Basic rules of the game:

  • Pick one player for each day of the regular season that a game is played.
  • Accumulate points based on that player's Points, Rebounds and Assists (Fantasy Points = P + R + A).
  • Earn double points when you select a T-Mobile Rookie [Rookie Fantasy Points = (P + R + A) X2].
  • You cannot pick the same player twice.

    Instructions on how to make selections during a given week:

  • Within the "Pick Your Players" table, click the player drop-down for the day you want to make a selection.
  • Click on a match-up to view the players available for each game. You can also click on the link for the Top 25 playing on that day above the first match-up. This is particularly useful on days when there are more than three games being played.
  • A list of players will come up on the right, in order of highest average fantasy score. Information included in this area will be a "Pick" button, player and team name, PRA Average, and % Picked. To select a player, click on the "Pick" button. To view the player's profile, click on the player link. % Picked tells what percentage of all game participants chose this player on the given day.
  • Once you have selected "Pick" you will need to save the selection by clicking "Enter Picks" at the bottom of the page. You will know that the pick has been saved when the player's image appears in the Results column.
  • To change a selection, either click on "Change Selection" next to player's name or click on the "Change Lineup" button at the top or bottom of the pick table. Once you have changed your selection, you will need to click "Enter Picks" to save the results.

    Instructions on how to use the Clickable Calendar:

    Use this calendar to easily plan your season of picks. You can’t pick the same player twice during the entire season, so you will need to pay close attention to days on which there are only one, two or three games.

  • Prior to any mouseovers or clicks, instructions appear in right-hand box.
  • Mouseover brings up small text box under the pointing finger that indicates date and either player chosen or number of games on that day if no player chosen. No image shows up to the right.
  • Click on a box for a day that a player has been previously chosen brings up the player name/link and image as well as a link that reads “Change Selection.” Click on this link to go to that day and change the selection. Eventually, there will be Points, Rebounds, and Assists listed here, but we’ll worry about that later.
  • Click on a box for a day that no one has been chosen brings up the link to the right to “Change Selection.” This will allow the user to go directly to that day to make a selection.