Game Tips
Scoring - Wondering exactly how the scoring works? Tough to compete for the top spot if you don't know. Check out the full scoring and game rules (see below).

Benched Players - To state the obvious, players can't score for you if they're on the bench. Keep a close eye on who's in the game for each team and make sure your 5 guys are actually on the floor.

Use your Plus 1 - The Plus 1 feature allows you to designate one player (can't be your franchise player) to get a bonus point every time they score. You can only designate an individual player your Plus 1 player once during a quarter, so if you switch it, do it knowing you can't switch it back to the previous player until the next quarter.

Player Stats - Find out which players are hot and which are cold by looking at their game total and season averages. On the mobile phone version, these show up on the substitution screen.

Game Rules
How to Play

Welcome to NBA Realtime Fantasy! An exciting new game that allows you to play along while watching your favorite NBA games.

There are 3 easy steps to getting started:

1. Select the game you wish to play from the game schedule.

2. Select the players you want in your 5 man roster to start the game.

3. Turn on the TV to watch the game you selected and to play along with NBA Realtime Fantasy!

Starting the Game

To get started, launch the game and select the game you wish to play from the schedule. You can enter a game anytime after the scheduled start time. To start playing you must setup your roster consisting of one franchise player and four other players.

  • Select a franchise player from the two available players. A franchise player is typically the best all-around player for each team.
  • Now select four other players by selecting a player slot and then choosing any player from the player list.
  • Once your players are selected, submit your roster to begin playing.
  • Once a roster is submitted, substitutions will have a 30 second processing period.
  • Don't forget to set your PLUS1 player!
At the beginning of each quarter your roster will be automatically set with the roster you finished with in the previous quarter. Overtime quarters will be treated as part of the 4th quarter.


Once your roster is live and the NBA game has begun, the players in your roster will begin receiving points for the following actions in the live game:

Shot Made: +2
Free Throw: +1
Rebound: +1
3 Pointer: +3
Assist +1
Missed Shot:    -1

Bonus Moves:

Dunk: +5
Blocks: +3
Steals:       +3

Setting your PLUS1 player

Get more bonus points by picking someone to be a PLUS1 player. In your My Roster screen simply highlight a player and then press the 'PLUS1' button. It will take 30 seconds for your player to become the active PLUS1 player, shown by a solid red total score box. The PLUS1 feature is reset each quarter.

You can only choose each player once per quarter, but you may choose as many different players as you'd like.

Once selected, this player will receive an extra 1 point bonus whenever he scores a point.

Making Substitutions

Substitutions can be made at any time during the game, but will take at least 30 seconds to process and be in effect. To make a substitution simply select the player on your roster that you want to sub out by selecting the “SUB” button for that specific player.

Once you have made your selection, you will be brought to a Player List screen that displays the other available players you can choose from. The Player List screen lists the available players that you can substitute into the game. Players that are on the court playing will be at the top of the player list selection for each team with the benched players below.

Choose a player on the list to begin the substitution process. The substitution will take effect in 30 seconds.

Leaderboard (Game Ranking) features

In the game score header your opponent's score is defaulted to show your group leader's score. If you are the leader in your group, then the 2nd place player's score will be displayed.

Win the Game

With NBA Realtime Fantasy, each quarter is a new game, so if you don’t quite make it to the top of the leaderboard in one quarter, try again the next. You are competing in a small group of players as well as against everyone else playing – you can see how you’re doing against each of these by selecting the Group or Global leaderboards.

AirPlay Points

Your points during the game help you gain AirPlay Points which earn you entries into AirPlay’s weekly sweepstakes as well as status within the AirPlay community. Visit to see your current AirPlay Points balance and check the leaderboards to see where you stack up!

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