While many NBA teams charter planes through a major airline for their journeys between road games, the Detroit Pistons have their own -- the Roundball One.

Check out photos both outside and inside the plane, then read what guard Chauncey Billups has to say about the luxury and convenience of private travel.

Detroit's private jet: The Roundball One

Spacious quarters with tables and seats allow players to stretch out in comfort.

Have you ever been on the road without a team plane?
Oh yeah, in college.

What's the difference? How much better is it to have your own plane?
It's a lot better to have your own plane. Even in the NBA, other teams I've played on, we chartered a plane and when you get there, the plane leaves and it's somebody else's. So having your own plane, you know if you leave something on it, it's going to be there. Everybody got their seat picked out -- it's like it's a kind of stability.

It's good to have consistency as opposed to flying on a different plane with charters. The plane was alright but it really wasn't that comfortable. The plane should fit the team -- people sitting wherever. I definitely enjoy having our own team plane.

Do you ever play video games on the plane?
I ain't really into the games. I don't play sport games -- the only games I play are the fighting games. Yeah, I don't really play the sport games.

Who on the team plays the most video games on the plane?
Earlier in the year it would have been Corliss (Williamson) and I think Chucky (Atkins) -- he was a big video guy. He's gone now. Corliss and Rip (Hamilton) play. Who else? Tayshaun (Prince) plays. Ben (Wallace) plays a little bit. We don't have too many. I know I've been on some teams where everybody on the whole team plays video games. You know what I mean? We only have three or four, two or three guys really, that play.

Do you guys watch movies?
We just play cards. Me, Ben, Rip, Tay -- we never sleep. We play cards the whole night.

What do you play?
We play a game called Bouré -- it's kinda like Spades.

Who wins the most?
Everybody get their time. I've been getting cracked lately. But it kinda goes around. So many flights, you know -- everybody wins, everybody loses.

Where do you sit on the plane? At a table?
Yeah, I'm in the back. I'm in the back at a table. So we can play cards -- in the way back. Rip sits right beside me and Tayshaun and Ben; we all sit all four at the table.