This Is Why Hes Hot
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SECAUCUS, N.J., April 14, 2007-- Dwyane Wade, you're just the coolest.

Let's take a look at eight things that automatically catapult you into the George Clooney level of coolness:

1. You come out and say you're not dunking any more, and then the next day unleash one of the most vicious stuffs of the season (No. 1 in the Top 10)
2. You star in commercials with Charles Barkley
3. I was in Urban Outfitters and I saw that they were selling a t-shirt of you with a big cartoon head along with all of the other "French Me I'm Irish" emo tees
4. You do that cool thing with your eyebrow sorta like what The Rock used to do, but you don't make it look lame
5. You carried your team to the championship in just your third season, which is sort of like an infant Harry Potter thwarting Voldemort (p.s. I really considered typing "He who must not be named" instead of the V-word just there)
6. You have a cool comic book nickname, "The Flash," which is so much better than the played-out KG, A.I., T-Mac monikers that everybody has
7. You also have the D-Wade nickname as to not discriminate against your fans that like the played-out KG, A.I., T-Mac, K-Mart etc. etc. names
8. Shaq likes you

And the best part is, you're back. You were gone for 30 games with that left shoulder injury of yours, but anybody who saw that 23-point, five-steal masterpiece you had against the Pacers last night, knows that another title run by you guys is possible.

You were 3-for-12 to start the game, but went 6-for-10 down the stretch when it counted. Your points have gone up from 12 to 14 to 16 to 23 in your four games back and it looks like you've finally adjusted to playing with that brace on your shoulder that looks like one of those baby holders that young, hip dads wear.

Good to have you back, I can't wait to see what cool stuff you do in the playoffs.

And now, these are the 10 things I learned this week ...

1. Kidd dominates New York

Jason Kidd registered his 12th triple-double of the season with 13 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists against the Knicks last night and the feat is significant for a few reasons:

1. As I heard Mark Jackson mention in the broadcast last night, the Nets are 18-2 against the Knicks in the regular season since Kidd came to New Jersey. That is a level of dominance not seen since I used to play Duck Hunt and hold the gun right up to the TV screen.
2. He now has 87 for his career which I found out thanks to my colleague John Schuhmann who is on paternity leave, but still takes the time to update Kidd's triple-dip page and send out e-mails with little tidbits like: "Useless fact: Fridays are his day... Not only has he recorded 18 triple-doubles on Friday, five more than any other day of the week, but his team's winning percentage when he does it on Friday is .889. His team's winning percentage when he records a triple-double on any other day of the week is .710."
3. We've said it before, but look at Kidd's company in the top five: Oscar, Magic, Wilt and Larry! Those guys are considered to not just be some of the best to ever play, but arguably be four of the top 10 players ever. And Jason is right there with them. Amazing.

2. Nuggets on a roll

Denver has won eight straight games and their potential first-round matchup with the Spurs is looking like a heavy weight bout. Sure, San Antonio has won six in a row at the same time, but you can't tell me that Gregg Popovich and Co. will be looking forward to the one-two punch of Iverson (one of the all-time great performers in the playoffs) and Anthony (having the best season of his life).

If Sacramento was able to steal two games from the Spurs last season in the first round, what can the Nuggets do? This has the potential to be the best series of any round.

3. Time to be a Kobe apologist

The 50 points that Kobe scored in a loss to the Clippers on Thursday was his ninth 50-plus point game of the year.

The Lakers keep losing, and I feel like somebody defending their nasty, smelly dog even though everybody else thinks its flea ridden, but I got to keep holding Kobe down.

The REST OF THE NBA combined for only eight 50-point games. Think about that. There are 1230 NBA games in a season. Out of those, there were only 17 50-point games (approximately 1.3 percent). Kobe will finish the season with nine 50-point games (or maybe 10, or 11) in 77 games played (approximately 11.7 percent). That's insane!

4. Old man Willis

Kevin Willis is back in the NBA, wearing jersey No. 45 for the Dallas Mavericks. Willis, out of the league since 2003-04, is 44 years old and turns 45 in September. You always give an extra birthday punch for good luck, so the jersey makes sense. Nice to see the man has a sense of humor.

5. Another Orangeman doing it up big

If you went to Syracuse, I consider you family so it is without hesitation that I shed some light on what Jason Hart has been doing since signing with the Clippers.

Hart, a defensive point guard who has bounced around the league (five teams in six years) stepped in real nicely for L.A. when Shaun Livingston and Sam Cassell went down.

In 20 games he has scored in double figures 10 times and has averages of 9.2 points, 3.7 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 1.9 steals.

6. Barbosa the beast

Leandro Barbosa has 31 20-plus point games this season ... he had 13 in his first three seasons combined.

The 6-3 Steve Nash understudy is averaging 17.9 points per game and shooting a remarkable .475 from the field. Check out on Tuesday when I'll break down the candidates for Sixth Man like I did last week with Coach of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year. Here's some insider information: I have Barbosa ranked No. 1.

7. Rooting for the Warriors

No offense to the Clippers, but come on, you are backing into the playoffs. The Clips are only 10-10 over their last 20 games while the Warriors are 13-7. Plus Golden State hasn't made the playoffs since 1994 and their fans must be suffering the way Clippers fans were hurting until they broke their own drought last season.

But the real reason I want the Warriors to make it is Nellie vs. his old squad. Don Nelson has already knocked off the Mavericks twice in the regular season and it would be an upset reminiscent of Dikembe Mutombo crying on the floor after his eighth-seed Nuggets knocked off the No. 1 seed Sonics back in the day.

8. Second season upon us

Wednesday is the last day of the regular season. Can you believe how fast it went?

Wasn't Gilbert just calling his game-winners yesterday? Didn't I just come back from a week in Vegas? Isn't Kobe still on his 50-point streak? Isn't Allen Iverson going to spend his whole career on the 76ers? Aren't the Suns and Mavericks playing another overtime against each other?

Where does the time go?

9. Hope for my Sixers

It's still hard to swallow the fact that Iverson is gone, who would have thought that Philadelphia would rally in his absence?

The 76ers are 16-10 since the All-Star break. There is hope for the future! I can't believe it. Andre Iguodala morphed into a legit stud, the pass-first ways of Andre Miller has the whole team sharing the ball more, Dalembert is using his size, I mean, I really like what I see.

Add in a draft pick and another summer of development for these guys and we could have something here.

10. McTen blog edition

I had a meeting with my editor last week and we talked about changing the weekly column form of the McTen to a daily blog where I would post a few ramblings every day ... a McTwo or McThree, if you will.

What are your thoughts? Will you guys read that? I'm here writing for you so please drop me an e-mail to tell me what you want to read and how you want to read it.

Have a question or comment for The McTen or care to share what you learned this week? Send an e-mail.