(Photo provided by Baron Davis)
Warriors guard Baron Davis earned his SAG membership by appearing in movies and shows including ABC Family's 'Lincoln Heights.'

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Awards Season: 'No Country For Old Men' Screens Out Other Contenders

With All-Star around the corner, it's awards season all around. I'm not too sure how many people know this, but I am a voting member of the Screen Actors Guild. I've been fortunate to appear in a few movies and television shows in my career (including ABC Family's Lincoln Heights this past summer, pictured right). I've really enjoyed the experiences and it has allowed me to stay active in the entertainment industry beyond producing. The SAG Awards were on Sunday night. We were playing the Knicks, so I didn't get to see it live...but thanks to the local news and entertainment shows out there, I was able to catch the highlights and some of the award speeches.

Personally, I was thrilled. I definitely think that Javier Bardem deserved to win. I was really happy to see that! His portrayal of killer Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men was chilling to say the least. His character really set the tone of the movie. His look was original and quite spooky, which made it all the better to watch. As a film, No Country for Old Men has a great cast with great directing by the Coen brothers. The story surrounds Bardem, whose character is hired to track down drug money. He takes it upon himself to kill the guys who hired him and then starts searching for the money himself and willing to kill anyone and anything that gets in his way. While it sounds pretty straightforward, nothing about this movie is predictable (a trait that I really like in a well-made film) ... and the end leaves you to figure things out on your own. It moved very cautiously and creepy to the very end.

Tommy Lee Jones as Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is a perfect fit. Josh Brolin (making a career comeback this year -- also in American Gangster ... one of my faves), was excellent too. I only wish that my boy Woody (Harrelson) had a bigger role, as he is dope in this flick! Obviously, this is NOT a movie for the kids. I saw this one on the road by myself and plan to see it again. It's definitely one that goes down in the "movie quotes" world, because the dialogue and action are so memorable. Go see this movie!

Back to SAG for a minute. Big congrats to (James) Gandolfini for once again displaying great screen presence and winning for Sopranos! I feel so lucky to be able to work with him. (Editor's note: Davis' production company Verso Entertainment is developing a HBO docudrama executive produced and starring Gandolfini as shoe magnate Sonny Vaccaro, titled "ABCD Camp"). He is one of my favorite actors! It was great to see The Sopranos sweep the awards in their last hurrah. I was also excited to see Daniel Day-Lewis win. He is Old Skool Style to the core. Basically, he is so selective with his roles and hasn't done much in the past decade. So when he chooses to do something, I have to watch. "There Will Be Blood" is a phenomenal movie which is solely good because of him.

Movies to watch this week: My girl Jessica (Alba) in "The Eye"! Then, Michael Clayton (got to see what the Oscar buzz is all about!), maybe Into the Wild (I'm a big fan of movies created from best-selling books). Keep posting your comments in my thread at Fan Voice! Hey sirdunk, your categories were hilarious! Boomscar awards coming soon!