Drive to the Finals Expert Pick: 5/9/07
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By Dave McMenamin

What you got, Jax?

What you had was a couple boinked threes at the end of Game 1.

But what you got today, Stephen Jackson?

You are trial tested. You were a part of that Spurs title run in 2003. You were also a huge part of breaking up the Mavs potential title run in Game 6, going 7-for-8 from deep en route to 33 points.

But those 33 don't mean much after you only put up 16 in Utah and your team fell down 1-0.

Cinderella's night will be over before midnight if you and the Golden Boys fall behind 2-0.

You have become a cult hero this postseason. My buddy even sent me a YouTube clip of you last week and Lang Whitaker calls you one of his favorites.

It will only build and grow if you keep hitting those rainbow threes and you keep using that sinew-like frame of yours to create havoc on the court.

In Game 3 of the Dallas series your shot was off (4-for-12) but you still ripped eight boards and dished six assists. I need that overall tenacity, plus a better shooting night. In Game 1 you were 5-for-14. Another off-shooting night like that and you go from Mr. Popularity to pariah.

When Beard Davis (the only reason why that might not catch on is that Baron is a sweet first name already) was getting showered with accolades for being such a leader in the first round, he grabbed you and put you under the showerhead. Beard let it be known that Stephen Jackson was the leader of the team.

You only scored 16 in the Game 5 loss vs. the Mavericks and you bounced back with probably your finest performance as a professional.

Well see all those folks holding up all those lighters and cell phones (and Drive to the Finals Expert Pick articles)? That means they're looking for an encore.

It's not like I'm being needy. I can only pick you once, so it's one little favor. Go get me 26, eight and five. If you do, you'll probably win the game and your status as cult hero will receive a boost in the arm.

You know what you got, Jax. Just go out and show the rest of us.

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Stephen Jackson, GSW

When: Wednesday, May 9 at 9 p.m. ET
Opponent: at Utah
Pts: 21.9 Reb: 4.0 Ast: 3.7
Average PRA: 29.6

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Expert Pick Playoffs Total: 670
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Look, we're not sure if Golden State can pull off another upset and we are sure that we've already used Deron and Carlos from the Jazz. So, it's got to be a Golden State player for us tonight. But if you used up a bunch of Warriors in the first round already (we only used Baron so far), go with a Utah guy.

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