Hollywood leading man, and star of the new movie "The Bourne Identity", stopped by NBA.com's Cybercast for a live chat during Game 1. Here's what he had to say:

willy: Doug Liman who directed Swingers also directed your new movie. I hear he's a Knicks fan, is that true?

Matt Damon: Matt: Yeah, he was born and raised in New York.

willy: Matt: I hear your from Boston. So am I. Go Celtics, go Sox! Is your new movie Bourne Identity an action movie or what?

Matt Damon: Matt: I would describe it as an action movie. But I think it's a little more than that. I've turned down a lot of movies in this genre, because I've rarely seen them done well. This one's unique in that the characters drive the story and the action isn't just gratuitous. It's organic to the story, so it makes the experience a lot more thrilling.

The Bourne Identity

Watch the trailer:
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Todd/Owensboro: Matt, How was it working with Kevin Smith and will you two be up to anything in the future!

Matt Damon: Kevin's next movie is called 'Jersey Girl.' Ben Affleck is starring in it. I usually do some kind of cameo, so hopefully Kevin's got a little something up his sleeve for me. If not, he's a selfish ***** and I don't want to be his friend any more.

Kate (Canada): Being from Boston, what did you think of the Celtics' run in the playoffs this year? And who would you cheer for if Celtics were in the finals with the Lakers???

Matt Damon: Like most Bostonians, I was incredibly proud of what the Celtics did this year. I am and always will be a Celtics fan. I was looking forward to them matching up against the Lakers, because that's the matchup I grew up watching, and loving.

Rebecca: Matt, Your work on "Good Will Hunting" was great! What advice would you give for an aspiring writer?

Matt Damon: Submit your screenplay to www.projectgreenlight.com

John (Vancouver): Matt, Who is your all time favorite NBA player?

Matt Damon: Larry Joe Bird.

Tara: Matt, I watch project greenlight all the time, have you started project greenlight 2?

Matt Damon: We just heard last week that they're going to let us do it again. I think we'll start accepting submissions some time in July. We'll get the word out when we know exactly. (www.projectgreenlight.com)

missywyatt: matt- what are your predictions for this series?

Matt Damon: Lakers in six.

Jampol Howard Dizon (Burundi) : Hello Matt ... are you a point guard? How would you rate yourself as a basketball player

Matt Damon: Point was always my favorite position. I idolized Tiny Archibald growing up. Unfortunately, I am no Tiny Archibald.

Yocerelie: Hey matt, whats your fav movie of all time??

Matt Damon: That's a really tough question. Almost an impossible one to answer. But the Godfather II is right up there.

willy: was Bourne Idenitity a bokk?

Matt Damon: The Bourne Identity wasn't a "bokk," actually it was a book. It's about an amnesiac who's trying to figure out who he is. As the story progresses, he realizes he has a very unique set of skills. He also realizes that people are trying to kill him.

Karen: Hey Matt! How is it being at the NBA Finals right now?

Matt Damon: It's a pretty amazing feeling. The only thing that would make it better is if the Celtics were playing right now.

sharat detroit: how long did it take matt damon to film this movie?

Matt Damon: It took about six months to film. And I did about six months of preparation. I trained in kali, a Philipino (sp?) martial arts form. As well as learning to box, and had extensive firearm training. It was basically six months of assassin school.

Matt Damon: THanks for chatting with me, everybody. Enjoy the second half.