In a previous photo essay of shoulder exercises, Larry Hughes of the Warriors demonstrated some of the exercises he used this past summer to strengthen his rotator cuff muscle group. Those exercises are vital for many sports that involve the throwing motion or overhead actions.

Today’s photo essay is a demonstration by Larry of some exercises that combine strength and coordination. Dynamic Stabilization exercises apply a different demand on the shoulder rather than isolating for the particular muscles. They involve the shoulder muscles and capsule in more of a functional setting. Also, this type of stabilization exercise is different, challenging and fun.

If these exercises look like they will benefit your injured shoulder, be sure to check with your clinical sports medicine specialist to see if they are appropriate for you. A work sequence for these exercises would start at three sets of each for 20 seconds and then build up from there.

Good Luck and have fun! (By the way, these are more challenging than they look!)

Roll the Ball on the Wall: We had Larry place a basketball on a flat wall with his arm at the side and then simply roll it until his arm was overhead. Once it was overhead, he rolled back to the starting position.

Dribble the Ball on the Wall: This would be a similar start and finish position as rolling the ball on the wall, but this time it would be dribbling it.

Body Blade: The Body Blade is a very versatile piece of equipment. The blade’s oscillations produces the type of resistance we are looking for.

a) Larry is holding the blade overhead and oscillating the blade in a forward backward movement.

b) The arm is positioned now about half way between fully overhead and to the side.

c) The arm is now fully to the side. Notice Larry’s hand placement, again with the blade oscillating forward – backward.

Tom Abdenour in his 15th season as the athletic trainer for the Warriors. He spent his 2000 offseason serving as the athletic trainer for the gold medal-winning USA Men's Basketball Team at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. He also stays involved with the community as a member of the NBA's National All-Star Reading Team -- part of the Read to Achieve program.

Abdenour is hosting's Gonna Make You Sweat: NBA Health & Conditioning section by answering fan questions and providing his insight and expertise on a series of fitness and rehabilitation issues.