The Indiana Pacers' home court, Conseco Fieldhouse, was built as a monument to Indiana basketball. Keeping in line with this nostalgic feel, the team built one of the coziest practice courts in the NBA, Emmis Court.

Emmis Court, which is housed inside of Conseco Fieldhouse, is designed in traditional fieldhouse style. This gives the Pacers both a strong sense of hoops tradition in the basketball-rich state, and a comfortable throwback gym in which to practice.

Take a closer look at the old-school comforts provided by the "gym inside the gym."

Emmis Court is designed in fieldhouse style with brick walls, a retro scoreboard and manually-changed boards for Pacers' rosters and upcoming opponents.

A closer look at the roster board.

The padded walls hearken back to the small high-school gyms in which Indiana basketball established its roots.

The gym itself is visible from both inside Conseco Fieldhouse and from the street. Fans watching from above can sometimes catch practices or even individual players honing their jump shots.

The scoreboard is a combination of old-school design and modern technology.

The court is named after Emmis Communications, the title sponsor of the court. Emmis Communications owns Pacers flagship station WIBC-1070 AM.