Basketball is an intense game, but it also requires touch and flow. While players need to be "up" for a game, they also need to make sure they're not too tense. Otherwise, delicate aspects, such as free throws, 3-pointers and touch passes, can suffer. So how do NBA players get comfortable before a game? What rituals do they use to unwind while maintaining their intensity? talked to some of the game's biggest stars about their pregame rituals. Here's what they had to say.

How do you get comfortable before a game?

Mike Dunleavy, Golden State
"I like to get to the arena pretty early and warm up, shoot around a little bit and then go to the locker room about a half hour or so before our team meeting, and just relax. Maybe read some stuff on the other team, and just relax and kind of get focused and maybe listen to a little music or watch some tape."

Kyle Korver, Philadelphia
"I like to get to the arena before anybody else, so I can really take my time and get taped. Then just go out there on the floor and put up a bunch of shots, hopefully make a bunch of 'em and get the confidence going. Then after that, maybe just go back to the locker room and watch some game film."

Brad Miller, Sacramento
"I just usually shoot around, come back, get some food, lay down, watch a movie, shower up and go to the game."

Ronald "Flip" Murray, Seattle
"Listen to music."

Paul Pierce, Boston
"I go to shootaround in the morning, then I go home and about three hours before the game I'll have some food and take a nap. Then I head out to the arena."