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Suns Grind Out a Record

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:15 a.m. ET, Jan. 27, 2007

We started the day at 8 a.m. Central Time. And over those 15 hours you've seen NBA players ride a bus to practice and ride a bus back to the hotel. You've seen them thunder a few home, thread a great pass, make a bad pass, shoot and make, shoot and miss, rebound that miss, take a charge and fall and get up. You saw them get taped and get iced, chat and joke and chow down lunch.

You've seen trampoline tumblers and trampoline dunkers. You've seen jerseys hung and slipped on. You've seen technicians set it up and take it down.

What we tried to do today is give you the action behind the action, the people behind the stars, who, if you've watched all day, are pretty damn down-to-earth people. They sweat, they work, they worry, they read what's written, watch what's filmed and they listen to what is said.

What you have seen is that they care. They care about their jobs and they care about winning, whether they've won 15 straight and especially if they've lost five in a row. You've seen the best of the best and a team struggling to regain its footing. Today, you have seen the NBA's alpha and omega.

Yet, as the clock approaches midnight on the East Coast, after 15 hours of revelation and description, one thing has remained constant: the Phoenix Suns' winning streak.

Tonight in Milwaukee, the Phoenix Sun set a team record with their 16th consecutive win, a 98-90 grinder before the Bucks' third sellout of the season. Raja Bell may have led the Suns with 27 points, but Shawn Marion's 23 rebounds, including two key offensive boards down the stretch in the fourth quarter, turned out to be huge for the best team in the NBA.

"You know what," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said, "I didn't even notice. It was so good, so Shawn.

"I told our guys that tonight we'll just throw this game away. We're proud of the streak and what we've done. I'm really happy about it. We'll take that and not worry about this game."

This game did not represent the Suns at their best. Steve Nash had eight turnovers. The Suns shot .425 from the field. They couldn't put away a wounded team.

"I think we really haven't been focused lately, and we have to improve on that," Nash said. "Right now, it's a little frustrating setting the franchise record with 16 straight wins, but only a handful of those have been good performances."

He's right, the Suns never really had a firm grip on this game, but Nash can thank his lucky All-Stars he's not in Green and Red. Victory eluded Milwaukee for the sixth straight game. Every time the Bucks made a run, the Suns had an answer. Every time the Suns missed a shot, it seemed a Sun was there to scoop up the loose ball. The Bucks were within three points, but Ersan Ilyasova had his three point shot blocked by Marion (there's that man again) with 39 seconds left in the game.

"He's 19," Bucks coach Terry Stotts said. "I think we have confidence when he's in there. He is a good shooter, but obviously he wishes he could get that possession back at the end."

Stotts may also wish the Bucks had some of their chances at the charity stripe back. The Bucks were 12 for 21 from the line. Not good when you lose a game by eight.

Regardless, the Bucks were gritty, they were gutty. They weren't, however, good enough to get a win. With Charlie Villanueva back in the fold and Mo Williams possibly back as early as Sunday, the Bucks will get some of their offensive mojo back. 'Til then, they're going to need to find a way to grind out a win, much like the Suns did against them.

So, 15 hours later, the first-ever Gameday page and Gameday blog closes up shop. We thank you for reading and would like to thank the coaches and players for the Bucks and Suns for their time and their access. We'd also like to thank the excellent PR staffs: Cheri Hanson, Dan Smyczek, Matt Wessel and Shaun Hickombottom of the Bucks and Julie Fie of the Suns for granting that access and time.

And I'd like to thank the people behind the people behind the people -- Kathleen Reidy, Peter Skordelis, Seth Edelstein, Tony Stewart, Quiana Jenkins, Matt Laffey, Gary Dineen, Ron Hoskins, Randy Belice, Collin Pierson, Mario Porporino, Dan Donati, Steve Bernstein and Bob Downing, who made this first Gameday one to remember. Also, a big ups to the crew back at NBA Entertainment who cut all the video and cropped all the photos you see on this page. My apologies if I missed anyone.

We hoped you enjoyed it and we hope to do it again.

Until we blog again, good night.

A Quadruple Double?

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 10:29 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Steve Nash needs to hit the glass. The two-time MVP has 11 points, 13 assists, five board and eight turnovers.

Still, the Suns lead by 10.

A Suns Fan Chimes In

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 9:49 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Majest: You know Lebron will play on Sunday versus the Suns. He has to avenge the beatdown they got last time.
ropetenba: So true.
ropetenba: The streak could end that day ... of course if it doesn't end tonight. Ha!
Majest: Its looking a lot closer than i expected, but you know the Suns still have their 14-2 run to go on.
Majest: Like always
Majest: You think Barbosa and Raja will do the 3 point shootout?
ropetenba: Not sure... but that'll come out in the next couple of weeks.
Majest: Yeah i know Raja said he wanted to do it. Man, seeing the Suns on another win streak makes me think about the jumper that Dirk made and that circus shot Arenas made sooooooo much!
ropetenba: Yeah, they would have the streak, but they could have lost that game in Chicago too.
Majest: AH yeah Barbosa has ice in his veins!
Majest: Are you getting a lot of people IM'ing you since you put your SN on
ropetenba: Not a ton, but enough... had about eight windows open...
Majest: haha good luck with that...don't worry i won't bug you too much more. I got to go to work in a bit. I don't know what I would do without TIVO!
ropetenba: Yeah, it's like the wheel... I don't know what life was like without it..

Sarver in the BC

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 9:47 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Suns owner Robert Sarver just stopped by the press room.

OK, that was random.

Another Bucks Fan IM

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 9:30 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

polonia: Hey, Rob what do u think of the game so far?
ropetenba: Not bad... but the IM is hard to read. (Editor's note: It was red lettering on a green background ... hard on the eyes)
polonia: Oh sorry about that, is this better?
ropetenba: Yeah, that I can see...
polonia: So how bout Ersan, he seems to have gotten off to a great start...
ropetenba: Yeah, as a fan, I'll take it. He's 19.

Remember, you can IM me at ropetenba during the game.

Another IM

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 9:21 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

stev: you guys should offer me a job on
ropetenba: Um, why?
stev: oh you know... fellow milwaukee area native... i could fill in on the central intelligence page
ropetenba: Ah, now I see the angle ... You have the Central part down, but what about the Intelligence? ;-)
stev: ouch...
ropetenba: Just givin' you a hard time...
ropetenba: Anyway, have you been watching Gameday Live and for how long?
stev: yea... i watched the interviews and a completely new, down-to-earth perspective on NBA life
ropetenba: Excellent. We're glad we could bring it to you... It's been fun so far. And the Bucks are tied with, er, only down one.
stev: yeah, i'll be honest, as much of a fan as I am I have a hard time watching the Bucks without Redd
ropetenba: It's tough, but if you read the blog, he was running around today, so keep your fingers crossed.
stev: they're crossed ropetenba: Hard to type that way.
stev: anyway i have to scram... goodluck to you, i love the column and this gameday live thing is great ropetenba: Thanks for the kind words.

Passes With Purpose

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 9:21 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

What's this? The Suns scoring only 22 in a quarter? It must be cold in Milwaukee.

Anyway, both the Bucks and Suns sat in a zone for most of the first quarter.

Also, I'm seated next to an Eastern Conference scout. This is his third time seeing the Suns in person. I asked him, what's the difference between watching the Suns on TV and in person.

"The little things," he said, "the passes down the court. They don't play all that fast, but they play well together. Every pass has a purpose. It often leads to a shot, like on a pick and roll."

As we noted before, the Suns scored 22 in the first, not a typical Suns quarter. Then again, the Bucks scored 16, which has been the case as of late as the home team fights through injuries.

Rob to Rob

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 8:48 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

v2r: is this the first time they did something like this live all day?
ropetenba: Yes, sir (or madam)... this is the premiere issue of Gameday Live. Enjoy?
v2r: name is rob sorry
v2r: ya its awesome
v2r: dont know how much pull you have, but in march
v2r: mavs vs suns
v2r: i would love to watch a gameday live of those teams
v2r: would be interesting to see how both teams prepare for each other.
v2r: any idea when the next gameday live is?
ropetenba: Don't be sorry, my name's Rob too...
ropetenba: As for the next one, that's TBD... but people seem to love it, so, I think we could have another.
ropetenba: We'll put in a good word for Mavs-Suns. Thanks for the love. Enjoy the game.

South Beach in the (Virtual) House

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 8:426 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

mikey: Hey
mikey: I really enjoyed the coverage today, I hope we can see things like this more often
ropetenba: Me too... This has been a blast today. We'll see about the game...
mikey: I have no doubt the Suns are gonna win it today, always fun to watch them play
mikey: Im watching the Heat-Knicks game, I am hoping the Heat will pull it together after halftime
ropetenba: I've only seen them on the telly, so I'm hyped to see 'em live.
ropetenba: You a Heat fan?
mikey: Oh yeah
mikey: Live in Miami, started playing basketball after seeing wade in person last year
mikey: him and lebron are huge inspirations
ropetenba: Nice ... and that's one cool cat to emulate. D-Wade is one of my faves. Real gentleman, too... LeBron's another one. It will be good to see 'em in Vegas.
mikey: Itll be interesting to see who takes shots in tough situations ropetenba: Me neither... Mikey, thanks for dropping by. Don't forget your sunscreen.

Crazy Local IM

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 8:36 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

OCzCr: hey rob, dave here from oak creek
ropetenba: Dave, welcome... Sorry, was with someone else in another IM. Don't be jealous ;-)
OCzCr: I've been following the Bucks-Suns gameday live all day today, and I must say it's very interesting to see what players go through everyday before each game
ropetenba: So you thing you got a pretty good taste of what goes on?
ropetenba: Er, think you got a good taste?
OCzCr: Yeah i'd say so.
OCzCr: Can't wait to see the Bucks when everyone gets healthy, this is gonna be a great team to watch.
ropetenba: Excellent. We're pleased that you were pleased. Please pass it along to your friends and neighbors.
ropetenba: Here's hoping that's true, sir.

First IM

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 8:28 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

TeeBee: Highlight of the pregame: Tie between Charlie V and Mo Williams complaining about folical issues (Charlie too little, Mo way too much) and Pat Burke completely engrossed in SLAM magazine
ropetenba: TeeBee, where are you from?
TeeBee: originially from salt lake, live in NYC right now
ropetenba: And how long have you been watching Gameday Live?
TeeBee: i watched it at work today the whole time
TeeBee: and from like 6-to when it went off
TeeBee: huge bogut fan :-) go utes
ropetenba: Nice... Well, I'm glad we could help you procrastinate today. That was, of course, the goal...
TeeBee: ya, really good, it was awesome to see all the diff styles of practice from D"Antoni counting made 3's to the X/O of Stotts, really cool stuff, i'd love to see more teams in the future
TeeBeeBee1: anyway enjoy the game, i'll be watching on league pass, thanks for the cool coverage today
ropetenba: <-- Here for you, TBB1... Glad you enjoyed it.

AIM for This Blog

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 8:20 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

We're about 20 minutes from tip off. Remember, you can IM me at ropetenba during the game.

Hope to hear from you.

Seein' Some Suns

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 8:05 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Walking around the Bradley Center, we saw a few Suns jerseys on fans. And, as Steve Nash was shooting around, one fan yelled, "Steve! You're absolutely fantastic!"

Which is absolutely true, but not something you often hear yelled to any player in an NBA arena.

Big Brother, NBA Style

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 7:42 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

We stopped in the Milwaukee locker room before the game. Phoenix's dismantling of the Wizards in Washington on Tuesday played on a huge pull down movie screen at one end of the locker room. Some Bucks were on the floor and some were getting treatment in the training room. Michael Redd had his feet up in his locker and was reading the game notes. Each player's locker has an action photo of that player above it. The newest Bucks -- Earl Boykins and Julius Hodge -- had photos, but had handwritten nameplates. Those will arrive soon. Only two lockers did not have a jersey hanging from them: Redd and Mo Williams, meaning they were out for the night.

We caught up with Mo, who had his injured shoulder wrapped in ice, and asked him what it was like to be in the NBA's version of a reality TV show.

"It was cool," Williams said. "You know it's a long season and you do the same things, so it was good to have something different. It kind of lifted us up a little bit. Hopefully it will carry over to the game."

Glad we could help. Can we help with the shoulder too?

"The shoulder's feeling better," Williams said. "Hopefully I'll be back on the court soon, possibly Sunday. I just want to get stronger and make sure the pain goes away, and that when the pain goes away, that I can take a hit on it."

As for Milwaukee's other player with a shoulder injury, Charlie Villanueva, his locker had a jersey hanging from it. He was playing.

Runnin' Redd

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 6:50 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Here was another cool sight for Bucks fans: Michael Redd workin' up a sweat.

The Bucks All-Star (C'mon, you know he would have made the team had he not been injured...) went running down the court under the watchful eyes of Bucks' Athletic Trainer Andre Daniel and a physical therapist. After a few trips, er, times down the court, assistant coach Lester Conner readied himself to make passes to Redd.

Suns assistant Alvin Gentry started joking around.

"Michael, you're not mad at us are ya? We're not trying to get you mad," Gentry joked.

"Nah, I'm not mad at no one," Redd said smiling.

"Good, because we got Gilbert angry and he went for 54 on us," Gentry said. "Did you see that he said he'd drop 84 on Duke?"

Hmmm, wherever did they get that idea?

Joking aside, with coach Conner feeding him passes, Redd went to work shooting threes. Here's how he did with the goal to be seven makes from the five spots behind the arc:

Right corner: make, miss, make, make, make, make, make, miss, miss, miss, miss, make
Right arc: make, make, make, make, make, make, miss, miss, make
Top of the key: make, make, make, make, make, make, make (yes, seven in a row)
Left arc: make, make, make, miss, make, make, make, make
Right corner: miss, make, make, miss, miss, miss, make, make, miss, make, miss, make

Get well soon, Mr. Redd.

Bobblin' Bogut

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 5:50 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

We got our greasy mitts on the Andrew Bogut bobblehead and we're pleased to report no headband strip. The bobblehead does have the Aussie's shag haircut, but it doesn't have the Bogut beard: short on the cheeks, fuzzy under the chin. And, no it's not a Chia bobblehead, so you can't grow one on it.

Anyway, we'll have a photo of bobblehead Bogut taking the floor a little later.

Before we came back to blog, we saw Mo Williams shooting around with assistant Lester Conner. Mo isn't scheduled to play tonight, but having him practicing was a sight for this team's sore eyes.

We're going with the live stream at 6:15 p.m. ET. C'mon back and take a look.

Back at the BC

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 3:30 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

By blogging now, I'm breaking the rule my mom taught me when I was a kid: wait at least an hour after you eat before you blog again.

Oh well, we're throwing caution into the wind.

We're back and we're blogging from the Bradley Center. The live stream will be back at 6:15 p.m. ET, 5:15 p.m. CT when the Bucks' dance team, Energee!, takes the floor.

In the meantime, give it up for Lindsey, as fans selected her to represent the team as a member of the NBA All-Star Dance Team.

We'll be back in a moment. While you're here check out some of the great video our intrepid NBA Entertainment crew shot earlier today. You'll be glad you did.

OK, Now...

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 2:40 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Putting up the Out to Lunch shingle now...

See you in a bit. Remember, you can AIM IM me during the game (starting at 8:30 p.m. ET) at ropetenba.

The Pyramids

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 2:25 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

From the (low) angle of the camera, it looks like a million gymnasts are flying everywhere. And now, they're flying over pyramids right into your work cube.

That's Gameday Live, baby, bringin' it right to you!

One NBA Entertainment observer noted, "Look at them. I can't even do a cartwheel."

D'Antoni Interview: Icing on the Cake

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 2:15 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Forget lunch, we're still blogging!

To see our D'Antoni interview after Suns shootaround, well, you're on the web, you know what to do. Please ignore the media ham asking the question.

Meanwhile, if you're reading this now, you're watching the FM Acro Gymnastics Team Rehearsal. All we can say is, "Don't try this home..." unless you have a 94-foot court, trampolines and heavily padded mats at your place.

Oh, and if you do, move the mats and the trampolines. We're up for a game. Invite us over. Please.

The Sign is Up

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 1:50 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

We're headed for a break. We'll see you on the flipside of lunch.

Now That You Mention It...

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 1:40 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

As you may have heard, the Phoenix Suns are pretty good. They've already had one 15-game win streak, and bring another into their game in Milwaukee tonight (8:30 p.m. ET, League Pass). We wanted to ask Shawn Marion and coach Mike D'Antoni about it:

Us: So, I just asked Shawn, and he said you guys don't think about the streak much.

D'Antoni (with a smile): Funny how no one thinks about it except here we are talking about it.

Us: So true. But do you guys realize what kind of season you're having so far to have two winning streaks like that.

D'Antoni: Not to get all sappy on you, but this is a special team, and it's special every day. It's not just the winning streaks and not where we'll go and what we won't do, it's just how these prepare themselves mentally and physically every day. They come in and play and give a good effort every night.
>> Watch it!

As for Marion, he echoed those sentiments about the streak.

"Nah, we don't think about it much, but you guys keep mentioning it."

True, true, but two 15-game win streaks. How can we not, right?

Anyway, Marion doesn't think about the All-Star Game much either, but he answered with a simple, "Yeah," when asked if it would be special to be an All-Star where he played his college career with UNLV. And oh yeah, D'Antoni would be his coach.

"It's a great honor. Our players," D'Antoni said nodding toward the bench area, "have really given this gift to the coaching staff."

Amazingly, no Sun earned a starting nod from the fans. Expect to see a couple on the squad when reserves are named on Feb. 1.

Good Shootin'

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:50 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Just watched Shawn Marion and Eric Piatkowski light it up for five straight minutes, barely hitting the rim.

Looked like that scene from Pleasantville where all the guys throw up their shots at once and they all arc perfectly through the net.

Look, Ma, Two Hands

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:25 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Shawn Marion's unorthodox shooting flip gets a lot of attention, but has anyone noticed Leandro Barbosa's shooting stroke?

It's a good stroke, it's just that he adds a little extra. Instead of taking his left hand, his guide hand, away from his shooting hand, his left hand goes forward with the shot. So, after the ball has been launched, and usually through the rim, both his right hand and left hand have flicked forward toward the rim, his left hand finishing just behind the right ... like a horse losing by a nose.

I don't know why I notice these things.

And A One...

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:19 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Mmm... cals and stretching. With's Gameday Live, you can even feel the burn.

At the Movies with Ebert and ... Nash?

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:08 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

James Jones, as he stretched on the sideline, yelled to Steve Nash:

"How was the Last King of Scotland?"

Nash responded with a thumbs up.

On another note, I'm excited to see the Suns practice. I haven't had a chance to read Jack McCallum's ":07 Seconds or Less" yet, but it's on the list. I'm sure he covers it in the book, but it's always good to see for yourself.

Media Time

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:06 p.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

The Bucks just wrapped up and rookie center Damir Markota just sank a half court shot as he was walking off the floor.

The Suns are here now. Sean Marks is shooting at the north hoop (to the left on your screen). Steve Nash is chatting up Bucks assistant Larry Krystkowiak and Mike D'Antoni and Alvin Gentry are talking about offensive or defensive sets... I'm too far away to hear.

Back in a sec, heading to Bucks media availability. I hear they could have Charlie V back tonight.

Competitive Juices

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 11:50 a.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Just a few moments ago, the Bucks split into teams of three for a little competitive shooting drill. They took turns shooting from the elbow, 17-feet on the wing and the three-point arc (not the sideline, as coach Terry Stotts pointed out). First team to seven from each spot wins.

The squad of Mo Williams (good to see him shooting around again), Ersan Ilysova and David Noel took both three-point competitions even though Earl Boykins tried to claim one.

"Earl, how come you're always trying to cheat," chided Ruben Patterson.

Boykins, who was wearing his practice jersey around his neck as kid playing Superman, shot back with a big grin, "A guy can make a mistake can't he?"

After the drill, they ran offensive sets.

Oh, and say hi to Bucks play-by-play man Jim Paschke. He's here filming this GameDay Live event for a future Bucks broadcast. You may even see me typing. You can't get more exciting than that. Wheeeeee! Anyway, you can watch tonight's game on League Pass, which has a free preview. I don't know what broadcast you'll get, Milwaukee or Phoenix, but if you do get the Bucks broadcast, Paschke and Jon McGlocklin will do the honors. They're two of the best.

Bucks Shootaround

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 11:10 a.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

The Bucks have taken the Bradley Center floor and have started to shoot around.

As a shooter (I don't pass and I don't play defense... I'm a single threat), I love watching shooters shoot. One of the cooler things I had ever seen was when Dale Ellis plied his trade with the Bucks in the early '90s.

One time, after a pre-shootaround meeting, Ellis walked toward the court. Dressed in a hoodie sweatshirt and sweatpants, Ellis headed toward the ball rack, which was literally on the corner of the wood floor next to the bench. He plucked a ball of the back, dribbled once, took one step toward the court and flung it toward the hoop.

Swish. No warm up, no stretching, no conscience, nothing. He must have been two feet behind the baseline and four feet off the sideline. It was pure and I thought it was one of the coolest basketball moments I had ever seen.

That moment also gave me insight to how good these guys are. In practice, they're close to automatic. They work hard. Watch as the Bucks and Suns go through their plays. It won't be game speed, but the players' talent will be evident.

During the Game

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 10:54 a.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Want to participate in the blog tonight during the game tonight?

I will have my AIM IM open: ropetenba.

Come verbally dressed to impress and maybe our bouncer will let you inside the velvet rope.

A Case for Bogut

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 10:34 a.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Make that cases. And now I know what machines were making those noises.

It's Andrew Bogut bobblehead night and the boxes have been piled high just inside the loading dock. Wade Waugus, a long-time Bucks employee, was in charge of getting Bogut's bobbleheads from the dock to the Bucks' offices.

"I've got 20 skids of these things," Waugus noted just before he slipped a motorized hand forklift under one skid.

"Everyone gets one," a team official said. "Not 5,000. Not 10,000. Not 15,000, everyone."

Cool, we can't wait to get ours. We have not seen it yet so we don't know if it's based on the early 2006-07 Bogut with the headband or current Bogut with the beard. We'll let you know when we do, because, of course, it's important.

Morning at the Bradley Center

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 9:55 a.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

We've arrived at the Bradley Center and we're ready to roll.

Right now, not much is happening. You can hear the occasional heavy machinery moving around behind the scnes and various NBA TV personnel skittering about like mice. They're getting ready to bring you Gameday Live starting in a few moments.

Ah, the Bradley Center. I used to haunt this place back in the early '90s when I did some video work for the Bucks and charting shots for the likes of Blue Edwards, Eric Murdock, Todd Day and Lee Mayberry. For a college kid, though, it was cool to be employed by an NBA team. Even tough I've made it to the NBA mothership in New York, it's hard to get the hometown out of your blood, even if you want to, not that I do.

Anyway, we were there when the Bucks' Charlie Villanueva walked in. Someone mentioned that Charlie V. is questionable for tonight, which may be the best news the Bucks have had in a while. More players should be arriving soon.

The blog'll be back in a bit.

Brew Town Blog

Posted by: Rob Peterson, 12:30 a.m. ET, Jan. 26, 2007

Well, Central Intelligence has returned home to Milwaukee. Brew Town. The Cream City. The City of Festivals. A place where three rivers meet. Home to the world's largest four-faced clock, Socialist mayors, all the Violent Femmes, one Talking Head, one Roller Girl, one Young Frankenstein and one of three American cities that can lay claim that it once had the United States' tallest building.

We're here for Friday's game between the streaking Phoenix Suns and the hometown Milwaukee Bucks, and we're trying something new here at Gameday Live. We want to give you a feel of what it's like to be in the NBA for day from morning shootaround to tipoff.

In the meantime, your's truly will be blogging all day Friday from the Bradley Center as the Bucks and Suns get ready for Friday's game.

It will be interesting to see because we have two teams going in different directions. The Suns have reeled off their second 15-game winning streak of the season while the hosts have been beset by a rash of injuries and have dropped five in a row.

I've seen my beloved Bucks in person this year at the Meadowlands, but I've only seen the Suns on television. And while I believe almost everything I see on TV (Really? If I call now?), but I IMed's Dave McMenamin, who saw the Suns pick apart the Knicks at the Garden, for the scoop. So, what say you, D-Mac?

Dave: very impressive up close. i just watched nash shoot around before the game
Dave: he is very methodical and is a machine from 15 feet
Rob: Perfect practice makes perfect.
Dave: exactly
Dave: i spoke to d'antoni about picking marion for defensive poy, he thinks i'm on to something
Dave: not that is opinion is biased or anything...

Of course not. Anyway, everyone will get a chance to do what doctors have advised against for centuries: we'll get to stare into the Suns' ... shootaround, warmups, pregame speeches, everything. So, watch and read.

Well, it's getting late and the flame atop the Wisconsin Gas Building burns a steady, bright blue. And you know what that means ...

Wait, you don't know what that means? Here, let me help.

The Wisconsin Gas Building, which is now home to a real estate company, once housed, you guessed it, the Wisconsin Gas Company, a publicly owned utility company. On top of the art deco building rests a four-ton sculpture that looks like a flame, which in a typically frugal Milwaukee move, was purchased for something like a buck. The color of the flame signals to all who see it, and knows what it means, what weather to expect.

Creative, no? We're quaint that way. If you think that's creative, we Milwaukeeans compiled a little poem to keep track of just what the great flame above was telling us:

When the flame is red, it's warm weather ahead.
When the flame is gold, watch out for cold.
When the flame is blue, there's no change in view.
Where there's flickering flame, expect snow or rain.

This fancy technology called the internet tells me it's 20 degrees outside. We're in for more of the same. What'd you expect? After all, it's winter in Milwaukee.

Did you ever wonder what NBA players and teams do on a game day? On Friday, took you inside the routine for an NBA team, with exclusive behind the-scenes access to a full day for the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks.
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    NBA Game Day Live Video Schedule
    Morning/Afternoon Schedule
    10 - 11 Bucks player arrivals
    11 - 12:15 Bucks shootaround
    12 - 1:15 Suns shootaround
    1 - 2:30 FM Acro Gymnastics Team Rehearsal
    Evening Schedule
    6:15 Energee Dance Team
    6:30 Player arrivals
    7:00 Player warm ups, media sessions
    8:30 Suns @ Bucks
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    All times are Eastern

    9:45 am ET: Bucks Player Arrivals
    Watch Andrew Bogut and the Bucks arrive to the arena for shootaround the morning of gameday.

    10:30 am ET: Bucks Shootaround
    Milwaukee players and coaches run through drills during the Bucks' shootaround.

    10:36 am ET: Suns Player Arrivals
    Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash and the Suns arrive for Friday morning's preparation for the evening game.

    11:15 am ET: Suns Shootaround
    Phoenix players run through drills during the Suns shootaround.

    11:43 am ET: Mike D'Antoni Interview
    Suns coach Mike D'Antoni talks about what the team does on off days during a road trip.

    12:08 pm ET: D'Antoni on the Streak
    D'Antoni shares his thoughts on the Suns' current winning streak and coaching the West team in the All-Star game.

    12:21 pm ET: Kurt Thomas on Stationary Bike
    Suns pivot Kurt Thomas watches shootaround as he works out on a stationary bike the morning of the Suns game against the Bucks.

    12:30 pm ET: Andrew Bogut Leaves Shootaround
    Bucks center Andrew Bogut talks about how he plans to spend the rest of his day following Milwaukee's morning shootaround.

    12:51 pm ET: Michael Redd Injury Rehab
    Bucks trainers work with Michael Redd during his rehabilitation on his knee.

    12:52 pm ET: Shawn Marion Interview
    Shawn Marion says the Suns must maintain their focus for the remainder of the season.

    12:54 pm ET: Leandro Barbosa Interview
    Suns guard Leandro Barbosa says the goal this season is to win a championship.

    12:54 pm ET: Arcro Rehearsal
    The FM Acro Gymnastics team rehearsed their routine.

    12:56 pm ET: Michael Redd Interview
    Redd discusses his rehabilitation on his knee and when he expects to return to the lineup.

    12:58 pm ET: Steve Nash Interview
    The media interview Suns guard Steve Nash about Phoenix's recent success and the two-time MVP's point guard skills.

    1:05 pm ET: Terry Stotts Interview
    Bucks coach Terry Stotts talks about Steve Nash's chances of winning a third MVP award this season.

    1:30 pm ET: Amare Stoudemire Interview
    The media interview Suns pivot Amare Stoudemire following morning shootaround about his health.

    2 pm ET: Suns Bus Departure
    The Phoenix Suns share some laughs and discussion with each other on the way to the Bradley Center.

    2:30 pm ET: Boris Diaw Lunch
    Suns forward Boris Diaw eats a nutritious lunch at a nice Milwaukee restaurant.

    4:30 pm ET: Rim Rockers Dunk Team
    The Rim Rockers Dunk Team practices before the Bucks' home game Friday night.

    4:40 pm ET: Tech Preparation
    The technical professionals set up all the equipment to make sure there are no glitches during the Bucks game Friday night.

    5:20 pm ET: Locker Room Preparation
    Trainers spend time in the Bucks locker room prior to the team gearing up for tip off.

    6:30 pm ET: Bucks Dancers
    The Milwaukee Bucks dancers go over some routines during a pregame practice.

    6:30 pm ET: Pregame Arrivals
    Players and coaches arrive at the Bradley Center in anticipation of Friday's game.

    10:41 pm ET Suns 98, Bucks 91 (F)
    Raja Bell led five Suns in double figures with 27 and the Suns set a franchise record with their 16th straight victory by beating the Bucks on Friday.

    Gameday Live Compilation
    NBA TV gives you an all-access pass with behind-the-scenes coverage leading up to Friday night's Suns-Bucks game.