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Playing for Keeps
Playing for Keeps: 4/19/07
John Cregan discusses the four categories he places players when choosing his keepers.

Playing for Keeps: 4/12/07
Let's talk about a few players that have played their way into our hearts. The ones that have gone from roster filler to keeper list material.

Playing for Keeps: 4/5/07
John Cregan talks about what makes a bad keeper league.

Playing for Keeps: 3/22/07
Have you looked at the list of 2007 free agents? Could the top 4-5 free agents perform at equal to better value in 2008?

Playing for Keeps: 3/29/07
Just play on? We take a look at some high profile players that might fool you into hanging onto them as a keeper selection.

Playing For Keeps: 3/15/07
John Cregan takes a look at players who could get hot toward the end of the season and carry that momentum over to next year.

Playing For Keeps: 3/8/07
We look at keeper leagues where the player's value is slotted via his draft position. Is it up your alley?

Playing For Keeps: 3/1/07
John Cregan lays out his perfect idea of a keeper league auction format and explains how it differs from the norm.

Playing For Keeps: 2/22/07
Do you make a run for the title this season or start rebuilding for next season?

Playing for Keeps: 2/15/07
Before you join or join or create a keeper league, John Cregan lays out the important rules you must follow prior to taking the leap.

Playing For Keeps: 2/8/07
John Cregan discusses his "Underrated Players I Wish I Had" All-Star team.

Playing For Keeps: 2/1/07
John Cregan discusses the high value of broad position eligibility and brings out his top guard/forward eligible players that he would like to keep for next year.

Playing For Keeps: 1/25/07
John Cregan discusses how to improve your keeper team at midseason while also finding time to lament about the those inattentive owners who won't make trades.

Playing For Keeps: 1/18/07
These aren't teams that are necessarily starting to play wonderful basketball - but, for one reason or another, they're starting to score more. Maybe they're not top-10 scoring conglomerates, but they're jumping up in our world.

Playing For Keeps: 1/11/07
John Cregan is still upset that Gilbert Arenas did not invite him to his birthday party. But that's not the only player he's disappointed in. In this week's Playing For Keeps, Cregan unveils the players who he's most disappointed in this season.

Playing For Keeps: 1/4/07
So you're done with fantasy football, and that means it's time to refocus on your hoops squad. While you were out, a number of players have made themselves into viable candidates for future fantasy goodness.

Playing For Keeps: 12/28/06
If you've read my columns over the past few years, you'll know that above all things, I disdain all things Philadelphia-related. I'm not a reactionary - unlike the denizens of the City of Brotherly Love, I don't come to disdain quickly or lightly.

Playing For Keeps: 12/21/06
Bring in the noise. Bring in the funk. Does your squad got that Funky Production? Find out!

Playing For Keeps: 12/14/06
John Cregan takes a look at his keeper league team - one that has been inconsistent at best. Cregan analyzes his moves, the weaknesses and the future in today's Playing For Keeps.

Playing For Keeps: 12/7/06
John Cregan takes an objective look at his team in a keeper league, all while providing the reasoning behind the moves he made and analyzing the potential pitfalls ahead.

Playing For Keeps: 11/30/06
Under-performing or flat-out dismal teams may be hard on their fans, but they represent a treasure trove of fantasy opportunity for roto owners.

Playing for Keeps: 11/23/06
For Thanksgiving, John Cregan gives thanks for Tryptophan and players who excel in the percentage categories.

Playing For Keeps: 11/16/06
Let's go inside a number of the the point guard position battles from around the league and try to make some sense of them.

Playing For Keeps: 11/9/06
Here's a list of 20-plus, under the radar players that you should be scoping in your keeper leagues with Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner.

Playing For Keeps: 10/19/06
Playing for Keeps previews the top keepers for the upcoming season.

Playing For Keeps: 10/26/06
Take a look at the keeper potential of this year's touted rookies.

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