The Pistons and Pacers meeting for the first time since Nov. 19? Shaq heading back to L.A. to face Kobe and his former teammates in the purple-and-gold? Hubie Brown's debut behind the mic on ABC? Christmas Day won't be complete until roundball fans everywhere tear the wrapping off this two-game gift package. Here's a breakdown of what to expect from this year's yuletide doubleheader.

Pistons at Pacers, 12:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Chauncey, Big Ben and the defending champs face Reggie, Tinsley and the Pacers in the teams' first meeting since the Nov. 19 game in Detroit.
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Heat at Lakers, 3 p.m. ET (ABC)
In the most highly anticipated game of the season, Shaq travels back to L.A. to face Kobe and the new-look Lakers.
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