Will he still be the best? Or will he be something less?

Now that the game's biggest name, Michael Jordan, has officially announced that he is returning to the NBA, everyone has an opinion. We're hearing from all the experts how they think Jordan will reach altitudes of old or come crashing back to Earth with the Wizards. But now it's your turn. We asked for fan expertise and here's a sampling of the responses:

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Does MJ have enough air left in his sails for a second comeback?
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If we can separate Michael Jordan the person from Michael Jordan the superstar, we can see that as an individual it is his right to do what he wants with his life. I think that he has been pretty successful thus far. As a fan I am excited about seeing the greatest of all time perform in one of the greatest sports of all time. Why do people think that it is a mistake for him to come back? As we all know, Michael is anything but average.

I hear lots of criticism about Jordan not going to be as dominant, athletic, etc. True. However, he is still Jordan. He can shoot, rebound, pass, (play defense), etc. All I have to say is there was another NBA great that couldn't run, jump or hardly even dunk ... Larry Bird. Jordan isn't Bird and vice-versa, but they both have the same thing in common and that's heart. Heart gives the legends the will to win!

Jordan will make the Wizards better. However, it's going to take time for him to get the team to the level he would like for them to be. After all, it's going to take some time for him to get to that level of play as well. Him just being on the floor gives him a psychological edge. That in itself is a part of basketball that few possess.

I think it will be a progression. Year one: How am I doing? Year two: I'm back at that level of play, is the team with me? Year three: I can get us to the Finals. Is the team willing to do whatever it takes to contribute to win?

Overall, I'm glad to see him back. I also think having to compete with the younger players is driving him to come back. They don't have the drive and the love of the game he has. It's been quite obvious since he's been out.
W. Glenn

I have been a lifelong Bulls fan and I still watch every game and scream as loud as I can when I am at the games, but this is too much. MJ... again? You have to be kidding me. Even if he did come back to the Bulls I would still be upset, because I wanna see the young kids grow up. I just don't know why he can't stay away from the game. The NBA was just learning what it was like after MJ and then he brings them back into it. It makes me sick to hear that he is coming back, and every Bulls fan should be upset with Michael. But Washington should be happy because they are getting the greatest player in NBA history and he will probably be just as good as he was before.

Michael Jordan is a man of mystery and excitement. His accomplishments are astounding, and unreachable. His motivation and attitude is like no other. And that is what makes him Michael Jordan!

Years upon years I have watched his achievements, and saw his aspirations. Reaching goals and unlimited heights is how he gets his name. Saying he can't do it again is only being a fool. As he showed us in his first come back that nothing can stop him but himself. No I'm not saying he's going to be up to his full extent, but rather, I'm saying you can't doubt what this man is capable of doing, and yet so many are. Whether he comes out and looks like a fool is what he is going to have to determine. Judging something before it happens is only of the low. But waiting and watching is our only determinant in the Michael Jordan comeback.

Some say it's dumb he's left two times and comes back, but the fact of him leaving wasn't his choice, as he shows us how much he wants to play again. I think Michael is going to be great for the league. Showing other stars of last year the way to act as a star. Maybe this is the year that the Kobe Bryants and the Allan Iversons will learn to act without pride and hostility.
Lincoln, Ne.

As a twenty-three year old resident of the North Side of Chicago who spent his formative years watching MJ 82 times a year, every year, I'm ecstatic about his return.

The Wizards should improve somewhat. I think they might go from 19 wins to somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 wins. This should give them an outside shot at the playoffs, especially with the continued lack of powerhouse contenders in the East.

As for Jordan himself I think his playing time will be scaled back dramatically in the second game of back-to-back outings. If the Wizards use Jordan as a point forward and he patterns his offensive game more after Scottie Pippen (when he led the Bulls for a couple years after Jordan's first retirement), the Wizards will have something to build on out on the perimeter (Jordan, Hamilton, Alexander).

This would force the opposing teams pt guard to cover either Hamilton or Alexander. Defensively Jordan could guard the small forward, where McGrady is really the only player in the East, if you count Vinsanity as a SG, who should have his way with his Airness.

When it's all said and done MJ will have a decent season (spectacular for a mere mortal, however). The main drop off will be in his field goal percentage where MJ may have a hard time keeping it above 45%.

Just like in the past, MJ will surprise everybody. I think his comeback would be the greatest decision he has made. MJ is a unique individual that has this talent to elevate at any given time. I also give him an A+ for donating his salary this upcoming season and wish him well.
Sacramento, Calif.

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest athlete of all time. In my opinion he has proven his greatness in many ways and whether or not he turns the Wizards around will not change my view of him. Although his clutch championship-winning shot to shut down the Jazz was a fitting end to his illustrious career, Jordan still has a fire burning and that is reason enough to come back and play.

Jordan has always been a competitor. He has always hated to lose and has seemed to find ways to change any situation into a winning one. When Jordan was in Chicago and didn't have any rings, people would always suggest that Jordan was great, but not the greatest because he had not achieved the pinnacle of his sport. Jordan took that criticism and reeled off six rings in eight years. Michael Jordan is hands-down the greatest competitor the sport has ever seen and if he feels he can compete at the level he knows he will need to, then Ib