Go inside the Mavericks' locker room and weight room with owner Mark Cuban.
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Ever since owner Mark Cuban came to Dallas, his Mavericks franchise and its facilities have been viewed throughout the league as the epitome of comfort. From entertainment systems and plush robes in every player's locker to the team's private jet, Cuban lavishes all sorts of luxuries upon his players. In this Hanes NBA Player Comforts feature, NBA.com talked to some of the Dallas players about why they're so comfortable in the Big D. Also, check out a few pictures of the locker room at the bottom of the page. (Look for the Hanes Custom Comfort vignettes on TNT's Inside the NBA presented by Hyundai.)

How comfortable is your team's locker room?

Tony Delk:
"With the teams Iíve been on itís probably the best locker room Iíve been in. TV's in the locker ... itís spacious. Itís definitely comfortable for all the players."

Josh Howard:
"With everything they have there all you have to do is play ball, everything is given to you. It was kind of the same way at Wake Forest, but this is on a whole other level. Everything is handed to you so all you have to do is perform and play hard."

Antawn Jamison:
"Itís one of the best. The atmosphere there, it kind of feels like a home. You have your own private things, nice robes and things like that. Some stuff I definitely wasnít acquainted with. Normally after you finish practice youíre trying to get out of there, but in this situation they have food after practice, or if you want to sit back and watch game tapes you can do that, or if you just want to get a massage in the nice surroundings you can do that too."

Antoine Walker:
"Itís very nice. For the NBA, itís probably the best the league has to offer. Lots of personalization. Itís not every team where you get your own TV and Playstation and a lot of other different things like that, so itís very nice to have."

Any other general impressions?

Antawn Jamison:
"Everything with this team is first class. You've got one of the best weight rooms in the league, a pool table, a swimming pool; I mean, they've got some stuff at the practice facility that I donít even have at my house. Itís definitely a big perk and it definitely makes you want to be around the facility a lot more. The surroundings are definitely grade A. It's something you get acquainted to very easy.

"Overall, the team's service is one of the best in the league. Itís one thing Mark does, he really wants to take care of his players. All we really need to worry about is just playing the game of basketball. He does a phenomenal job of that and we take advantage. We donít have to worry about staying in the nice hotels and making sure we get some sleep; the only thing we have to worry about is playing the game and preparing to play the game."

Want to step inside the Mavericks locker room? Take a look at the luxuries provided by Dallas owner Mark Cuban. (All photos courtesy of Mavericks.com.)

Some of the finest digs in the league.

A close-up of one of the player's lockers.

An even closer look at the TV in each player's locker.

Each player also gets his own personal entertainment system.

One of the famous robes given to every player on the team.

A cool ceiling that subtly helps remind the players why they're given all of these luxuries.