Unedited Race to the MVP Inbox
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Jan. 31, 2008 -- My official title at NBA.com is Senior Editor, therefore, I can't help but edit the e-mails that fans send me so that they make sense in print. Call me lazy if you want, but today, I just don't feel like it.

If you thought reading a text message from a teenager was difficult, wait until you read these comments.

Welcome to my inbox. Enjoy.

Eddie in Canada: you da mang!!

Brooks: You're the mang too, Eddie.

Baller in Cali: Hey Brook, When Andrew Bynum of the Lakers will return to the Lakers, do you think they will be so dominant or do you think Lakers will have to get back in rythm when he gets back, thanks Brook you da man.

Brooks: It's Brooks with an "S" at the end, man. Anyway, the Lakers were really clicking before Bynum got hurt. With the big man expected to miss two months, of course it is going to take some time for them to get back in a groove when he returns to the court.

Jesse in Virginia: Until Garnett, Labron, Steve Nash, (and the biggest all-time loser, Charles Barkley) win a championship, Kobe remains the man. He is the only one of the above-mentioned who has not had to purchase a ring at a Pawn Shop. Go Kobe!

Brooks: How do you know where Labron, I mean LeBron and Co. do their jewelry shopping at? Yes, Kobe has won more than his share of championships, but the MVP voting for this season has nothing to do with past years.

Glen in New Jersey: hey brooks are u forgetting about the 8 time all-star vince carter should he be in your list of the reserves? even thought their is speculation he is in his decline, but this is his only year not being a superstar for nj and has also gone threw injury. with out carter nj nets would be the worst team in the nba. isnt that worthy a all-star spot?

Brooks: Hey, I can't lie. I would love to see Vince in the All-Star Game (he is my favorite all-time dunker). Still, this year, no way, no how. If anybody from that club should go as a reserve, it should be Richard Jefferson, who is enjoying a career season.

Chris in California: I'll keep it brief this time for your sake, cause I think you run a tight ship. As much as I love Booze, Deron Williams is the most valuable player on the Jazz and he is still better than Chris Paul. You'll see.

Brooks: Admitting you have a drinking problem is the first step to recovery, so congratulations. And you must have been hitting the bottle when you wrote this e-mail because as great as D-Will is, he's not in the same class as CP3 right now.

Tobie in Philippines: here in dubai and philippines the half of people really like KOBEY BRYANT if u comment bad to KB24 they will bang u.

Brooks: Kobe Bryant is the best. Kobe Bryant is great. Kobe Bryant for MVP. Am I safe now? I don't want to get banged.

Dominik in Germany Hey Mo! It's already quarter to ten pm here in Germany. I'm sitting in front of my laptop, clicking the reload button of my browser to update your r2mvp page like every ten seconds. I can't wait to see CP3 on the number one spot!!!

Brooks: I hope it was worth the wait. You can go to bed now.

Ragy in California: Mo i saw it coming man i knew you were gonna move kobe down, but lets overlook that for now and talk about how lebron "outplayed" kobe lets c kobe had more assits more rebounds,o and did i mention LJ needed 11 mores shots than kobe to score 41 (kobe had 33) o and any idiot that saw that game knows that kobe got fouled twice on that last play. PS I LOVE YOU

Brooks: Memo to Race to the MVP Readers: Please stop e-mailing that you love me. And as far as the Cavaliers and Lakers game last week, all I know is that LeBron's team got the victory.

Guilherme in Brazil: Hey, Maurice, is Gerald Wallace a new Scottie Pippen? Both have very similar frames (6-7 and weighing around 225 lbs) and they both play really good D. All Gerald needs now is an MJ and he'll start winning some championship rings too.

Brooks: And all I need is a million dollars and I'd be rich. I'm pretty sure "all" a lot of teams need is a Michael Jordan on their roster to win a title.

Luis in Arizona: ash is number 1 ur a crazy man. jason kidd stinks!

Brooks: You could have made a case for ash (Steve Nash) being No. 1 last year or the year before that or the year before that, but not this season. As far as comparisons to Kidd, I love the fact that Kidd hits the glass hard although I do wish he could knock down an open jumper from time to time.

Natebuddy in Utah: You're getting closer. At least it's not the yak anymore. However, a problem still remains. Chris Paul can be arranged to spell "Raul's chip", which means he's actually some guy in Spain's potato chip. Once again, this will not do for an MVP. Keep trying, though. You're getting better.

Brooks: Silly e-mail of the week winner.

Nejc in Slovenia: In your opinion, who of the following players is better, if you consider their entire career. Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett, and could one of them be considered as the best power forward of all time?

Brooks: As far as leadership, defensive abilities, statistics and intangibles, the debate over who is better between KG and TD is close in favor of Duncan. What swings the advantage Duncan's way even more is the championships. He is the greatest power forward to ever play the game. Sorry, Karl Malone. Sorry, Charles Barkley.

John in Hawaii First off I have to say I lovereading this article. Secondly I do agree with readers in that bynum is the real MVP of the lakers he brings something to the plate that no other center has and that is skill of being humble. It may not put points up but it gives the lakers chemistry.

Brooks: Dude, it's a good thing I don't include e-mail addresses because I halfway agreed with this thought on Tuesday and had fans from around the world threatening my life. And for the record, I said I DON'T AGREE that Bynum was the real MVP over Kobe.

CB4 in Canada: yo mo, i recently changed my tv pakckage to a satellight system and I have just found out that I wont be able to watch the NBA allstar weekend(because I dont have TNT). Will the all star fesivities be be broadcast on nba.com?

Brooks: No. You better go to a friend's house.

Rayyan in Chicago: Hey Mo Bro. Your column is simply fantastic. I think you are the leagues MVW through Midseason. Most Valuable Writer. Keep it up.

Brooks: Thanks for sending your e-mail under a different name this week, mom.

J.J. in California: Your an idiot, I dont even respect you. KOBE is the MVP hes been robbed the past 2 years and be4 that he got robbed by shaq. Bynum is definatley not the reason of LA's success. Just last year every1 wanted him gone for kidd. Dont u think they should have some1 who at leasts knos a lil bit bout basketball write these things? I like to keep up wit the MVP race but fo real ur s**t bores me. Everything u say bout kobe is a sentence long but u write paragraphs for every otha player jus bout(again ur a kobe hater) and know if u were to run for mayor of LA i would not vote for u, not even afta u put him at 1. it takes mo than 1 time to get my respect afta puttin him down for so long, u watch they r goin on there road streak and they will come bak. and put this on nex weeks feedbak I want every1 to c this.

Brooks: And to think, I'm the idiot?

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