NBA TV's new series "Toyota's Moving Forward Moments" will explore the lives of NBA players including Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets), Elton Brand (L.A. Clippers), T.J. Ford (Milwaukee Bucks) and rookie Chris Paul (New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets) before they achieved stardom along with the individuals who inspired and encouraged them. Hosted by Andre Aldridge, the show premiered Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 6 p.m. ET.

This half-hour series follows an NBA player returning to his hometown to surprise his mentor and to reminisce about the powerful influence that person had on his life. This reunion presents a unique opportunity to share their stories, experiences and ideals while touring the community in a new Toyota. In a surprising conclusion to each episode, NBA stars will display their appreciation for the community that supported them and the mentor that helped drive them towards their goals. Each mentor will be presented with a gift of the Toyota vehicle showcased during the tour as a sign of appreciation for the vital role that person played in the NBA player's life.

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Part 1
Part 1:
Baron Davis travels back to South Central Los Angeles and talks about growing up in the inner city.

Part 2
Part 2:
Davis' high-school coach, Daryl Roper talks about his journey from South Central to playing overseas ... and back to Los Angeles.

Part 3
Part 3:
Coach Roper helped Baron adjust to life outside of the inner city and now Baron is doing his part to help today's youth.

Part 4
Part 4:
Coach and player reminisce and then Baron presents Daryl with a new Toyota.