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Posted by Rob Peterson on Feb. 25, 2005 12:30 p.m. ET

Well, it wasn't nothing, that's for sure. Starting with C-Webb sayin' see ya to Sactown on Wednesday night, many, many goodbyes were said around the league at the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 24 as 35 players bid adieu to teammates on 15 different teams (Half the league!) thanks to 11 trades. Those numbers represent the heaviest volume of trading since the NBA began compiling the trade deadline stats in 1987.

(What was the lightest year? The year 2000, when the Hawks traded guard Anthony Johnson to Orlando in exchange for a conditional second round draft choice. Whoa! That was exciting.)

Of course, every year everyone has opinion on who won and who got pantsed on their deadline day deals. We've tried to pick up all the pennies (two cents at a time) the web has to offer.

Marc Stein, Marc Stein's Trade Scorecard

Marty Burns, Shopping Day

Jack McCallum, Trade Fallout

Staff, Trade Analysis

Sean Deveney, The Sporting News: Webber instantly makes 76ers title hopefuls

Michael Ventre, Sixers, Warriors earn A's in Trading 101

Liz Robbins, New York Times Reg. req'd: Day of Deals and Steals Shakes Up the N.B.A.

Greg Sandoval and Michael Lee Washington Post Reg. req'd: Trades Put More Sizzle in the East

The consensus of those above -- hands down -- seems to be that the biggest trade was the Webber to Philadelphia deal. Consensus also seems to be that the Sixers got the better end of the bargain. If you saw Allen Iverson's interview on TNT before last night's Sixers-Knicks game, he couldn't hide his smile. He looked as if he knew a great secret that you didn't.
-- [Philly Daily News]

To the locals in Philly, it was no secret either. They were ecstatic.
-- [Philly Daily News]

In Sacramento, the emotions are mixed about a big move that happened fast.
-- [Sacramento Bee]

In New York, where the Knicks picked up Malik Rose from the Spurs and Mo Taylor from the Rockets, some people are confused.
-- [Newsday]

In San Antonio, they're saying thank you for sending Mohammed to us, but many fans are upset over Rose's departure.
--- [San Antonio Express-News Reg. req'd]

How upset?

"Man, that makes me sad. I'm so sad I could use a profanity," one fan said to the San Antonio Express-News.

Meanwhile, in Boston, Antoine Walker's return had some writers wondering "What the heck?"
-- Boston Globe

As far as one of the guys the Hawks received in return for Walker, Gary Payton, he'll probably never play for the red and gold.
-- [Boston Herald]

It's been a strange trip for Payton since leaving Seattle. After missing only five games in his 12-plus years with the Sonics, Payton's technically now on his fourth team in two seasons.

In Oakland, they couldn't believe their good fortune. This writer also couldn't believe Baron Davis was coming to a better team.
-- [San Francisco Chronicle]

In Houston, they believe they got the point guard they needed in Mike James.
-- [Houston Chronicle]

Meanwhile, back in Brew Town, where the new Rockets point guard came from, the Bucks cleared cap space in order to make an attempt to sign free-agent-to-be Michael Redd in the offseason. They also traded Keith Van Horn to the Mavs. Mark Cuban, the benefactor, indeed!
-- [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Some Milwaukee writers say this puts the Bucks in position to right the wrong of the worst trade in Bucks history -- trading Ray Allen to the Sonics in 2002.
-- [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

As a Milwaukee native and one who rarely editorializes, may I? Sigh!

I love Ray Allen. He's a scholar and a gentleman. He can shoot lights out. But the Bucks trading him to the Sonics was not the worst trade in Bucks history. Far from it. I would even go as far as saying, that trade didn't work out too badly for the Bucks.

They made the playoffs in 2002 after the trade and received Desmond Mason, a starter, in the process. In 2003, the Bucks made the playoffs again and Michael Redd developed into an All-Star. This year, the trade looks a little lopsided because of the Sonics' success in the regular season, but both Redd and Allen are free agents after this season. If both leave their respective teams, Milwaukee still has a starter out of it. And now the Bucks have tons of salary cap room.

But I like judging trades more by titles, not regular season success. So, I argue no, not the worst. Not devastating either. When you trade Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers, that's devastating. The Bucks haven't been the same since and Kareem is still the franchise's leading scorer. He last played for the Bucks in 1975.

Heck, I would say the Quinn Buckner for Dave Cowens trade was worse than Ray Allen. The Bucks needed a point guard to go along with Sidney Moncrief, Marques Johnson and Bob Lanier. They also needed a power forward. So Don Nelson shipped Buckner to the Celtics for a retired -- RETIRED -- Cowens in 1982, who un-retired and played 40 games. Buckner would go on to win a title with the Celtics in 1984. That's a bad trade.

Then again, sometimes the best move you make is no move at all.
-- [Seattle Times]

And finally, the Cavs, in their quest to keep pace with the surging Pistons in the Central, added Jiri Welsch, who, when the season started, was a starter. All it cost the Cavs was a 2007 first-round pick.
-- [Cleveland Plain-Dealer]

Many are applauding the Sixers end of the Chris Webber deal.
(Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images)

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