No less an authority than Turner's Kenny Smith called it "the greatest dunk" he'd ever seen. users voted it as their favorite play from the 2004 All-Star Weekend. In fact, it seems as though everyone's weighed in on Jason Richardson's ultra-stylish, off-the-backboard, between-the-legs dunk except for J-Rich himself. So what does he have to say about the play that left everyone shaking their heads in disbelief in Los Angeles? caught up with the Warriors guard to get his take on his stylish slam dunk.
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Breaking down "the dunk" with J-Rich:

Had you ever practiced this dunk before?
Richardson: "That was my second time actually doing it. I only practiced it once, but I knew that I could do it."

When did you envision doing this dunk?
Richardson: "The Thursday before the dunk contest, I spent like 30 minutes practicing four or five dunks and I picked that one."

Where would you rate this dunk?
Richardson: "It actually isn't one of my favorites. I didn't think it was all that effective. When I did it for the first time, I tried it in a gym in Oakland. My uncle was there and after I did I asked him what he thought. He said he didn't like it too much, and I said I wasn't going to try it again. After I came down, I knew I could pull it off when I needed to. But I didn't think it would really be that good."

So what is your favorite dunk?
Richardson: "The between-the-legs reverse that I won the contest with last year. Just the fact that I needed a high score and was able to pull it off with that dunk meant a lot."

Was that dunk a lot more difficult than this one?
Richardson: "No, but the fact that it was a close dunk contest and the fact that I needed it to win it might've made it a little tougher."

Would you ever try one of these in a game?
Richardson: "Noooo ... Maybe in a summer-league game, but not in a regular-season game."

What would Coach Musselman say if you did?
Richardson: "I don't know, but I wouldn't even try it. He probably wouldn't say anything if it went in, though."

Do you have a favorite in-game dunk?
Richardson: "Not really."

I guess there have been so many ...
Richardson: "Yeah. Too many to choose from."

Do you have any special dunks left that no one's seen?
Richardson: "Not really. I've tried to do a between-the-legs 360. I've never pulled it off, but I think I could pull it off if I really put my mind to it."