We asked you to send your most pressing questions to one of the NBA's most impressive players. We opened a mailbox so you could open your heart, and he welcomed your questions with open arms.

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki is back for another go-round of dispensing indespensible advice. And remember, the mailbox is always open.

Here is the second installment of Dear Dirk .... We start with two women who are having trouble convincing their hubbies to do the right things.

Chari in Amarillo, Texas asks:

Dear Dirk ... I know this is a very silly question, but what do you suggest that I say to my husband to get him to stop bad habits, such as: Not putting the toilet paper on the roll, leaving dirty clothes everywhere, leaving empty drink cups around the house, etc? Every time I say something, it sounds like I am wanting to start a fight.

He is a pretty good guy, he let me have MAVRKS on my license plates, bought me tickets to see you play for Christmas, and recently bought me a plaque of you. What do I do?

Dirk says: "I suggest trying to compromise with him. I would bet you also have habits that he considers 'bad,' so maybe you can do a trade-off. Something else that might work is changing your approach. Every time you want to say something, try to word it in a very non-confrontational way so he doesn’t think you are trying to start a fight."

Ashley in Denton, Texas asks:

Dear Dirk ... My husband spends almost all of his free time playing video games. How do you suggest I get him to pay less attention to the video games and more attention to what I'm saying????

Dirk says: "Try turning the TV off, standing in front of it and making him look you in the eye."

In the next letter, Dirk lets this young man know it's time to act or move on.

Marley in Arlington, Texas asks:

Dear Dirk ... What up Dirk, I'm a big fan of yours There was this girl in my class and I had a huge crush on her. We didn't talk a whole lot but she still considered me a good friend. Then she finds out that I like her, she was always like she wasn't sure if it was going to work out but she never said no. Then one day one of her friends was like "Hey, why don't you talk to Marley?"

So I go and try to talk to her, but would just walk away. So, then my friend tells me she is going to write me a note. The next day she gives me the note.

She says a few things and writes a big fat NO! Then says sorry for the misunderstanding. Now she won't talk to me. I'm not sure if she is mad at me of what. But she hasn't talked to me or said "Hi!" in almost two months. Some of my friends say I should try talking to her, some say I should let it go.

What do you think I should do Dirk?

Dirk says: "I suggest giving her one last chance to see if she responds. You can’t wait for her forever, so if she isn’t interested then you need to move on."

Dirk also lets you know what to do when someone digs around in your personal stuff.

Jordan in Roanoke, Va. asks:

Dear Dirk ... I recently discovered someone very close to me reading a private journal that I keep. This is someone I see every day and this has made things awkward. What should I do?

Dirk says: "I suggest confronting them and talking about it to let them know you are upset. You can’t just drop a good friend just because they read something."

From diaries to two girls who want to know how to balance basketball and time with their friends.

Naomi in New York asks:

Dear Dirk ... Hey Dirk, what advice do you have for young female athletes who aspire to play the game as good as you?

Dirk says: "I don’t see a difference between male and female athletes who aspire to play the game on a higher level. It is all about practicing long and hard as well as having fun."

Liz in Fort Worth, Texas asks:

Dear Dirk ... I'm going to be a freshman this coming school year and the basketball varsity coach at the high school has told me that I'm good enough and I'm going to be on JV next year. And if I work hard enough I will have the opportunity to skip both freshman and VJ teams and go straight to varsity.

Since this was said, I've been working out twice as hard as I had before and am playing on two basketball teams, sometimes three. They seem to all overlap.

My question is after so much pressure of meeting the expectation of my coach as well as myself, how do I keep up the determination and will-power when its just so easy to want to quit? I've given up every opportunity to spend with my friends toward basketball and I'm NOT complaining! I love basketball from depths of my heart but how are YOU able to still proceed when your entire life I centered ONLY on one particular subject? Like what keeps you going when feel like just ... not caring anymore?

Dirk says: "You are too young to do all that. That will come later. You need to have fun with your friends and find other hobbies. You can always focus on specializing later in life. Basketball for me is all about fun. Once the fun is over and you see it as a job I think you are on the wrong route."

Now, on to some serious guy stuff ... sort of.

Jason in Provo, Utah asks:

Dear Dirk ... I'm getting married at the end of the month and I've been put in charge of picking out centerpieces. What do you recommend?

Dirk says: "I suggest bouquets of 15 long-stemmed, yellow roses in clear or green vases. If you want to add some light to the display you should consider putting matching votives around the vases."

Bryan in Düsseldorf, Germany asks:

Dear Dirk ... My best friend is getting married soon, and I have to give the best man speech! Any suggestions for content?

Dirk says: "A best man speech should be funny and contain good stories and things people don’t know about the groom and his bride. Definitely keep it personal and all about the couple."

That's Dirk, always here to help.

Your questions + Mr. Nowitzki's advice = wonderful solutions
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THE 411 ON NO. 41
Full name: Dirk Werner Nowitzki

Birthdate: 6/19/78

Native of: Wûrzburg, Germany

Height: 7-0 ft., 2.13m | Weight 245 lbs.,111,1 kg.

Drafted: No. 9 overall by Milwaukee Bucks in 1998, traded with Pat Garrity to Mavericks for Robert Traylor

Employer: Dallas Mavericks

Employee number: 41

Why No. 41? "I had No. 14 in Europe and when I got here Robert Pack had the number so I just switched it around to 41."

Employee position: Forward

All-Star appearances: Four (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005)

Stats for the 2004-05 season (through March 9): 26.9 ppg, 10.1 rpg, 3.1 apg

Favorite movie: Old School

What kind of music does he listen to? "I have an iPod that is packed with mostly alternative rock music."

Favorite musician/band: Ben Harper

On the Mavs so far this season: A question from Phil in Paris:

Dear Dirk ... Hi, how's Avery Johnson's and Erick Dampier's defended-mindedness rubbing off on the rest of the players. Have you notices a shift in thought?

Dirk says: "Yes, we are better than before but obviously we need Damp back."