Updated on October 24 at 12:51 p.m.
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Training camps and pre-season games have started, and - but of course - new issues have risen. Position battles, personnel issues and injuries are abound. Everyone is getting ready to draft their own fantasy squads - if they haven't already - and here is the most updated information about the players and any changes to their fantasy stock for this upcoming season.

Point Guards:

Speedy Claxton
Update: Speedy has healed, well, pretty quickly from his broken finger and is actually expected to play in the Hawks final preseason game. Since he’s been able to keep up with his conditioning and won’t need to get back into game shape, he might just be safe to use in the first week of the regular season.

Sam Cassell
Update: Injuries have kept Cassell out of action for much of the preseason, and Shaun Livingston has been extremely impressive in his absence. With Cassell getting up there in age and Livingston turning it on, is it time for a changing of the guard?

Shaun Livingston
Update: Livingston worked like a dog during the offseason, and it’s evident in his preseason play. He came into camp as a much improved player and may be ready to take over the reigns as the starting point guard for the Clippers. Can you say sleeper?

Derek Fisher
Update: Fisher is hurting right now with a bruised pelvis and might not be ready to go until Opening Night. Don’t let that hurt his draft status, though. He’s still an underrated option at the end of fantasy drafts.

Anthony Johnson
Update: Johnson seems to have taken the starting point guard job away from Devin Harris for the time being. Harris has returned to action and will need some time to get back into the flow of things, and Johnson could take the job and run with it. He’s a nice fourth or fifth guard in deeper leagues, at least for the first few weeks of the season.

Shooting Guards:

Kobe Bryant
Update: Kobe has yet to play in a preseason game, and rumors are beginning to swirl about the status of his knee. We’re worried enough to drop him a few notches but not enough to put him out of the first round.

Jason Richardson
Update: J-Rich, like Kobe, still hasn’t returned to the court due to offseason knee surgery. It’s possible that the Warriors are taking it slow with their stud shooting guard, but it’s also possible that there has been a setback in his recovery. Either way, he may need some time to get back into game shape once he gets back on the court.

Randy Foye
Update: The Wolves are focusing on defense this year and that means Trenton Hassell will be the starting shooting guard when Minnesota starts the season. Foye’s value is dropping due to a lack of playing time, but don’t give up all hope, the youngster should come on strong in the second half of the year.

Small Forwards:

Andrei Kirilenko
Update: It’s never good when the words “chronic” and “back” are used in the same sentence. AK-47 has had some back issues during preseason action, and we’re staying far, far away unless he comes at a discount price. And by discount price we mean the third round…which will never happen.

Grant Hill
Update: Hill is healthy…for now. Use him while you can and expect great stats while he’s on the court.

Power Forwards:

Chris Bosh
Update: Bosh has a case of plantar fasciitis that is causing him discomfort in his left heel. However, he has shown he can play through it after scoring 16 points and ripping seven rebounds in an exhibition game against Maccabi Tel-Aviv on October 19. While this case doesn't appear too serious, plantar fasciitis can linger so keep an eye on this injury.

Ike Diogu
Update: Diogu has struggled to pick up Don Nelson's schemes. He has missed assignments on the defensive end and has been out of position on offense. Don Nelson has told the Contra Costa Times that this will affect Diogu's playing time. Diogu could work his way back into Nellie's good graces but for now, expect fewer minutes and knock Ike down your cheat sheet accordingly.


Kwame Brown
Update: Brown will miss the start of the season after suffering bursitis and a bruised rotator cuff in his right shoulder. Kwame hurt himself in practice, colliding with the teenage man-mountain, Andrew Bynum. If the diagnosis holds, Brown should be back during the second week of the season.

Jake Tsakalidis
Update: Tsakalidis has struggled mightily this preseason. He has missed three of Memphis' six preseason games with right knee soreness. It is not considered a serious injury. However, his production has been seriously poor, having just six points and seven rebounds in those three games. This is the Jake we have always known. Downgrade accordingly.

Samuel Dalembert
Update: Dalembert is sitting through a strained left hamstring. He and the team are playing it cautious after he rushed back from a strained left quadriceps last year and hobbled for most of the season. The hamstring is not considered as serious an injury, but don't expect to see Sam back on the floor until he is 100 percent. If managed correctly, this should not affect Dalembert's value.

Adonal Foyle
Update: Foyle has appeared in just one preseason game for the Warriors and it’s not because of injury. He just doesn't fit coach Don Nelson's style and appears to have fallen behind both Andris Biedrins and Patrick O'Bryant. Foyle should be dropped off your sheets altogether.

Andris Biedrins
Update: After trimming his body fat index from 15 percent to five and looking much faster on the floor, Biedrins has claimed the backup center spot in Golden State. For players in deep leagues in need of another center, this third year player could be a nice surprise. Bump him up a few spots on your cheatsheet.