It's not just the fans that are excited to see Jordan come back to the hardwood, the players can't wait as well. Here's what some of the NBA's finest had to say about the prospect of playing against, or with, MJ on

Anfernee Hardaway, Phoenix Suns (on
"He's not going to be as quick at 38. But he's still smart. He's not as quick, but he still shoots the ball really well, he still plays the game really well. You don't have to have the talent you used to have as long as you still know the game really well and you can outsmart your opponent. I played the last year, year in a half before I came to Phoenix on one leg and averaged 17, 18 points a game. How can you do that against top-notch athletes? You just outthink them. That's just how it is."

Kerry Kittles, New Jersey Nets
"It (Jordan's return) will definitely be great for the league. There's a guy who people say is the all-time best, and when he plays, you'll get a better fan base, better competition and overall the league will benefit from that if he does come back."

Erick Barkley, Portland Trail Blazers
"It will be great for the game. And then I could say I played against him and was on the same court as him."

John Amaechi, Utah Jazz
"I think he'll be surprisingly good. Perhaps not as good as before, but surprisingly good. I think he'll make sure that he is still the boss over the new players."

Kwame Brown, Washington Wizards
"Without a doubt, the possibility of playing alongside Michael Jordan is the most exciting thing about becoming a pro. I was his biggest fan. You can learn a lot from him whether he's playing or not so I think I'll just be a sponge and soak up as much as I can."