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Oct. 19 -- And so, there we were, 10 experts. Okay, nine experts and NBA TV's Rick Kamla. Thursday night, Oct. 13, 2005. Gathered around the FREE LEAGUE MANAGER, with FREE LIVE SCORING.

Ready to do battle in a 10-team, standard eight-category (PTS, RBS, AST, STL, 3's, FG%, FT%, BLKS) "rotisserie" league. To be played out right here on, NBA TV and in a weekly column called "C-DUB BASKETBALL PUB" where C-Dub will look at all our moves every week so you can learn form our genius. And mistakes. I am assuming most of them will come from Funston, however.

Anyways, we did a 1-10, 10-1 snake draft and here's the teams, owners and site they are representing:

1) FULL COURT PRESS: Court Mann - AOL Sports
2) ROTOWIRE.COM: Chris Liss -
3) YAHOO SERIOUS!: Brandon Funston - Yahoo! Sports
4) JOHN CREGAN'S TEAM: John Cregan -
5) MATTHEWBERRY'S TEAM: Matthew Berry - "The Talented Mr. Roto" - /
7) SPORTING NEWS: George Winkler - The Sporting News
8) SI: David Sabino -
9) ESPN: Eric Karabell -
10) HOBOKEN NICKS: Rob Peterson -

Look it over, see what picks you like, what picks you didn't and then get set for your own draft! You can create your own private league with friends or join a public league and meet -- and beat -- new friends from all over the world. Either way it's 100 percent free.

My pimping aside, it was a good, strong draft and everyone came prepared. I asked each of the participants to write a one line pitchy comment about each of their picks, so the comment you see below each pick is written by the guy who picked it.

So enjoy. And be honest. I've got the best team, right? At least it's better than Kamla's....

11Full Court PressLeBron JamesCLEF/G
I closed my eyes and pretended not to be concerned about the hospital stay
22RotoWire.comKevin GarnettMINF
The top player in fantasy hoops - this pick needs no explanation
33Yahoo! SeriousShawn MarionPHOF
No. 3 pick -- after LBJ and KG -- is least desirable draft spot, but Marion eases the pain with big contributions across the board
44John Cregan's TeamDirk NowitzkiDALF
Wow. I had totally forgotten I had taken Dirk. I say this because for some reason I never get the No. 3 to 5 pick. He's a player I've always wanted to own...I can honestly say I've just never had the opportunity. Dirk, looking forward to working with you
55matthewberry's TeamAndrei KirilenkoUTAF
Cure cancer. There. Iíve listed the only thing AK-47 DOESNíT do.
Tough call between AI and T-Mac, but how do you pass up 30 points, eight dimes, and 2.5 steals?
77Sporting NewsTim DuncanSAC/F
It's nice to have an MVP center stowed away early
88SIDwyane WadeMIAG
Hoping for dumb luck: I wanted Timmy to fall but Wade is a great consolation prize.
99ESPNKobe BryantLALG
Pick ninth and still get to choose Kobe or TMac? Wasnít even my birthday.
1010Rob Peterson's Hoboken NicksTracy McGradyHOUF/G
Talk about a perfect 10, I get the purest scorer in the game
111Rob Peterson's Hoboken NicksJason KiddNJG
With a healthy R-Jeff and Vinsanity, wouldn't 15 assists per be a record or something?
So heíll never be Kareem. Hereís a safe 18 and eight and one center spot done
313SIShaquille O'NealMIAC
Love having him on my side, but have to be careful with FT% from this point on. Must get a good backup for the bench.
414Sporting NewsGilbert ArenasWASG
Waiting on a guard paid off nicely after getting this Wiz kid
Drafted BD in the second round of the mock draft for's fantasy mag as well. BD bounces back with a vengeance.
616matthewberry's TeamSteve NashPHOG
Great %ís from a G, assists and heíll score more with Amare out. Plus, heís dreamy looking.
717John Cregan's TeamPaul PierceBOSF/G
Another player that I don't think I've ever owned. Very happy he slipped to me at No. 17 -- he has a history of being motivated by draft-day snubs. I just hope he doesn't poison the chemistry in my imaginary locker room
818Yahoo! SeriousElton BrandLACF
No doubt, the 20 points, 10 boards and 50 percent shooting is nice, but the two blocks is what makes my knees weak
919RotoWire.comJermaine O'NealINDF
The last elite big man left on the board - a big time scorer and rebounder who also blocks shots.
1020Full Court PressBrad MillerSACC/F
As long as he stays healthy, heís an eight-cat stud at center
121Full Court PressRon ArtestINDF
I hadnít planned on having this option at the turn. Iíll take it.
222RotoWire.comStephon MarburyNYG
A point guard who can score and pass, good from the floor and the line and shooting more threes
323Yahoo! SeriousRay AllenSEAG
1.) I take care of my three-point worries with one swing of the bat 2.) It satisfies the Sonics fan within me
424John Cregan's TeamMike BibbySACG
Needed someone to keep Pierce in check. I always like Bibby because he's someone that you count on for steady production, and he's easy on the percentages
525matthewberry's TeamBen WallaceDETC/F
Long live the ĎFro. The boards, blocks and great steals for a big man ainít bad either. Him and AK and blocks are wrapped up.
With apologies to Jalen Rose, I love getting the best player on a bad team. But I love Bosh's two-way status even more.
727Sporting NewsSteve FrancisORLG
I'm not scared of his move to SG; he's a value pick here
828SIVince CarterNJF/G
I'm banking on him a) staying healthy and b) staying interested. At this point I have plenty of scoring.
929ESPNZydrunas IlgauskasCLEC
Consistent stats, and all of a sudden heís durable, too? I can even spell his name
1030Rob Peterson's Hoboken NicksEmeka OkaforCHAC/F
A guaranteed double-double every night... And he slipped to 30? Pinch me
131Rob Peterson's Hoboken NicksMichael ReddMILG
Won't face triple-teams every game this season, freeing up the deadliest shooter East of the Mississippi
232ESPNChauncey BillupsDETG
OK, so heís not a top PG, but with Larry Brown gone, unleash the hounds!
333SILamar OdomLALF
The best point guards were all gone so I decided to take the top point forward
434Sporting NewsAmare StoudemirePHOC/F
Mike Tice moment: I mistakenly let time expire on pick. Destiny?
Several of my combatants were visibly upset when I took Joe Cool off the board. I think we all see minimums of 20-5-5 from last year's runner-up in three-point accuracy
636matthewberry's TeamKirk HinrichCHIG
Going big, small, big, small. Love PGís who get threes and this is year Kirk becomes elite.
737John Cregan's TeamDwight HowardORLF
My favorite pick of this draft, next to the Syrah over the Cabernet. I always think that in "expert" situations, you need to go for some high ceiling guys to break out from the pack. Does anyone in the NBA have more potential than Dwight Howard? No, I didn't think so. By the way -- Dwight, if you're reading this, I'm counting on 1.8 to 2.0 blocks per game from you.
838Yahoo! SeriousRichard JeffersonNJF/G
Expecting Jefferson to get a fantasy contact high running alongside Kidd
939RotoWire.comPeja StojakovicSACF
A minor miracle that he fell to us here - we needed threes, and love to take players with good shooting percentages from the floor and the line.
1040Full Court PressZach RandolphPORF
Another bounce back candidate to go along with Artest, I expect big things

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