Ben Wallace vs. Nate Robinson
Behind the Shots

Ben Wallace - 05.31.06
Jesse Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images
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Game 5: Miami @ Detroit
I remember certain plays and this was one. I was down on the opposite end (you can see me in the photo actually) and I fired my remote. The camera is mounted up high on the stansion. I got an overhead shot, one on the floor and one on a rail, and this one ended up being the best shot.

I have a button on my camera which is seperate from my camera trigger and I'm firing that. Usually, if I'm on the far end, I'm looking through the lens, and if I see a guy going to the hole, I fire the other button. If they're out on the perimeter, I shoot with the camera I have.

It was just a perfect block. I'm sitting down there waiting for a call, you know, because when you see Shaq getting blocked like that, you're waiting for the whistle. From my end, it looked like a lot of body, but looking at the photo, it's a clean block. The crowd went nuts, because it was a close game from what I remember.

Ben is easily in my top five guys in the league to shoot. If you don't have the afro, you have the braids. Then you got the definition in his arms and the arm bands that emphasize it even more. And then, the way he plays and the crazy rebounds he gets, he creates great shots.

Nate Robinson - 02.18.06
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images
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Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk
The shot was cool because it was in the slam dunk contest. It was crazy because Nate Robinson is just 5-9. Just to have him doing this gives all of us small men a little hope.

I could not believe he just did that. You are very focused during the shot but then I turned around and was like "Did he just do that?". It was something special because of the moment and the stage.

I thought he might do some interacting with Spud with bouncing or passing but he really took it one step further.

It was one of those moments where you say he is not going to do that. We have five or six different angles of the shot. It was a big moment and I had to pick the best angle of that shot. I was sitting right under the basket but when I pressed my button. An auxiliary activated the other cameras.

You just take one shot, not a series, so the timing has to be key. Just one picture. A little luck does not hurt, but it takes a lot of preparation. We were there five or six hours before to set everything up. We had a camera on the backboard, one on the floor for a wider angle, one which goes straight down (from above) where you don't see the faces.