Best Dunk of the First Half

Vince Carter • Toronto Raptors

1-07-04 Against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Vince Carter hangs by half court and gets the pass for the all-alone windmill dunk. Play

Baron Davis • New Orleans Hornets

11-23-03 With the Hornets and Pistons tied in the waning seconds, Davis took the inbounds pass and drove right past Bobby Sura for the game-winning dunk. Play

Ricky Davis • Cleveland Cavaliers

11-10-03 In his previous life as a Cav swingman, current Celtic Ricky Davis got a loose ball, drove down the court and jumped over then-Knick Charlie Ward for a spectacular dunk. Play

LeBron James • Cleveland Cavaliers

11-18-03 Former teammates Ricky Davis and LeBron James were in sync on this play, as Davis threw an alley-oop pass off the glass to a streaking James who caught it and made the slam. Play

Steve Francis • Houston Rockets

12-25-03 In the closing seconds of the first half of the Rockets Christmas Day game vs. the Lakers, Francis came from the top of the key and grabbed the missed shot and slammed it home. Play

Desmond Mason • Milwaukee Bucks

12-12-03 First the steal, then the breakaway windmill power jam against the Bulls . Play

Jason Richardson • Golden State Warriors

1-02-04 J-Rich surprises the Wizards as he flies in from the left side and corrals the rebound for the follow jam.. Play

Stromile Swift • Memphis Grizzlies

12-13-03 On the break against the Nets, Stromile Swift reaches back to grab an impossible alley-oop pass on makes it into a monster jam. Play

Dwyane Wade • Miami Heat

12-23-03 The explosive Miami Heat rookie soared high over the defenders and threw down a monster slam vs. the Wizards. Play