Jan. 8, 2003 -- When you're a player as talented as the Lakers' Kobe Bryant, it's difficult to be surprised by anything you accomplish on the court. But even Bryant was taken aback by his record-breaking night against the Sonics Tuesday, when he hit 12 three-pointers to break the all-time NBA record.

"This [record] is big," Kobe told the Los Angeles Times. "I never, ever expected a three-point record."

Look at Kobe's big night from a few different angles:

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Even his coach -- who has seen his fair share of great single-game performances -- was impressed.

"That was perhaps the greatest streak shooting I've ever seen in my life," Phil Jackson told the paper.

Besides connecting for the most three-pointers in a single game, Bryant also broke the record for most consecutive three-pointers made in a game when he hit nine in a row over one stretch.

Bryant's 18 three-point attempts is tied for third on the all-time list. Michael Adams and George McCloud share the record for most three-point attempts in a game, with 20.

Here is a closer look at the records Bryant broke Tuesday night:

Most three-point field goals in a game:
12 - Kobe Bryant, Lakers vs. Seattle, Jan. 7, 2003
11 - Dennis Scott, Orlando vs. Atlanta, 11, Apr. 18, 1996
10 - Ray Allen, Milwaukee vs. Charlotte, April 14, 2002
10 - Joe Dumars, Detroit vs. Minnesota, Nov. 8, 1994
10 - George McCloud, Dallas vs. Phoenix, Dec. 16, 1995
10 - Brian Shaw, Miami at Milwaukee, Apr. 8, 1993

Most three-point field goals, none missed, game:
9 - Kobe Bryant, Lakers vs. Seattle, Jan. 7, 2003
8 - Jeff Hornacek, Utah vs. Seattle, Nov. 23, 1994
8 - Sam Perkins, Seattle vs. Toronto, Jan. 15, 1997
8 - Steve Smith, San Antonio at Portland, Nov. 3, 2001

Most three-point field goals in a game by a Laker:
12 - Kobe Bryant, vs. Seattle, Jan. 7, 2003
8 - Glen Rice, vs. Portland, May 5, 1999
8 - Nick Van Exel, at Denver, Feb. 13, 1997
8 - Nick Van Exel, at Dallas, March 4, 1997
8 - Nick Van Exel, at Dallas, Dec. 13, 1994