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Posted by Rob Peterson on Jan. 4, 2005 3 p.m. ET


Darn those sportswriters, always starting "things."

On New Year's Eve, the New York Post's Mark Berman wrote this column: Steph's No Kidd Anymore.
-- [New York Post]

In it, Berman asked this question: "But if you were a GM, whom would you rather build your team around at point guard: [Stephon] Marbury, age 27, or [Jason] Kidd, 32 in March and coming back from microfracture knee surgery. (sic)"

Well, the next day, Stephon weighed in on the topic.
-- [New York Daily News]

But Berman's question is legit: With whom would you rather start a team: Marbury or Kidd? If you were to base your choice on the Nets' 93-87 win over the Knicks in New York on New Year's Day, you could possibly lean toward Kidd because his team won.

Still, Steph wouldn't budge. Regardless of the game's outcome, Steph thinks both he and Kidd have a lot to prove.
-- [New York Post]

Based on career accomplishments, it would appear that Kidd is the winner. He's been to two NBA Finals; Marbury's been to none. Kidd's been to seven All-Star games; Marbury's been to two. This season, however, Marbury's numbers (20.6 ppg, 8.6 apg) are a cut above the still-recovering Kidd's (8.7 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 5.8 apg).

But anyway, we want to hear from you, Click readers. Who is the league's best point guard. Is it Starbury? Is it Kidd? Is it Steve Nash? Is it Dwayne Wade? Or Mike Bibby? Sam Cassell? Andre Miller? Chauncey Billups? Kirk Hinrich? Allen Iverson (now that he's back at the point in Philly)?
-- [Minneapolis Star-Tribune]

Of course, let us know and more important, let us know why. We'll print the best ones next week.


Speaking of mail, for those who commented or wrote in asking how the six-adult, two-children confined for six-days in a two-bedroom stay went, all went, and is, well. Plus, we had other family members do our laundry before they left. Score!

Hope your New Year was as pleasant and as Downy-fresh (Sniff! Ahhhhhh!) as mine. We had a lot of people write in about what they'd like to see in the NBA for the New Year. I apologize that we couldn't print all of them, but here are some of the better ones.

From Fred in Clermont-Ferrand, France: "What do I want to see for next year? Michael Pietrus as a starter and playing 30 minutes per game instead of Mike Dunleavy. (Look at the stats, he is definitely better.)"

From Bob in Coventry, England; "Hi, first time e-mail, but I've been reading Click and Roll for a while, I enjoy the writing style, and the wit. Just wondering if you had a link to the video clip of VC dunking at Gauchos Gym that you talked about in this weeks Click and Roll (30th December). Many thanks, and keep up the good work!!

Click and Roll sez: "Always nice to get mail from the traditional allies. Sorry, Bob. I couldn't find it, but I would have loved to have linked to it. And thanks for the kind words, ol' chap, though I must credit this column's wittiness to the ghost writer."

From Aaron in Chandler, Ariz.: "I want to see my boy, Amare, throw down on SHAQ! I want to see the Suns get home-court advantage in the playoffs! I want to see the curse reversed! I want to see the most spectacular run to the NBA Finals in years! Can you imagine? Amare dominating on the blocks, Q-ing it up from 3-land, and Nashing the lane? What an exciting run (for the fans and viewers on TV) and the players! It would be like old times (Barkely and Co.)! Down with the Defensive gurus! We need more coaches like Dantoni, Coach of the year by the way, who are not afraid to use what they have! Offense! They are not afraid of their identity! That's what we need! That will make a Happy B-ball New Year!"

Click and Roll sez: "Wow! That's a lot of exclamation points! I do believe however, that if the Suns do make The Finals, you could use as many exclamation points as you wish! I may even do a whole section on the Suns with them.

For example: Incredible!!!! That was an amazing dunk by Amare!!!! And that pass from Nash? Thrilling!!! And did you see that jumper from Shawn Marion? It looks as if he had some semblance of decent shooting form on that one!!!!"

(So, sue me!!! I'm a shooting form snob!!!)

But seriously, you have every reason to be excited. Amare will get his chance to dunk on Shaq (which Stoudemire has publicly stated on SportsCenter that he wanted to do) on Jan. 11 in Phoenix. That, and the Suns are good. Er, I mean they're good!!!

From Indy in Delmenhorst, Germany: "I want to see the Pacers bounce back from a season that now looks like a catastrophe and win the East."

From PK in Franklin Lakes, N.J.: "I want to see the Rockets actually have a winning record. With an all-star duo yet they still can't get over .500."

Click and Roll sez: "Indy, that's asking a lot, especially with the Heat playing so well. PK, your wish is Jeff Van Gundy's command. Check this out."

From Sahil in Novi, Mich.: "More games! We only have 82 games in a season. I think there should be more."

Click and Roll sez: "We're all for more ball at Click and Roll, but then again, I'm not an NBA player's knees. With the playoffs, an NBA player could potentially play in 110 games. That's a lot and I, I mean, the players need a break."

From Mat in Winter Park, Fla.: "I want to see more 3-point shooting bros, threes light up the crowd just as much as an insane dunk. You have some great shooter out there shooting maybe five a game. Excuse me? Out of that you could make maybe three or four on a good night but that's nothing to remember. I want to see players like Cuttino Mobley and Hedo Turkoglu come out and shoot 13 or 14 a game, and probably making up to seven or eight. And this increases the chance of breaking Kobe's 12 in one game record, because let's face it, Kobe's not known as a perimeter shooter and doesn't deserve to always hold that title."

Click and Roll sez: "More threes? Interesting and intriguing. I'm a shooter (Confession time: I've never dunked in my life. And hence, my motto: Why dunk when you can score three?), but I only want shooters shooting threes. No need to launch from deep if you're not open either. So, in effect, if the threes come in the flow of the game, fine. But if you're chuckin' just to chuck, then shoot around in your driveway."

From John in Woodboro, Wis.: "I loved the Shaq in college, but not in the pros -- until now. Notice he is old school now and a team guy willing his team to the playoffs? I want the HEAT to win it all baby!!!

Click and Roll sez: "Shaq's old school, like he's just 300 pounds again? With three NBA titles, I've always thought Shaq was about team. Anyway, I'm from Wisconsin and I had to look up where Woodboro is. And, still more exclamation points."

From RA in LA: "Shaq patrolling the lane, Kobe crossing over and shaking Eddie Jones. Then, Kobe heading full-steam into the lane and rising, Shaq rising ...

"In the new year (March 17, 2005) I want to either see Shaq send Kobe to the floor with a nasty, all-ball, get-that-out-of-my-house, monstrous block or see Kobe serve The Diesel with one of those Michael Jordan on Patrick Ewing/Vince Carter on Dikembe Mutombo slam dunk facials! I'll gladly take either one."

Click and Roll sez: "RA, thanks for saying what everyone else is thinking."


Will Milwaukee's T.J. Ford play this season? We know Sacto's Bobby Jackson won't.
-- [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Sacramento Bee]

Holy moly. Nine carats? That's the Hummer of engagement rings.
-- []

Was Shakespeare talking about the Pistons: "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." Maybe them or King Henry IV. (Yes, I Googled it.)
-- [Detroit News]

One player for the Bobcats' entire roster? Interesting hypothetical article here. Journalism trade secret: These are the things you write for New Year's Day.
-- [Charlotte Observer]

What happens when you're traded and no one knows your name? You get headlines like this: Mullin gets 6-11 player from Suns. Sorry, Zarko Cabarkapa. We don't write 'em. We just point 'em out.
-- [San Francisco Chronicle]


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Anything you can do, I can do better...
(Chris Trotman/NBAE/Getty Images)

Phoenix's Amare Stoudemire on his 50-point performance against the Blazers on Jan. 2:

"I shoulda had 57."

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