Catching up with Warriors Executive VP of Basketball Operations Chris Mullin
Mullin It Over

By Martin C. Sumners

On April 22, the Golden State Warriors named Chris Mullin as the team's Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. Prior to that Mullin enjoyed an outstanding 16-year NBA playing career, 13 of which were spent with the Warriors. Selected by the Warriors with the seventh pick of the 1985 NBA Draft, the former St. John's standout was a five-time All-Star. Mullin recently made headlines by hiring former Stanford coach Mike Montgomery as the new coach of the Warriors. After making his first appearance at the NBA Draft Lottery, Mullin talked with

Q: Do you have a team that will serve as a model for how you would like to run the Warriors?
Mullin: "Not really. I mean there are a few teams that I like and the way they do business. Fortunately, I got to play at the end of my career with the Indiana Pacers and I liked the atmoshophere they created there. Also, I see the way Memphis has developed into such a strong team, and from where they came from that says a lot."

Q: Many of your contemporaries who were standouts while playing -- like Larry Bird, Joe Dumars, Kevin McHale, Isiah Thomas, John Paxson and Danny Ainge -- have made the transition to team executives. Did you see this occurring while playing? And what qualities made these moves possible?
Mullin: "No, I did not see this really happening but I am glad that it did. But if I think about it I am not surprised that any of us are doing it. I think all of us have been around the game our whole lives, but just that fact alone -- and that we were good players -- does not mean we could do this job. But with the different experiences we developed over the years makes it possible. Also, putting people around you who are strong in areas where you might not be is key -- you have to admit that and get help."

Q: What qualities did Mike Montgomery possess that led you to hire him?
Mullin: "First, his winning experience. Second, he is a great basketball coach. I always had in mind a guy like Mike to coach. The list of college coaches that are rattled off that did not succeed was a while ago. The league has changed so much since then."

Q: Reflecting back on your Olympic participation with the Dream Team in 1992, how was that, and what is your take on the current situation around the trouble fielding a team for this summer in Athens?
Mullin: "Man, that was just awesome. Everything about it. As for now, each individual has to make a decision for themselves. Ideally, the security issues would not be there but they are."

Q: The Draft Lottery brings you back East near your New York home. Did have you had a chance to visit?
Mullin: "Nope. I have been busy doing all of this stuff, but maybe tonight!"