Dedication and hard work are vital to a professional hoopster's success on the court. But even the biggest hoophead needs to take time away from the game to unwind. So how do players and coaches relax off of the floor and maintain a comfortable balance between work and play? talked to some of the biggest names in the game to find out. Here's what they do to take their mind off of basketball and reach their comfort zones.

Coach as Kingpin
Pacers coach Rick Carlisle talks about bowling

Word on the street is that you're a pretty good bowler. Have you ever bowled a perfect game?
Carlisle: "No. I don't know how that possibly got out. I actually was on a little bit of a bowling craze about four years ago because in the playoffs in 2000 I came to this conclusion it was bringing us luck. So I was bringing my ball and shoes on the road and bowling in cities like Milwaukee, Philadelphia, I didn't bowl in New York, but I did bowl in L.A. when we were in the Finals. And one time I bowled a 226, and that was the highest I ever got, but I'm at best probably a 140 to 150."

Anyone else in the league that you know is a bowler?
Carlisle: "Jermaine O'Neal is a bowler. He bowls. He goes out regularly and bowls."

Do you know his top score?
Carlisle: "You know, I don't know. He told me he bowls over 200 with regularity. You'd have to ask him. But I do know that he's got a lot of athletic ability, a lot of dexterity, and if he tells me that, I believe him."

Virtual Unreality
Sixers forward Kyle Korver talks about video games

What do you do to relax or unwind away from the game?
Korver: "Well, my one splurge has been a plasma TV."

Are you a video-games guy?
Korver: "I don't mind video games, but I don't really like sports games. I'm more into James Bond and the fantasy or adventure games. I was playing a basketball game recently as myself and I couldn't hit anything from three-point range, but I was dunking out. It was totally unrealistic."

Bad Boy Likes Bad Boys II
Pistons forward Tayshaun Prince talks about his movie collection

What are your hobbies?
Prince: "I go out to the movies. I like to bowl. Just do things that bring friends together, whatever it may be."

What is your favorite DVD in your collection?
Prince: "I would say out of the year 2003, 'Bad Boys II' and 'The Italian Job.' I loved that movie. I know that there will be some that I'm forgetting, but those are the two that I remember right now."

Ming the Merciless Gamer
Rockets center Yao Ming talks about video games

What do you do to unwind off of the court?
Yao: "I drive and watch TV. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time away from the game. But I sit at home and play video games, listen to music and read books."

What kinds of video games do you like to play online?
Yao: "Violent games. War games, fantasy games and strategy games."