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Posted by John Schuhmann on November 10, 2005 1:30 p.m. ET


Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated addresses the Old White Guy Sermon in his column today. Our favorite quote:

"Barry Bonds acts like an idiot and that's on Barry Bonds. Terrell Owens acts like an idiot, and that's on Terrell Owens. Iverson rants about how he dislikes practice, and that's on the entire NBA."
-- [Sports Illustrated]

And that OWG 'tude is wrong on so many levels. Like McCallum, we agree with this: "But I am declaring right now that I am officially sick of the OWGS," Jack later writes.

Read the whole thing. It's good.


Tonight on TNT, tt's the top offense in the league (111.0 ppg) vs. the top defense (85.25 ppg). They are the top two teams in field goal percentage. The Pistons are playing at a faster pace this season, but they can still certainly play defensive DE-TROIT BASKETBALL.
-- [Detroit Free Press, Detroit News]

Chris Ballard of SI breaks down the new Detroit fast break. You might want to look away if you're a Darko fan though.
-- [Sports Illustrated]

The Pistons are the only undefeated team left in the league and we've been getting quite a bit of mail from Detroit fans who are upset with this week's Power Rankings. Tonight will certainly be their toughest test of the season so far. The Suns haven't exactly rolled over and played dead since losing Amare Stoudemire.

The home team has won the last three meetings between these two teams, but before that, the road team had won eight straight.

Look for the Pistons to control the boards. The Pistons have outrebounded their opponents by 10.5 boards per game (tops in the league) while the Suns are giving up a 9.5 rebound differential (29th). Ben Wallace grabbed 33 rebounds in the two games against the Suns last season, so Brian Grant may see additional minutes tonight. It looks like the Suns will switch up their lineup a bit, replacing James Jones with Boris Diaw.
-- [Arizona Republic]


I went to the Nets-Jazz game last night. Now, it's a given that whenever the Nets play, you need to reserve a spot or two in the NBA TV Top 10 for J Kidd, Vinsanity and RJ, but it was the Croatian Sensation Zoran Planinic who out-did them all last night. But where did Mehmet Okur disappear to? I could have sworn I saw him in the building. Somehow though, I didn't see Master P!
-- [Deseret Morning News]

Nice piece in Time magazine about everything that was involved with the Hornets' move to Oklahoma City.
-- [Time Magazine]

Good to see that Shaq's cast will be removed today, but we just hope Dirk isn't out for too long now.
-- [South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Dallas Morning News]

Posted by John Schuhmann on November 8, 2005 4:00 p.m. ET

It was a game full of highlights. RJ and Vinsanity each put Alonzo Mourning on a poster in the first few minutes of the first quarter. Carter threw another one down on Mourning in the second quarter. Mourning got his share of blocks as well (five to be exact). D-Wade executed a Carter-esque spin and scoop over his shoulder. But it was Carter's thunderous facial on Mourning with 10:39 to go in the third that was the highlight of the season so far.

It started when Mourning challenged a Jefferson drive but couldn't come up with the ball. It bounced out towards Carter on the right wing. Carter grabbed the ball and eluded Jason Williams in one motion, going around his back and leaving White Chocolate in his dust. Jason Collins saw what was happening and sealed Mourning under the basket. Two dribbles later, Mourning had pushed Collins to the side and prepared to meet Carter in the air.

He didn't quite make it high enough.

When I first saw the play, I thought Carter might have pushed off with his left arm. Watching the replay (the first of about 100 since last night) though, I realized that he just tucked his left arm in as he turned to the side and threw it down with his right. Mourning would up somewhere in the first row I think.

Dunk of the year... so far. Who will top it?

Video: The Dunk | Wade's Scoop | Nets/Heat Highlights

It was a first for Mourning.
-- [New York Post]

Alonzo will keep coming back for more, though.
-- [Miami Herald]

Posted by Jeff Dengate on November 7, 2005 3:30 p.m. ET

There's really nothing we won't wax philosphical about around the watercooler, but only one week into the 2005-06 season we've already tossed around a number of questions we never would have dreamed of uttering a mere seven days ago. Like what, you ask?

Who Is James Singleton?

Exactly. Undrafted after a stint at Murray State, Singleton spent two years in Italy playing for Armani Jeans Milano. Maybe he picked up a few fashion tips while playing for Armani, but he's unlikely to be donning any of those "dress jeans" as long as he keeps registering double-doubles. Singleton notched 14 points and 10 boards in his debut for the Clippers and 13 and 13 two nights later. His most impressive figures, however, are 13 and 22, as in 13 of his 27 boards have been on the offensive glass in only 22 minutes per game.
-- []

James Singleton chat transcript

The Clippers Are Undefeated?

That's right, the Clips, along with the Pistons, Bucks and Wizards, are 3-0 after one week. How? See Singleton above. Also, see new hire Sam Cassell, who was huge in his LA debut and then had the chance to knock off his old team at the end of regulation Saturday.
-- []

Where Sam I Am came up short, teammates Elton Brand and Cuttino Mobley did not, keeping the Clips one step ahead of their city "rivals."
-- [LA Daily News]

Without rival so far has been Detroit, who spent the first three games beating up on the Atlantic Division. It's not really a shock to see Detroit at 3-0, but the 102.3 points per game they're putting up may come as a surprise to even those who touted Flip Saunders' offensive tendencies when he took over as head coach.
-- []

A three-game swing out West, including stops at Sacramento and Phoenix, should serve as a good barometer of the team's offensive and defensive strengths -- or weaknesses.
-- [Detroit News]

As for the Bucks, we'll they've got a lot of new faces that are, in all likelihood, decorated with smiles right about now. But in the marathon that is an 82-game NBA season, Milwaukee has yet to hit the first water station. Some folks still can't help but get excited over the hot start from the team that won only 30 games last year.
-- [ & Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

Where Are All The Stars?

Scan the sidelines and you'll find a host of All-Stars. Hint: look for waving towels. While the Rockets, Heat and Suns are all top-tier squads and the Magic, Warriors and Jazz look to improve, the teams are markedly different without some of their top performers.

T-Mac's seen one game of action so far, a win for the 1-1 Rockets.
-- [Houston Chronicle]

Shaq twisted an ankle in Game 2. The mighty Heat went on to lost that contest and the one two nights later.
-- [Miami Herald, Reg. req'd]

Amare could sit longer than the four months prescribed by doctors. The Suns, meanwhile, found wins on the road at the Lakers and Nuggets, but couldn't muster home Ws over the Mavericks or Kings.
-- [East Valley Tribune]

As for Grant Hill, at least it's not the ankle.
-- [Orlando Sentinel]

Check out this headline: Davis sits; Warriors lose. Enough said. Davis returned, however, to lead the Warriors past the Knicks.
-- [San Jose Mercury News, Reg. req'd]

Carlos Boozer? It's been a long while since a Boozer sighting was documented in Utah. Not quite a Gray Wolf-esque absence, but it's starting to feel that way. (Yes, I have him on not one but two fantasy squads ...).
-- [Salt Lake Tribune & Utah Division of Wildlife Resources]

Where In The World Is ... Latrell Sprewell?

Speaking of where ... Anybody hear from Latrell Sprewell lately? Maybe he's been searching for employment on Sprewell has been the most-searched player on this site since the teams headed to camp. As you've likely heard, the fifth-leading active scorer -- yes, I know he's not technically active right now -- turned down a contract extension with the Wolves last year, citing starving children. There's no word on relief efforts over at, but we're hearing whispers that help could be on the way. Latrell, if you're reading this, you might want to give these folks a call.
-- [, Star Tribune & Chicago Tribune]

The Pistons are runnin' and funnin'.
(D. Lippitt/Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images)
Manu Ginobili on dining with countryman Andres Nocioni when the Bulls and Spurs meet:

"It's supposed to be the home guy who pays, but last time he invited me and didn't pay. We'll make him this time."
-- [San Antonio Express-News]

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