SECAUCUS, N.J., March 16, 2007 -- John in Toronto: I think Tim Duncan should be fourth or fifth in the Race to the MVP. I'm not a Spurs fan but Duncan is a very valuable player who is really good. The Spurs wouldn't have a chance to win the championship without him. And by the way Maurice, you gotta take your picture off the Race to the MVP page because you're the ugliest guy I've ever seen.

Brooks: John, do me a favor and ask your girl what she thinks. Anyway, all of the things you said about TD are correct and he is slowly moving up the rankings.

Lucas in Belgium: I can't understand why Chauncey Billups is in the Race to the MVP and Allen Iverson is not. Iverson has better stats than Billups.

Brooks: Not that MVP is all about stats but Billups averages more rebounds and assists than Iverson and his team has more wins (41 to 32), too.

Benjamin in France: My bad, Race to the MVP and Maurice Brooks. I thought your Race to the MVP would be uninteresting and was a bad idea (came out too early and so on) but I find myself reading it every week.

Brooks: Apology accepted.

Ragy in California: My bad, Scottie Pippen. For a short time I actually believed you were serious about coming back and actually doing something to help a team but all it was is some publicity for you. Even if you do come back, you are just in it for the ring so that you can have one more than Michael Jordan.

Brooks: Duh, at his age (41), I would hope that winning another title would be Pippen's main reason for making a comeback. Personally, I hate to see athletes who retire and try to make comebacks past their prime like Jordan did and every professional boxer seems to do.

Kareem in California: Hi, you're the best writer on besides Agent Zero.

Brooks: True, I can't compete with Gilbert Arenas. His blog is the most entertaining read on the Internet right now.

Jackson in Toronto: Shouldn't Andrea Bargnani be considered for the Rookie of the Year.

Brooks: Who said Bargnani shouldn't be? Portland's Brandon Roy will probably win the award but if you take into consderation the amount of games Roy missed and the fact that the Raptors have a better record than the Blazers, Bargnani could take home the hardware.

Ariel in Phoenix: Mr. Brooks, what's up my brother? I feel like I know you because I read your columns every time my boss isn't looking over my shoulder at work. Steve Nash showed us on Wednesday to never give up on him. I'm the worst Suns fan ever because I turned off my TV and went to bed with five minutes left to go.

Brooks: Ariel, you are not the first person to tell me that reading Race to the MVP is worth getting fired over. It's too bad you went nighty-night when you did. The game was just hitting instant classic mode at that point.

Shawn in Illinois: Come on Maurice, I'm having a problem with the lack of respect for Dwyane Wade. He is third in points, tied for second in steals and shoots over 50 percent from the field. On top of that, out of the top eight scorers in the league, he's the only one who doesn't take 20 shots a game. It's obvious he's the best all-around player in the game. Just show him a little respect please.

Brooks: Wade was getting mad props from R2MVP before the injury. If he wasn't hurt, he'd have his rightful spot in the Top 10 although Shaquille O'Neal is showing that Miami can win without Wade.

Danny in New York: Just like you, I thought the Knicks would not get into the playoffs. Also, Steve Francis is back. Did you see his game-winning 3-pointer against the Wizards?

Brooks: Yeah I saw it. Where I'm from it's called a travel. Check it out.

Dylstar in Phoenix: My bad, Utah Jazz. At the beginning of the season I thought it was going to be another bad year like last year where you miss the playoffs. Now you're in the third spot in the West. As a huge Suns fan, it is hard for me to swallow my pride and admit that the Jazz swept the Suns this year.

Brooks: I'm sure Mehmet Okur, Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer and the boys accept your apology. Although the big three of the Spurs, Suns and Mavericks are considered the favorites out West, don't sleep on the Jazz who have been one of the best stories of the season.

L.J. in Canada: My bad for jumping on the "Arenas is MVP" bandwagon after those 50-point games and those early-season buzzer-beaters. Gilbert is awesome, but a couple of great games don't qualify you for MVP. I should have known better. Lovin' the read Mo - keep it up.

Brooks: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself. Gil has us all fooled. Early on, he was rightfully mentioned with the top MVP candidates but he has slipped a little and so have the Wizards.

Dave in Canada: My bad, Toronto Raptors! I mean, come on, nobody expected you guys to make the playoffs, let alone be contenders for the Eastern Conference crown. The way you guys are built, you should be contenders for many years to come. Go Raps!!

Brooks: Chris Bosh is a beast, Andrea Bargnani is getting better each game and the team has come together a lot quicker than expected. My vote for Coach of the Year goes to Utah's Jerry Sloan but Sam Mitchell deserves some consideration for what he is doing in Toronto.

Shane in New Hampshire: Wow, how is Paul Pierce not even ranked at all? Where is his "my bad" from you? Sometime you guys are so biased. Stop overlooking Pierce, he is the most underrated player in the league.

Brooks: I've heard of being a homer but c'mon. Not only did Pierce miss a big chunk of the season because of injury, have you checked out the Celtics' record lately? Is Pierce a stud? Of course. Does he deserve to be ranked in the Top 20 this season? Nope.

Andre in Canada: My bad, Atlantic Division. I thought the Nets would be dominant again, the Raptors would have chemistry problems and the Knicks were a joke. I got everything wrong. My bad, my bad, my bad.

Brooks: Yeah man, you were 0-for-3. I hope you are having better luck with your NCAA Tournament bracket. I can't believe it is possible that both the Raptors and Knicks are going to finish with better records than the Nets. Who knew?

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