SECAUCUS, NJ -- NBA Entertainment has teamed up with Immersive Media to bring you a truly unique view into life in the league. IMC uses eleven video streams arranged according to geodesic geometry and captures an almost complete spherical image; a high-resolution 360 degree view of surroundings that is seamlessly stitched together. Check out NBA TV's All-Access: Nets Training Camp from October 10 and then compare it to the Nets Training Camp 360 below for a completely new experience.

Take a look at a montage of shots from Immersive Media's day at Nets training camp.

The training room is often a sanctuary for players, but Immersive Media was welcome.

What's it like to be head coach and stand in the middle of court during drills? Now, you can find out.

Be in the huddle and break with the team. "One, two, three..."

Get a look at Vinsanity as he gets his ankles taped.

Vince Carter works out during NBA TV's All-Access: Nets Training Camp.
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

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