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Los Angeles native Baron Davis is an avid film fan and a film producer.

I Am Legend

"I Am Legend" did record breaking numbers. (An incredible $76.5 million of domestic box-office sales opening weekend). Overall, it was a good movie with an interesting take on our future. The movie is set in modern-day New York. "I Am Legend" is a sci-fi action packed movie that stars Will Smith as Robert Neville, a scientist who has somehow survived a killer virus that has taken over Manhattan wiping out the human race (and perhaps the Earth). His German shepherd Samantha has also held on somehow and tags along as Will battles mutant zombie cannibals. He searches for a cure while trying to find other survivors along the way.

Will Smith puts in an All-Star performance and handled the solo role with strong emotion and character. That said, this movie is not going on my "favorites of all time" list but if you are looking for some good entertainment this won't disappoint! The action is sick ... great special effects that kept me entertained. I thought the zombies were believable.

Although Will is my MVP for acting right now this definitely helps, not hurts, his chances for a Boomscar (my version of the Oscars)!!!! If you are looking for a movie to go to with your teammates this is good. Or for teens. No wonder it's selling out. But I have to say it's not the best Will action movie, even though I respect him for holding my attention for two hours. The dog is incredible though. Kudos to the dog and whoever cast the dog.

Keep tuning in for my reviews. My next movies to see are: "Hitman" (I've heard it is a great adaptation of the video game) and "Atonement" (Keira Knightley is the bomb)!

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