In the wake of the Kevin Garnett trade, NBA TV's Frank Isola takes a look at the state of the Celtics and Timberwolves.

Initial reaction:
I think it's surprising any time a guy of Kevin Garnett's stature gets traded. You think players like that are going to spend their entire careers in one city. And if you really look at it, it looked like Kevin Garnett was going to be one of those guys. Obviously, you always hear speculation. But until something happens ...

I always thought he would always be with the Timberwolves, so I'm a little surprised by it.

Best deal for the Timberwolves?
I think they could have got more if they traded him last year, because obviously, now he's a year older and has been in the league a little bit longer. If they made the deal before the draft, they could have had the fifth pick.

So, for Boston, it's a great trade because they were able to get Ray Allen by trading the fifth pick to Seattle, and they were still able to get Kevin Garnett.

I think, all things considered though, they are getting some things they want: young players, draft picks and expiring contracts. I think if you're trading a guy like Garnett, you're clearly rebuilding, and that's how you want to rebuild, with those types of assets.

Where does Boston now stand in the Eastern Conference?
If Shaq is going to be healthy and Wade is healthy, I think Miami's better. I think Detroit is better. And then I would put Boston in with the rest of the contenders: Chicago, Cleveland, New Jersey and Toronto. I still don't think they're better than Detroit or Miami ... unless they're going to play three-on-three.

Where do the Celtics go from here?
I think they're going to have to get a veteran point guard in there somehow. Delonte West went to Seattle. Telfair went to Minnesota. You still have Rajon Rondo, who's good. But you have to obviously go out and get a point guard.

Maybe if you can't do anything now, you wait until October when guys get cut. You obviously aren't looking to bring in Steve Nash, but you are looking to bring in a competent player ... someone along the lines of Chucky Atkins, who signed with Denver.

Where do the Timberwolves go from here?
If you're Minnesota, this is the way I would look at it: You're obviously not competing with the teams that are trying to win now, like San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Utah and the Rockets. They're not going to be competing with them anytime soon. You're really competing four of five years down the road with teams like Seattle and Portland. You're going to have to get younger. And Minnesota's not going to come out and say it, but it wouldn't be the worst thing if they end up in the lottery, get a high draft pick and add one more young player. Because you do have Corey Brewer, you do have Randy Foye and now you've added Al Jefferson to the mix. Plus you have those expiring contracts. So, maybe down the road, there will be a free agent out there that you can get.