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I'm sure some people would be surprised that I went to see Juno. Or that I was excited to see Juno. Truth is, I like a wide variety of genres. You can't pigeonhole me to action flicks or horror or comedy. And the critics seem to love this movie. I went to catch this by myself, although you could take a date to see this movie. I like to see most movies first and then recommend it to my teammates. Sometimes I see the same movie over and over, like No Country for Old Men ... have to see that again ASAP! Honestly, Juno is right now my pick for Best Picture. An incredible movie!

This is a great feel-good movie that's funny. Diablo Cody delivered the most authentic dialogue I've heard in a long time. Not only did the main two kids (Ellen Page and Michael Cera, the kid from Superbad, also a funny flick) shine, but the supporting cast continued to raise the bar. Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman play the adoptive couple who are very different than Juno's parents and their middle-class surroundings. Overall, the cast of characters are so well-scripted that you get caught up and time flies.

The movie surrounds Juno, a 16-year-old girl who finds herself pregnant via her high-school boyfriend ... a low-key kind of guy. This isn't your tailor made after-school special that drags on the political moral issue of teen pregnancy. What it does is tell the story through Juno. She's a smart teen who takes responsibility for her actions and yet we get to see she has flaws just like every teenager trying to grow up. The story is funny, very real, but the reason the movie works is because the parents support her through the whole experience and we see how Juno's pregnancy changes her. Without giving away the entire story because you need to see it yourself, all I can say is that across the board it's a great movie: Great script. Great acting. Great directing. Not too many movies hit the mark on all of them.

Two hours flew by for me. Seriously, this is a must-see movie. It's no wonder why Ellen Page has gotten the award nods. She seems like a young Hilary Swank or Natalie Portman who will go on to bigger things.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the BOOMSCARS! But I need your suggestions for categories besides the typical Best Picture, Best Actor. C'mon, give me your creative juices. Post them in my BOOMSCARS thread at Fan Voice!