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Posted by Rob Peterson on March 1, 2005 2 p.m. ET


Far be it from me to swipe someone else's idea, but this week, I need to recognize Victor Williams of the NBA Blog Squad and thank him for this week's Click and Roll topic.

Back in the day, he said, you had Mike and Scottie, Stockton and Malone and Shaq and Penny. All these guys knew they couldn't do it without the other.

And, Victor asks, what did this year's trade deadline bring us? He thought it brought us back to the '90s and one potentially dynamic duo: A.I. and C-Webb.

Many NBA writers believe that by grabbing Webber the Sixers were the winners at the trade deadline. Strangely enough, the Sixers weren't winners in their first game with C-Webb, which coincidentally came against the Kings. Webber had a chance to send the game to OT, but Kenny Thomas, who was shipped West in the Webber trade, tipped away Webber's short jump hook.
-- [Philly Inquirer]

Still, that doesn't dampen the outlook in Philly (or the surrounding areas). Take a look:

-- Trenton Times: Is the Webber, Iverson combo a Sixers jackpot?

-- Washington Times: Perfect Match

-- Delware County Daily Times: Webber a big part of chemistry project

Meanwhile, Webber could have been a Sixer long ago.
-- [Philly Inquirer]

Still, Webber's glad he's a Sixer now, even though Sacramento was good to him. He knew it was time to move on.
-- [Philly Daily News]

The new addition to the team even had Allen Iverson excited about practice. Practice? Yes, practice.
-- [Philly Inquirer]

The trade deadline also brought Antoine Walker back to Boston to team with Paul Pierce again. And after two wins with Walker (now playing as employee No. 88), I refer you to that '80s duo Peaches & Herb: They're reunited and it feels so good. It feels especially good at the the box office too.
-- [Boston Herald]

Not only that, but this guy says Walker running back to Boston after a stint in Atlanta, boosts the C's playoff chances.
-- []

Then there's this dynamic duo in Jersey. This writer says even the two-some of Kidd and Carter is toothless without some help.
-- [NY Post]

And the East Coast isn't the only area flush with optimism after the trade deadline. The acquisition of Baron Davis has made some sportwriters in the Bay Area go all moon-eyed.
-- [Contra Costa Times]


By the way, if you missed last week's Power Rankings, here they are. The Spurs are back in the No. 1 position... for now.


For a guy who can't dunk and ventures inside when only on the fastbreak, I concur with this writer: Hooray for the 3-point shot!
-- [Indy Star]

The Lakers visited New York on Monday and can you guess what the talk was about? The 35th anniversary of the Knicks' first title, which was over the Lakers? Nope. Kobe Bryant playing in the World's Most Famous? Nope. If you guessed it was about this guy, you were right.
-- [Los Angeles Times, Reg. req'd]

By the way, the Lakers and Knicks played a classic on Monday. And what would Bill Walton have said to his son, Luke on that last possession? We think it would have been: "Shoot the ball, big fella!"
-- [NY Post]

Meanwhile, here's the Isiah Thomas press conference explaining why he made the deadline day deals he did.
-- [Inside]

Now that he's back with the Pistons, do you tink Rasheed Wallace will mention to people in Portland that he won a ring? Nahhhh. He wouldn't do that, would he?
-- [Detroit Free Press]

Then again, maybe he would: "The first thing I'm gonna do tomorrow morning, before practice, after breakfast," Wallace said, "I'm going to a jewelry store I know close to the hotel and get that thing (ring) buffed up and shined real good and just flash it off to all them out there."

The Bulls have a rough March. As they say, in like a lion, out like a lamb?
-- [Chicago Sun-Times]

The Clippers signed their 40th point guard of the season.
-- [Los Angeles Times, Reg. req'd]

Which way are the Magic headed? Your guess is as good as his.
-- [Orlando Sentinel Reg. req'd]

Same with Gary Payton. Where's he going?
-- [Boston Herald]

It's couched in his Power Rankings, but's Marty Burns says the Glove would be a good fit in the Valley of the Sun.
-- []

We've always known George Karl likes vets.
-- [Rocky Mountain News]

Zo goes home.
-- []

AND FINALLY...'s Kelly Dwyer offers advice for all 30 teams. We don't expect them, or you, to take the suggestions seriously.

"Now, who's Batman and who's Robin?"
(Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)
This is from the Detroit News' Chris McCoskey:

"Now, I am not saying that Tamia Hill, Grant's wife and a gifted singer, is more talented than her eight-time All-Star hubby, but she is clearly the funnier of the two. Here's a story she told during All-Star weekend.

"Grant and Tamia were in Detroit a couple of years ago when they noticed the rental car they were driving was running out of gas. It was freezing outside, of course, and Grant was still in a cast and using crutches. So, Tamia got out to put gas in the car.

"Shivering, and none too happy about having to do this, she looked inside the car. Grant was laughing his head off at his wife's misery. The scene was witnessed by a man standing at the next pump. 'Ma'am, you could do a lot better than him,' the man said, pointing at Grant and giving Tamia the last laugh."

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