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Posted by Jeff Dengate on August 3, 2005 12:45 p.m. ET


If you're anything like us, this morning you're asking yourself, "What the heck is going on in the NBA?" Yesterday started out in fairly routine fashion, with players being signed, re-signed and traded on the first day such transactions were allowed. But fireworks closed the day, when the largest trade in NBA history went down -- a five-team, 13-player arrangement.
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Equally important a question as, "Who got what?" may be, "Are there enough basketballs in Miami?"

Let's start with the Heat, who re-signed Shaquille O'Neal earlier in the day, then acquired Antoine Walker from Boston and Jason Williams and James Posey from Memphis in the big deal. You know Dwyane Wade is going to handle the ball a good deal of time. Likewise, you know Shaq will expect his fair share of touches. You also know Walker has rarely met a shot he didn't like and Williams launches nearly as many triples as Walker.
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So, I pose another question: Where does all this leave Damon Jones? All right, make that two: Could he help spread the floor in Cleveland?
-- [Akron Beacon Journal, Reg. req'd]

Even if Damon Jones isn't around next season, Eddie Jones is now in Memphis and Keyon Dooling heads to Orlando as believed, Pat Riley's re-tooling of the roster may not hurt the team as much as some had originally thought.
-- [Miami Herald, Reg. req'd]

Now, others in Miami are thinking anything less than a title will be a disappointment.
-- [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]

So, on to the "who got what" part (from whom) ...

Miami: Antoine Walker (Boston); Jason Williams (Memphis); James Posey (Memphis); Andre Emmett (Memphis); draft rights to 1997 second-round draft pick, Roberto Duenas (New Orleans)

Memphis: Eddie Jones (Miami); Raul Lopez (Utah)

New Orleans: Rasual Butler (Miami); Kirk Snyder (Utah)

Boston: Qyntel Woods (Miami); Curtis Borchardt (Utah); draft rights to 2004 second-round pick, Albert Miralles (Miami); 2006 second-round draft pick (Miami); a conditional second-round pick (Miami); cash

Utah: Greg Ostertag (Memphis)

Now you know who's going where, but yesterday Grizzlies' fans and FedEx Forum staff, too, were trying to make sense of a deal which saw their beloved team ship Williams, Posey and Emmett out to get only Eddie Jones in return.
-- [Memphis Commercial Appeal]

Lopez was included in the trade, however, it's believed his contract will be bought out as part of the deal.
-- [Memphis Commercial Appeal]

The deal is not as troubling as you may think initially. Jason Williams was talented, no doubt, but was often regarded as a troubled and erratic player who feuded with coaches. Then there's Bonzi Wells, who had a history of his own troubles, replaced by Bobby Jackson in an earlier trade.
-- []

So, maybe Jerry West is still on top of his game after all. Earlier this week, the Grizzlies prez said the team had an interest in Damon Stoudamire, who is expected to replace Williams. Both sides denied reports that an agreement had been reached.
-- [The Oregonian]

Whether the Grizzlies' new cast can propel the team back to the playoffs, after edging Minnesota for the eighth seed in the West last season, remains to be seen.

Finally, a note to all 13 players involved: Eat your vegetables.

The above deal is contingent on all players passing team physicals.


If you think the action's over now, after one day of player signing, and you can tune back out until training camps open, think again. Yesterday was only the beginning of player transactions. There's no rule saying you have to make moves on that first day.

After all, we still haven't heard where Ray Allen will end up. A good guess has us thinking he'll stay in Seattle, with an announcement coming as early as today.
-- [Tacoma News Tribune]

And, how about Michael Redd? Conventional wisdom has us believing he'll remain in Milwaukee. The Bucks didn't announce any player signings yesterday -- which include the rumored acquisition of Bobby Simmons -- but are thought to do so at some point this week.
-- [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Allen and Redd are believed to be done deals, with a press conference just a formality. The same was believed to be true in Philadelphia yesterday, where the Sixers were to announce six-year deals for Sam Dalembert, Kyle Korver and Willie Green. But with nothing certain until the ink dries on the contract, you always have to expect the unexpected, including the absence of Green. Playing a pick-up game in his hometown of Detroit, Green suffered a knee injury and his contract is now on hold, pending the outcome of surgery.
-- [Philadelphia Inquirer, Reg. req'd]

Another unexpected twist to the free agent signing period was the "snag" Joe Johnson ran in to on his way to Atlanta. The Hawks and Suns are reported to have a deal in place after Johnson is said to have told the Suns he would rather they not match the Hawks offer.
-- [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Reg. req'd]

And to further illustrate the point that nothing is a certainty in free agency, we turn to Denver.
-- [Denver Post]

Posted by Jeff Dengate on August 1, 2005 12:45 p.m. ET


The T's are crossed and the I's are dotted ... well, at least on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association. Now, players and teams prepare to do a little penmanship of their own at noon tomorrow, when the leagueís moratorium period ends and teams can begin signing free agents and making trades.

A number of stories surfaced over the past month from cities like Washington, Cleveland, Milwaukee and Seattle, where the teams were the busiest negotiating deals with players, however, contract signings and announcements are expected to take place all over the NBA beginning tomorrow.

So, what can you expect to hear when the green flag is waved?

Well, remember the two biggest names on the market this summer: Ray Allen and Michael Redd? They're likely to go back home -- to their own teams, that is. Sorry if I got your hopes up, Cleveland fans.
-- [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Cavaliers fans, however, are happy to hear they can expect to see their All-Star center back in wine and gold.
-- [Akron Beacon Journal, Reg. req'd]

In Philadelphia, sticking with your team will apparently get you six years of stability. Just ask Kyle Korver and Willie Green who are said to be getting deals of that length. After weighing his options, Sam Dalembert is believed to be following his teammates lead.
-- [Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, Reg. req'd]

Not everybody was satisfied with things at home, however, as some free agents are going to be working the phones this summer -- not looking for a place to play, but for moving companies.

One of the first big announcements of a player changing teams this summer came when reports linked Larry Hughes and the Cavaliers. The Wizards, though, have looked to fill the void with players like Seattle's Antonio Daniels.
-- []

In addition to Hughes, the Cavaliers are said to be adding Donyell Marshall to their roster for the coming season.
-- [Akron Beacon Journal, Reg. req'd]

We've heard that Stromile Swift was strongly leaning toward signing with the Rockets. Could his appearance at Tracy McGrady's celebrity softball outing mean we'll be hearing a formal announcement soon?
-- [New York Times, Reg. req'd]

Meahwhile, in Milwaukee, free agent conversations began early and the Bucks are now being mentioned in the same sentence as the Clippers' Bobby Simmons.
-- [USA Today]

Exit: Simmons. Enter: Mobley.
-- [Washington Post, Reg. req'd]

Also, involved in early discussions was Raja Bell, who is believed to be heading to Phoenix after a spell in Utah.
-- [Arizona Republic]

If reports are accurate, the Knicks will be making a big introduction -- no, we're not talking about Larry Brown -- as the team has reportedly lured Jerome James from Seattle.
-- [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Across the Hudson River, the Nets are looking to add Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Jeff McInnis to their lineup.
-- [New York Post and]

What offseason would be complete without a little trade talk? Here's a sampling of the trade winds blowing through the dailies over the last month:

Doing more than talking, according to local scribes, are the Hawks and Suns. The two sides are thought to have a deal swapping Joe Johnson for Boris Diaw and two picks. Wasn't Johnson expected to be kept in Phoenix after the Suns sent Quentin Richardson to New York on Draft day? My next question is: How will the absence of those two affect that high powered offense? But, I digress.
-- []

Making the headlines this morning, as well, has the Heat and Grizzlies working out specifics of a move that would send Eddie Jones to Memphis for Jason Williams and James Posey.
-- [Miami Herald, Reg. req'd]

If recent news is any indication, there could be truth behind this rumor. The Grizzlies have been active this summer, having already reportedly sent Bonzi Wells to Sacramento for Bobby Jackson, in a three-team move involving Utah.
-- [Memphis Commercial Appeal]

Also believed to be on the move is Kwame Brown. Sounds like some are happy to see him go ...
-- [Washington Post, Reg. req'd]

So, at long last, we'll know for sure where a few more players will be located. But how long until this guy finds out where he's going?
-- [Chicago Sun-Times]

And him, too?
-- [Rocky Mountain News]

Keep checking back because will have all the latest news on these moves and more, as they happen.

Walker and Haslem both learned they'll be teammates in Miami next season.
(Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images)
George Karl's close friend Rick Majerus after Karl underwent surgery for prostate cancer:

"The only disappointing thing is he can't have any solid food for 48 hours, but he's hungry. He wants to have spaghetti and meatballs."
-- [Rocky Mountain News]

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