In a recent essay, we reviewed the nature of many low back related ailments. Part of the management of this inflammation is therapeutic exercise to stretch, stabilize, or strengthen the low back.

We have a sample of some of the popular low back exercises that our players might use and have enlisted the help of Tara, one of the Warrior Girls, to demonstrate. These flexibility exercises are designed to enhance back flexion, extension, or rotation. In fact, an exercise that aids one ailment MIGHT inflame another.

PLEASE NOTE: All of these exercises are not for every low back condition similar times in the inflammatory process. If you have a back problem, we strongly recommend that you consult with your sports medicine specialist prior to starting an exercise regimen involving these exercises. Good luck!

Single Knee to Chest: Simply lay on your back and bring one knee to your chest and hold. Do a set for the right leg and then for the left.

Double Knee to Chest: As simple as it looks -- bring both knees to your chest and hold.

Bridging: Start out in a position of knees bent and feet flat, then raise the hips off the floor and hold.

Heel Sits: From a kneeling position, lean forward so the abdomen contact the thighs and reach forward.

Hyperextensions: Lay prone -- then gently raise the chest up off the floor to extend the back as much as possible. Be sure to keep the hips in contact with the floor.

Spinal Rotations: Back in the starting position of knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Gently rotate the knees to one side then the other, tying to keep the soles of the feet in contact with the floor.

Partial Sit-Ups: There are a variety of ways to do this exercise, but keep the knees flat and “crunch” the abdominal muscles so the shoulders come off the floor.

Tom Abdenour in his 15th season as the athletic trainer for the Warriors. He spent his 2000 offseason serving as the athletic trainer for the gold medal-winning USA Men's Basketball Team at the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. He also stays involved with the community as a member of the NBA's National All-Star Reading Team -- part of the Read to Achieve program.

Abdenour is hosting's Gonna Make You Sweat: NBA Health & Conditioning section by answering fan questions and providing his insight and expertise on a series of fitness and rehabilitation issues.