Making your employees comfortable is paramount to running a successful business, whether managing a law firm or an NBA franchise. For a pro basketball team, one of the best ways to take care of your employees (players) is by giving them a state-of-the-art training facility. It improves practices, allows for better conditioning, and encourages players to spend more time in the "office."

One of the league's top practice facilities belongs to the Sacramento Kings. From replica courts to a plush player's lounge, the impressive facility, which stands adjacent to ARCO Arena, is second to none in the league. Take a closer look at how the Kings provide their charges with some of the finest comforts found in professional sports.

The Sacramento Kings and Monarchs Practice Facility first opened in 2000, and is open to the teams' players, coaches and staffs 24 hours a day.

The two courts within are exact replicas of the actual floor at ARCO Arena.

Along with the luxurious player lounge, the facility also houses offices and workspaces for all of the teams' employees.

The conference rooms are basketball-themed, as is the reception area and most of the rest of the building itself.