Fantasy at the speed of the NBA
NBA Realtime Fantasy is a new fantasy-style game that allows you to compete against other friends and fans in real time during every NBA game. Strategically select a five man roster consisting of players from the game you are watching - sub players in and out anytime. As they score, so do you in an intense multiplayer competition. You've never had this much fun watching the NBA.
Pick any NBA game on TV, and using players from both teams create a personal five-man roster.
Make changes in real time as you watch - ever quarter of every game is a new chance to win.
Play with NBA fans or in your own private group and watch your ranking on the leaderboard move with every dunk or 3-point shot.
  • You're the coach - Manage your own roster in real time as you watch. Your guy not performing? Sub him out!
  • Prizes - prizes for top scorer and one randomly selected winner every quarter in selected games.
  • Live leaderboards - let you know instantly how you stack up against your friends & other fans.
  • Beat your friends - create a friends list and see which games your friends are playing! Easy to join!
  • Trash Talk - send messages to your competitors letting them know you're taking them to school.
  • Game Tips & Rules - check here for the rules of the game and helpful tips.