So Long, and Thanks!
Posted by Tracy McGrady Aug. 31, 2006

Day two in Hong Kong is pretty light. We started off with an interview with CNN's Talk Asia. They had some sound problems so it took a bit longer than planned, but all was good.

Then we were off to our last comsumer event of the trip! The gym set-up and fans were cool. I got on court did my thing and then we were out.

Back to the hotel for sometime before we went out to Hong Kong bay for a traditional Junk boat ride and off to the adidas store opening. This boat was different then what you have probably seen, the two sails were actually my adidas logo, it was nice!

We got to the store and I got the chance to check out how they open stores here in Asia. This adidas store is the largest one in Asia. It was three levels and packed. We went on a tour of the store, did some media interviews and watched a fashion show. They really know how to do these kind of things right!

Off to the hotel before we head out for our lastnight of local entertaiment.

Tomorrow we are out and back to the US. So thanks to my friends at adidas and all my fans here in Asia for everything! This trip, as always was first class and very memorable. But as they say all good thing come to an end, so back home to finish getting ready for the season.

This is your boy T-MAC signing off from the 2006 adidas T-MAC Asia Tour!

Presidential? Sweet ...
Posted by Tracy McGrady Aug. 31, 2006

HONG KONG -- Arrived in Hong Kong today. This is one of my most favorite cities in Asia. I made a point to tell my guys at adidas that we needed to come back again this year after last year's trip.

The hotel we stay at is amazing. The room I am in is the same one Bill Clinton and other celebrities stay at when they're here. There is a great view of the harbor and city. The guys at adidas really take great care of me no matter where we are.

We had a few hours of downtime so I was able to workout and take a nap, so I was ready to go to tonight's adidas retailer dinner.

The dinner was on a three-story boat. The dinner had a number of courses so there was definitely plenty to eat. They did a traditional dragon dance, it was cool. We had a great time, but off to enjoy the Hong Kong nightlife.

Make a Wish
Posted by Tracy McGrady Aug. 30, 2006

T-Mac addresses the crowd in the Philippines.
Kam Hung Ip/NBAE/Getty Images
MANILA, Philippines -- Today is a light day. Started off by getting my shooting workout in. I run through a number of drills on court to make sure I am always working on my game. In order to continue to get better you can't take time off.

Back to the hotel for breakfast and then down to the adidas store for an in-store appearance. We walked down to the store and were escorted by a drum band. The store was cool. They of course had it decked out with my limited edition T-MAC 1.

From there we went to a local college to do a clinic for underprivileged children and I got to meet a fan of mine from the Manila Make a Wish Foundation. The event went well and I was glad to take time to meet with this young guy and hopefully help make a difference in his life.

As I am sure you have already guessed it -- more media interviews.

As always the media is a big part of the tour, but this time it was actually different. The last interview was a discussion with the Philippinees version of Phil Jackson and his three sons. It was actually pretty cool because they know the game and when you get guys who know and understand the game it makes the talk that much easier.

Well back to the room for some rest and then off to my party! Hit you up later. T-MAC

Thrilla (For Me) in Manila
Posted by By Tracy McGrady Aug. 29, 2006

MANILA, Philippines -- We are here in Manila (Philippines) and off to the hotel. As we always do when we arrive we'll grab lunch and then head down to do more media interviews.

Tonight we went to the largest mall in Asia for an adidas T-MAC fan event. When we got there, there were over two thousand of my fans waiting. They are basketball crazy here and everytime I come you can't help but feel their passion for the sport and their love for me.

At the event there were some popular entertainers and some little T-MAC ballers showing their skills. When I came out the fans went nuts! The event was hot, adidas always does it right! I had a chance to play with the little MACs and interact with some of my fans, these are the kinds of things I love to do when I am on these tours.

Well back to the hotel to grab a bite and then down to meet some of the retailers here.

Later, T-MAC.

Winner Goes to Houston
Posted by Tracy McGrady Aug. 28, 2006


McGrady in Guangzhou
T-Mac poses with the 3-on-3 participants.
Photo courtesy of adidas
GUANGZHOU, China -- It's day three and we had a full day. We are starting off with more local media interviews. These guys do their research, they always seem to suprise me with some of the random things they find to ask questions about.

Then it was back to my room for lunch and some rest before heading to the adidas Streetball Finals. The adidas Streetball event brings 3-on-3 teams from seven countries in Asia. There is also a dunk contest and a 3-point contest.

At the adidas Streetball we started off launching my Asia only T-MAC 1. I took some questions from the crowd and then we started the dunk contest. Each kid got three dunks and the one with the highest three score totals was the winner.

The third kid up told me that he was going to do the dunk Vince did in the dunk contest where he takes the ball through his legs. I was like ya right there is no way this is going to happen, but he did it! From there it was over, he had two more dunks, but everyone knew he was going to win.

After the dunk contest was the finals of the 3-on-3 between Manila and Guangzhou. On line for the winners is an all expense paid trip to Houston to come watch me play.

With that the game was really good, both teams were playing really hard. At the end of 20 minutes the game was tied, so it went into sudden death, the first team to score would be heading to Houston. The defense on both sides picked up. On the last possession the Guangzhou team had the ball and were fouled. On the foul they got to shoot a free throw to win it. He made it and Guangzhou was coming to the US. That wrapped up the 2006 adidas Streetball.

We were then off to the hotel before we set off for a cruise dinner with all the kids from Streetball. On the way back I decided that since both teams played so hard that they should both come to Houston and I would tell the team from Manila on the cruise.

The cruise was nice, we went up the Pearl River. The Pearl River runs through Guangzhou so we really got a feel for just how big the city is. I took pictures with all the teams and their coaches. When the team from Manila came up I told them that I decided that they played too hard and I was going to pay for them to also come to Houston. They went crazy!

It has been a long day and we are off to Manila tomorrow morning so I am out!


McGrady shines
T-Mac demonstrates the proper shooting form.
Photo courtesy of adidas

Work and Play
Posted by Tracy McGrady Aug. 27, 2006

GUANGZHOU, China -- It's day two of my adidas Asia tour and we left Korea for Guangzhou, China. This will be my first trip to Guangzhou. The flight took just under three hours so I was able to get some much-needed rest.

When I arrived in Guangzhou I was again met by many of my fans. It is still crazy to me how many fans I have here. We then were off to the hotel for lunch. When I got to the hotel and up to my room I was suprised to find an actual Asian garden with a pond. It was crazy!

After lunch we were off for more media interviews. Started off with an interview with NBA TV China, and then local media. All was good.

From there was off to see the kids from the SEC (Speacial Education College from Beijing). Two years ago I met these kids when I was in Beijing and they made me their honorary coach. Each year I come to Asia I make a point to meet up with them. The kids on the team are all deaf, so a lot of what my trainer Wayne Hall and I do is all on-court drills. They all have really gotten a lot better since last year.

Then I had to get on the court and get my individual workout done. Even though I am not at home I still do need to get it in.

Off to the hotel to grab dinner. Catch up with you tomorrow - T-MAC

We Got Seoul
Posted by Tracy McGrady Aug. 25, 2006


T-Mac's Asia trip
T-Mac makes his mark in Seoul, South Korea.
Photo courtesy of adidas
SEOUL, South Korea -- Yo this is T-MAC and I just arrived in Seoul for my third straight summer adidas T-MAC Asia Tour. Over the next seven days I will visit Seoul (South Korea), Guangzhou (China), Manila (Philippines) and Hong Kong. Every year I look forward to coming to Asia, the fans over here show me so much love. Last season my jersey was the top selling jersey in Asia, so I know they have a love for me and what I do and that is what makes these trips truly special.

Today we started off by doing a couple of one-on-one interviews with ESPN and Rookie Magazine and then we had a press conference to officially launch the adidas T-MAC Asia Tour and my visit to Seoul. As we did last year adidas and I decided to do a shoe specifically for my fans in Asia. It is the T-MAC 1 in all white with my logo in gold. There are only 1,600 numbered pairs available and as I said are only available in Asia for my Asian fans.

At the press conference, I was surprised by the number of media at the event. There had to have been about 80 different media all from Korea. For a market where basketball is not as hot as it once was, it was good to see the media out and supporting us.

From the press conference we went to lunch. It was the first time I tried duck, crispy fried duck. And I tried baked ox tail over in Korea -- go figure. After lunch we toured the mall and made our way to the adidas store. I saw a number of things in the store that were cool and I wanted, but couldn't get because they didn't have my sizes (3XL tall for shirts and 15 for shoes).

Then from there went back to the hotel to get some rest! got me a good hour and a half of much needed rest. When I woke up we went to an arena that was used for the 1988 Olympics and did a T-MAC fan event. The event was a basketball clinic, we had a couple of hip hop shows and just an overall good time with over 1,000 of my fans.

Well I am heading out to the club to go out and have a nice time with the Korean folks. I will check in with you guys tomorrow to let you know how my day goes.

This is T-MAC, it has been long day, but it has been a great day and I will holler at you all later!