: ITS NBA FINAL, not a cheering competition

(220415) stephanie (san antonio): like i said a minute ago the spurs will sweep the nets. and parker will shake kidd...den bosch you have no idea what u r talking about!! GO SPURS GO!

(220416) 8 zi(zhen jiang/china): go ,go go ,spurs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(220417) bangkok: nets is a great team and they can win it(game 1) gogogo kid and k-mart

(220418) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: what's the address for the cybercast?

(220419) Moderator: NBA.com - go to the Dr. J chat now! link

(220421) sopy, As: It´s 3 AM in Czech Republick but i must watch the Nets became NBA champions

(220422) Bruges Belgium: actually saw tony parker in his walker when he was about ten months old!!!! He looks more mobile now! GOOOOOOO SPUUURRSS!

(220423) murat kosova-Ntv istanbul: Kerry Kittles is the best 3 point shooter in the nba!! Go Nets!! Go Kittles!! We love Kittles!!!

(220424) Francois, Tahiti: Tony Parker we're all with!! Go Spurs! Go!

(220425) Adil,peja,KOSOVO: Hi everybody I'm from Kosovo.It's three o'clock in the morning.In this match Nets will win because they have Captain Kidd.I also congratulate KTV and Agon Fehmiun

(220426) Korosh (Australia): Finally the NBA Finals have started! All the best to Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets from Sydney, Australia.

(220427) xishanboy(zhenjiang/china): duncan is perfect.the ring has been on his finger.

(220428) Galaxy Sport, Hradec Kralove: 3am here in the Czech Republic. We don´t mind however, we still want to watch it LIVE. We just LOVE THIS GAME!!!

(220429) Bas, Holland: It's 3:15 in Holland and it's only just started!!! Go Nets, go Kidd and K-Mart

(220430) shirly, ori, omri israel:: its 4 in the morning another night with no sleep at all, tests are coming but we are watching the little screen GO SPURS

(220431) Daniel - Macedonia: The only thing that makes me stay awake all night-NBA. Go Spurs!!! Go Nets!!! It doesn't mater who wins, just give us the maximum 7 most interesting games on the planet!!!

(220432) Guyana: I got exams tomorrow but it dont matter...me and my friends will be up all night cheering for the KMART, JKidd and the NETS....NETS...CHAMPS BY 2003

(220433) omri, israel: after beating the lakers at last - go spurs, and thank you for all of the wonderful (though sleepless) nights

(220434) Sun Peng(Harbin,China): The national college entrance exam is coming in 7th this month.But I can't miss it---the NBA finals. Go Nets!Go Kidd!

(220435) Yejia--a Chinese girl: It is morning here in China now.I turned on the TV set as soon as I got up.The NBA FINAL makes my every cell excited.Go!My heros!

(220436) Tzvika, P-T, Israel: Ory, Israel is for the Spurs? Think again! It's Kidd's time this year! We enjoy the game, we enjoy Pinny, and we love the Nets!

(220437) BELI-B.: from Mitrovica City to NBA WE LOVE THIS GAME SO... They?re playing basketball We love that basketball

(220438) AJ Mexico: Spurs will come back in this game.. there is no match for San Antonio...Go Duncan!! Go Robinson!! Go Spurs!!

(220439) Gabor, Budapest,Hungary: The Spurs Doesn't seem to be sharp enough to cut throught the Nets!Go Nets Go

(220440) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: heey stephanie, parker is too young to stop kid

(220441) Belgrade: Zoran: It's 3a.m. in Serbia and we couldn't care less who wins because we are all Sacramento Kings fans. Peja and Divac are the best, Serbia rules !!! Hey world, remember Indianapolis? Well it's going to happen again in Athens next year.

(220442) BELI-B.: Mitrovica City is on NBA Many Greetings to all NBA staff and To all NBA Players from MITROVICA/KOSOVO

(220443) Ruth Garcia- Hongkong: Go Nets! Beat the Spurs... Mng. Emie and Cris are u watching there?

(220444) Magic13 Haerbin China: A exciting ,fantastic Final Game!! SPURS go go go!!!Good luck to Barter!!

(220445) Houston: Go MVP Tim Duncan

(220446) Larry Chan (Hong Kong): Yeah, Mutombo is on the court!!! Go ! Go! Go!

(220448) Tianjin,China: Will Batter get the ring? I wish so,so go spurs go!

(220450) Ali Paksoy(İstanbul): İts 04:00 am in the morning and we love it live...We love it also with Jason...Go Nets Go.

(220451) omri,shirly, ori: its 4 a.m here in israel and were divided here (2 for sun antonio and one for jersy) any how we love this game

(220452) Dennis from Den Bosch: From all the NBA fans in the Netherlands, I wish the Spurs and the Nets the best!!!

(220453) stephanie (san antonio): thats what i am talking about the spurs are ahead and it will stay that way till the nets are swept!

(220455) Andrei (Paris): Go Tony!!! All France is with you and the Spurs!!! Go! Go! Go!

(220456) hazem (lebanon): go mutambo block the hell out of san antonio sky

(220457) tolga-istanbul: DİKEMBE MUTOMBO!! what was i said?? go big men!! Block MVP!! NOT İN MY HOME!!

(220458) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: Am pretty sure NETS will win this game one, hi to all NETS fans,

(220459) Klanja, Joeval en Henk: We are watching the finals from Holland. We like the fast game of the Nets, but think the steady Spurs will take the championship.

(220460) Merlino (Bologna, Italy): go manu ginobili!! go spurs!! 3:23 am in Italy.

(220461) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: what a block by dikemby waaaaaaaaw

(220462) shanghai: I love YaoMing, but he's not here. How sad. Good luck to net and spurs.

(220463) emre, Malatya: 3 AM Sleepless nights are coming for Turkey! Go Nets!!We trust Kidd Emre Gulel

(220464) beijing china: Robinson is not the best, but I like him most. I sincerely hope him a happy end from china at the last match in his remarkable carrier life.

(220465) Quzhou, China: When are they going to release an Ed Rush bobblehead?

(220466) Anto & Ed, Paris: 3:30 Am in Paris, but still very motivated. Go Spurs, allez Tony !

(220467) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: yeah , i saw it, he blocks tim duncan, ha ha ha

(220468) Nassim (Marseille, france): Allez les Spurs !! Go Spurs TP you're the best. Just score a lot of point and make france happy

(220469) stoneking: i'm an nba fan from China. it's the right time in the morning to watch nba finals on cctv.thanks. go spurs!go,Duncan!

(220470) hazem(lebanon): just wishing you luck NETS. go New Jersey go go go.. I love yo NBA guys

(220471) Istanbul: Magic Hand Mutombo! Nobody can Dunk in your area! Smile Duncan.. Fatih(again)

(220472) Li Lian(Nanjing,China): Kidd,Duncan,Park are my favorite player, I don't care who will get the champion,there's nothing I was interested but the show.I'm typing my thesis and watch out for my boss coz it's working hours

(220473) Xia'men: I'm from China!We love YAO MING,love Nba!And I stand for SPURS,for there is a Chinese player--Batter!Go SPURS!!!

(220474) CHINA(SHANGHAI): It is so expectedto me that YAO MING might appear in 2004 NBA FINALS.

(220475) ZOUZ (lomé): GO KIDD!!! GO NJ!! its 1H30AM in togo but im still in front of my tv!! hi to ANTOUN in NEW JERSEY... LET'S GO NETS!!!

(220476) Burim, Prishtina, Kosova: i love this game,kidd is the best play ever.go netts

(220477) lonlon,PHILIPPINES: hi,shirly

(220478) Ali PAKSOY(İSTANBUL): We love the Nets,Kidd and his teammates are the best...Go Nets Go...

(220479) Morocco: I still wake up i can't sleep without seing this big game i hope that the winner visit morocco why not!!! ( mehdi )

(220480) Stephen (China): We are some chinese boys who love NBA from little. We hope one day Rockets and Spurs can beat in finals .So we can see both Yao Ming and Batter!!

(220481) Standa (As-Czech Republic): Kidd is the best point guard in the world and he will lead the Nets to the win.Go Nets go Czech Republic hope you will win

(220482) Cheng Bijun: I am a chinese NBA fan,I love spurs and Batter! Go spurs! You will win!

(220483) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: Hi hazem, is fadi alkhatib gonna be in the NBA soon?

(220484) zuoyue(Beijing): Howdy World! Go Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!

(220485) wang: sure,spur will win

(220486) Marciokg(Brazil): Lets go NETS!!!

(220487) xi'an china: go kidd!!!

(220488) roper (bangkok): jason kidd will the one who will handle the game. go go nets

(220489) Houston: Spurs in 6 or 7. MVP Tim duncan

(220490) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: Martin will be too hard to be guarded by duncun or the admiral

(220491) Hong Kong: Wong Kin Hung: The time is now 9:30, having breakfast, watching the live show of Kidd-Duncan. The time is now 9:32.

(220492) hazem(lebanon): 35-35 just trying to let them perform better...it is our game ...he who laughs at last wins ...go kid go...

(220493) Yama(Wuhan, China): This year is the one whitout LA... I think Kidd will lead Nets to beat spurk...I appreciate the ability of the head Kidds...Best wishes to Nets! Best wishes to Kidds!There so many Kidd's fans in China like me!!

(220494) Paris (France): We lost french fries for freedom fries but we still have T.P from France in the NBA.

(220495) Cheng Bijun: Go SPURS!! And go NBA!

(220497) Amir Ragporker, Israel: Pini Gershon please take Dunken to Panathinaikos so we will have an equal finals... Good Morning Israel

(220498) Zhao Yangyang(Jingmen,Hubei,China): I'll attend the National Matriculations, I wish the success of SPURS can give me good luck.

(220499) wuhao(TianJin,China): I am a student also a NBA fan from China.There are thousands of people watching NBA Final by CCTV.I believe that we will have an excellent day and I wish good luck to every player!!

(220500) Dennis From Den Bosch: Great teams, great finals Go Spurs, go Nets, go Akerboom.

(220501) Chi-Town: Spurs are going to run crazy on New jersey

(220502) Peja kosovo: go nets go

(220503) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: Rogers is ruling!!

(220504) Henri&Alain MENSAH from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa: It's 1.28 AM in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa. Go Spurs Go! Keep it up, Admiral!

(220505) DJ-A (Munich): hi there! nets will win the finals, and kidd´s the key to it... but it´ll be hard against that good spurs. greetings from germany 3:30 am

(220506) zero-dot(china-YueYang): I will bet my dream on Spurs!come on The NBA FINAL makes my every cell excited, I love this game

(220507) Lolo, PARIS, FRANCE: Go the spurs , go T.P. all your country is with you .

(220508) mi nan beijing: I'm a chinese fan ,I love basketball, I love nba ,and I love yaoming!!!

(220509) Murcielago,France: Go Tony Paker You r the best! Spurs Power...


(220511) Rotterdam, The Netherlands: We are still awake for this great final. We hope the Nets will win, Go Kidd! Zocher

(220512) Dallas(China): I like neither of the two teams! See,I love THE MAVS! So good luck to the Nets! Kidd, beat Duncan!

(220513) Jean Karim(Paris): Go Tony!!! All France is with you and with the Spurs!!! It's 3.30 am here in Paris, WE LOVE THIS GAME!

(220514) roper (bangkok): i think mutombo can help the team so coach byron please let mutombo stay in the game

(220515) Emre, Turkey: go robinson key of player David Robinson love Spurs love basketball :))

(220516) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: All what the nets needs is some rebounds and it will be all the way to the champion ship


(220518) Pavel, Czech Republic: Is there something more important to watch at the moment?! No need to answer!!!

(220519) Patricio Argentina: Its 22:30 an i look the game Manu Ginobili Think Fast Play Hard Go Spurs Go


(220521) sakin istanbul: Kerry Kittles is the best 3 point shooter in the nba!! Go Nets!! Go Kittles!! We love Kittles!!!

(220522) showtimeyoung--Wuhan,China: I am a College student in China ,i skipped the class to enjoy the fantastic game,Go Spurs!!!!Go Bateer's teammates!!!

(220523) Wang Bin,China: 9:30AM here in China,I am enjoying my summer holiday in front of TV with NBA finals 2003.Go Spurs.No one can stop you!

(220524) Antoine (France): Tony Parker is the greatest, him and Duncan will lead the Spurs to the championship. Go TP !

(220525) Hani Alawadi, Kuwait: HAZIM, are we going to see Fadi Alkhatib soon in the NBA?

(220526) Debrecen, Hungary: Its 3:30 am in Hungary. All the people watching the NBA FINAL on TV. GO NJ GO!!! Hájra New Jersey!!! Mawerick

(220527) Wangfei(Beijing,china): It's pleasant to get up watching nba final,i love kidi,i love nets.

(220528) sunfei: I'm a chinese boy,It's nearly 10 in the morning.Nets ,go right ahead ,you will win.You can do this!

(220529) sainte clotilde: let's go spurs!!! tony parker,a star is born.it's 5.45 am reunion island.goute a nous.philippe enault

(220530) Wang Di(Huazhou Guangdong): I think Spurs will get the game, although they are not playing so well now. Go spurs! I believe you! Go!

(220531) Seba Paris FR: Doh !! It's late, is it not time for "kids" to sleep ? :p Go Spurs! Go TP !

(220532) Milo (Lanus, Argentina): The Spurs ARE the champions!!! any doubt? GO SPURS GO!!!

(220533) zhang yunfeng: i am in beijing.it is 0950 here.i hope mengke bateer will on the court!go suprs!

(220534) GongZheng(Beijing,China) : because of sars,i won't go to school. So I have the best chance to watch the whole NBA final

(220535) Hong Kong: I am now having 'breakfast', waiting for 'fast break' by Kidd! I am Anthony.

(220536) Luca (Italy): This is Manu Time! 3.30 in Italy, no way we sleep! Go Spurs!!

(220537) Igor (Croatia): Go Nets! Do it for Petro! Croatia is rooting for you.

(220538) Mehdi ( MOROCCO ): Really we enjoy this big game here in Morocco we love this game hope winner visit Morocco ... WWHHYY nott :)


(220540) zhangpeng qingdao china: i hope net to win mobtombon,go on !

(220541) Steve(BeiJing): I am a Fan for Spurs in China. I think Duncan can get the second chanpion. His team has got much impruved. They can reach it.Go! Spurs!

(220542) andrea & junior (Bologna Italy): The Champions change, but the Finals are always the best We can see! Ciao


(220544) Rainbow_lyn(beijing): we expect Bateer,the Great Wall,to get the ring.we're all love NBA games,though our city is attacked by SARS disease.

(220545) showtimeyoung(Wuhan,China): I am a College student in China.I skipped the class to enjoy the fantastic game!Go Spurs!!!Go Bateer's teammates!!!

(220546) Joe (Brattleboro, VT): The only team that I REALLY love is the New York Knicks, and possibly the Portland Trailblazers. I just enjoy watching NBA games, especially the Playoffs.

(220547) Blerim/Mitrovica: 3:03 AM here at us on Mitrovica City Well we can not miss the great NBA SHOW GO-GO KIDD AND NETS you have right when you say it LOVE IT LIVE and thats tru

(220548) Morocco: we enjoy this game MVP KIDDDD

(220549) Maxime (France): It's 3 am in France but all french fans are behin TP! Go Spurs! Allez les Spurs !

(220550) Philip.Chan!: Come on Spurs ,come on Tim,we are always on your side! From China Huangshi!

(220552) Ankara, Turkey: he is the only Admiral who can FLY, too. :) go duncan and friends wipe them out. 4:30 am here

(220553) maradi (rep of niger): no one wants to sleep at this time,we all want to live it live. SANI Kabirou

(220554) rui cao,bj,china: we will defeat sars,i think nba finals can give us courage and power!go nets! go spurs!

(220555) zero-dot(china-YueYang): I am sure Yaoming will appear in 2004NBA final game come on spurs! come on durken

(220556) Hao(Houston): Don't you think if Rockets in Final, should be more interested? More chinese want to see the game. Go Yao Minh! hope they can make next season. Go Rockets!

(220557) jopopo(paris): It's 4 am in Paris go Spurs and go Tony Parker futur mvp.aurevoir

(220558) Joe (Brattleboro, VT): How does this work? i don't see my comments. Do the comments go from top to bottom, or bottom to top.

(220559) France: I'm awake with severine my girlfriend for see the best leader of game in the word Jason Kidd, so make us pleaser Kidd. Olivier aka Kobedu91

(220560) zhang yunfeng,beijing: i am in beijing,it is 0950 here.i hope mengke bateer will on the court!go spurs!

(220561) Berlin, Germany: We are still watching, and loving it. The Spurs will lose despite Duncan. Greetings from Germany

(220562) Eden Lee: Duncan my hero! Go and get what you want! We stand for you here in China!!


(220564) Dennis from Den Bosch : Its 3:40 am in Holland and we greeting Tim, David, Jason and K-Mart. Great finals guys!!!

(220565) ³Â³Ï£¬CHINA: I like Duncan,he is a god in my heart,there is no games which he can't win.I believe it when I am awake!In my dreams, he play games with two wings.Come on,Spurs!

(220567) Ankara, Turkey: ALkaTRaZZ : he is the only Admiral who can FLY, too. :) go duncan and friends wipe them out. 4:30 am here

(220569) zero-dot(china-YueYang): Batter you are so lucky to have a champine ring.

(220570) beijing,China: NETS will win the NBA champion,Kidd will win the NBA FINAL MVP,I love the game,I love the NBA.

(220571) rui ,bj china: i love batter,so i love spurs!go go go spurs,go go go batter!!!


(220573) HAPPY hong kong: i love this game.GO SPURS. DUNCAN is my MVP forever.



(220576) Joe (Brattleboro, VT): Tied 42-42 at half time!!!

(220577) Philip.Chan(China ,Huangshi): Time and time again ,you ask me ,who will get the champion,time and time again I tell myself ,absolutly Spurs! go spurs!

(220578) Ben (France): Almost 4' but still there watchin' Spurs and our Tony !

(220579) Juan Carlos Sanchez (Tampico, Mexico): Here we are 15 Jersey's fans watching the game here in Mexico. Go Nets!

(220580) Beijing: I'm a Chinese NBA real fan.We love Kidd,We love K-Mart,We love Jefferson,We love Nets.It's Kidd time. It's no kidding for Spurs if they V.S. Jason.It's kidding.Go Kidd,Go Nets, J-Bit 10:00a.m. Peking,China

(220581) Jeff Beijing China : I am a chinese fun. Here in China. Go spur Go Duncan. No one can stop you.

(220582) pinoy in bangkok : hello nba fans especially new jersey. kidd will go along the way. you can do it json kidd.

(220583) Yuan Gao (David): I am from china, i am a student of senior 3,Face the NMET, i put down my book to watch NBA finals 2003,i like nets , because of kidd, he is best player in my heart, i like kidd, he give me happiness, All the best, i believe kidd is the last winner

(220584) Maydi ( Morocco ): Thank you 2M that you give us this opprtunity to assist to this big big big game thanks

(220585) Jopopo(paris): Hello NBA fans the futur Michael Jordan it's Tony Parker mvp 2003 finals.

(220586) parkerfan: come on parker and thanks for speakers of canal plus:go eddy time and go typy and tim

(220587) Ruth, HongKong: Got Nets! Dominate The Spurs.....

(220588) mali(wuhan,china): Bateer will be the first chinese player who get the ring!Come on,spurs!

(220589) Merlino (Bologna): manu could be the key for the spurs. they're waiting for duncan show, but now they are in the game. go manu! go spurs!

(220590) Christian Kevin (Xiamen China): M.J will be gratified when he looks at these excellent Nets&Spurs Guies! Best wishes to Barter & Robinson!

(220591) Keysinho (BERLIN): Greetz to all da B-Ballaz from da city of Berlin. Geilos 4-ever!!! Robi, der Fünfer ist mein!!! Go Timmy!

(220592) Juan Carlos Sánchez (Tampico, Mexico): Here in Mexico, we are crazy about this series. Go Nets!!!

(220593) Amy(China): If Spurs can't win, it's a shame for the western conference!!!Mavs should have been sent out to play against Nets! Love Mavs, love Dirk!!!

(220594) Tuan(Saigon-Viet Nam): Go Spurs. I just wake up to see the game.

(220595) zero-dot(china-YueYang): Batter,do you have a chance to join this exciting game ,I love you ,waiting the flash moment

(220596) Panama: Francisco and Roger from PANAMA, man whe know how hard it is to get to the finals go NETS

(220597) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: I believe no one can stop Spurs,because there are millions of fans only in China supporting them!

(220598) Seba Paris, FR: Doh ! It s late, is it not time for "kids" to sleep ? :p Go Spurs ! Go TP !

(220599) VuK$a [Belgrade] : Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd Kidd.....Just Kidd..

(220600) Moderator:

(220601) Moderator: Here we are at Halftime - LIVE WITH LISA MARIE PRESLEY!

(220602) Peter (Debrecen,Hungary): I like this game. The basketball is the most exciting sport in the university. E.T. said it to me! Go NJ Go!!! Mawerick

(220603) ( Mohammedia ) Morocco: we hope that this game will be played in 7 game no like last years Go NETS Go Spurs and Good luck

(220604) Facundo, Argentina: Here we're like 20 people watching the match and all hoping for Manu and the spurs to win, they HAVE to win, they're great!!

(220605) Lewis ( Hong Kong ): Food Chain goes like this in this season NBA : SUN<------Lakers<-------Mavericks<------Spur<---------Nets, GO!GO!NETS!!! .....GO!GO!KIDDS!!!!

(220606) Ziyou,China: We www.ziyou.net.cn are all show the most attention to the Finals...We all love Nets We all love Kidd..We all Love NBA

(220607) CDMA: Without Yao,NBA remains so charming.I hope kidd and martin will bring our Chinese people a good surprise.GO GO GO,NJ NETS!

(220608) Ory,Israel: Game tied at 42...Go Spurs Go!! there are alot of Spurs' fan down in Israel!

(220609) parker fan: go spurs and thanks for french people;ginobili and tipy you are the best of playoffs

(220610) yming: i love you ,NBA, i love you ,all fans of basketball from the world,

(220611) Freiberg, Germany: Just got off work and enjoying a great game, should be a great series. For my friend Craig in Gerlingen, Spurs in 5, go Spurs.

(220612) Merlino (Bologna, Italy): 3:50 am in Italy, but no way to sleep. enjoy the game, enjoy ginobili. manu we love you! go spurs!

(220613) Dominick (france): hey! T.P! show us how a french player can rocks da game....France support Spurs!

(220614) Soufiane (MOROCCO): it's 1:46am in Morocco, can't wait to c the Nets knocking the Spurs out...GO NETS yeaaaaahhhhhhh

(220615) Derek(Beijing): A fresh morning here and a fresh start there of the finals. Bless everyone in the game!

(220616) me - here: can someone can stop this LISA MARIE PRESLEY?????...please

(220617) penilex France: go tony parker u'r the best and duncan are the mvp of this 1st match ands the others go sprus vive la france

(220618) Jammbo(ShenZhen China): J.KIds is my personal God! Go Nets,let's beat Spurs..9.51am in china, i belive whole China is watching your wonderful playing!


(220620) Timo Belgium: Go MVP, go Spurs. Beat Kidd and the Nets.

(220621) Merlino (Bologna): Go manu!! we wait for you here in Bologna for holiday ... as the champion!

(220622) J-Bit(Peking,China): I'm areal NBA fan in China.We love Kidd,We love K-Mart,We love Jefferson.We love Nets.It's Kidd time.It's no kidding for Spurs if they V.S. Jason.Go Kidd, Go K-Mart,Go Jefferson----Go Nets.

(220623) BENSAID (KENITRA): love watching kid playing...what a playa GOD!!!!!

(220624) Roger and Francisco (Panama): hey whe know how it feels to get to the finals yo NETS enjoy the game and play fair

(220625) Beli-B. (Mitrovica/KOSOVO): I'm the krazyest fan in the world of L.A. LAKERS and Kobe's to

(220626) zero-dot(china-YueYang): kidd you are the best one player in my heart! nets will be the last winner

(220627) Perth: Lisa? Which team are you going for?

(220628) Hovav and Avishai, Jerusalem: 5 am here in israel and were having a great time. its been a cool game so far Israel loves NBA!!!!!!

(220630) little fan paris: thanks spurs and give me enjoy and pleasure to france: vive tony parker et eddy time

(220631) Timo Belgium: Go Tim Duncan, go spurs. Beat the NJ Nets!!

(220632) Nagyvad (Budapest): Hi everybody! Kidd is superb. Go Nets! We love this game! (it's 3.30 a.m. in Hungary)

(220633) Derek(Beijing): A fresh morning here and a fresh start there of the finals. Bless everyone in the game!

(220634) Copenhagen, Denmark: Its a 3:47 in the morning, I have work early in the morning, and study the rest of the day for uni, but nothing can keep me away from watching this game. Especially since I am expecting the NETS to win!!

(220635) Francisco, Italy: A NBA lover still sleepless at 4.00 am for NBA Finals. Go S.Antonio, go Manu Ginobili!

(220636) Haruka Kanada: I is Japanese. I belives that Kidd will won the games. I love his!!

(220637) Paolo, Avellino: In Italy it is late night, I tifo for New Jersey and salute the Italian TV speakers Fede and Flavio, thanks for this greatest emotion! I love this Game!

(220638) AGUSTÍN (SPAIN): It's too late in Spain. But I love NBA Finals live! SALAMANCA - SPAIN

(220639) Beli-B. (MITROVICA/KOSOVO): C'mon Nets you know that we can do it even if that I'm the crazyest fan of Kobe Bryant's and Lakers to but tonight I'm with you guyz

(220640) fan of spurs: let me go on your tv for to show best wish for tony tim ginobili and of course popovitch and the eddy time of france

(220641) ÍõɯÃÈ Beijing China: Duncan will be the greatest player in this game.And Spurs will win the NBA Champion although Batter couln't play. It is 10 am in Beijing China

(220642) Antonio (Seville, Spain): What a hot here in Spain! It's 4 in the morning but i don't mind how late it is. I LOVE THIS GAME!

(220643) Dautovic MBC: Give the ball to Steve Kerr he'll hit it from the bench.

(220644) Handsome: I am a Chinese college student!Someone here trust Kidd, tust the Nets will win the game!But someone trust Duncan!We love this game!Come on NBA!Come on man!

(220645) Oren (Ramat Hasharon,Israel): 3Am - 7Am, And it's worth every second. Sunrise with MVP T-Dunc. Go Spurs!

(220646) TURKEY: This struggle never finish.i can't tell my feelings with words.Just watch it! Ali Alper Uyar

(220647) VALME SONY, POrt-au-prince Haiti: the admiral goes lead his troops to good way for one second time. Good luck apart from the parquet floors my admiral.

(220648) Beijing: For the first time in last three years, Phil and OK don't appear in the final...Once the lakers fan, forever the lakers fan!

(220649) Yming China: Hello ,nba ,Hello ,kids,i love you!!!

(220650) Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, MEXICO: GO SPURS GO!! Our hearts are with San Antonio!! From Nick, Maria & Nico Martinez - 3 San Antonians living in Cd. del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico

(220651) Charly Bielefeld: Big Shout Out from Germany! All I can say is:It's allways worth getting up! Greetings to my man SAMIR. R U Watching?

(220652) turkey: This struggle never finish.i can't tell my feelings with words.Just watch it!

(220653) Jacob Falk, Denmark: slept all day just to be able to stay awake for the finals and for the victory of the SPURS and the Admiral. And it's 4 am now in DK

(220654) Paris: How can we not be excited when a french player is in final for the first time in history! ALLEZ TONY! GO SPURS

(220655) Anthony (Paris): thanks for this wonderfull final! my favorite is TP so come on Spurs! allez Tony! allez les spurs!

(220656) Camilla Copenhagen, Denmark: Its 10 to 4 here, the sun is rising, but the day wont be bright enough till the Nets bring in the first game victory! Though this game is totally worth being exhausted all day tomorrow at work, and at uni! GO NETS!!!!

(220657) Piergiulio, Napoli, Italy: 4.00 pm, wife and little son sleeping, dad watching NBA finals.....GO SPURS GO !!! Manu Ginobili is a real champion!

(220658) Saudi Arabia: I enjoy your finals very much. I am a big Kidds fan. Go Jason, Abdullah Bakari

(220659) Mehdi ( MOROCCO ): My mother fother Grand fother all my family still wake up to see this big game really we love this game GO KIDD

(220660) JiangWZ(Beijing,China): Here we stay at home because sars,but the life is not boring,because we have NBA!

(220661) Gregoire,France: Here in France it's 4 am.Go Spurs,Go Tony,for Robinson!! (Salut Georges et Bruno)

(220662) Mao Jing,Changsha,China: 9:52AM in China,NewJersy Nets¡ª¡ªGo,go,go! And bless everybody in the final game!

(220663) Toby (Freiberg,Germany): Please post during game so that my friend Craig in Gerlingen can see. GO SPURS! Spurs in 5!

(220664) Merlino (Bologna, Italy): 4:00 am ... Manu Ginobili, simply the best.

(220665) XTX, Argentina: 2 + 2 = 4 Tim + Manu = Spurs Victory It's just Maths (i'm not KIDDing)

(220666) XU(CHINA): HELLO!

(220667) Morocco: big game nice music realllllyyyy welve this game

(220668) Olivier(London): Come On Tony "TP" Parker. Be The First "FROGGY" to win the NBA Final.Come On SPURS.

(220669) KEMAL , BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: It's almost 4 A.M. here.No problem with staying awake, remember : I LOVE THIS GAME. Plus, RED BULL helps. It's nice to know there is something that bonds together people around the globe.

(220670) King M6 (RABAT): Go Nets make me proud....i'm still awake here it's 1:55am in Morocco I LOVE THIS GAME ;-)

(220671) Chen Yubo beijing : 10 am in beijing now.i hope Batter can get a ring back.light morning,perfect match.

(220672) Chinese Peking: I come from Chinese Peking, I hope very much that the spur can win the ball, the words of the kind we the Chinese player can have a total champion ring!Is a very fascinating game!

(220673) Bojo (Manila): Kenyon is the MAN! It's the NETS time to shine!

(220674) Bielefeld, Germany: Big Shout Out from Germany! All I can say is:It's allways worth getting up! Greetings to my man SAMIR. R U Watching? CHARLY

(220675) Bas, Holland: K-Mart 'Dunc' away those Spurs!!!! NJ in 6....

(220676) Stefan Bueving (Amsterdam) The Netherlands: Greeting to all crazy nba fans around the world, J-Kidd Rules, Go Nets

(220677) Max, France: There is no clash between Kidd and TP!!Great Parker is going to outclass all Nets' team!!! Let's go Super n°9 and Spurs!!

(220678) Matt.C(Xiamen China): SPURS will always be SPURS ,GO ON, Tim duncan,go on ,David Robinson ,Go on,champions!

(220679) Antonio (Seville, Spain): I hope the game will improve because it's being so cold... HOLA ESPAÑA!!

(220680) me - nowhere: NBA is a men's World....tell to the kid to go play away!....GO SPURS!

(220681) Best(Shenyang)-china: I do not think the finals will be very wonderful...Go Duncan,SPURS is the best!

(220682) Amaru (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Enjoying the game here in Amsterdam, hoping for a seven game series, Go Nets!

(220683) Zoran, Belgrade: Most of Serbia was eternally happy to see the Lakers (especially Beavis and Buthead, you know who) OUT, so it doesn't really matter who wins this one. Especially so because our beloved Sacramento Kings didn't make it. We can't wait for Athens to 2004 to give the "dream team" another nightmare. Let's do it again Serbia !!!!

(220684) BEIJING, China: Thanks to the anvanced tech today, we can share the happiness of the NBA stars synchronously! i am watching CCTV now.

(220685) Moshe (Israel): Ginobili is great. Go spurs Go. Hi to Yaron from Israeli TV

(220686) M6 (MOROCCO): 2:00am in Morocco, on behalf on all the Moroccan i wanna say I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!

(220687) dadaie: i like duncan,i like kidd too.i only want to see a wonderful game.Go spurs,Go nets too!!!

(220688) port-au-prince, haiti, VALME Sony : DUNKEN FOR MVP 2003. I send a hello for all Haitian people in the world.

(220689) Armel Bosnia: What a block party ! The officials are the only ones who haven't been blocked. Hope it stays that way, greetings from Bosnia

(220690) Stefan Amsterdam (NL): Watch J-Kidd school Parker in the 2nd half, Nets Rule!!!!!

(220691) Turkey, tekirdag: i can't believe this game.Everybody flies and we can't do expect for shouting. Ali Alper Uyar

(220692) Mehdi ( MOROCCO ): we hope that the winner can do a gala games around the world it will be fantastic

(220693) Beijing: 10:00 AM in Beijing, China. We love Duncan as well as Robinson. Go Spurs! Be the final winner! Jia

(220694) shay dezaldety (israel): its 5 A.M. and the sun is rising, the birds are sinning and the spurs are winning...

(220695) Wang luyi(Roy) China: 10 am in Shanghai. Kidds is the best pg in nba. Go Kidds! Go Nets! I Look forward to see the nba game in Shanghai in 2004. I love this game

(220696) the General (Spurs Land): "...what nets gonna do when STEVE KERR gonna put the hell in here????....."

(220697) cyril (lyon, france): it is 4 hours of the morning in France, but it is TP time in nba, and in France it is the tp handled

(220698) Jack ( Hong Kong ): Hi Xu

(220699) Jerome (ChuaManila, Philippines): I miss work today so that i can watch the NBA finals LIVE, I've been doing this every NBA finals and i don't regret it.. Its very worth it... GO NJ!!!!!!!

(220700) Todd, Beijing: It's a fantasitc game and deserved for me to absent my work today to watch the Live! Go, Spurs, Go! Here is Beijing in China.

(220701) HAZEM (LEBANON): it's dawn already ..and waiting for the nets to win ..go kid go

(220702) Merlino (Bologna): OOOHOOHH IL FENOMENO!! Manu Ginobili, Superstar in Argentina, Superstar in Italy, Superstar in the NBA! go spurs!

(220703) bangkok: hey commentator y i cant see my message here. do i need to log in

(220704) CHINA(SHANGXI)LOVE YAO: this year i got MBA,every year i have got NBA, GOOD LUCK TO ALL NBA FANS.

(220705) Terry,CHINA,WUZHOU: the final begin now,although my LAKERS did not enter the final,but i still support NETS,because I hate SPURS& DUNCAN~~~

(220706) Nico, Philippines: GO SPURS GO

(220707) Belgrade: It is 4AM. In Serbia ,and I haven?t sleep almost 30 hours , but i must see the game.What will I do all summer without NBA

(220708) Moshe (Israel): 5 Oclock here in Israel. Please Broadcast my message

(220709) tschingun (Frankfurt): The fastest break!!! jason Kidd is THE Man, he understands the game, feels the ball and feels his teammates! Thats why he should be MVP and win the Ring! Thats the thing!

(220710) omri, israel: o.k it is now five in the morning and we are five people here watching the game three for n.j two for s.a but i know s.a will win b.t.w - way the go steve kerr

(220711) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: In spite of SARS is intimidating our life,but it can't stop me abelting Spurs!


(220713) (wudi)china: I love NBA Hoping the spur can victory, I like a sport, the grand festival that is a fan.

(220714) Zoran, Belgrade: Why are all the Italians so excited about Ginobili as if he was one of their own. He's Argentinian !!! And's he's better than the entire Italian national team. P.S. Your soccer sucks too!!

(220716) Tihomir (Tetovo Macedonia): I don't know which team will win this year,but I know who will win next year.... Lakers, the only one true champions. Kobe you are the best.

(220717) Emir(Sarajevo-Bosnia): It's 04:15 in sarajevo.I'm spurs fan and Duncan will prove why he is MVP two saesons in a row.GO SPURS!GO DUNCAN!

(220718) Armel Travnik: Lets see the Lords of the rings in the second half. Greetings from Bosnia !

(220719) Jamro (Belgium): Great game. I love it! Sure worth staying up (and not sleeping...)It's 4 am and I gotta get up at 6. Go Duncan! MVP!!!!

(220720) Tschingun(Frankfurt): Get the ring!

(220721) linweiyi(CHINA): show us a good match,go spurs,go nets,let us have a good joy of NBA.


(220723) Singapore: How's the game like

(220724) Eimr (sarajevo): Tim is MVP.He is the best.Go spurs!Go Tim!

(220725) HAZEM (LEBANON): parker is doing great ...go nets go

(220726) chengjiang from beijing : God,it's a great match!!1

(220727) Yang(China): Luckily in Beijing the time is so flat. Believe Nets

(220728) kent: i come from china, this game is not kobe,no laker. is not excellence!

(220730) Merlino (Bologna): Shut up serbian! You stole a world championship! go manu go spurs! Ginobili has won four titles with virtus kinder bologna, might.

(220731) Amir Ragporker, Israel: Pini Gershon please take Dunken to Panathinaikos so we will have an equal finals... Good Morning USA

(220732) Wangdi(huazhou, China): It's 10:04 in China now, I'm very happy that I can watch the final game when I was holiday.Spurs, play better, OK??

(220733) ChengDe China: i am a boy (hanhua), i have not already left the TV since 07:00 morning.that's fantestic. i am crazy.

(220734) Jacob Falk, Denmark: see what I said...SPURS is killing 'em down there...on the court of course

(220735) Ryan(CHINA): Forever Spurs ball,Go Spurs, Go Tim.D. Here in China, we support you!!!MVP

(220737) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: I think Nets won't win the finals.Because they are not fighting with five men but millions loyal fans in the world!


(220739) Bozo (Zagreb-Croatia): Greet's from Croatia. Come here, we'll teach you some basketball...

(220740) max (toulouse): it's late here but i'm still awake to watch this ! i love this game !! hello to my friends chris and dylan

(220741) Singapore: great game huh

(220742) sniper(Pa, USA): weee hope the nets can pull something out of thier hats

(220743) inness(Beijing): I like Duncan, but I hope Nets win the finals this year. We need to see something new right!

(220744) Ana: I´m from Mexico City and I´ve seen all the Playoff games. I have to admit that I just love Lakers but right now all my support is for Nets!!!!

(220745) Zoran, Belgrade: This time next year, Sacramento and Peja will be KINGS !!!!

(220746) hazem (lebanon): the nets will prevail and win ,,go kid go

(220747) Nicolas (France): Tony is On fire !! No Way for Nets Yiiihaa Tony!! Let's go spurs !! i will stay all the night for us !! thanks coffee !!

(220748) Wuxi China: It's 10 am in China. I wish Spurs get the finals. Go Spurs! Go Tim!

(220749) Beijing: I'm a college student in Beijing. I like Kidd very much! Kidd and his nets really play a wonderful game. come on nets!!

(220750) hazem (lebanon): post it ....wherever you go ,whatever you do new jersey nets will win this game....go jason go

(220751) Reykjavik, Iceland: The NBA is the greatest! Hope the Nets win the title. Gullskaufi, Iceland

(220752) ChenYubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou" go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220753) Olivier, Landerneau, France: T.P. from downtown...Yes !!! Uh huh is there a downtown in San Antonio ?

(220754) china: although sars here is very hard,we could have a good time because of nba final,go kidd,i love u

(220755) ChenYubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou" go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220756) hazem (lebanon): why all who love lakers ..love nets ...it's a secret

(220757) Tianjin PR: Duncan is best! chinese fans will share success together with great SPUR at the last!

(220758) hazem (lebanon): with this kind of jumper ,,they seem to be lucky

(220759) HuHuaWei(BeiJing): I am a graduate student in tsinghua university,because of SARS and because of FINAL ,i stay at home!!Go Go GO,Spurs!!Go Go Go ,Duncan!!I LOVE YOU!!

(220760) heaven.Beijing: Tim Duncan is the real MVP!He will show his strength in second half!I love Spurs!Spurs,go,go,go!!

(220761) Zoran, Belgrade: Bozo from ZG, you can't be serious. Need I remind you who the world and European champions are? remember Djordjevic's three-pointer in Bareclona '97? Come on, get real!!!

(220762) Recluse, China: Kobe?no !Only the O'neal could control the game.

(220763) perrat China: The time of NBA Finals Game is so great!!! Come on Spurs!!!

(220764) CHINA: Go Duncan,kidd,We Love them all. We all know nets will win .

(220765) Coco_juan(Harbin China): It is 10:12 am,I do not go studying but watching tv at home. Because I love this game!!!

(220766) Ziyou,China: Ziyou,China: We www.ziyou.net.cn are all show the most attention to the Finals...We all love Nets We all love Kidd..We all Love NBA

(220767) hazem (lebanon): am i on t.v cause i can scream and say :ladies and gentlemen Nets is a winner for tonight

(220768) kent(china): spur is not good, net is not goos, laker and kobe is very good, but ... i very disappoint! i will not watch nba.

(220769) Wang Kai(Shanghai): It is a pity that YaoMing can not join in the NBA Final. Maybe next year we can see him in the Finals.

(220770) Ryne (Manila): It's 10:15 right here in Manila. I woke up early just to watch the Game. Go Nets!!!

(220771) Chen Yubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou" go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220772) Harbin: Hello,mates!

(220773) Sebastian, Santiago: I think that the Spurs are going to win; but i don't care, because I LOVE THIS GAME

(220774) boyi(Beijing): come on nets! come on Kidd! I blieve you are the final winner!

(220775) Singapore: U go Spurs



(220778) Beijing Terry: I love this game.Let us forget SARS,enjoy this fantastic NBA finals together.Go Spurs.Go Nets.Both of you are the best.

(220779) Chen Yubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou!" Go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220780) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: What's wrong with Nets?Aren't they clear-headed like me?

(220781) Patricio Gallarini (BS AS): Came on Manu, you are the best international player y the NBA.

(220782) Jerry(China): I love Nets most, but I would like Bateer to win the NBA fanals!

(220783) Dominick (france): the Froggy,the Admiral & the Wall SPURS ROCKS!

(220784) Amy(China): Wow, so many Chinese are watching NBA!!! Luckily, it's daytime here. Nets have to work a bit harder!

(220785) AirWolf(Beijing): I am from China.It's a wonderful game! I love this game!And i do believe that Spurs will win the game! Go Spurs!

(220786) michael zhao(beijing): SARS can not stop the sports . we love nba ,i love spurs i love this game.NOW I cheer for spurs & Tim in SARS insulation arena .GO! GO! SPURS

(220787) Wenjin(Beijing): Nets will be the champion as the Spurs eliminated the no-Dirk Mavs

(220788) Ed - Burger (Sorocaba-SP-Brazil): Greetings to All NBA Fans around the World! Tonight we´re are seeing the best of the bests on a single game! Enjoy as long as you can! life is shorter than these Spurs Guys!

(220789) Chen Yubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou!" Go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220790) Patrick Li(Shanghai): Thanks for you, NBA, help to us fighting for the SARS. We will go on trying to win the "game", and hope you can be always stay with us and we will. Let's play and love the game for the Love United

(220791) zhengzhou : althoug sars here is very hard,we could have a good time now because of nba final,thanks nba,go kidd,i love u. allen china

(220792) Recluse, China: Kobe isn't Iverson.He can't lead the Lakers to the finnals.

(220793) mi nan beijing : I love basketball,I love nba.and Ilove t mac

(220794) ZhangYu(China): I'm a Chinese NBA fan. Although there's a Chinese player Bateer in Spurs, I'm all for J-Kidd. Kidd is the MVP in my eye. Go, Kidd! Go, Nets! Here is ChangSha China.

(220795) Beijing,China: Nets will win the game, because Kidd is the leader of Champion.

(220796) Feng Cangzhou: Crazy!That`s theonlyway to describe theNBA Finals.you don`t know whatwhat`s going to happen.

(220797) Harry(Harbin,China): Hello,dear mates,what a sunny morning,with such a fantastic nba finals!Go on Nets!!!

(220798) Joseph, Perth, Australia: The Nets must win it this year, they have to regain long lost pride for the EAST. GO KIDD AND NEW JERSEY!

(220799) kent(china): Spur is not good, Net is not good, Laker and kobe is very good, but ... i very disappoint! I will not watch nba.

(220800) mi nan beijing : and 1

(220801) kevin m (cavite philippines): we in the family go for SPURS! go SPURS go!!! hi to allen and to all my classmates in MTS.

(220802) Kidd Chow(Hong Kong): Jason Kidd Go Go Go, the best point guard in NBA!!! I beilive Kidd, I believe Net!!! I love this game!!!

(220803) Chen Yubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou!" Go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220804) sn mateo,phillipines: ders no way they cant d mihgty spurs go!spurs

(220805) looman: "nee how" from chengdu,china. im enjoying the game with my friends david and chen! the nba is fantastic! give it up for the admiral!

(220806) Beijing: Here we can fight against SARS successfully, however we could not refuse the NBA's beauty and excitement. My mother and I support Tim and Spurs right here. jason

(220808) Chen Yubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou!" Go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220809) Kawaii(Wuhan,China): San antonio Procures Unquestionable RingS? After all, this season they are the best of best! However, as a fan of NBA, I do hope Nets can entangle Spurs as possible as they can, thus we can have a big feast of NBA Finals! Go Spurs! Go Nets! Thanx for all the players, referees and organizers!

(220810) Sebastian, Chile: I think that the Spurs are gonig to win; but I don't care, because I LOVE THIS GAME.

(220811) Wuxi China: Although MJ has retired from the court,we still have Tim & Jason. GO!Young Guys!We love this game!

(220812) Tianjin China: Finals ,SARS,stay IN dormitory,I love this game!

(220813) Wak(Sims Drive)sg: Go Spurs Duncan and Robinson u are the best.

(220814) Jerry(China): I love Nets most! But I would like Bateer to win the NBA Finals!


(220816) Merlino (Bologna, Italy): 4:30 in the morning... GO MANU!! Bologna is awaked for you! Go spurs!!

(220817) Chen Yubo,China: Here is NJ(Nanjing) China.Kidd is the true MVP.I love NJ Nets.It's happy time to watching NBA finals. "JiaYou!" Go NJ Nets,go kidd!

(220818) Yaneng(taiyuan,China): I like Spurs.Tim is better than O'Neal.Spurs is the best team. Spurs GO GO GO!

(220819) Wenjin(Beijing): Nets will be the Champion as Spurs eliminated the no-Dirk Mavs

(220820) Beijing,China: In spite of SARS is influencing our life,but it can't stop me watching this game!we are five friends here watching the game .GO Spurs! Go Duncon ! ----BBluesky.

(220821) Fabián , Buenos Aires: 36 million Spurs fans, sleepless in Argentina. Go Spurs !!

(220822) elmer m (cavite philippines): manu is the man for SPURS!!! Go SPURS go...

(220823) allen m (cavite philippines): hi to popsie, momsie & kuya...Let's go SPURS all the way!!!

(220825) Chen LOVE YAO (Beijing): SARS will never stop our love for the game.I am looking forward to seeing the preseason game HOU vs SAC in 2004.Spurs gets the ring. GO spurs

(220826) zw: you see how much we love baketball ,we all love this game,i support Tim Duncan

(220827) Chapman (Hong Kong): Jason Kidd is the MVP! Go NETS! GO NETS! Take 4-0 to win NBA FINAL!

(220828) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: Whereever Spurs playing games is at home,because there are so many loyal fans all over the world!

(220829) Kidd Chow(Hong Kong): Kidd will never give up, i will never give up!!! I love this game!!!

(220830) Skill (CA, USA): Basketball is boring w/o MJ!

(220831) Fisherman, Kun Ming, China: Thank god! China is a geographiclly adavantaged country to watch NBA finals live. It's 10am in the morning, we are so lucky here! Go nets! Martin & Kidd I love you! I love you too NBA!!!

(220832) Aldo (France): I'm very happy to see this game on french TV. Go TP, and thank you george and bruno

(220833) Yang(Beijing China): The atmosphere in SBC is very hot, I want to go there!To feel that sense!

(220834) Recluse, China: NewJersy?Come next year!

(220835) Liujunfeng Cangzhou: Crazy!Go crazy.Go Mvp!Go Robinson! And go spurs!

(220836) Harry(Harbin,China): Go on nets!!!Most of the posters are Chinese:) We are lucky!

(220837) turkey/istanbul: new jersey go god jersey win jason spurs cleaning. ılove you nba

(220838) FAB from France: Where are you Jason ? TP is too hot !!!

(220839) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: All the classmates in my class are watch the games together,and they are having breakfast together!

(220840) harry: Good mornin latin friends

(220841) Toulouse- FRANCE: hello, it's early in the morning in France, thank's to the French touch of Tony PARKER in this game, Go SPURS AND TONY. George E and Bruno P. BYE BYE

(220842) Paula (buenos aires): GO SPURS!!!!!! MANU ROCKS!!!!! WE'LL BE CHAMPIONS!!!!!

(220843) Otis(Hong Kong): Spur may not will in first match, but spur will win in final~ this is spur style!! haha~

(220844) beer-sheva (israel): were seven students here watching the game instead of going to sleep, great game, great playoffs, we love this game. p.s. happy shavoot for everybody

(220845) Jasmine (Indonesia): I must skipped working today coz I must see NBA Finals! Go SPURS! MAY GOD be with you!! Go TWIN TOWERS!!

(220846) Poulain (Paris): I love this Game ! Paris is on fire and believe me we will support the Spurs until the end of the night !!! Go Tony !!!

(220847) Cheok hong Kong: i am spurs fan i hope kerr have good performance likes game 6 in weatern final

(220848) javi (madrid, spain): up nets !!! up kid !!! go out the style of spurs !!! up t-mac !!!

(220849) monterrey, mexico: hi

(220850) iverson: 72million Nets fans, sleepless in china(now is daytime), go nets.

(220851) Seckin Ozbekoglu (Turkey): duncan and admiral rules the 3-second-key,and malik is the best offensive rebounder...go spurs go!!!

(220852) Zhongshan, Guandong,China : Cory: We are Chinese doctors , we are now fighting SARS, as long as NBA finals is going on, we can rest and watch the close game. We are full of confidence to beat SARS.

(220853) ZhengYu,Beijing: We have an important examination this afternoon,but nothing could stop me from watching the game!!Go,Nets!!Go,Martin!!

(220854) Mexico: Duncan is the man GO SPURRRRS....and also congratulations to all of the argentina people MANU RULESSSSSS

(220855) Beli-B. (MITROVICA/KOSOVO): Skill (CA, USA)u got right man but the future of NBA is Kobe Bryant like mike

(220856) Diego (Argentina): i'm a ginobili's fan it's a fantastic player go spurs go

(220857) The General (Winners Side): "....We are the champions!..."

(220858) ercan turkey/istanbul: new jersey go god jersey win jason spurs cleaning. ılove you nba

(220859) nancy: yeah go go go Tony!!! Let'sget ready to rammmble !! Go on george and Bruno.

(220860) Peking China: How fierce competition it is! I am for Spurs and for Bobinson.Go Spurs.Undoubtly,final competition belongs to Spurs.

(220861) Paula (buenos aires): hey everybody! wanna do a quetion: in the last world cup..who do u think that the champion would have been? i mean...i think argentina was robbed....

(220862) antoine, france: it is 4:30 am in France. I won't sleep until T.P scores another 3 points. Go Spurs !! Go Tony Parker

(220863) Lang Yunfeng(Inner Mongolia,China): It's rainy day outside,but i can watch the wonderful NBA game at home.I love this game! Go NBA! Thank everyone for this game! You are great!

(220864) turkey /istanbul: ercan new jersey love god win

(220865) SPAIN: up nets !!!! in memory of drazen petrovic, who play in Real Madrid up kidd for mvp !!!! go out spurs !!!

(220866) Yang(Beijing China): Harry:Yes,We are lucky!Thanks to CCTV!

(220867) RAMIRO C. BAHIA BLANCA ARGENTINA: Came on Manu GINOBILI, you are the best international player y the NBA.

(220868) Ziyou,(China):: Ziyou,China: We ¡¾WWW.ZIYOU.NET.CN ¡¿are all show the most attention to the Finals...We all love Nets We all love Kidd..We all Love NBA

(220869) IZMIR : Hi Say hello From Turkey I want New Jersey Nets wins this match.I lıke To Tim Duncan plays I love Jason Kidd Go Nets gooo

(220870) DaxCEbuPhilippines: wer here wacthing jason kidd,the spurs cant stop jason!

(220871) Can (İstanbul): It's an exciting match and Nets gonna win Hi to M.Kosova

(220872) PurpleCity: GO SPURS!!! I LOVE PURPLE!!!

(220873) Juan Cordoba, Argentina: Go manu ginobili and Spurs!!!! manu mvp

(220874) Nick(Cangzhou): Go Spurs!Go MVP!Go Robinson!GO Crazy! Join the Final Fantasy!

(220875) daclanCEbuPhilippines: nets must have serious defense on parker

(220876) Class 8: With Nets challenging the Champion,we are having the University Entrance Exam on June 7th.As well as Nets we are sure to succeed.

(220877) Jeffrey ,Pecking PRC: Here day raining China, there night burning USA. Big team, big ball. I give my cry, cheer and craze to you, GREAT TEAM, Spurns. Go! Go! Go!

(220878) Harry(Harbin,China): Otis(Hong Kong) You got yr reasons I bet the final score will be 4:2 But I think the winner will be the Nets:)

(220880) SPAIN: UP DUNCAN !!! Jugonnnnn

(220881) jeiflyn(philippines): spurs: the unstoppable and the unbeatble!!!go manu ginobili!!!!

(220882) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: I think Nets won't win the finals.Because they are not fighting with five men but millions loyal fans in the world!

(220883) Cory, Zhongshan, GuangDong, China: We are Chinese doctors , we are now fighting SARS, as long as NBA finals is going on, we can rest and watch the close game. We are full of confidence to beat SARS.

(220884) ercan turkey: ILOVE YOU JERSEY GO KİDD

(220885) Igor,Macedonia: We are the BEST.Go HOME Nets. Go Spurs, Go.Game is over 4-0.

(220886) Mathieu (Paris): Go Tony Parker ! Lead the Spurs to victory ! Everyone in France is behind the Spurs !

(220887) Dominick (France): spurs gonna wins....respect to the nets! MWHAHAHAhahahahahahahahaha!..........


(220889) Gabriele (Milano, Italy): no matter what ya think, manu and spurs will win

(220891) Paula (BS AS): heyyy.....anybady wanna write me? diva_pop@hotmail.com

(220892) Iffan(Singapore): Alright.Keep scoring Spurs.

(220893) Anthony (Poitiers France): Parker is our proud !!!! Go Spurs !!!! Go France !!!!

(220894) Istanbul: Come on Nets!Beat Spurs for us!wE Love you even in Turkey. CY

(220896) tapayancebuPhilippines: the rest of the nets must help kidd to win the game

(220897) Nacho, Bahia Blanca ARG: GO GO GO SPURS!!!! GO GO GO MANU!!!! I'm with the whole Ginobilli family watching our hero!!!

(220898) Gustavo Rio de Janeiro Brazil: Everybody here in Rio are with the SPURS!!!!Go Duncan

(220899) Toulouse-France: MVP'Spurs: Tim and Tony the US and French touch for the nba title. George E and Bruno P

(220900) Yang Jia China: I'm glad to see such a great match in our summer vocation.Go Spurs.you'll be the winner!

(220901) Paula (buenos aires): HELLO!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MANU!!!!!!! MANU MVP!!!!!!

(220902) paris : hi everybody, from France ;what a nice game tony Parker is terrefic GO SPURS!!!!

(220903) Nacho, Bahia Blanca ARG: GO GO GO MANU!!!! All Argentina is with you!!!!

(220904) Barney Lover, Gresham: I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME!

(220905) Ga (buenos aires): Go Manu ! Go Spurs we are the champions

(220906) Recluse: I like Newjersy but I think Spurs will be the champion,because only Spurs defeat the Lakers in the past three years in playoff!

(220907) Louise: I am a college student from Beijing.Because of SARS, I am very lucky to stay at home watching NBA game. Go SPURS!!!!

(220908) Chencheng£¬Sichuan ofCHINA: What is love?Love is watching games since eyes opened if there is match on TV.

(220909) Kragujevac: Who is the World Champion?HEELO from SERBIA

(220910) RAMIRO C. BAHIA BLANCA ARGENTINA:: Came on Manu GINOBILI, you are the best international player y the NBA. GO SPURS!!!!!! MANU !!!!! WE'LL BE CHAMPIONS!!!!!

(220911) Ray,Beijing: Come on,Martin my favoutite,let's win this serie

(220912) Nanjing: Why?Why?Why?Why there are so many NBA fans watching the game?HeHE...Because It's a LIVE game!!!

(220913) Bill(Cang Zhou): We trust MVP and everyone in spurs.You are the one Tim!

(220914) stentorsun BEIJING: I missed 2 classes for nba finals,I support spurs ,i like tim duncan and chinese player bateer!GO SPURS!I love this game!

(220915) Istanbul: This is Ali.Duncan,you are the MVP! Forget about the Kidd.

(220916) jeiflyn(philippines): my tummy is aching,lunch is waiting but i won't rest until spurs wins!!!!

(220917) Real Madrid C.F.: The next year, Gasol mvp, and Raul Lopez most improved player, I said. But T-Mac is the greatest.

(220918) Tiny(Berlin): BoohWhee! If u want, we can still make it for ten, diggggaaaahh?

(220919) Dany(Guadeloupe): GO GO SPURS!!!!! T.P win this for us... Hello the French West Indies.SPURS THE WINNER THIS YEAR

(220920) BEE(HONG KONG): HIHI^^

(220921) Juanchi Cordoba, Argentina: hi every body

(220922) Dominick (france): FROGGY RULES!....now you know!

(220923) yao beijing: It¡¯s 10am in china .though my favourite team lakers didn¡¯t go last,I don¡¯t care who¡¯ll win the final,Go nba!Peking,China Yao

(220924) Lily(Shenzhen,China): Nice Shot,Tony! Go Spurs! We love you cause you are the true NBA champion!

(220925) beijing china: it is not perfect that the game doesn't have mj.it is too bad! but i think mj will be happy, because nba have a lot of telent players now!

(220926) Buenos Aires, Argentina: hello,i am here with my friends watching the game. Manu Ginobili is the best. Go to the championship Manu!!! Ale, Pablo, Maty and Marian

(220927) Zoran, Belgrade: Rise and shine Serbia, it's dawn and time to go to work !!! Well, for some people anyway, I'm kind of looking forward to the 4th quarter and some sleep.

(220928) Andrew Stone Guangzhou.China: I'm excited to see the NBA FINALS.Tim Duncan shows well in this match.Jason Kidd is OK.

(220929) israel: the SUN is rising here we love this game yair,ori,shirly,ohad,nativ,ron and omri

(220930) Louise,Beijing,: I am an undergraduate. Because of SARS, I am very lucky to stay at home watching NBA games. Go SPURS!!

(220931) wang beijing: No O.K ,No A.I,No T-Mac,what can I say? I still believe,No matter what.I still love this game.let¡¯s enjoy it! Beijing wang

(220932) wuhan: I am college student in wuhan china,I love this game very much,it is marvelous.


(220935) Nick(Cangzhou): We will always love you--NBA Finals. GO Tim!GO Davie!

(220936) Facundo Zocola: Yeah my message was seen by every people in the world watching the match im so pruod of myself, that was what argentinians want to say about manu and the spurs, go spurs go!!!!!

(220937) Nick(Cangzhou): NBA-a wonder in my dream!GO! You will always cool!

(220938) Merlino (Bologna): ginobili è spaziale! manu is simply the best! go spurs! quite 5 o'clock in the morning...

(220939) perrat : Every player does perfectly!!! especially,Number 9 (Spurs)... where is the best play ? just NBA FINALS GAMES!!! I LOVE THE PLAY!

(220940) bong(philippines: go jason you do it...bit the spurs..hehehe...go kidd...i like the kidd...

(220941) I7an (Montenegro): Welcome back Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque Wamutombo! And good luck with Ducan, couse i`m affraid he is gonna show why you haven`t played for whole season.

(220942) Argentina, Bs As: I am watching the game right now. So i would like to apperiance in TV. Manu Ginobili is great. Go ESPN and Spurs!!! Ale

(220943) beijing china: mj will be happy! as nowaday nba have a lot of mvp!

(220944) Can (İstanbul): We want to see pre-season matches in Turkey Nets Rules! Hi To M.Kosova

(220945) Riga: Here in Latvia, Riga its almost 6Am and we all support J-Kidd & K-Mart.

(220946) Richard(BEIJING): i am a chinese student.Because of SARS,we have able to watch the NBA FINALS at home.i think NETS will win the game!!

(220947) Juanchi Cordoba, Argentina: I love this game and i will love it for all my life go spurs and manu

(220948) il fighetto volante (Italy): woah!! raise the roof! we're like 20 people in Bologna crazy for Manu and the Spurs! yo Manu! Matalos todos!!! Go Spurs!!

(220949) Nanjing: Where are suport liveing on network!

(220950) yaser(ShangHai): Tim,MVP of the playoff !!!!!!!!!

(220951) chinaboy: duncun is of course the MVP of NBA

(220952) me - nowhere: is bad how KIDD missed all this game!...im feeling sorry for him! hahahahahahaha

(220953) Jackson(Haixing): Kidd will be the most important player! Trust me!

(220954) Alpha, Paris: 4:40 in paris still awake just to see Tony and mates do what they do best... play greatly, Go tony ,Go spurs

(220956) Harry(Harbin,China): Any Liverpool fans?

(220957) Beijing(UIBE), China: During quarantine, this year's final is more delicious than ever.

(220958) lu(china): I am SARS,i very love NBA! Spur and Net is not good, kobe and laker is very good,ilove kobe, the game is not kobe,i very disappoint.

(220959) from madrid to the heaven : Go out nets and Spurs! Up Orlando and Sacramento !!! I like show-time, no this style, that it's boring.

(220960) Linkin Park(HaiXing): You are the one I love -NBA Finals! Just like before!!

(220961) Zoran, Belgrade: Bravo for the guys from Kragujevac, we are the champions !!!

(220963) Aris, Riga: It's almost 6 AM in Riga, Latvia and we all support Nets! Go J-Kidd & K-Mart

(220964) Juanchi Cordoba, Argentina: I really love this beautifull game

(220965) kidd,st.louis: now every body who hates on the nets can go to He!!.because every one knows jersey is the best,and no dou`t about it.


(220967) superdesch lyon: 4 am here but it s a parker time in nba and TP mania in france

(220968) virtus bologna (Italy): Ginobili number one.

(220969) Beijing: SARS can not prevent us from watching the exciting NBA Finals!!! Go Go Go!!!

(220970) bong (philippines): i like kidd go nets...bit the spurs....

(220971) chinaboy wuxi: so duncun is the best player of NBA

(220972) Pavel, Czech Rep.: Czech Republic says "hi" to all of the fans of the game we all love so much!!!

(220973) madrid, spain: 'bruto' martin mvp !!! up nets !!!

(220974) Zoran, Belgrade: No Harry, all Liverpool fans are hiding in disguise nowadays. But there are lots of us Red Devils around !!! Keep trying, perhaps you'll finish second in the premiership one day.

(220975) PAU: GO MANU!!!!!!! WE ARE VERY PROUD OF U!!!!! i mean.....the people who realy cares about him are the ones who follow his steps from the beggining.....and i'm one of them! if i love this game, if for him, he made me love it!!!!! GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!! AGUANTE ARGENTINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa LUV YA LOTS!!!!!


(220977) Nick: Zoran did u c the game between England and Serbia,Gerrard and J¡¤Cole score as England won at Leicester:)

(220978) me - nowhere: DUUUUUUNNNNNNK'an ...WOAW!

(220979) Juanchi Cordoba, Argentina: i've to go to school but im watching ginobili and spurs

(220980) Can(Turkey): Duncan has just began to play.Spurs will win the game.Go Spurs Go!

(220981) fan of nets phil: i think coach byrin scott must realize to used the veteran dikembee mutombo to guard duncan.

(220982) PAU (con argentina en la sangre!): MANU, u deserve it!

(220983) Umar (Wuxi, China): Big up Spurs, big up Tim Ducan, we are watching you

(220984) il salsicciaro di via andrea costa (Bologna, Italy): GO SAN ANTONIO SPURS! manu ginobili is the best! spurs and manu the champions!

(220985) lizheng : I am a NBA lover ,I love this game .Now I am working ,but I hope Kidd is the mvp.I want to know if Yao-ming goes to Net next season ?

(220986) Nanjing,China: Go Spurs,Go Duncan.The Spurs will reach the peak with no doubts!!

(220987) Zoran, Belgrade: Yeas Nick, but talking about our national soccer team is a pure waste of time. They are simply pathetic.

(220988) Nick(Cangzhou): A wonderland in the real world---NBA. Nothing is inportant but power and speed.Go Net with your "weapons".You want if you can!

(220989) :

(220990) fish&jennifer: GO SPURS!!!!!GO DUNCAN!!!! GO BA TE!!!!

(220991) changsha,china: Bater will be the first chinese who wins the NBA championship. Go Bater ,Go Spurs !

(220992) Mengda(china): I'm fan of SUPRS,so i hope win this game,go SUPRS!you are first forever!

(220993) Olimpia Milano (Italy): zoran, no matter what you said, you stole a championship, and that's it

(220994) Argentina, Entre Rios: shoot manu, shoot!!! don´t be scared, you have to do it to be the best in the NBA.

(220995) maggie: I am watching nba finals now,Come on spurs,Make your dream come true! KaiFeng, China

(220996) Ankara, Turkey: ALkaTRaZZ : Deflation of The NETS ; Only on T.V. Across the World On july

(220997) Nick: Zoran,you support manure????? Pity for you

(220998) Qiu Cheng China: I hope Yao Ming will appear in the field in 2004 NBA finals

(220999) Jasmine (Indonesia): What a dunk, DUNCAN! Go Spurs.. See? What can u do KIDD?

(221000) Raf -Martinique : yeah! go nets nets!!!66-82! but we can win!!! go on!!!!!and stop tony!

(221001) Angel, Japan: Parker and Duncan...winning combination! GO Spurs!!!

(221002) chen zhong chaoyang beijing china: i also like kidd, because he is more like Isiah Thomas who is my favouite player in nba history.

(221003) xinglei.tangshan,china: i am be at home because of sars. thanks for nba.the game is very interesting.we and nj will win.wish nba have a thriving and happy new year!

(221004) Mohd Iffan Singapore: Go Spurs.

(221005) Florida: I very so much this game, i like the manu, come on manu!!!!

(221006) Saint-Germain en Laye: We enjoy from France T.P.'s plays. It's 5 a.m. here but we are still watching San Antonio SPURS ... Go SPURS, go TONY !!!

(221007) alpha Paris, France : tony = the best Go SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(221008) Yibin, china: fantastic!!! go spurs!!!!go!!! bateer go!!! YAO MING will get the Championship in next season!!!!!!!

(221010) Jio -Martinique : wey! go nets ! go and goodnight to all the west indians who are watching the match!! go ! nets and block duncan!

(221011) Merlino (Bologna): olimpia milano you're great! go manu!

(221012) KaiFeng China: come on spurs,win the champions

(221013) Ruth Garcia, Hongkong: Hello everybody? I like The Nets! Go NJ! Beat the Spurs! Hi Fatih?

(221014) Cory ,Zhongshan, Gungdong, China: We are Chinese doctors , we are now fighting SARS, as long as NBA finals is going on, we can rest and watch the close game. We are full of confidence to beat SARS.

(221015) Jasmine-Indonesia: Go Malik!! Isn't that great?

(221016) Ruth Garcia, Hongkong: Hello everybody? I like the Nets! Go NJ! Beat the Spurs! Hi Fatih?

(221017) Coldebella (Milano): thinkin' that peja wouldn't do an airball in a scaring situation?

(221018) Zoran: Olimpia that's malice and jealousy speaking out of you. Do you know how many times we had a championship stolen from us. I guess you can't come to terms with the fact that we booted the Americans out of the medal rounds. Serbia forever !!!

(221020) chengdu: watching the game in chengdu, china. david, jeff and looman want to see the nets come back in the 4th. let's watch kidd take over!

(221021) bpz(changsha,china): Bater will be the first chinese who wins the NBA championship. Go Bater,Go Spurs!

(221022) Alvin Wang Gang: We are the college students in Beijing, because of SARS, we can't leave our school.But, we still have the NBA Finals, we love this game. Thanks, NBA.We also believe we can finally win the game against SARS! Come on.

(221023) alpha Paris, France : i dont think so!!! go SPURS!! go tony

(221024) as: wa~~~~~~~~~~ so many chinese people watch the nba live!!!!

(221025) Shanghai ,China: I am sure that Duncan will be the MVP of the NBA finals.

(221026) Rosario: I ´like Emmanuel Ginobili, this Player is Exelents, Go Spurs go To The Champions, youár winner

(221027) ramiro(phi): hey!!! kidd is really great! go kidd

(221028) Nick(Cangzhou): Champions belong to the "big man".And there is so many big man in spurs.So...

(221029) Petit Piment(Shanghai-China): For today game's almost over for NJ

(221030) Nick: Olimpia Milano,pardon me for asking what time it is in Italy?PS:Samdoria comes back!!!!!I love signori:)

(221031) leo from beijing: robust spurs will give nets a sharp piercing through. go spurs!

(221032) Zoran, Belgrade: Nick, you are the one who needs all the pity and symapthy in the world.

(221033) Laurent(Orleans),France: Go spurs,go Tony Parker,all the frenchs who like the NBA watching the tv tonight.

(221034) Ziyou,(China): We ¡¾WWW.ZIYOU.NET.CN ¡¿are all show the most attention to the Finals...We all love Nets We all love Kidd..We all Love NBA

(221035) zoom: i'm a elephant ,i love this game.

(221036) alpha Paris, France : is kidd tough enough for tony parker?

(221037) beanbird(China): Thanks NBA to give so many international players a chance to show to the world.

(221038) BeiJing: Go!Go!Go!Nets!You will win!I'm sure!You will be the best!

(221039) Nick: NBA connects us together:) GO ON NETS!!!

(221040) Dominick (france): i would like to say thanx to : my lil Froggy T.P.....the Great Admiral.....the Wall Duncan....the Magician Ginobili....and the Superman Steve KERR!!!!!.....THANX U ALL GUYZ!.....

(221041) L.A.: I am an elephant. I love this game!

(221042) Beijing,China: We are the college students in Beijing, because of SARS, we can't leave our school.But, we still have NBA Finals. Thanks, NBA. We love this game.We also believe we can finally win the war against SARS. Come on!

(221043) perrat : what is love? what is love?? Love is play every game!!

(221044) Ankara, Turkey: ALkaTRaZZ : tim duncan rulez! go spurs wipe them out

(221045) Rosario: Go Spurs Go To The Champion, Emmanuel Ginobili Is The Gat Exelents Playoer ilike to Wins Spurs

(221046) Merlino (Bologna): Yeah!! Go manu!! You're GREAT!!

(221047) Lu Zhou, China: Goodness Duncan!The best MVP!Go Go Go!

(221048) ram (phil): parker cant beat jason kidd hes a great player!!

(221049) Merlino (Bologna): Oh Zoran, I'm really happy about you've just said about Usa and Srbija ... But you stole the championship at all...

(221050) Ali,China: beat NJ,Go Spurs!the championship is waving to you.

(221051) Jasmine, Indonesia: What a move, Duncan!! Love you!!

(221052) Hammerxu,China: Watching NBA is so exciting.Being fans of Spurs is so exciting,too.Spurs will get the champion.

(221053) beijing: Kings!!!5555555555555 Spurs is the best one. Go!

(221054) Marcus/ Singapore: Fantastic! The Nets Rock! Come on lets see some more fast breaks...its just a joy to see Jason Kidd's assists..

(221055) JEFFREY ,PEKING PRC: Here day raining China, there night burning USA. Big team, big ball. I give my cry, cheer and craze to you, GREAT TEAM, SPURS. Go!SPURS Go! DUNCAN Go!GO!!!

(221056) Arya Harbin: I am a Chinese NBA fan and I hope that Spurs will win the game,for Bateer,although he is not on playoff roster.GO Spurs,go Robinson!!!

(221057) Olimpia Milano (Italy): I don't know how many times you've been booted, I only know that the fact are as they are. I think that the referees drinked too much that day... don't you? then you're blind, I think. nick, here in Italy now are 5.00 am.... but I'm here watching the game. GO MANU! ;)

(221058) chen zhong chaoyang beijing china: i also like kidd, because he is more like Isiah Thomas who is my favouite player in nba history.

(221059) h(beijing): Great!That's Great!! :))MVP!!

(221060) Tom: Good moning,Pavel,trust me,Nedved will be the European Footballer of 2003

(221061) Bridgetown,Barbados: Hi spurs,we are watching you all the way from Barbados in the West Indies. Go Spurs. Carol

(221062) Shin(Tokyo): It's noon in Tokyo. I reaaly enjoy the transition basketball of the Nets. GO NEW JERSEY!!!

(221063) Zoran, Belgrade: They were 8 points ahead with 2 minutes to go, Divac blocked in the last second and we won it in overtime and we stole it!? I guess we are labelled as thieves whenever the officials don't steal 20 points from us. See all of u losers in Athens next year !!!

(221064) Nairobi, kenya: SAS is the best. GO Spurs

(221065) Paulita (ARGENTINA!!!): tomorrow i gotta go to wake up at 7 and i'm still awake!!! damm college.....but hey, i have to study... BUT ALL I WANNA DO IS WATCH THE MATCH!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

(221066) Jasmine, Indonesia: Still Spurs on the move..

(221067) Sunjin Beijing China: Spurs are dominating the paint! Mengke Bateer will be the FIRST Asian to win the NBA title! Go Spurs! Go!

(221068) Beijing: Net nets the spurs!!!

(221069) Ron (Vancouver): Grizzlies RULE!!!!!!!

(221070) Zoran, Belgrade: No, I'm not blind. I'm just a guy from a poor and devastated country of six million people and we happen to be 5-time world champs and 7-time European champs. While the rest of u are a bunch of bad losers.

(221071) Lu Zhou, China: I always Trust that JASON KIDD is the TRUE MVP Everywhere!GO Go Go!

(221072) Sunjin Beijing China: Tim DOUBLE-MVP!

(221073) yue weining(Beijing): Spurs make the final ugly. We miss Lakers!

(221074) Eddie Morris (Shanghai-China): It's 11:00 am her in China, i'm having my lunch while watching SPURS-NJ. I love this Game. Go Go SPURS

(221075) Tianfan Cheng(Wuxi,China): Tim Duncan and Spurs will be the champion of this year. I am so exiciting to hear that I can watch NBA match in China. So, see You NBA in 2004.

(221076) fish&jennifer(CHINA): I love this game!!!

(221077) Jasmine, Indonesia: Look at the assist of the Twin Towers!

(221078) Merlino (Bologna): Two fouls on Sconochini but Pitsilkas was watching girls in first row stand, i don't know...

(221079) jeiflyn manila philippines: don't loosen up on defense!!!tighten the grip on jason kidd!!!go spurs!!!

(221080) Harry(Harbin,China): Arya,where r u?

(221081) The General (Spurs Land): WHERE IS THE NETS? ...can someone tell me when they comes to play?

(221082) China Class 8: With Nets challenging the Champion,we are having the University Entrance Exam on June 7th.As well as Nets we are sure to succeed.

(221083) Olimpia Milano (Italy): ziran, whatever you say are words in the wind. the referees helped you back there, and there are no comebacks that can justify that

(221084) China: I am very angry that I can not watch the game because of some reasons,I think I has been dead for 2 hours!

(221085) Vieux-Fort, St. Lucia: We'll get them next game, Nets

(221086) Hammerxu,China: Batter is the prise of all the Chinese.We support him.We support Spurs.

(221087) Moderator: Kenyon Martin has fouled out...As game one winds down, we look ahead to game 2. Do you think the Nets will be able to comeback and play? They started out strong tonight, but were overpowered. What do you predict?

(221088) The General (WINNERS): KIDD????? what this thing? a new dance?

(221089) Zoran, Belgrade: Forgot to add one thought. I guess Olimpia and Merlino are getting so excited about Manu Ginobili and pissing all over our world title because the Italina national team is off the world map!!! Don't foget who taught you how to play the game. You see, we are born with the talent for it.

(221090) Dima Bodrov, Hungary: 5AM here,6cups of cofee,still believe in JKIDD.Respect to NTV+ Russia

(221091) China: Why?

(221092) Olimpia Milano (Italy): and remember that in the final game ginobili was in fact out with a sprained knee or something similar

(221093) Class 8,China: With Nets challenging the Champion,we are having the University Entrance Exam on June 7th.As well as Nets we are sure to succeed.

(221094) chen zhong chaoyang beijing china: it is wonderful that so many chinese funs in the chat.

(221095) Nick: Zoran,u admit u r from a guy from a poor and devastated country?pity 4 u again for a second time,no matter how "poor"yr country is,u should love her,don't u?

(221096) China: With Nets challenging the Champion,we are having the University Entrance Exam on June 7th.As well as Nets we are sure to succeed.

(221097) Syuichi Mitsuyasu(Kani Japan): I believe Spurs in six.

(221098) Jasmine, Indonesia: So..1-0 for Spurs now..Go Spurs!

(221099) Merlino (Bologna): Chapeau to serbs... Danilovic, Jaric.... Where did they go to win something? ehehehe.... And do not forget Paris 1999... Bye bye! Spurs win game one, manu rules.

(221100) The General (WINNERS): BABY!...we win....ill be there soon....!


(221102) Morris (Shanghai-China): I'm an African student in China. I love this game. Go Go SPURS!!! this game is yours. It's Thursday,June 5th (11:11 am) here in China

(221103) Zoran, Belgrade: In fact, if I remember correctly, he did play in the final although he wasn't his usual self as he was injured. All cr to Ginobili, he's a great player. But what about Peja Stojakovic ?

(221104) Olimpia Milano (Italy): zoran,you just don't know what aare you speaking about. who are the european champions of 99? in fact, in the last european competitions we lost our 3 best players (carlton myers, gregor fucka and alessandro abbio), and then we had no chance to pass the round. now I go to bed... see you next time ;)

(221105) Moderator: That's it for tonight! Thanks for joining us. I look forward to hearing from you. Same time on Friday! See you then.