Lottery Lucky Charms

Here are the people who will be representing the 13 teams at the Draft Lottery on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET (ESPN).

Orlando: Pat Williams, Senior Vice President
Williams was also the team rep when the Magic won back-to-back Lotteries in 1992 and 1993.
Lucky charm?
Did you bring any sort of good-luck charms to past drafts?
"We have done that over the years, we had all sorts of contests. Going back to 1990, 1991, every year we would lug up rabbits feet, four-leaf clovers, boxes of Lucky Charms cereal. One year I took two big sacks of ping-pong balls that we had collected from people. But I got tired of doing it, because it didn't work. In 1992, I did absolutely nothing, and we won. In 1993 it seemed so hopeless. We had one ball out of 66. Well I didn't even want to go, it seemed like a total waste of time. The next thing you know a miracle happened. I think at this point no decision has been made for this year. I'm sure our marketing gurus are working on all sorts of things. I'm holding the date, and hope that when people see me walk in they start trembling. I want them to say, 'We have no chance,' and intimidate them."

Chicago: B.J. Armstrong, Special Assistant to the Executive VP of Basketball Operations

Washington: Ernie Grunfeld, President, Basketball Operations

L.A. Clippers: Mike Dunleavy, Head Coach

Atlanta: Billy Knight, General Manager

Phoenix: Diana Taurasi, Player, Phoenix Mercury
Suns GM Bryan Colangelo will also be in Secaucus, N.J.
Lucky charm?
Colangelo: “Diana was an obvious choice because she's a winner, plain and simple. She brought us great luck in the WNBA Lottery and has already instilled a winning attitude on our Mercury squad. You can't help but recognize the storyline that presents itself with the connection to the University of Connecticut. Not to say that we will draft him when we win this thing, but Emeka Okafor is often listed as a possible first pick in the NBA Draft. Both national champions, both first overall selections in their respective professional drafts. Anything is possible.”

Toronto: Chris Bosh, Player

Philadelphia: Billy King, President and General Manager
Lucky charm?
Horseshoe from Triple Crown hopeful Smarty Jones, as suggested by Sixers fans.

Cleveland: Paul Silas, Head Coach
Lucky charm?
Silas himself, who was the team rep when the Hornets surprisingly vaulted into the No. 3 pick in 1999.

Golden State: Chris Mullin, Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations

Seattle: Rick Sund, General Manager
Lucky charm?
Sund: "I was going to try to find a lucky toupee, but I thought that it might scare my mom."
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Portland: Steve Patterson, President
General Manager John Nash will also be in Secaucus, N.J.
Lucky charm?
An avid horse racing fan who also owns racing horses, Nash says, "I'll be wearing a Smarty Jones T-shirt under my shirt and tie. As he bids for the Triple Crown, we will be going for one of the top three picks."

Utah: Kevin O'Connor, Senior Vice President, Basketball Operations
Lucky charm?
O'Connor will just take the luck of the Irish with him.